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FYFE Training Studio offers , Personal Training both one on one and in groups, Spin Classes and Strength Conditioning classes. FYFE Training has a very friendly workout environment. All fitness levels are welcome!

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Jim Fitchett

23 July 2018

Dan is incredible, highly motivating and knowledgeable.


Cynthia Faye

23 July 2018

Dan's Spin class is the best 45 minute butt-kicking workout you will find!


Mitchell Schneir

23 July 2018

Dan has one of the best facilities in the North Shore. If you're serious about working out he serious about training. Mitch


Nancy Gamache

23 July 2018

Now that was thee best spin class ever! Dan Fyfe has good energy and a lot if it Thanks Dan!


Jesseca Avah

23 July 2018

Best spin class around! Dan knows how to keep you motivated and is very knowledgeable.


Pamela Lathrop

23 July 2018

Thank you Dan Fyfe for kicking my butt for the past few months - turning that red knob to the right got me up the Hornlihutte in Switzerland today


Fran Doherty

23 July 2018

Best spin class ever, hands down! Dan really teaches form, plays the best music and is so motivating. He will make you feel welcome and glad you came.


Nancy Barnes

23 July 2018

Be ready for the 800 calorie spin workout. You dont want to just burn 200 calories! Dan is very engaging with each of the newcomers - encouraging and, equally important, correcting our posture so we get the most out of what we came to accomplish. Enjoy!


Suzanne Reynolds Ayoub

23 July 2018

The absolute best training and spin classes - unlike anything I've ever done! Dan is the captain you need to push you and the friend you need to train you.


Vanessa Weisman

23 July 2018

I have taken a couple of classes so far and Dan has been great at making sure form is correct and gives individual feedback throughout class. Time literally flew by in each class and Music is great and all levels are welcomed at FYFE! More...


Danette Delia Siegel

23 July 2018

Dan's spin class is the best work out I have ever had on a bike. He is motivating and drives you to give it your all every time. I can see a huge difference in my stamina and strength in just the one month I have been here, not to mention I have dropped a few pounds. Always a great benefit! Thanks Dan. You Rock! More...


Jim Hamilton

23 July 2018

Dan is terrific. He is incredibly responsive via email and incredibly welcoming to new folks. He has a great tone which is both motivating and reassuring especially as you are learning. If you are looking for a great workout in a friendly environment I urge you to check this place out. I am just beginning my journey but I am so glad to be doing it with Dan. More...


We work with each client on an individual level, making sure everyone understand all exercises.

Consistency! We create a fun results driven environment at the Studio that keeps clients coming back for more.

Creating lasting relationships among clients, and using my 15+ years of experience to get people in the best shape of their lives.

I wanted to create a Studio that puts people first, and where they can enjoy exercise.

We offer the best classes and training in the North Shore , and truly care about our clients.