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P J.

3 July 2019

Completely unreliable!!!!! I called to request that someone come by & give me an estimate, which was scheduled at 1:30pm. I had informed the lady on the phone (Arlene) that no one would be home on that particular day until after 1pm. Around 11:00, I rec'd a text that they were "on the way to my house." I called, stating that the time was to be 1:30 & no one was home. No one picked up, so msg left on voicemail. Arlene instantly informed me "in a text" that they would count windows from outside. This could not be done accurately, as I live in a townhouse & they could in no way tell which windows were mine. Again, I called & left a vm msg AND a text msg, asking them to pls call me. No response. Patiently, I called 2 days later - again no response. Two weeks later I received a formal email with an estimate to accept or decline their offer. I was informed me it would be another $3 per screen if I wanted them cleaned! During the waiting period, I booked All County, which came highly recommended & I had used previously. Their total estimate is $100 less than George's AND it included screens being cleaned. George's obviously is not in the business for customer satisfaction & clearly didn't want my business!!!! WOULD NOT RECOMMEND! More...

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