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From Success to Significance

Seattle, Washington, King

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From Success to Significance

Seattle, Washington, King


As a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, executive, leader, coach & mentor, with over 25 years’ experience, Mal certainly has all the right acumen as a business & career coach!

However, what makes him unique is, several years ago, faced with an increasing number of physical & mental health challenges, he embarked on an intense and deeply educational journey, which ultimately resulted in a major transformation in his life.



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I have reached a very special place in my life; for the very first time, my professional and personal goals are fully aligned! For many years I did not believe this was even possible… Trust me, IT IS!" Now I get to work with people who, like I did, face significant challenges in their lives, whether their business, their career, or their personal lives; and now I guide them to success.

I came from a place of business & career 'success' but where my physical & mental health were suffering and I truly believed that was the way it would be! I Transformed my life through education, research and experimentation and I want to share this with others so they can avoid the mistakes I made along the way and take corrective action in areas they struggle with in their lives.

I am a genuine person that will quickly understand you and your situation; I am, on one level, a very logical and practical person who can give a lot of 'quick' fixes, but on the other hand, I also recognize that where significant change is required, a medium term approach is needed in order to ensure that change can become permanent. I can show you how to make your life Happier, Healthier and Stronger, however, you have to do the work!
Under my close guidance this work will not appear daunting and we will structure things so it will be relatively easy to manage... Just one step at a time!



Mal's unique, effective & powerful coaching - guides you to re-evaluate & redefine 'success'  - provides highly effective stress management tools - helps build flow between your career & personal goals - identifies & eliminates your limiting beliefs - teaches simplistic, yet effective, mindfulness techniques - blends in a manageable lifestyle of exercise & nutrition - utilizes technology where appropriate & effective - helps to simplify your finances & wealth management - teaches effective time management tools - incorporates critical change management skills - guides your transformation, step by step... Do you want to move your life from success to significance! Book a free, absolutely no obligation, 30 minute introductory call to see if there is a mutual fit to work together. https://www.icemal.energy/timewithmal

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