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Katie A

7 May 2019

Absolutely great!! Amazing food, drinks, and service!! High-end atmosphere they can actually back up!


Joi Podgorny

7 May 2019

Such a great place, we need more NOLA inspired for in town. I had the shrimp & grits, biscuits, charcuterie plate and lemon curd. Highly recommend.


Nikki Walker

7 May 2019

Stellar service and outstanding dishes. Thank you, Chef John!


Derek Bradshaw

7 March 2019

Great food, staff, and atmosphere.


Nathan Olsen

7 March 2019

My wife and I were frequent visitors of Finca. It was one of our favorite restaurants. We absolutely loved the vegetarian paella. It was our favorite meal- Not just at the restaurant but like our favorite meal out of anywhere we have ever been. When we went to check out George we were certain the Paella would still be on the menu. Alas, we were extremely disappointed. The food was still really good (cauliflower sandwich, buttermilk fried chicken sandwich, and bacon wrapped dates) and the service was still good but we are still getting over loosing something so close to us. We will come back again and try the place after we have had adequate time to mourn. If the owner reads this, please. Please. Please bring back the paella. If your not going to bring it back, that’s okay, but please send me the recipe or something. More...


Alexandra Elliot

7 March 2019

The food was delicious. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. This place was definitely a more expensive restaurant, but you totally get what you pay for. If you are looking for a night on the town with a romantic partner or group of friends for a special occasion in salt lake city, I would definitely recommend this restaurant. More...


shawn wood

6 July 2018

One of my new favorite restaurants. I am vegan and they have lots of great options that are or can be vegan with no compromise in quality. Specifically, the paella will blow your mind. The decor at Finca is terrific and unique; it is elegant but also a bit eccentric, like something out of a David Lynch film. I went here a few days ago with my family, there was a small mistake with one of the things I ordered. I really didn't mind too much but the staff handled it gracefully and took that item off the bill. More...


Mark McCormack

1 July 2018

We did New Years here a couple year ago and it was a lot of fun. The restaurant is really good and the service was excellent. I felt like the menu was a little out of my taste but everything I ate was good. I wanted the menu to have a steak option that night. However the cocktails were great and the atmosphere is amazing. More...


Jorge Pille

27 February 2018

Been here for breakfast a couple times. The food is delicious and good portions, but the service was kind of slow, though they were very kind.
La Barba coffee shop is inside this restaurant in a corner, which is delicious, but maybe that's why they don't refill coffee for free.
Nice atmosphere, feels high end but is very affordable. The lighting inside is low, which gives it a romantic feel for a date, but also still good for family or group dining. It's also fairly quiet, with classic flamenco playing in the background.

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