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Handles insurance claims on behalf of their clients. Knowing what needs to be done in order to get the desired outcome and how to strategically move the process along, while negotiating on clients’ behalf toward the best possible outcome, the maximum settlement available.


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Juan Jose Castro

9 March 2018

I decided to hire Dan Labow as my adjuster after Irma. It has not being an easy process because you actually realized how bad insurance companies are without proper representation. From the moment he stepped into my case to a very long process, we got 4 times what my insurance company initially offered us. We are now waiting for final check to start the rebuild process. Thank you Dan for your professionalism, for being a Couples Therapist and for making sure that the insurence people did not take advantage of us. You have being I light in this process and will always referred you to anyone who encounters this unfortunate events. More...


Marc L. Endelson

12 February 2018

As a professional in a customer service business myself I have to commend Dan Labow on his services. He has helped me with two claims and both times he has gotten me much more money then what the insurance company had originally offered. He is very professional in the way that he conducts business. More...


Jessica Turnoff Ferrari

9 February 2018

We are so glad we found Dan. He is really good at what he does, and he made the process so much easier for us. We also enjoyed a far better outcome than we ever could have achieved on our own. Highly recommended.


Ramona Chander

9 February 2018

Hi I had Hurricane damage to my home. Dan Labow Public Adjuster help me in my claim. I never met him. I talk to him on phone. I live in Orlando and my property is in South Florida. I signed my contract with him. I find him very professional, knowledgable. He was always on time when he said he will be there. Any email or any phone message I send him, I always get my reply from him. My case was settle within 3 months for pretty good amount. I am very happy with his service and his staff. I will highly recommend Dan Lobo to any one who ever need the claim adjuster. Thanks Dan!! More...


Charles Hall

24 January 2018

We are so glad we hired Dan as our public adjuster. He was so helpful with dealing with our insurance company. We had 8 leaks in our roof created by Hurricane Irma which destroyed parts of our ceiling. He was able to get the insurance company to properly pay for the damages they originally did not want to pay for. Dan handled all the aspects of the claim from start to finish. I would hire him again without hesitation. More...


Alan Shimel

18 January 2018

We hired Dan originally to help with our hurricane damage. Shortly after we then had a flood in the house, so had two claims going at the same time. Things were a little crazy, but having a pro like Dan on the job made it easy for us. We have now settled both claims for much higher amounts than the insurance company originally offered and are getting the repairs we need done! Dan handled every aspect of our claim, meeting with insurance company adjusters, dealing with claims, even talking with our contractors, as well as keeping us in the loop. If you have an insurance claim, you would be wise to hire Dan to help you get what you deserve. More...


Wendy Gladstone

17 January 2018

Dan is simply AWESOME. Not enough space here to explain all the ways he is expert and professional . . . hard to find this kind of high quality person and professional


Laura Marie Toebe

16 January 2018

Dan did an incredible job for me. I thought I had one claim to file with insurance, but due to the astuteness of Dan, I had a second claim also. I got more money than I thought I would. Dan is very professional and helps his clients every step of the way. I would wholeheartedly recommend him. More...


Eli K.

16 January 2018

Dan L. is one of the single most hard working professionals I know. If anyone can help you with your insurance problems, it's Dan. He is consistent, persistent and an all around good guy. There's not too many good guys left out there so call Dan and let him give you a hand. Anyone that is considering hiring a public adjuster to help with their property damage claim should not hesitate to give Dan L. a call. *** More...


Alfred DiBlasi

8 April 2017

Dan was a TRENENDOUS help and was able to maximize my claim. He certainly knows the business and was a pleasure to work with!


Jason Smith

8 April 2017

I am an insurance agent for over twenty years. Dan's knowledge and ability to get the job done, makes him the only person I would trust with my clients.


Raymond Fernandez

8 April 2017

Professionalism at it's finest! Dan and his company are an honorable firm and I highly recommend if you question an insurance claim.


Richard Alfonso

4 January 2017

Dan was very detailed and kept me informed every step of the way. Would recommend him highly!


Lezlie Deneice

31 August 2016

Edi the owner just cussed me out for no reason. I don't even know who he is or why he did that to me.


Michael Altshuler

25 August 2016

Dan is professional. Dan is compassionate. Dan is honest. And Dan will get you more money for your claim than you ever imagined.