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Anthony R.

31 July 2019

The barro's in anthem is awesome! Very cool decor and still the same great food with great prices. I feel bad for the other pizza places in town. Welcome to the west side Barro's!


Steph B.

26 July 2019

Since we moved to Anthem 2 years ago this has been our favorite pizza spot! The flavor to the pizza is so delicious & even our kids love it (they are picky about pizza). We order from here when we have friends or family over and they are also hooked! More...


Abe Millsap

21 June 2019

Fast and efficient process server. Great communication. Highly recommend!


Crystal L.

21 April 2019

Friendly family environment. Lacks in decor. Yummy salad bar excellent pizza. Look forward eating here again.


Robert D.

15 March 2019

Wes!  It is all about  the absolutely BEST Barro's Manager I have seen in over three decades and it is simply because off his extraordinary customer service and pizza making skills that I continue to buy only from there and let's not forget to pay tribute to Grandma Angelina Barro's ULTIMATE Italian pizza sauce recipe, a sauce I simply can't get enough of and have to add double on every pizza I order.  Thank you so very much!!!


Mike S.

9 March 2019

Delicious hot and fast. Best Pizza in Anthem. I recommend the thin crust or original hand tossed with pepperoni. Always hot and fresh. and Busy! Thanks


Jan R.

3 March 2019

I had a 3 hour wait, this past Friday, 3-1-19. Only one doctor. I am also a nurse, I was told my wait would be 1-hour... 3-hours later I got seen. I was so desperate to get help for this deep respiratory infection, cough, fever , headache, chills . I am a school nurse, I work in a Petri dish. When I finally got to see the doctor, it was well worth the wait and that's the reason for the 5-stars... I knew one of the reason my appointment got pushed back was due to a small child that came in ahead of me that needed to be seen... when Dr ERIC Hoffman DO , introduced himself to me, he had already been working 12 hours and no idea when he was going to get another doctor to replace him. I found this out from one of the nurses.  But you never would have known that by how I was treated. He listened to me, treated me with the utmost professionalism, even though he had to have been exhausted. No I am not happy about waiting 3 hours in a waiting room filled with sick people, but the medical staff and Dr, Hoffman were exceptional. Dr. HOFFMAN career is in Emergency medicine and comes from the east coast.... We are very lucky to have someone with his expertise working here in Anthem, I just hope we don't lose him... And, my advise is to ALWAYS sign up online to secure a place in line... I did not do this... BIG MISTAKE....Secure your place in line ALWAYS.... now, I just pray we get more docs like Dr. Hoffman !!! More...


Ruel S.

22 January 2019

Just had this last night and honestly it was absolutely delicious nice big even salad alll the hot wings sauces too perfection and the pizzas layered evenly with a lot of topping definitely a solid experience even through delivery


Gabriella A.

21 December 2018

I walked in with my 5 year old son at about 6:10 (they close at 7) and the check in girl was super friendly and got us checked in right away I was hoping they wouldn't be upset with my coming in late but she was sweet. We were taken back within two minutes (it wasn't busy during that time at all be mindful of that) the MA was soo nice she listened to everything I said and was so good with my son and patient. Dr. Hoffman was super thorough and checked everything and went above and beyond some of my concerns weren't real concerns but he made me feel like they were important and didn't brush anything off. He sent in some antibiotics just in case and did some extra testing. The whole visit was quick yet thorough. My medications were sent ASAP and they were ready within an hour. The discharge paperwork had precise details and instructions for the RX. I like to avoid urgent cares but I was pleased with this visit and will return should I need their care again! Thanks Dr. Hoffman More...


Ann S.

19 December 2018

Always helpful and very customer service oriented in the pharmacy.  We get all our prescriptions filled here.  Wait times have always been minimal.  The drive thru pick up is easy.  The pharmacists are always happy to answer questions and they all go out of their way to get you the best price.  Highly recommend. More...


Angie Faber

11 December 2018

Christine is a wonderful individual. I would highly recommend her for any of your investigation needs.


Stan S.

13 November 2018

Of the pizza places in the area, I think this is the best option. Solid pizza. Sparse toppings. My measuring stick on toppings is you should get some of each in every bite.  To do that, I suggest ordering 'double' for all toppings except pineapple, there was plenty of that. Other than that, a very good pizza. Some pizzas make better left overs than others. The next day, this pizza made a great lunch too. More...


John R.

25 October 2018

Ordered two pizzas and a pasta dish online. The confirmation stated that my order would be ready in 20 minutes. Arrived at the restaurant 25 minutes after my order had been placed and was informed that they were extremely backed up on a weekday night. There where many other customers waiting for orders. I had to wait in and additional 15 minutes. Clearly the customers ahead of me were extremely upset. That said when I got my order the pizza and pasta were very good. I will give this business another opportunity. Perhaps  they were having bad night More...


Terry G.

11 October 2018

Very impressed. Easy on line order, it was ready and Hot when I arrived to pick it up, and a pretty good value. And a terrific pizza! We're new to the area so I think Barro's will be a regular stop for my family. More...


Dan Donaldson

20 September 2018

Christina is an amazing professional. Her work ethic is impeccable and she gets results. She gets results and is honest and fair. I would highly recommend Gavilan Peak Investigations. They have notary services and process serving available also! Check out the website www.gavilanpi.com More...


Braden L.

15 September 2018

They made our pizza wrong, according to them. So they remade it correctly and gave us both.  Can't get better service than that.  Both pies were awesome too!!  We wouldn't have even realized there had been an error.  Great quality, friendly staff and TOP NOTCH service.  Oh yes!!! More...


Samantha P.

10 August 2018

Dr Hammett and staff are AWESOMEThey has been a great experience for me and I am very excited to be able to get the medical attention that I needSpecial thanks to Dr. Hammett, Terry, and the whole team


William P.

28 January 2018

I like their pizza. I like Pizza Hut as well as Dominoes. Don't care for Papa Murphy's. Barro's is at the top of my list for game day pizza.I usually order through the app, and their timing is usually spot on for pick up.Their pizza has just the right amount of oil that gives it that flavor I grew up with (Straw Hat, Shakey's and Round Table).I've ordered several of their speciality pizzas just for verity, and love them all. More...


Krista S.

3 January 2018

My husband won't eat any other kind of pizza! This is our go to family night pizza place. We live in a rural area and drive about 6 miles to get our pizza from here. Sometimes the young staff forgets a topping, but I can understand. This place is slammed on the weekends! More...


William R.

11 November 2017

Great pizza and I love their Italian sub! We order from them every Friday night and have never been disappointed!


Tom W.

22 August 2017

The best el primo pizza joint I've had in AZ.  This place has it all, cheap, fast, and tasty pizza pies for your consumption.  They always deliver in 45, never had a 2 hours episode and I've ordered delivery probably 20+ times.  Pizza is so freaking delicious, not too greasy, put enough cheese, their ranch that you use to dip the crust after you finish the pizza must be home made that shit is awesome!  We order extra ones to use as dips for other food in our house lol... yea I sound like a fatass, but bro you don't go pizza when you trying to watch it, you want savory succulent heaven on a bread plate.... am I right... ahaha am I right!!  Anyway, get the hook up and take 25% off your takeout if you register with them online.  You want pizza... you want Barros.  Game Over. More...


Nick H.

15 August 2017

The ladies in the office are amazing. We laugh and smile overtime I am going there...Doctors offices do not have to be a scary place. The friendly staff and caring doctors here really make me come back time and time again. I love the idea of feeling comfortable in todays society with a little old school but professional fun. Thanks again you guys. Still smiling and having a great day even hours after my visit...Thanks,Nick More...


Brit B.

6 July 2017

If you know anything about anthem you know there is an obnoxious over abundance of PIZZA. Barros however, has to be my favorite. Not for the pizza. In fact until recently I didn't even eat their pizza, nor because of this location, but because I'm from back east and this isn't true GOOD pizza to me. So why give 5 stars you're wondering Because there's nothing I love more than on a Friday night coming into this lovely , clean, and friendly location, ordering a bunch of wings with my family and friends , maybe a small pizza , maybe a salad, maybe even a sandwich, and having a great time with quality food. Barros wings are my absolute favorite. Between the consistency, the sauce, and yes I like getting celery on the side of my wings. Any alteration, any add on, there's no grief from the employees and I've not once had an order made wrong and I have ordered here every other week for the past two years. Really great experiences. And I like their new thin crust ! Thanks Barros ! More...


Jordan K.

2 June 2017

Pros - 1. Great pizza all the time (consistent)2. Best lunch special!!!3. Hot wing pizza is LIFE4. Decent salad barCons1. Service is c- at best2. Little dirty inside(lack of management maybe?)3. Delivery drivers always late and not very polite (best to pick up)4. Salad bar needs to be freshened up more often More...


Margaret K.

24 May 2017

We ordered for takeout- the White Pizza and cheesy breadsticks.Both were delicious ! (When we got it home!)The counter service was the best. We were greeted as we entered and the young woman at the counter smiled throughout our visit.I caught her name tag "Ally". She is an asset to Barro's! More...


Cyndi K.

23 March 2017

This is a busy place on Friday nights! Always very good food and fast friendly service. I would have given them 5 stars, however, the gal working there grabbed the wrong gluten free pizza and gave that one to me after repeating my order to confirm. I didn't check the pizza before leaving (I trusted it was correct when she read the order back to me correctly). Got home with it and it was Ham and Pineapple (which my husband greatly dislikes). We ordered Ham, Sausage, Mushroom and Onion. Luckily he filled up on the Antipasta Salad we ordered along with the pizza. Note to self: lift up pizza box lid and confirm order.The food is very good here and Friday nights are really busy for good reason! More...


Danielle M.

15 January 2017

First time ordering pizza from here. It was delicious but the mango habanero wings were AMAZING!!! I am so happy to have fantastic wings so close.


Tim F.

27 October 2016

Barro's is my family's go to pizza shop. Pizza is always good and other things like chicken wings are also good. I don't recommend the single slice pizza as it is usually not fresh, but everything else is really good!


Clark A.

2 July 2016

I enjoy Chicago type of pizzas, the prices are more than a regular chain pizza place but i think its worth it. The wings are crispy and sausy and the pizzas toppings are not nasty. Do it. It's the best pizza in Anthem More...


Theresa S.

19 May 2016

Dr Hammett primary clinicCalled for an appointment  today and was seen todayProfessional staffRecommend.


Mike M.

9 May 2016

They changed their sauce recipe and it's even better with the added spices.One negative is sometimes when I call in an order I get a "disconnected number" message. Call back five minutes later and it goees right through. More...


Tyler R.

8 February 2016

Love going here for lunch. Their specials are priced great and filling. Their salad bar is always fresh and delicious. Probably the best place in anthem to take you family for good food at a budget friendly price.


Troy S.

27 November 2015

All I can say is WOW!!! Excellent  pizza reasonable price,I highly recommend.Very good food , Friendly service.


Robbie K.

24 August 2015

The best pizza value in phoenix! The staff is friendly and the restaurant is clean. They have a nice salad bar and the pizza is great! I highly recommend this place. Eat here alone, with a date, or even a party! A++++ More...


Tom G.

14 August 2015

Barrows is my favorite place for pizza in anthem. I call 20 minutes ahead and the pizza is ready.  Good consistent quality. One can also dine in. They usually have some kind of special pricing running. Ask for the specials when you call in. More...


Meg P.

6 August 2015

Been going here for years, after a very bad experience with one of their competitors.  Never had a problem at CVS on Gavilan Peak Pkwy.


David H.

25 June 2015

Love Barros! In my opinion it's the best pizza and wings in the valley! I've had the so called authentic lasagna thick Chicago style pizza and the cardboard thin, greasy New York style but if you just want a really good pizza go with Barros.


L R.

17 May 2015

Barro's in Anthem is the best in this neighborhood. While I prefer a thin crust Chicago style pizza, the reality is you cannot get a good one around here--so, Barro's is the "go to" for a number of reasons. Whether you have delivery, take away or eat in, the food is great--and consistent! Friendly service on the phone and in person always start the experience on the right foot. The establishment is clean as a whistle (at least in the FOH, as I haven't been in the back). The pizza is hot, fresh and overflowing with toppings--high quality toppings, at that. Bravo, Barro's of Anthem, keep up the good work! More...


Yvette S.

13 May 2015

We are from Louisiana visiting friends and I needed to see a doctor quickly on Mother's Day.  Immediate care in Athem- Gavilán peak family practice was excellent. Although I was bumped due to a woman walking in who was hit by a car and bleeding while jogging, I didn't mind.  I was in and out in about 1 hour.  Receptionist was caring and helpful.  Doctor listened and took care of my needs. Thank you for saving my trip More...


Jessica S.

16 January 2015

The pizza here is great, always come warm and fresh, wings are good too but sometimes they are not cooked enough, I usually ask for well done. Delivery time is speedy and efficient. This is our go to pizza place here in Anthem! More...


Vikki G.

10 November 2014

Yum! Never disappoints! If you live in Anthem and want good pizza, this is the place to go.


Tracie C.

18 September 2014

Our favorite local pizza and boneless wings.  Always do pickup and it's ready when we get there. We get the white pizza or BBQ chicken regularly. They are always friendly.  Wish we weren't put in hold EVERY time we call, but it's just a couple minutes.  With all the pizza choices we have in town we always go to Barro's. More...


Kristi G.

18 August 2014

Best pizza ever! Always fresh and delicious :) great service as well. Only pizza place my husband will eat at. Eating it at the restaurant is a lot better than getting it to go. Taste so much better right when it comes out of the oven. Definitely recommend Barros Pizza! More...


Joe M.

26 July 2014

Pizza is very good. The best thing though I think is the prices, which probably makes the pizza taste better! I'm here just about once a week and get a large slice with a drink for $2.49-can't beat that! Pizza everything has been excellent. I normally eat in-that's prob the only area to not write home about. But there sports on TV so who really cares More...


Marco P.

25 July 2014

Pizza was great but I have to say I'm very impressed with the professional young staff at barro's due credit to the management team and the staff. Friendly, courteous and happy. I believe the girl who helped me was named Elle, she rocked! Super nice and even asked my 3 year olds name. They were supper busy but the staff took the time to be nice. Rare in az nice Job Anthem Barro's! More...


Nick M.

5 July 2014

My family and I moved to Anthem last summer from California.  We love pizza and Barro's pizza is the best. Great service.


Jon H.

4 July 2014

Great food and good management. Good place for the family.  Good gluten free pizza. They do need a gluten free alcohol option, like a hard cider.


Bryan W.

27 June 2014

Great pizza with very good crust. I think they're wings are the reason I keep coming back though. Best pizza in Anthem


Carl F.

25 June 2014

I'm used to eating Pizza in Italy and the New York market, but when I tried the pizza at Barro's in Anthem last night it was fabulous. The thin crust was exactly as it needed to be. We ordered half Vegetarian and half Barro's special - well divided with no crossover and superb taste. Speedy service and pleasant staff. The atmosphere is a little too casual - meaning it was like a fast food joint. Not sure what target market they are trying to attract, but the Anthem market is a little more upscale. I'd like to see a whole wheat thin crust since I rarely eat white bread but I'm very happy with the experience and will definitely go again. More...


Chad C.

7 May 2014

Best pizza in Anthem by far! Actually the best pizza I have found in phoenix so far.  This particular Barros has way better pizza than some of the other Barros in the valley. ..not sure why but it is worth driving to this one if you want a great pizza.  The prices are awesome too.  Great value! Large 2 topping for under $10 it's a steal.  Way better than a $20 pizza at a major chain. More...


Nicole P.

1 April 2014

There is only one pizza that I like better than Barro's Pizza and that's Valentino's in Nebraska. Most Nebraskan's will tell you the same thing - that Valentino's is hands down the best pizza there is. Maybe it's because we cut our teeth on it. Anyway, since I can't get that here, Barro's is the next best thing and I'm thrilled that we finally found it.We have tried all the pizza places in Anthem & north Phoenix and Barro's is always the one we agree has the very best pizza. Why do we sometimes go elsewhere? Convenience. We don't live in Anthem so there are times when it's just too far to drive when you're hungry and other times making the drive isn't an option. I love the regular crust pizza with pineapple & jalapenos while my husband prefers pepperoni & jalapenos on his. Barro's uses good quality ingredients and their pizzas always have the perfect cheese/sauce/topping ratio. The crust is cooked to perfection, never doughy or burnt - just right. Whether we dine in or carry out.the service is always fast and friendly and this restaurant is always clean. When it comes to pizza in the valley, Barro's serves the best! More...


Michael M.

31 March 2014

I was very reluctant to order a take-out pizza from Barro's... had gotten a pretty lousy pizza from another location in Phoenix recently. But I'm glad I took a chance on it... the pizza was absolutely delicious!Ordered two medium thin-crust pizzas, the mega meat, and the Kona. The mega meat was out of this world! Lots of yummy topings (bacon bits were my favorites). And the Kona was sweet and glazed over with lots of teriyaki sauce. Satisfied my sweet tooth!Both were baked just right... uniform, not gooey. And the crust was just the right thin-ness. I've had thin-crust pizzas from other places that were like crackers. Barro's crust was still soft. Nice!Anyway, great place to take out pizza from. I'll be ordering from them again. More...


Kathy W.

18 March 2014

Some of the best pizza and wings I can ever remember having. Once we took our first bite we ate like starving children. So good! Hot wings were perfect. Still eating but had to write the review! Had a pepperoni sausage and garlic pizza... Heavenly! More...


Yelper D.

26 July 2013

Can't beat the price of Barros. Consistently good too.


Jennifer D.

31 May 2013

Best pizza in Anthem! We eat here every Friday night.  Love the XL pizza.


John L.

21 May 2013

Once again I found myself taking us to Barro's for the lunch specials.  Great specials and good food what else can I say.  Thought I was done didn't ya, I think they need to expand their drink variety just saying sprite and lemonade gets old when your looking for non caffeine stuff. More...


Jaye L.

13 April 2013

We've gotten pizza here many times by now, and we continue to be impressed.  The food is excellent, the employees have always been very nice.  Never gotten an order wrong, and typically the food is done on time, or early.My father is not big on pizza but went back for seconds, and thirds when we took him here. . .And naturally we had to bring friends here when they came in from Ca--it got rave reviews from them, too! More...


Tisha H.

27 February 2013

I love this place...pretty good pizza for Az...being a Chicago girl it's hard to expect much but I am pleasantly surprised by this place...we eat here a lot : )


Patty W.

9 December 2012

Barron's is our favorite pizza place in Anthem. The toppings are good, the service and selection are good, and the pizza isn't as salty as many pizza places.


Liz V.

27 February 2012

This CVS is my number one pick in the area.  The assistant manager knows me by name because she pays attention to detail well or I frequent the place or something. Geez!  They typically have good discounts and have cases of bottled water for really cheap very often. Since it's a rip off the begin with I buy the store brand water which we conveniently stock up on for the kids sports & etc.  They have a drive thru Rx drop off/pick up lane, a photo kiosk, they also take passports photos, and oh yeah they sell alcohol now.  It's a great local drug store that's always nice and tidy and the employees are customer service driven. More...


Justin S.

26 August 2011

Good pizza.  Best in anthem but not the greatest ever.  The place could use an upgrade to enhance the atmosphere.  The lunch specials are great.


Arlin B.

23 June 2011

Barro's pizza looks like a chain, smells like a chain and may even feel like a chain (ahem - I didn't "feel up" anyone, I am talking about the ambiance) BUT THEY ARE NOT A CHAIN!!  Their pizza taste way better than any chain pizza joints!!This particular Barro's is very good! Fantastic service ~ friendly, fast and eager to please.  They are also consistent from visit to visit.  They have a good selection of pizza's to choose from but don't let stop you from getting creative with your order.  They will accommodate even the most finicky pizza peeps and will make what ever type of pizza your craving.   Some of favorite pizza's that Barro's cooked very well: Cheese pizza ~ extra cheesy goodness, my son loves it!  Their meaty pizza is also a fav of ours. If your wanting a pizza and your in Anthem, this is the place to go!!  You won't be disappointed. More...


Leisa W.

31 August 2010

Best Pizza in Anthem, for sure. Not sure how exactly to explain it, and it isn't "rock your entire world" level pizza...but it's good. We get something like a "meat-lover's pizza" (my husband's choice, of course). And though I don't usually love sausage and all that meat, this pizza is really good.We also love the antipasti salad--highly recommend a large pizza and a salad, for only two people we always have leftovers. More...


Ray N.

25 April 2010

I am not big on Pizza but this place is definitely a winner!!!! The best Pizza place in Anthem!!!I love the selection and the food tastes oh so fresh. From the pizza to the ravioli. The pizza is good, the pasta is good, the bread is good, and the chicken wings are also... you guessed it. GOOD!Their delivery is quick and the people are nice. Prices are good for the quality of the food you get and I'd rather spend money at Barro's than waste it on Pizza Hut or Dominos any day.Their meat pizza is really good and the italian sausage they put on the pizza sare these huge chunks of italian yumminess.  The chicken pizza is good too and I love how much green peppers and onions they put on it. It gives it a crunch and makes it taste very fresh. Chicken wings have good flavor and HOT means hot... I even like the honey hot flavor which is not something I usually get. The spagehtti comes with this giant meat ball that is cut in half. The meat tastes soooo good. Like it is home made. Ravioli has good flavor too but I am not a big pasta fan so I usually eat the meat ball and  move onto the pizza or wings.  The garlic bread that comes with the pizza.... SOOO GOOD! We always order extra because I will not share... hahahaha More...


Sal M.

8 March 2010

So i was in town with a friend visiting her brother in Anthem and we decided to have some pizza and wings delivered,and i have to admit,it is great pizza,i would have to say better then Domino's and Pizza Hut and i might sound crazy but up there with Shakey's Pizza (out here in Cali) . Tasted their Pepperoni Pizza and Mild Sauce Wings. The pizza was just yummy,thick with cheese and that pepperoni kick that lacks on others,wings were all drumsticks,no small parts like other chain restaurants have,you know what i am talking about,the side pieces,these were all drumstick's,who does that? This people do,awesome! So if your in the Phoenix Area and surroundings,try this spot or their other locations,i am sure it runs in the chain family. Hope to hit it up soon,maybe around the NFL season! More...


Sarah C.

27 September 2009

Tied as far as I'm concerned for best pizza joint in Anthem (with Streets of New York). The restaurant is clean. The pizza crust is good. LOVE the wings!


Scott S.

20 May 2009

Barro's is out favorite pizza in Anthem.  It is also one of the few that also offer sit down area in a clean, comfortable environment (not waiter service).Also they have the best wings in Anthem, with an overall rating of very good (I'm so picky about wings - it is hard to get to great on my scale).  Their biggest sin is the pool of sauce for the wings.  By my calling, you should not need a napkin after each wing, they should have a light coating of sauce.Anyway, Barros is good pizza at a good value (with a coupon)  standard pricing tends to get a little high.Given the options in Anthem (and the loss of Rosati's - which got the other 50% of our pixzza business), this is our go to place for 'za. More...

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