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Destiny Fluellen

16 August 2019

I tried the chocolate chip cookie sandwich, the frosting was good? But it was a little off to me for some unkown reason. And the chocolate chip cookie was more like, chocolate chips held together by a tasteless cookie. It had a nice bite but I wouldnt buy it again. Some of the cupcakes that were in the display had been overfilled prior to baking and had little cupcake cliffs sticking out, personally I wouldnt put those on display but thats just the perfectionist in me. I also had the lemon curd cupcake. The curd was lovelyyyy it tastes just like my aunts lemon meringue pie, i just wish there was much more of it. The frosting couldve used more lemon flavor, cake wasnt dry but I wished it had a bit more moisture, more curd wouldve helped. And finally I tried the red velvet cake. Very very delicious. The frosting to me was perfect and I am picky about cream cheese frosting. The cake couldve been more moist but thats just my preference, it was also really good. A local woman who was inside told me the sugar cookies were better than the cupcakes, so ill be sure to go back and try those, and probably another red velvet cupcake too. More...



7 August 2019

We had a naked almond, raspberry filled three tier cake. It was reasonable and it tasted amazing.


Lydia Franklin

23 July 2019

My favorite cupcake shop! I lobe the variety and the frosting is a little piece of heaven


Danielle Moreau

26 April 2019

Love the different menu every day. You never get bore and you can tell that the cupcakes are scratch make every day. Soooo moist. My friend ordered a cake for her daughter birthday and it was BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS! 100%recommend More...


Carolina Nieto

26 April 2019

Oh my gosh best cookies ever!!! Isn't this cookies so cute?!! And they taste so good too. Best bakery in the Woodlands


Anders Johnson

27 March 2019

Red velvet with butter cream frosting mmm


Lisa K.

21 March 2019

Cute shop with toddler size tables and chairs...pleasant spot. Delicious and moist the cupcakes! Friendly staff!


Margaret M.

8 March 2019

Hands down this is THE BEST cupcakes in The Woodlands. The cake is so fresh! Yes the icing is wonderful but it's the whole item & not just the topping that's simply wonderful. The chocolate dream- filled with cream inside- never disappoints the chocolate lovers. And, if you live strawberry, they only make those when the berries are at peak. Worth every calorie! More...


Kelly P.

7 February 2019

This is the only bakery in the Spring/Woodlands area that accommodates a gluten allergy. Not only are the cakes phenomenally decorated, but they taste incredible. I requested a galaxy themed cake and was blown away at how beautiful it turned out. Frost is really incredible and I will ONLY shop here now! More...


Christina B.

14 January 2019

The service was great. I felt very welcome as Amy greeted with flavorful cupcakes. I tried the snickerdoodle and the red velvet, both great flavors. I recommend those who love sweets to come here. More...


Jaecel Shah

27 November 2018

We have always loved their cupcakes but they recently did my daughters birthday cakes and cookies. They were the hit of the party and they nailed the design! We will be using them for every celebration from now on! More...


Lindsey G.

1 November 2018

The cream cheese icing was smooth and delicious. For the buttercream icing- maybe it was lent the best batch, I don't know we've only been there once but the consistency was off for both chocolate and vanilla buttercream- it was gritty/sandy.


Sara White

28 October 2018

This bake shop is not only a dream to work with design wise but also bakes a delicious cake too! I have ordered multiple cakes for special occasions from them and I am never disappointed. On another note my husband and I were in a rush picking up my daughters birthday cake a few months ago. I had the money for her party in my wallet and it fell out. I received a call not 20 minutes later asking if I had dropped money in the store and I had not even noticed yet! Such honest and amazing people. I will continue to order my cakes here and recommend them as well. More...


Morgan M.

30 September 2018

Love this place! They offer Gluten free and sugar free options. Our daughter loves the gluten free vanilla! They offer different flavors on each week days. This keeps the flavors interesting and coerces you to try something new. The strawberry lemonade is fabulous! More...


Janet M.

11 September 2018

Frost has consistently made beautiful cakes for my grandchildren's birthday parties. They are very creative and detailed and the cake itself is moist and delicious. I can't wait to see what the next one looks like. More...


Kimberley R. Simmons

30 July 2018

I stopped in for the first time literally going to Edible Arrangements and saw the Bake Shoppe. Cute little bake shoppe with great service and OMG the cupcakes are amazing. I took a dozen cupcakes to a Doctor’s office as an afternoon treat, and they didn’t want to eat them because they were so gorgeous. It was a great random find that delivered great presentation and service. More...


Cristy R.

3 July 2018

I gave this place a 4 because their cupcakes are ok but their cookies were amazing. I think it's difficult to compete when companies like Smallcakes have more options. Service was great and the place is super clean. More...


Beth Eidson-Stevens

21 June 2018

Frost bakeshop has the most amazing iced cookies! I’m not real keen on their cupcakes but then again I’m a cake snob. But the cookies are to die for!


Guadalupe Torres

15 June 2018

My family ordered a coconut cake and it was delicious. Let me tell you I had second and a third one . I highly recommend it .


Quincie Weigle

11 April 2018

The mint chocolate was so good. Friendly staff and they change their flavors out weekly.



14 March 2018

They were able to work under a tight time line. The. Most. Amazing. Cake.


Sharmeen S.

24 February 2018

The cupcakes taste exactly as described / labeled. Cupcakes from other brands taste the same / bland. Frost cupcakes stand apart. Plus, they make really good cakes (special order only). More...



9 January 2018

The Best Creamy Cupcakes EVER


Kaili Johnson

16 November 2017

I spoke with the sweetest girl named Lauren when placing my phone order. She was so kind and patient while I was choosing my cookie selection. I ordered Halloween cookies for my son's class and could not be happier with how they turned out. They were decorated so perfectly and tasted amazing too! I will definitely be back for my cookie needs in the future. More...


Julie Culver

5 October 2017

Good selection, several gluten free options, expensive but all these places are. Worth a try because the taste is worth it. They also do cakes to order, and ours was amazing but super expensive. More...


Kim Whitaker

11 September 2017

Love for the food amazing service


Amy D.

10 August 2017

Excellent cupcakes! I tried Crave this weekend and something was off with the cake flavor. Frost Bake Shoppe was so much better. Hummingbird was the best I've had around here. The frosting is perfect to my liking...just the way my aunt made it.  They were the perfect birthday gift from my husband. More...



8 June 2017

Fantastic, delicious cake, and great customer service!


Shannon B.

11 January 2017

Ordered my son's grooms cake here and it was fabulous!  The decorations were so good... looked better than the picture I gave them.  The cake was moist and delicious.  They also delivered to the venue on a Sunday even though they are closed Sundays.  I have found my new bakery! More...



28 September 2016

Frosting was fantastic but the cake was a bit flavorless and a bit dry


Penny B.

24 June 2016

Very tasty blueberry cheesecake cupcake! I tend to like their cream cheese frosted cupcakes. (i.e. red velvet,  carrot cake and blueberry cheesecake). I'm not a fan of the other icing. .. it's a little too sweet for me. They unfortunately got rid of the rewards punch card.  I guess this is probably a good thing,  otherwise there would be more incentive to buy more cupcakes ;)The blueberry cheesecake cupcake has a little cheesecake filling on the bottom!Suggestions for future cupcake flavors: Watermelon! More...


Suzanne M.

31 January 2016

I have to say I love there cupcakes. Walking into the bakery it smells so good.  The atmosphere is really cute and welcoming.  I usually get the vanilla vanilla cupcake and it's always been delicious.  I've ordered a birthday cake and it was a hit. Frost is my go to bakery for cupcakes and cake. The cake is moist and flavored so well, the icing is so good. More...


Natalie Ha

24 November 2015

OMG! They have the absolute best sugar cookies I've ever had. Nothing compares. Any time I cheat on my diet, this is the first place I want to go. Yuuuum!


Mercedes B.

21 November 2015

I ordred a custom cake with the top tier being chocolate and the other red velvet. The cake turned out AMAZING, not just the design but the flavors as well. I received quick responses when I emailed questions about my cake. I am really happy with the way the cake turned out and my brother was extremely happy. He ran around the house telling everyone to look at his cake. This bakery has really good customer service and I can see myself going bake to Frost for more yummy treats. More...



25 October 2015

My cake looked amazing and tasted even better! I was very pleased with the service that was provided.


Melissa L.

4 July 2015

This is my go to bakery. The cupcakes are great but the custom cookies are what keep me coming back. I have also done several custom cakes here and they were perfect. The staff is friendly and the store is always clean. I have never had an issue with an order and I love that they also deliver. More...


Justin S.

19 September 2014

I love these cupcakes and cookies! They're a little high, but they are worth every penny. The chocolate sheet cake is also good. The people that work there have always been polite and helpful. More...


Devaprasad K.

4 September 2014

We have placed custom cake order for my daughters first birthday.Frost bake did a wonderful job and cake designer was constantly in touch to discuss about design.we ordered 2 tier cake with 2 flavours (Samoas & Red Velvet).Both flavors are really good. More...



12 April 2014

This bake shop is amazing! I am so lucky to have found them. My original baker bailed on me about a month and a half before my wedding...yeah, yikes! Frost Bake Shoppe came to the rescue and made the exact cake I was wanting. I brought them a picture of what I was wanting and they recreated it perfectly. I loved it and it tasted amazing. I will be referring them to everyone I know. Thank you, Frost Bake Shoppe! More...


Albert S.

31 January 2014

I saw the owner of this company on "Cupcake Wars" and looked them up online. I saw the prices for the cupcakes and I said " No way a cupcake is wroth $3.25"! The first thing I noticed about the shop was how clean and neat it was. Then the cupcakes OMG. They were big and so I thought well at least it wont be gone in one bite. Then I ran into her Hummingbird Cupcake and my wife had Cookies and cream.  We ordered about 6 more cupcakes (did i mention we live in Pasadena TX) I don't go up there often because of the drive but when I go...I LOAD UP. Now if your trying frostbake for the first time here are my suggestion...Chocolate Covered BananaHummingbirdBlueberry CheesecakeCaramel Apple ( Seasonal Cupcake)24 CarrotThese are my favorites but there are more that I like. I have a few more that I like to try. Be warned they come with a good bit of icing but I wash it all down with milk :) More...


Marna D.

29 October 2013

I have not tried their cupcakes yet, but I have had their cake and cookie cake and they were delicious! They are both very moist with good texture and taste. I brought them to a couple of parties and everyone loved them and asked where I got them! More...



5 October 2013

I used Frost Bake Shoppe for my wedding favors because I am obsessed with their cookies and cup cakes. I had seen an idea on Pinterest where each guest got a groom cookie and a bride cookie. I had Frost do that for our wedding favors, except my groom was a Marine officer, which required some creativity since the uniform top is black and blended in together a bit. Frost was able to create lovely bride and Marine groom cookies that tasted delicious! I was really pleased with how they turned out and were wrapped together so that each guest received one of each in their bag. They also delivered them promptly on the day of the wedding to our reception venue - Augusta Pines. Thanks Frost Bake Shoppe! More...


Adam F.

30 July 2013

Oh god no more cupcakes please! So good! So the cupcake craze seems to be slowing down a bit, and we've even had some semi-recent cupcake store closures in The Woodlands lately. That said Frost is one of the best and although you can't go there everyday it's a great place for an infrequent treat. More...


Emily B.

29 July 2013

My favorite thing here are the sugar cookies! They are great as party favors too! You can personalize anything! Also they have the right ratio of icing to cupcake down. Unlike some other places.


Renee A.

7 May 2013

Finally made it in today and absolutely loved my cupcakes! Grabbed the cake brownie as an impulse buy for my hubby- AMAZING! So moist! Loved the atmosphere, loved the cupcakes and can't wait to go back again!Only reason i rated it a 4 is because there was just entirely too much frosting. If you like frosting though, you're in for a treat :) More...


J H.

10 March 2013

Fantastic cupcakes. Perfect size, great selection. Great location. Cookie dough and chocolate cheesecake highly recommended!


Whitney Kasinger

30 November 2012

My mom and I stopped in on Tuesday to try out Frost's cupcakes. As a cupcake connoisseur, I had high hopes.

First of all, the icing was delicious. However, as with most cupcake shops, in my opinion, it had too much. I'm coming in for cake. The icing should be a compliment, not a competitor.

Secondly, the chocolate was moist, but tasted a bit cake mixish.

Thirdly, the red velvet (which is the reason I eat cupcakes) was dry, spongy and fairly tasteless.

I've had worse, but I've also had better.


Shana P.

29 June 2012

We ordered 2 dozen sugar cookies and 2 dozen mini salted caramel cupcakes for our 10 year anniversary party.  Everything was awesome tasting and pretty!  See pictures attached.  The mini cupcakes are just the right amount of sugar - because wow this place knows how to pack on the icing!  A full cupcake I can only eat 1/2 at a time.  My personal favorite is their sugar cookies - they are huge and have a nice icing on top, I like to have one with coffee.I am giving 4 stars due to price and tipping request.  It cost us $120 for 4 dozen special treats - very high (to me) but worth it as a splurge for our big party.  What really bothered me is when I went to pay there was a place for tipping on the receipt.  I personally think if I am paying that high of a price for desserts then I really don't need to tip on top of it - and didn't.  With all that being said, this is a cute little spot, interesting enough to check out for something different to try.  I am not a regular and the waistline can't afford to be, but I overall did enjoy the experience of having something unique and tasty for our party. More...


Angie S.

4 May 2012

I've had about 3-4 visits to frost (bake) two to their first shop they opened, and the second one off of water way about 2 visits. Each time I've gone  the cupcakes are delicious have always been -delicious!- and very fresh! The only "gripe" I can think of is the frosting for it's extreme sweetness but I have the option of taking a lil' bit off.I spoke to the owner on my first visit and asked her about her experience on cupcake wars and shot the breeze with her a little, very laid back and down to earth and that's one of the main reasons I go back.Hope this helped someone :) More...


mo b.

24 February 2012

I'm not much of a cupcake person (VERY MUCH a sweets person, just never leaned toward cake/cupcakes), but I had a coupon for a free cupcake and was in the shopping center, so I stopped in.  It's cute and cozy inside, and very much inviting.  I got a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting and bought a chocolate chip cookie to go.  Staff was nice enough, and both the cupcake and cookie were very good.  Nothing too fancy, just moist cake and a very good cookie.  A little pricey, but I will definitely be back the next time the mood strikes. More...



22 August 2011

Delicious Cupcakes and Treat!!!. I first tried Frost after the showing on Cupcake Wars. I love the fact they tried the "salad cupcake" thing! Be different! Love it....Well, the cupcakes were beautiful and they TASTED beautiful too!! I got the red velvet, strawberry and italian cream. All equally moist, delicious and HOMEMADE tasting! My sister got a cookie and loved it. Hope to be back in The Woodlands soon and get some more "Frost!" More...


Irum Khan

22 August 2011

Delicious cupcakes and treats!!!. My kids and I love their cupcakes! The cupcakes, cookies, and brownies always taste fresh and delicious. I have been a long time customer and love not having to drive to Houston just to have a gourmet cupcake! The owner, Terese, really works with you to make your "special event" even more special. I highly recommend their cookies and cupcakes for all your special occasions! More...


Hou T.

15 July 2011

I've tried quite a few cupcake boutiques in Houston, San Antonio and D.C. this place is good!  The location is easy to find and convenient.  The decor is simple and tasteful.  Service is fair, I have been there many times and each time the young ladies (various ones) are not friendly (confirmed by my other friends that are patrons there too.)  The staff occassionally greets you if they feel like it sometimes you are a bother to them as they will continue their personal conversations immediately after handing you your change and without saying "thank you".Yes they are $3 each or $33/dz, but in my mind well worth every penny.  Each cupcake is nicely sized (not small like some of their competitiors), not overly sweet or dry.  You can taste the freshness in each bite especially their strawberry cupcake (my favorite!@).  My son loves chocolate but he doesn't like their chocolate, however he does love their Red Velvet.  He told me the chocolate from a competitor is better.   I was very impressed at just how moist the Strawberry Cupcake is.  The icing is flavorful and not overly sweet.  Try it I think you'll like it.  Only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is  because their customer service/staff has a TON of room for improvement. More...


Woodlands Mom

17 May 2011

Yummy cupcakes. Love these cupcakes! The beautiful shortbread cookies are absolutely delicious. I especially love the fact that the Frost Bake Shoppe is locally owned and the cupcakes and cookies are made from scratch daily.


Megan M.

13 March 2011

I must have a sweet tooth right now because I just can't seem to resist temptation of any kind. The moment you walk in to Frost you are transported back in time with that giddy feeling you used to get as a kid on the way to a candy shop. I don't know if you have been watching all the reality cupcake shows, but that was a huge motivator for me to take a sneak peak inside this cute little shop.Good- The smells of freshly baked cupcakes and cookies waft through the air enticing you to peruse through all the different flavors at your fingertips. After lingering for what seemed an eternity, I opted to try out the Snowball and Chocolate Mint cupcakes. I surprised DH with them later that night after dinner and they were incredible!! Four thumbs WAY UP!!!  Moist melt in your mouth cake nothing like the artificial taste you receive from the grocery store kinds. They were amazingly fresh and had delicious light fluffy icing and oh how I adore shredded coconut on everything. YUM!The staff is super friendly and I enjoyed talking about the various shows and asked if they would ever do one. Much to my surprise they weren't at all interested because getting dolled up every day to do hard work is not FUN! HA!They come in perfect little boxed that have holders in the center, so the cupcakes don't tip. Great touch because I was very worried about smashing them on the way home in the car.I wouldn't hesitate to special order something from them as they seem very professional and use only the best ingredients. I even noticed a gluten free option on their website.Bad- Nothing to report I can't wait to visit again or special order for a party.Ugly- Nothing to report other than I wish they had a location closer to Lake Conroe. More...


Marlo S.

1 March 2011

Flavors rotate and most are very good; especially recommend the blueberry cheesecake.  Friendly staff and nice neighborhood feel.


Colby W.

21 June 2010

Ever since I received a cupcake from Frost Bake Shoppe in The Woodlands, I have been wanting to investigate the venue in detail. As I walked in, I could feel a cavity or two forming on my bottom-left bicuspids. It smells like a bake shop(pe), people.The walls are splashed with baby blue to the point of cool insanity. Don't look directly at them! The glass case is full of sweets with sugary adornments, and the shelves with other various non-edible wares.I ordered a dozen of various types of cupcakes for Father's Day for a rather steep $33 dollars. Red Velvet, Chocolate Chip (chips on icing and not inside cake part), Turtle, and Chocolate were the flavors that I picked out.These should come with a warning on their little innocently crinkled wrappers that warns against the sugar coma that follows just one!Diabetics STAY AWAY!All that I have managed to ingest have been truly delicious. I do not know how many calories they are, but its better that way, I think. Even small children cannot withstand the sweet sleep that follows one of these delicious sedatives.Buy some, enjoy some, get some sleep! More...

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