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Jon Swartslander

Very dark, very loud, very small


Jeremy Freerks

Great venue. Super cool vibe there. Great beer selection. Old school prices are great. Tap selection is great but prices are not awesome. But hey great place


Daria Jasmine Phillips

Was there for Nivrana on Friday. I love the half outside smoking area. My bartender even made my fav drink after we looked it up on google.. Mermaid Water people, try it. If I lived anywhere close to Des Moines, this would be a hangout fersure. More...


Brittany Haberthur

Not sure who my bartender was but he was awesome. I accidentally spilled my drink and he didn't even get mad. P.S. I never had a Bloody Mary with Jager and Guiness in it. Was pretty tasty!


Mark Aschan

Shady waitress Brooke..... She got angry and hung up on me when I called and asked about bringing a monster...since gas lamp doesn't sell monster telling me it was illegal

I didn't tell my buddy as I had hoped that she would change her mind at the bar.
She didn't change her mind and even tho ... Thery only had 6 customers ... She had the bouncer throw the 4 of us out....
Turns out the bar on the next street was ok with it and took our money...

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