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Personal training 1 on 1
60 minute sessions
In a private studio
2-3 times per week by appointment

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Dean Mal

12 May 2019

Gary is very dedicated to helping his clients succeed their goals! I have been to many trainers in the past and nothing compares to him. He is great at what he does


Thomas Simone

26 April 2019

Gary not only coaches you during your fitness training by showing you proper techniques, but also coaches you on proper nourishment for outside of the gym. He listens to how you are feeling and gives you the right amount of push without killing your body. I’m definitely noticing a difference in the short time we have been working together. I cannot wait for the finished product! Thank you, Gary! More...


Martyna Zieniewicz

26 January 2019

I just recently signed up for Personal Training with Gary and and already completed 2 sessions. He already taught me how to roll out my muscles on a roller and how to have a meaningful full body workout with no equipment. I have been sore and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing you are doing things that work for you. More...


James Williams

26 January 2019

Day 1 Assessment and Fitness Test done ✔️.... what is also done is finding out what a Great Trainer and Person Gary Miller is ... i left soaked and tired but all while smiling as Gary gave me the faith and the positive push / confidence that we will obtain the goals we set. Thanks Gary ... looking forward to our journey More...


Chuck CIO

28 October 2018

Worked with a few elite trainers in the past but Gary is the best hands down. His attention to detail, dedication and motivation of his clients is top notch! I managed to drop a pant size down in 2 weeks without losing strength and muscle mass for the first time ever. Will recommend to anyone asking! More...


Mitchell Rossi

28 September 2018

I found Gary through sheer luck and was hesitant on hiring a trainer. But within our first session, I knew it was the right decision for me. Within the last three months, my body has become stronger, leaner and fitter. He’s not just a trainer, he is a Coach, walking you through each routine, always paying attention, always motivating. Nothing is better than your trainer telling you, “Lets get you on the schedule more, let’s train harder, more” So if you have body issues, lack of energy, any reason you are debating about the desire to want a trainer, than call Gary...there’s a reason he’s got those 5 stars, you better believe it. More...


Ivar Ludvigsen

29 August 2018

I had my first session with Gary a few days ago, and it went great! I believe with his routine, I was finally get in the shape I was been wanting to be in for years. Some time down the road, I will post a follow-up review, but so far so very good! More...


Chris Orosz

29 August 2018

Been a student of Gary’s for 2 months now and it’s been very rewarding to me. I’m 15 yrs old and really wanted to add some strength and mass to my body and core when it comes to my upcoming basketball season. Gary really knows his way around the gym and with nutrition which I really never thought of when I worked out on my own. His attitude is great which is a slow and steady never say die to my well being. I look forward to my future under his wisdom. Thanks Gary... More...


Miranda B

30 July 2018

Great trainer! Very knowledgeable in fitness and overall wellness. He understands how the body works and reacts. He even helps with your diet and day to day habits. Honestly the best trainer I have been to. Even when you feel like you can’t do it, Gary pushes you. Incredibly motivating. Very kind as well. More...


Chris Orosz

30 June 2018

Started my 15 yr old son about a month ago with Gary and it’s been a HOMERUN!!! Gary’s knowledge and attitude are incredible and he really pushes my son to the next level. In one month there is a difference in his look and healthy eating ways. Best part with Gary is his safety with the workouts and training. It’s easy to see he cares for his clients. More...


Rebecca Kogan

18 April 2018

After just three months working with Gary I lost 15 pounds!! I didn't expect to lose so much and feel so great. I'm the strongest and healthiest I've ever been. I couldn't ask for a more motivating and knowledable trainer and all I can say is that I wish I started sooner. I feel stronger every week that I work with him. If you want to feel amazing and learn more about health and fitness Gary is definitely the guy!! More...


Alyssa C

16 March 2018

Gary is amazing! It's my first time training with a coach and I could not be happier. He pushes me to do my best every session. I'm already feeling better and stronger. More...


Michael Abdelmessih

3 March 2018

Although it's my first time working with a trainer/coach I am really lucky I found Gary(Thanks to my wife). I been training with him for a while now and looking forward to continue to reach my goal. He pushes me to do my best every session, and give me 100% of his attention. He is always watching, and correcting me when needed. When I ask questions he explain things in details, you can defiantly tell that he have a lot of knowledge and experience. He is honest, and won’t sugarcoat anything you only hear the truth from him. His positive attitude is fantastic. If you’re reading this because you’re thinking of getting a trainer or you need help just give it a try and meet him. You will know why he has nothing but positive feedback from all his clients. Gary is Amazing!!!!! More...


GERMEEN Abdelmessih

14 February 2018

Gary is very experienced, knowledgeable and diffidently different than any other trainers I have worked with in the past. Since my first session with him, and I knew I could trust him to achieve my goals. His positive attitude and constant encouragement always pushes me to work harder. Hands down, he is the best. Wish I met him sooner. More...


Mike Shalayda

7 February 2018

I came to Gary for help with back squats. I had been constantly hurting myself and I couldn't figure out why. He had me do a bunch of drills and based on my feedback from that and from watching me squat he figured out the cause of my issue and he put together a plan to fix those imbalances. He has been very supportive of my goal and takes his time to explain why he's having me do certain movements and what I should be concentrating on while I'm doing them. He's very friendly and is always open to answering any questions I have. Overall it's been a great experience. More...


John Morabito

24 January 2018

When I made my first appointment with Gary I figured we would lift some weights and talk about my goals like every other trainer, well I quickly found out Gary isn't like every other trainer. We started out with a chat about my reasoning behind pursuing a trainer, Gary explained what he expects out of his clients. He then took my bmi, blood pressure, and weight. He ran through a few drills with me which allowed him to observe my strengths and my weakness. With all that completed Gary has set up a personalized program that will allow me not only to reach my goals but to correct imbalances in my body. I recommend anyone who has any interest in pursuing a trainer to give Gary a call. He is a wealth of knowledge and takes special interest in everyone of his clients. More...


Rebecca Kogan

11 January 2018

Gary is a very knowledgable trainer and super easy going. Foam rolling is something I've never tried before but am happy I've discovered it thanks to him!


Debby k

20 December 2017

Gary Miller is an experienced and knowledgeable coach, his positive attitude makes you feel that you are capable of achieving your goals whatever that maybe. He is so encouraging, he pushes you to your best ability even when you don't think you can do it . Working out with him you feel like your not just a client but a friend. He is unlike any other trainer I have met. More...


Dina Sparandera

20 December 2017

Gary is very well educated and has the experience and knowledge to train to anyone’s own specific needs. My experience with Gary has been only positive in helping me reach my fitness goals. He is dedicated to this field and wants you to physically and mentally be at your best. I would highly recommend Gary because he is not only a great coach / trainer but makes you feel like you are his only client. More...


Jennifer Bosco

2 November 2017

If you train with Gary Miller you know you will get his ultimate best. He cares about his clients. He walks next to you in your fitness journey with words of encouragement and vast knowledge of health and fitness. You will not be disappointed.


SammiJo Perrotta

19 October 2017

As a nurse I know a lot about health and fitness but Gary has taught me so much more in the past 2 years. He is a great coach and really pushes you to the best of your abilities ! Number 1 coach!!!!!!!


Warboss Thrakka

19 October 2017

Gary Miller is an excellent trainer who's professional attitude is only surpassed by his passion for fitness. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer to anyone who wishes to lead a healthier life style. He is serious about you and goals. I myself have only just begun and I can honestly say I'm very impressed by his work ethic and professionalism. More...


Joseph Baudille

18 September 2017

I am in the military and had 20 days of leave prior to getting reassigned to a new unit that will shortly deploy therefore I was looking for someone to push me to my limits while maxing out my endurance in a very short period of time. From day 1 to day 20 Gary pushed me above and beyond my limits while educating me on how to exceed my limits. I am now very confident thanks to Gary that I'll be ready for my upcoming deployment More...



26 May 2017

i would recommend Gary Miller to anyone that is looking to take their physical Fitness to the next level. Working out with him made me feel great, it showed were I was in my physical fitness. And with his help what is needed to do to get to my top physical shape. Gary as a trainer is great he pushes you to try harder and reach higher.
He explains what you are working on and why. While working out with Gary I saw my weight go down and my body transform it self. I am so happy that I met Gary. And if anyone is looking to finally achieve the body they always dream of, or just get in better shape for your health. Contact Gary Miller, you will be happy you did.


By meeting with them 1st. getting to know them discuss their goals and provide a 30 min mini workout sessions to assess their current level of fitness.

Deciding to get a professional coach to help educate you motivate you and hold you accountable for your fitness program.

Seeing the changes occur and getting satisfaction from my clients happiness as they do.

Being able to provide the level of service that personal clients deserve that gyms really don’t deliver.

Because I make lasting change happen when client decides they are ready to make it happen as well!