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Review of Garnering Change Psychotherapy  by Rachel Smith
1 12/01/2018 Rachel Smith

Review of Garnering Change Psychotherapy  by Cat Williams
1 12/01/2018 Cat Williams

I definitely do not recommend this practice. Brie Kilgore was my therapist for several months. I loved her personality, but grew frustrated with the lack of professionalism. She would always check her phone multiple times during a session. And I know it wasn’t to check the time since she would do it right after we sat down. Sometimes she cut my sessions short which was very frustrating since my copay is very high. On one occasion, she spent the first ten minutes on her computer taking care of “administrative issues” and yet did not extend my session at all to make up for the lost time. I totally understand wanting to finish up on time, but she always seemed eager to wrap up and would cut me off mid-thought so to speak. An episode that really bothered me was when she asked me if I could switch my appointment times so her other clients could have access to my slot. The reason she gave was: “i know that your work schedule is more flexible because you’re a nanny so I’d appreciate it if you could come at a different time so my other potential clients can see me on Saturdays.” This was very unprofessional because (1) it made me feel like my job was less important than that of other clients, (2) she prioritized potential clients over her current ones, (3) she put me on the spot and pressured me to change my schedule, placing me in a position where I had to defend my “right” to a certain time and prove that I had a legitimate claim to Saturday sessions. Another issue I had was that my sessions with her had zero structure or sense of direction. She would basically listen to me talk and offered little feedback beyond “I’d like you to dig deeper into that feeling you have.” I walked away with no coping skills or sense of continuity because each session seemed to be about a random subject with no follow up. I ultimately left her because I felt like she didn’t care about me as a person and it turns out I was right. When I canceled all of my appointments with her, she never even responded or reached out to see if I was ok or why I had canceled them. For all she knew, I’d tried to commit suicide or gone to a psychiatric hospital, yet she showed no interest which really hurt me. Find someone else who genuinely cares about you. You’ll save yourself a lot of money and tears.

Review of Garnering Change Psychotherapy  by Catherine Jahn
5 29/11/2017 Catherine Jahn

Review of Garnering Change Psychotherapy  by Steve Schwartz
5 03/11/2017 Steve Schwartz

It’s a tricky thing, reviewing a therapist. It’s not like a restaurant, hair stylist or a dentist. You can’t just go in, pay money and expect to get what you went into get without some extra work on your end. It isn’t a one size fits all either. It’s very subjective and I can only speak to my own experiences, which in this case have been very positive.

In the past six months, I have been treated with nothing but respect, honesty and kindness. Concepts have been explained and different points of view have been given. I’ve never been talked down to. I’ve never been thrown a prescription in lieu of talking (though there is nothing wrong with medication if you need it, and sometimes people need it). It’s always been a two way conversation. I’ve been given a sounding board, a venting point and a shoulder to cry on and I could not be more thankful.

Sadly, my insurance doesn’t cover my visits but they worked with me to get to a place that everyone was comfortable with. Even before that, their prices are fair imo. My schedule is kind of inflexible but I’ve never had a problem scheduling an appointment (if I plan far enough ahead).

I’ve only had experience with one of the councilors (Gabrielle Kilgore) but my limited interactions with the others have been warm ones. I like to think that in a collective such as this, birds of a feather flock together. The office is a charming Victorian that feels homey. Lived in. I love walking through the front door. The walls are a little thin, which they remedy with music and white noise. In my whole time here, I’ve never once heard what another client has spoken about which puts my own mind at ease. Plus the music is really pretty.

So, is this the place for you? Maybe, maybe not; different people need different things. Should you see if this could be the place for you? Emphatically yes.

Review of Garnering Change Psychotherapy  by Katie Hosier
5 13/08/2017 Katie Hosier

Staff is knowledgeable, they listen and excellent at scheduling. They provide useful resources for continued growth outside of the sessions. Highly recommend this location.

Review of Garnering Change Psychotherapy  by E S
1 10/08/2017 E S

Very disorganized, the counselors say they'll call you back w/ scheduling options and have you waiting over 2 months for their phone call. When you call them back to reach out after the prolonged amount of time, they'll send you a pre-dated letter stating that you're basically wasting resources when you've been waiting to hear back from them the entire time. This particular counselor didn't even have the decency to return a call to explain the rude letter that had been received. Maybe once they start losing clients, they'll eventually figure it out. Don't waste your time with this place!

Garnering Change Psychotherapy

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