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Mark Kedziora

8 February 2018

We have worked with Gail on two projects now within the past ten years.

The first project was a 2 bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Toronto for

which she designed and decorated several rooms. Our current project involves
a new house into which we moved within the past year. Here, Gail designed and
worked with us on the entire house, including our kitchen and bath. Her work is
both highly creative and effective, giving us a home that we love and can functionally
use. While our budget was not big, she stayed within it, giving us the best value for
our money.


Joseph De Marco

3 August 2017

Working with Gail in the re-design of our building’s lobby was a creative, rewarding and very successful experience. As a designer she demonstrates great skill and talent and she knows how to combine architectural, design and decorating elements in the most beautiful way. We started with a small, dark lobby and thanks to Gail we finished with a “Jewel”. Our new lobby is elegant, classic but simple, larger looking in size and has just the right amount of color. It welcomes everyone who walks through it. The finishes and workmanship are top quality and the style is high end. Throughout the project Gail demonstrated great creativity, responsiveness, knowledge, skill and attention to budget. We were very fortunate to have her guide us through this journey. More...


Angela Brown

15 May 2017

I have worked with Gail Green for over 20 years as one of her preferred textile vendors. Gail has a clear vision of color and texture that she applies to each client needs. She has a deep sense of care and attention to detail that makes working with Gail a professional delight.

Angela Brown, Angela Brown Ltd NYC


Lisa Patterson

27 March 2017

Gail Green is an established, versatile interior designer with many years of experience with both corporate and residential projects. With a creative flair and an impeccable eye for detail, color and design, she works collaboratively with her clients designing rooms to fit each of their individual needs. From conception through to completion, Gail is involved in the entire process. More...


Jonathan E.

19 February 2017

Working with Gail Green was a rewarding and eye opening experience. Not only was Gail engaged, responsive and effective throughout the project, but her approach and sense of style is unique and impressive. Simply put, the process was smooth and the results were sensational. Truly a gifted and experienced designer. More...


Janice Harrison

17 January 2017

Gail Green has created a home that brings me joy and satisfaction no matter where I am or where I look. She and her architects developed the house from the beginning, working as a team to ensure continuity between its architecture and design, so as to harmoniously reflect my tastes and needs.
Initially, she listened to my likes and dislikes and helped me define, and refine, the design style that appeals to me. Then she worked tirelessly to bring my home to life. She has a vast knowledge of what is readily available but she also researched several ideas. She found new materials and brought a modern twist to more traditional elements, maintaining their design integrity, and made certain the evolving ideas fit within my space, context and budget.
The success of my home has come from Gail’s focused attention particularly in four areas: first, the compatibility of each design element with the architecture; second, the flow of elements within and between spaces to match my desires and needs for individual spaces and my goals for the house as a whole; third, the choice and placement of art, not as an investment which was not my purpose, but to add excitement, harmony and joy to each space; and fourth, attention to detail which she applied meticulously to micro and macro situations ensuring the successful implementation of the previous three concepts.
Gail worked with me on this long-distance project (we were not in the same town) for two years. Her approach was always professional. She respected that this was my home and needed to take into account my likes, needs and budget. Looking back, I realize that, while I had my own opinions and ideas, I “did not know what I did not know” about design. Gail’s knowledge, experience and creativity often stopped me from making design mistakes or improved some of my ideas. I learned a great deal from this collaborative partnership. Now I have an exciting environment to live in that makes me smile several times a day.


Clarence House

16 January 2017

As a salesman of decorative textiles to the home furnishing industry for decades, one of the enduring and exhilarating events in that role is working with design professionals who know and seek, appreciate and luxuriate in high style fabrics. (Gail) Gail Green Interiors, a top Clarence House veteran, is just such a discerning client. I can hardly wait to see what stunning chic project she completes next.

John Howard
Clarence House


Wendy Mark

12 January 2017

It's a wonderful experience for an artist to work with someone who can literally and with imagination frame their work for a client . Gail Green is an interior designer and architect who really gets to know your work and can thus find the right connection , the painting or print , in my case , for the room and for the person that lives in that room .
I am an artist who does collaborations with major , Pulitzer prize winning writers and Gail's knowledge of literature as well as the history of art was important to me . It made the studio visits with clients interesting and exciting .
Because my work is often displayed as a series of images , I was impressed with her EYE , her ability to put things together .
Gail's framing choice , and this goes to her follow through on all aspects of a project , for a series of " Poppies on Mirrored paper " that I did , made them POP !
I was very happy also to be part of her " Keith Haring Room " ,,,,for the Kips Bay Decorator House show , where her choice to have 3 of my 2 inch by 2 inch romantic monotypes hang on the wall and play against the Haring tiles was unique , and unexpected , and therefore, remarkable !
She's also , just a pleasure to work with .



11 January 2017

As the owner of WOKA LAMPS VIENNA, a renowned fabricator of hand made lighting fixtures and dealer of original furniture in Austria, I have had the privilege of working with many architects and interior designers all over the world. Gail Green of Gail Green Interiors is an internationally known designer with whom I have worked on many projects for over 30 years. Her attention to detail and eye for design fits perfectly within the WOKA aesthetic. The simplicity and beauty of the fixtures resonate with her creativity, installing timeless fittings into timeless, elegant interiors. Like our product, Gail’s spaces represent quality and a quiet, yet bold, sympathy to the surrounding architecture. More...


Henry Kedziora

11 January 2017

I have worked with Gail Green for many years now. We originally had her work on our home in Toronto where she designed and decorated our home. Several years later, I moved to New York. Here, she renovated and decorated my apartment. I have always found Gail to have great insight and creativity into the issues and problems that had to be solved regarding circulation and placement. Her analysis of the space was spot-on. In addition, her knowledge of resources was vast, always able to pinpoint the appropriate style and budget conscious showrooms / workrooms in which to shop. Although my budget was limited, it was respected within my guidelines. Gail’s taste is impeccable – she puts the whole pie together, so that no one element looks out of place – it is a well-conceived whole. The Manhattan apartment was pulled together in a timely way, knowing that working long distance can be an arduous task. In addition, she is very thorough, responsible, and professional in following through with purchase orders and business details. Mostly, her attention to detail is exemplary, where the accents count and the whole pulls together. She is very easy to work with, listening to the concerns first and foremost. From supplying furniture to artwork, Gail created an apartment that turned out to be both beautiful and functional. More...


Polly Bielecka

10 January 2017

Gail has a wonderful eye for placing art in the home. She choses strong, elegant works that offer focus but don't shout so loudly you wouldn't want to live with them!


Brian Blackburn, Architect

10 January 2017

As an architect in New York, I have been collaborating with Gail Green for several decades. These projects on which we have worked vary in scope and scale, from studios to major houses, both in the tri-state area and Florida.

Many of these projects are vessels for art collections, for which the selection of furniture and furnishings play an integral part. I found her resources to be vast and informed; she has a very tasteful eye. She designs spaces that are perfectly married to the architecture, making our work that much more livable, functional, and beautiful for our clients. We work as a team- client, architect, designer - creating a whole scheme, working in unison with our visions. Gail chooses finishes and materials that are consistent with the structure, blending them seamlessly to the architecture. What our clients like most about her work is the way she creates chic, classic and elegant interiors that are both comfortable and warm. Besides her unerring eye and editorial finesse is Gail’s appreciation of the architectural principles that guide any successful interior. Her sensitivity to the structural content makes her a wonderful collaborator – both for us, and other well known architects with whom she works and has worked. By carefully integrating comfort, practicality and beauty, I am pleased to be collaborating with Gail and look forward to working with her on many more inspiring projects.


VeeKar, Inc.

8 January 2017

I have known Gail Green for many years, and have always been a huge fan of her amazing design work and her knowledge of everything new and fresh. She is a very talented designer with her finger on the pulse of anything that is innovative and different. Gail designs to create timeless spaces that reflect her deep talent for design and high level of taste. I most love that she follows her own instincts and her work is always unique and special. Definitely recognized as one of the most talented designers in the industry. A delight to work with and a delight to know. More...


Barbara Snyder

5 January 2017

I recently had the opportunity to work with Gail Green on a project in Pittsburgh in an upscale waterfront home,...and the results were extraordinary. The completed project was absolutely and truly beautiful, with attention paid to every detail. It was such a pleasure to work with such a well trained and talented professional! More...


Daniel Scuderi Custom Furniture and Accessories

5 January 2017

I have been a custom furniture maker for over 40 years. I have my share of experience with interior designers over the years and I can say that working with Gail Green is an absolute pleasure. Gail's knowledge, experience and vision are impeccable. Her ideas and designs are always breathtaking and her attention to detail it's first class. Gail's professionalism shows in all her projects. I could write all day about Gail's expertise but I think her work speaks for itself. A true professional. More...


Adam Longshore

11 May 2015

Gail's new book on small spaces is very helpful. I'd recommend it to any realtor or homeowner looking to sell or renovate an apartment or small home.