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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Orange County, Irvine, orange county

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019



There are so many different ways to market your business online these days. With flyers and hiring someone to flip a sign on a street corner you pay today, and the marketing stops when you stop paying. Internet Marketing is the best way to market your business, when you build something online, profile, link, website, etc.


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Richard Wesly Linden

23 July 2018

Us being an SEO company this review should speak for itself. I worked with Jeff at Froggersite, we hired him for SEO for our Orange County clients. We were a bit busy and under staffed to say the least. Anyway, after about 2 solid hours of research he came up with many different plans of attack to get our clients to the top page of Google for their keywords. We were trying for some pretty difficult keywords as well. Imagine having your website show up for " SEO IN ORANGE COUNTY or Web Design in Orange County , Internet Marketing Orange County, Digital Marketing in Orange County... Impossible? NOPE. He helped us with our clients and did such a great job we hired him for a short 6 month contract for our own SEO Website, we were after the keyword SEO in Orange County. After the 3rd month our SEO and website was on page 2 of Google, at the end of the 4th month we were on page 1. Month 5 & 6 we kinda went up and down page one and ended up with 4th spot on Google for SEO Orange County.

The price wasn't cheap but honestly you get what you pay for. We knew going into this we could not and will not deal with a company that promises you SEO results for $100-$300 is a Joke and not a true SEO Company. SEO takes time. It is an investment in your digital billboard.

The goal of any website is to be on the top page without having to pay for it. Adwords is great... but you have to pay month after month forever... Instead, investing in your current website and weathering the storm for 6 months is far more with it. Good SEO or "search engine optimization" is very hard to come by.

When choosing an SEO Company in Orange County or anywhere for that matter, ask the company to show you clients they have currently ranking on page 1.. then simply call and make sure they did the SEO.

Froggersite also has a full graphic design team that also builds custom websites that are SEO friendly and landing pages for advertisements or PPC (pay per click)

Thanks Jeff for being the Local SEO Company in Orange County we could trust. We will actually call you in a few weeks as we need another custom Website built by your web designers in Orange County.


Thanks Frogger!


Jeff Poole

30 May 2017

VERY EASY!!! A good friend and business associate suggested I attend a free "Advanced Social Media & E-Commerce Strategies" workshop hosted by CA Department of Small Business Services. As owner of a small travel business, "To Be Well Travel" and Producer/host on a new TV Talk Show, "Legitimate Matters', sharpening my social media skills and marketing initiatives seemed like a smart idea. This turned out to be a wise decision! The classroom set-up was in an intimate boardroom style setting. The instructor was Digital Marketing Instructor & SEO Expert and Former Vice President of Digital Marketing at JP Morgan Chase & Co., Geoff Patten. I was most impressed by Geoff's welcoming demeanor, extensive education on the topic and dynamic presentation skills. The class was engaging and Geoff was patient and well prepared with a comprehensive Power Point deck that he later shared. His presentation began with pre-requisites, relevance and "How-to" for having a cleaned up website with SEO keywords before link again! Steven segues into specific critical strategies, best practices and tools for a successful Social Media & E-Commerce campaign that is sure to increase your social media/website returns. His tactical and appetizing "Food for thought" philosophies caused me to "Mentally Leave the Room" for a minute as my creative energy began operating at high velocity. Geoff Patten spent time after the class to address attendee questions specific to individual business needs. He also offers his services (At cost) beyond the workshop. At the end, attendees networked and exchanged business cards as potential synergies were realized among the students. It's my intention to follow up with Geoff Patten and other free workshops offered by CA Department of Small Business Services. It is well worth the time if you're serious about the success of your small business. If you see the name Geoff Patten as a social media/E-Commerce instructor for an open class, jump on it! More...


Jesus Christ

24 January 2017

By far the best SEO company in Orange County, I've worked with quite a few and most are all about the money and empty promises. I worked with Jeff at Frogger SEO. He's just a great guy, I met him in person at his new office off Harbor and I could tell right away he was the man. I couldn't get a promise of page 1 no matter how hard I tried... which was exactly what I wanted him not to do... he showed me everything that was wrong with my website, links, social media, AdWords and then he addressed how we were going to fix it along with the price quote (which was fair)... It's been 3 months now and my business is already on page 1 of Google organically and we're doing GREAT!

Thanks Jeff and team!!


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Having a good looking website with no traffic is worse than having a really ugly website with traffic.... at least someone's been to the website.

We are a full service Internet marketing firm located in Orange Co​unty. We specialize in not just our ability to create a great looking web design but also our ability to build the website "search engine friendly". The more search engine friendly a website is the more relevancy you will appear under your targeted keywords. We understand that having a simple website isn't enough these days with all the competition online. To have great website that only you see, kinda defeats the whole concept. Web Design is MORE than building a good looking site... It's building a user friendly, search engine friendly, page that get's your point across.

Some company's may lead you to believe that SEO is a secret. The simple fact is,... it's pretty basic but requires work. Search Engine Optimization is the process of building your business online in a way that search engines deem your business more relevant. The more relevant search engines deem your website's HTML/XML coding, content, pictures, links the higher in the search results your business will appear. And it's that simple.

At Frogger, we evaluate each client and listen to your needs. We can't help you until you tell us what the problem is right? Once we address the problem we'll come up with an "attack plan" in order to get you where you need to be. Every SEO package is different. What the lady down the street needs for her website is totally different than what an office asphalt contractor would need. Give us a call and speak to one of our reps in our SEO department and we'll narrow down the basics of internet marketing and come up with a plan that is within your budget.

Honestly, there are only 2 things I really enjoy in my work. 1. Helping the people and watching them get soo excited about all the new money and new business they are getting makes me feel like a proud parent.
2. Making money myself, making great money and at the same time, my clients are making tons of money too!!!

I hated my boss. I hated my boss.I hated my boss.I hated my boss.I hated my boss.I hated my boss.I hated my boss.I hated my boss.I hated my boss.I hated my boss.I hated my boss.I hated my boss.

Usually clients choose me because they have already been ripped off by a cheap $300 per month company that promised them the world. If they are shopping for a company under $500... I don't want them. These are the clients that will never get REAL SEO, simply because they go to companies that don't really know how to do SEO, and that reflects the price. Sometimes it's best to find the more expensive company and hear what they have to say before signing up anywhere else.

Quotes are free right?


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