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Manijeh S.

2 October 2019

This is the BEST pizza I've had since I moved to Omaha a few years ago! Just like the pizza I've had in New York City. I'm so glad to have found it! AMAZING!!!


Mike C.

9 August 2019

Since I moved to Nebraska from the east coast I've been searching for the best pizza. This is it. Thin crust, pizza by the slice and a place that reminded me of a neighborhood pizzeria in Brooklyn. Can't wait to go back.


Jen G.

8 June 2019

Excellent NY style pizza! My husband and I started off with the fried ravioli (AMAZING) for our appetizer and finished with a 14 inch pepperoni. Perfect size for two. Clean establishment and friendly staff. Much better than chain restaurant pizza places and you get your money's worth. Wish the location was different, but 10/10 would come back again! More...


Greg M.

26 May 2019

Solid pizza. We got the Meatlover's and it was pretty tasty! It didn't quite stand out to me like some places in the area, but it was still good. The fried ravioli I have to say was disgusting, I wouldn't order that again. Threw it out after a couple bites. But the 4 stars is for the pizza which I wouldn't have any problem ordering again sometime soon! More...


Jon K.

24 May 2019

My favorite pizza in Omaha, incredible beef pizza, perfectly seasoned! Awesome staff with not much wait time at all. The food is also pretty cheap as well. I recommend this place to everyone. More...


Meagen C.

11 May 2019

Franks is the real DEAL!  It's a pizza loving Oasis for all of us New Yorkers wondering the mid west dreaming of real pizza. Five stars all the ways.  We Got two New York style pizzas, The closest I've come to home in the mid west by far!! The owner Tom is super friendly and it's a great place to bring the family! More...


Chelsie L.

28 April 2019

So good! Authentic NEW YORK style pizza! The cannolis are AMAZING! The zeppoles need a little work, would definitely return. Quick, delicious.


Isaiah A.

28 March 2019

Frank's is a low profile pizzeria in right off of west dodge on 132nd, next to Hy-Vee. I say all that because if you are not outright looking for it, you will likely miss it. It really is one of the worst locations in terms of being able to market itself. You almost need to be in the parking lot to see it. Which is really disappointing since it is good pizza.I ordered two slice lunch combo, which comes with a drink. Based price is $6.99, single toppings come at $.75. I got a pepperoni and a hamburger (because, duh, we are in Omaha). I think the prices have gone up over the years, but it is still a solid deal. The slices appear to be one-quarter of their 14-inch which is $14.99 before toppings. I was with a co-worker, so we probably should have gotten a 14-inch, but it was fine not to save a buck or two.Regardless of the pricing, the pizza is a New York style pizza. With that said, I have never been to New York, but I have had other pizza from places like Noli's in Blackstone, that claim a similar pie style. Thin, chewy, but crisp crust, with a good sauce, Frank's it very good. Cheese and pepperoni were a bit light, but the hamburger had more than enough and was well seasoned. The soda seemed watered down, but I wasn't there for soda.For a slice or whole pie, Frank's is a good choice. Would definitely come again to try their other items. I just wish they were in a better spot, for their sake. More...


Rachel S.

1 February 2019

This place deserves all the accolades. Any true pizza connoisseur will tell you that of all the places in Omaha, this is where it's at. As a native Philadelphian who relocated to the Midwest by way of Israel, I have been itching for some real pizza. Tucked inside the Linden Market shopping center, and neighbored by other well-known fast food joints, you would be remiss if you didn't opt for Frank's. On a cold first day of February, I ordered a few pies, salads, and desserts for our office, and Frank's did not disappoint! Everyone was talking with their mouths full about how great the pizza and desserts were (we went for zeppolis and cannolis), and yeah, like I said, as a Philadelphian, I missed the real pizza from back east and I will definitely be back (whether it's for our office or for my family), we loved it! Good food, good prices, kind and caring staff, clean restaurant. I have no pictures of the food because it went THAT FAST. More...


Abbey H.

26 December 2018

Love this place! Good pizza and extremely affordable. The pepperoni pizza is really good and if you're a sucker for good ranch dressing like me this place will be right up your alley. Great for carry out too!


Ethan T.

30 October 2018

Frank's Pizzeria offers a 30", 12 pound team pizza challenge.  We had 1 hour to finish.  For winning, we received the $64.99 pizza for free, along with tshirts.  We chose the vegetable pizza, which had broccoli, onions, mushrooms, black olives, & green peppers.Matt, the owner, was thrilled to have us take on the massive pizza challenge.   I had never had a vegetarian pizza with broccoli on it before.  I really liked it!   The crust was chewy, yet airy at the same time and it had a great flavor.  They make their dough in house.  The green peppers are marinated before they get placed on each and every pie.   Bryan, the pizza maker, takes great pride in his craft.   It was fun talking to him about the various 30" pizza stories, especially when one customer tried to fit a huge pizza box in the back of their Prius!   The Halloween decorations were great and made it very festive.  I look forward to dining here again. More...


Pedro G.

29 October 2018

Stopped in to try the lunch special (two slices and a soda for $5.99). The dining room is no-frills, but tidy and comfortable. The counter help was very friendly and I waited about ten minutes for my slices, which seemed reasonable to me, but the guy apologized anyway. The pizza: wow. Crust is very thin, with a floppy nose and a crunchy rim. The bottom of the slice has a paper-thin crispy layer that gives way to a warm, chewy interior. The sauce tastes fresh, just a touch sweet, with a crushed tomato texture. I had a cheese slice and a sausage/onion slice. The sausage is house made, not spicy, but flavorful nonetheless. This is the best pizza I've had in Omaha. Can't wait to go back. More...


Staci C.

26 October 2018

Very delicious pizza! We got the New York style, thin crust. My fave! I do wish their side salad had more to it. It was a lil wimpy, but it was ok. The place was clean, and the staff were friendly. We'll definitely be back! More...


Mirae D.

19 October 2018

First time trying NY style pizza. Came here for dinner on a Friday night. Really great customer service. Hubby and I were each going to order a 12" and half a order of garlic knots. The total with foundation drinks was about $44. The guy at the register said if we did a large instead of two smalls it would be a better price. It knocked the price down about $10. We appreciate that kind of service. The pizza was phenomenal! I got sausage (house made), artichoke, and black olives. He got pepperoni, sausage, artichoke, and spinach. Mmmm! Can't recommend this place enough! Great service and great food! We're waiting on some dessert. Zeppoles we heard are really good! Can't wait! More...


Will S.

12 October 2018

Some of the best pizza in Omaha. Frank's is a no-frills pizza joint. Come in, order some slices or a whole pie, pay a mere few bucks and go chow down.When I'm in the area and it's lunchtime, I'll pop in here order a couple slices. They have all the toppings you'd want and will customize your pizza however you'd like. The slices come out fast, and are served up on a paper plates. Definitely New York style, which is arguably the best way to make pizza (it's my absolute favorite, at least).Frank's is very reasonably priced, so phone in your order for pick up a couple pies for the office or the family at home. Everyone loves Frank's! More...


Shannon G.

29 September 2018

Absolutely delicious! I haven't had pizza this good in a long time! The staff was friendly, the atmosphere of the pizzeria is great, and the food was wonderful. I can't wait to come back.


Chris G.

29 September 2018

Frank's has some of the best pizza around. Big, delicious, and reasonably priced. Pair that with great service and you have a place that has earned it's spot on my go-to list. Well worth a stop if you're looking for delicious pizza! More...


Vanessa M.

9 June 2018

Very good New York style pizza! The price is right and the flavors are perfect! I will for sure be back to franks! I would not say it's my favorite pizza place in Omaha but I think it's made the top 5 in my book! We ordered a medium (14 inch) margarita(I think) flavor pizza and a small (12 inch) pepperoni pizza and some garlic cheese bread. We also had an order of wings at our table. I heard no complaints about the wings, but I didn't try them. The garlic cheese break was very very good! Even our picky toddler that was with us liked it, she did have a hard time chewing it because it isn't very soft. Both pizzas were very good, one person in our party thought both of our pizzas might have been a little under cooked, however I didn't notice anything Indio she said something and even after she pointed it out I still wasn't really sure, but either way it was very good! The staff was also super! Very friendly! Our food also came out very fast as well! It was a great experience! More...


Theresa D.

2 April 2018

Wow. This is what New York style Italian should taste like! This is the first place in Omaha that has hit that mark so well. Awesome calzone. Awesome zeppolis. Will be back for sure. Marinara even tastes like fresh tomatoes and not canned juice with tons of additives like some places. More...


Logan M.

24 March 2018

The food is incredible. The prices are average, but the pizza is good enough that it keeps me coming back. I like that they are a true counter sales establishment, I feel like I'm free to get my own soda refill which I love.I don't really have anything too negative to say about this place other than their atmosphere can be a little frustrating at times. One of the employees had a significant other in once with screaming kids that neither of them were doing much to alleviate. However, that was one time out of a dozen that I've been there, and every other time its been close to perfect. More...


Jamie S.

1 February 2018

Great place to go for lunch. They have a lunch special with 2 huge slices and a sode for 7.12 with tax! You get your food super quick and everyone is always friendly.


Patrick W.

12 January 2018

Pretty great. Reminds me of Joe's Pizza in the West Village in NYC. The simple cheese pie is the best. A lot of places claim to have "New York-style pizza." This place actually does.


Daryl T.

30 December 2017

Our first time at the new Frank's Pizza in Bellevue. They remodeled the restaurant to give it a much more open airy feel and it seems like there is more seating. We ordered a 16 inch meat lovers pizza, house salad and onion rings. The onion rings and salad came out first. The onion rings were good and at a reasonable price. The house salad was tasty as well. We waited a bit long for the pizza. Great toppings you would expect on a New York style pizza. The staff was very friendly. They just opened so they still have some things to work out but overall a very favorable experience. So glad we have a New York style Pizza restaurant in Bellevue. We will be back. More...


Emily M.

27 December 2017

Went to the new Bellevue location a few days ago and I am in love! My friend and I split a pizza, half meat half margherita. The prices weren't bad and the pizza came out quick. The crust is absolutely amazing - the right amount of crispy to chewy. The margherita was delicious but it's hard to mess up so I'm looking forward to trying more of their options. I am so excited they are closer to where I live so I can make this a part of our regular rotation! More...


Tom M.

20 October 2017

Continuing our practice of eating local we checked with Yelp and found this gem. Rating was pretty high so we went for it.  Have to be looking for the restaurant because it has a small store front.  Well worth finding. There was only one person working but that wasn't an issuer. We picked a small Spicy Sweet Chicken pizza.  Plenty big for two people giving you 8 slices. It was thin crust which we prefer and it was so good. Everything is hand made there and you can tell. The crust was crisp and just slightly chewy. I didn't share my crust this time with my wife, which says alot in it's self. Not over the top with toppings but plenty of flavor. They also have other options for sandwiches and such. If we lived here it would become a regular stop. You won't go wrong. More...


Jim S.

30 August 2017

There are a few other places in Omaha who CLAIM to make authentic New York style pizza, but every one I've tried should be sued for false advertising (or worse).  Frank's, however, is the REAL THING.  If you've ever been to New York City, you know what pizza should be like (L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn is my favorite) -- , and Frank, whoever he is, is either from there or has been there often.  Perfect large slice, perfect thickness, perfect sauce, perfect crust.  Didn't try any toppings my first visit there, because if it's really good pizza it doesn't need any, and no, it didn't.  However, I will probably try a pepperoni or sausage slice the next time I go there, and it won't be long.  I plan to be a regular.  Good job FRANK! More...


Travis B.

17 July 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed their New York style pizza for lunch this afternoon. The crust is excellent. They sell by the slice so if you are going there for lunch, you can get the pizza and drink lunch combo. I will be back.


Jared H.

14 June 2017

Very good meatball sub. Went with a friend on a whim and was delighted and especially at the price. Will be back soon.


Raul D.

6 May 2017

Was looking for a new place to eat, glad I found Frank's. Pizza was delicious, love the crust,  sauce made fresh daily. Everything was great. Oh btw get the garlic rolls, they were awesome! More...


Eric J.

5 May 2017

Enjoyed a family date at Frank's.   Solid New York pies!  I particularly liked the thin and crunchy crust - an easy fold over for you pizza folders out there.  The side salad was a total delight as well - nice crisp salad with Italian fixings.I'd describe the BBQ chicken pie as saucy with a moderate spice.  Really enjoyed the crust.  Sports on the TVs and some bottled beer options.Casual environment  and service experience was friendly and fast. More...


Justine R.

17 February 2017

I tried this place for the first time today. I thought the quality and take out were really first rate. I told them what I wanted and they really delivered. They have a lot of options for vegetarians as well. I tried their lunch special for the first time 6/7/17 and it was fantastic.I wish they had things for vegans also here. More...


Todd L.

24 January 2017

Excellent NY style pizza. Read some reviews on here about the owner being gruff, have never met him but it would be worth putting up with a grump for the quality of the pizza. Have been here 3 times. All solid.


Zac D.

14 December 2016

Got a lunch combo with two slices and a soda for around $6, but I upgraded the slices to meat lovers which costs 75 cents more per slice. You can also upgrade for 25 cents per extra topping. The pizza came fast enough, although I did notice people that ordered cheese got theirs even faster. The pizza itself has a really thin crust, not exactly New York style, but probably one of the closest you will find here. The edge of the crust is crunchy and the slice can be folded easily. The meat lovers was good, although the sliced sausage is definitely the stand out. The meatball is crumbled and dry, pepperoni and ham are fine but nothin special. I'll be coming back to have some pizza in the future, but will probably only get the sausage. Also, they have some options on the menu which I'd like to try like the veal sandwich. More...


Gabe L.

12 December 2016

Frank's pizza is one of the best pizza shops I have been to in Omaha. It is good New York style pizza in Omaha. I decided to get an individual serving of the Stromboli (about $9) which comes with peppers, onions, meat, cheese and a side of marinara sauce. At first, I was worried that the individual Stromboli wouldn't be enough. I was wrong though. It is pretty large and left me satisfied. The Stromboli was cooked well and tasted great with all the ingredients. If you do go with the Stromboli, make sure to order ahead of time if everyone else is getting pizza. The Stromboli took quite a while to come out and my coworkers were done with their slices before I even got mine. They also have different deals for lunch depending on the day (I went on a Friday and it was 2 slices plus soda for just under $6). This, alongside being in a business-y area, makes it quite packed in the seating area. More...


Gary H.

26 November 2016

We just got around to trying Frank's, after usually going to Zio's for New York style pizza. We ordered the "specialty" pizza. Something happened to our first pizza that wasn't up to their standards, so for the additional wait, we were given a complimentary order of garlic rolls. This is something I usually wouldn't order, but they were the best I've ever had. Fluffy on the inside, crunchy and buttery on the outside and not too garlicky. They were served with a marinara sauce. When our pizza finally arrived, it worth the wait; absolutely delicious. Now, I just wish I had a Frank's closer to home. Nonetheless, I will go out of my way occasionally for some of Frank's scrumptious food. More...


Erik L.

28 August 2016

Best New York style pizza in town. Been here a few times now and the pizza is always great. Everything from the toppings all the way down to the crust is excellent. This is definitely one of my favorite pizzas in town. Highly recommended! More...


Ruth D.

3 July 2016

Great thin crust pizza as well as the price.  Friendly atmosphere.  We will be going there again.


Jeremy W.

24 June 2016

Growing up in the east coast you favor a good New York style pizzeria an their few an far between.  This place is top three in the city an I highly recommend!  Also their chicken parm is redick. More...


Bobby R.

28 May 2016

Best New York Style pizza and wings in Omaha, hands down!  Everything about this place reminds me of the food I ate traveling the state of New York. Thin, fold-able slices. Sweet crushed tomato sauce. Chewy, hand stretched crust. Picking up or dining in, It's the kind of pizza you can crave! More...


Ross P.

19 March 2016

Omaha's best New York style pizza. At Frank's, you don't need to load your pizza up with ingredients in order to feel like it's good. All you need is a slice of pepperoni to know that it's the real deal. Frank's is authentic, as you'll be able to tell as you fold your slice in half.After we discovered Frank's, we made It a weekly spot for us. Every Friday night it's a pepperoni and sausage pizza, garlic rolls (these are a must!), chased down with a glass of wine or Peroni. Sometimes we shake things up and get some wings as well.This is a family establishment and everyone there is incredibly friendly. Joe, the owner, is fantastic and even greets us by name when we walk in. We highly recommend Frank's! More...


Kendra D.

5 March 2016

Best slice in town! When I first moved to Omaha from the east coast, this was the first pizza place recommended to me (from a former NJ resident). It is truly one of the most authentic New York style pizzas in town, their classic cheese brings me memories of home. Even the decor and atmosphere reminds me of the typical pizza place back east.Service is extremely fast, only about 10-15 minutes to make a fresh pie. I usually order a pizza to go, pick up beer at Hy-Vee next door and by then my pizza is ready to take home. I've introduced numerous friends to Frank's, and they all loved it! I can't believe that more people don't know about this awesome pizza place. Give it a try, I promise you'll enjoy it! More...


Brandon C.

2 March 2016

No lie, I'm a big fan of Zio's, but I'm glad I found Frank's and it was totally by chance. My girl was getting her teeth cleaned at the dental center right next door and being the pizza lover I am, I say hey, why not?I looked up the menu online and see the Buffalo Chicken Pizza with hot sauce, bleu cheese, ranch and chicken. Say no more, I am sold. I got in there after 2 P.M. which meant no slices, so I picked up a small and admittedly, I'm glad I did. Snag a cannoli when you get a chance, too.Zio's is now No. 2 on the list as I've given Frank's my business three times in a row in a relatively short period of time. More...


Christine H.

13 January 2016

This is a no-frills pizza place at the corner of 132nd and Dodge . I have been here a number of times over the years and always had consistently good pizza. Two slices and a soda will run you $5.25. Order at the counter and grab a booth or table in their small restaurant. Solid thin crust pizza option in Omaha. More...


Jason G.

11 January 2016

The best pizza that I have had in Omaha.  Typical New York style thin crust.  The sausage is tasty and made in house.  I also love the wings.  Crispy with a great vinegar taste.  I've only ordered carry out. The service can be brash but I just chalk that up to how it is in New York which makes it more authentic. More...


Mario Z.

6 November 2015

I should come here more often... Best pizza in town.. Ordered a medium special with anchovies plus a few Peronist. Great service great place


Ben Y.

1 November 2015

Common theme from the NY transplants is "Why did it take me so long to come here?"  The reason is that Joe has built a reputation of making the only pie that you need to know about. There's just no equal to Frank's and if you don't know...now you do!  My wife and I first discovered Frank's on Xmas Eve in 2003. We had with us our nearly two-year old son (later affectionately nick-named "Stitch") and our 10-day old daughter. They were closing early to entertain family and friends, yet Joe and his family were in no rush to show us the door. In fact, they treated us like family and let us enjoy our meal. Then he treated us to free antipasti and fresh powdered zeppole. Since, they have offered the same hospitality time after time.Enjoy! More...


Adam H.

10 September 2015

If you're looking for NY style pizza in Omaha, Frank's is the place to go. Friendly, down to earth staff. Good prices and killer pizza. Pop in for their lunch specials sometime! More...


K H.

5 August 2015

This is my favorite pizza in Omaha and luckily for me it's located about 2 minutes from my house.  Jalapeño and pepperoni pizza from here can't be beat!  They also have pretty tasty cannolis, which can be somewhat hard to find in Omaha. More...


Laura G.

29 June 2015

Very good pizza for the price! Quality ingredients are used most likely. Service could be better.


Ravyn D.

22 June 2015

My family has spent time in New York and I've missed the pizza ever since we left. Thankfully, we have Frank's in town, which is the closest You can get to NY style pizza in Omaha. It does not look like much, but this little pizzeria is pretty close to my fold-in-half, juicy, thin crust pizza straight out of New York. Not too much crust that you can eat more than one piece and not too crunchy that you can fold it in half easily. The restaurant has little benches and tables to sit at, just like my favorite pizza shops in Brooklyn, and a TV to watch any sport you desire. Most people order Frank's to go, but I like to eat the pizza right when it comes out of the oven. The pizza is a tad greasy, but hey, that's NY style pizza for you! More...


Shamia H.

12 May 2015

I was told about this place two years ago when I moved here from Brooklyn..I honestly don't know why it took me this long to come here! Walking in was like walking into a traditional Brooklyn pizzeria-the tables and benches, the red pepper and parmasean shakers, the photos on the wall...the only thing missing was the different displays of all the pizza to choose from, that's ok, I like my plain cheese slices....so apparently they sell by the slice at lunchtime, and so I asked for two slices! And I got two cheese slices that tasted like I was transported to my neighborhood in Brooklyn! Turns out the owners son went to high school in my neighborhood! Anyway, the pizza is legit! Too much oregano in the sauce I think but the crust is great, the cheese has traditional pull! All you could want in a cheese slice! Now, it doesn't beat my nabes pizza place, but it is th closest thing Omaha will get to NYC style pizza!Also, they sell the cutest mini pies that cater to Omaha small pizza pie taste...the slices In those come out great as well! More...


Matthew O.

9 May 2015

Buffalo. Chicken. Pizza.Say no more.New. York. Style.Sold.Been here twice. Once for a culinary tour and a second time because I couldn't stop thinking about the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.Which I would NEVER order. But because we got some as part of the tour, I had to try it. And guys, it's good. The buffalo sauce is tangy and spicy without being overwhelming. The blue cheese is funky and creamy and delicious.You can crack the crust and fold the slice in half and devour it. Dough is light and airy but crisp and firm enough to go at it without cracking the crust.This is good pizza. Plain and simple. And Frank's staff is friendly and helpful. If you're lucky, you'll go in for dinner with a few New York transplants and Frank and his guest will carry on about the Jets or Brooklyn or whatever. It's a great pizza joint. Eat here. More...


A K.

9 May 2015

I was at the Costco and was starving when I was done shopping. I had mildy contemplated the Costco pizza (it was ready to go) but thought I should find out what else Omaha has to offer (I'm from out of town). I drove there and placed an order. I had the meat lovers pizza on a new york style crust. My god. The pizza was amazing. I felt like I was on Canal street in Manhattan. Staff were friendly and the pizza was ready in about 10 minutes. I couldnt wait till i got home to eat and snuck some pizza in while driving. More...


Michelle G.

9 May 2015

I stopped in and got the garlic knots and the Sicilian meat lovers. the server was so nice and even left off the bacon, ( bacon on a meat lovers icks me out. I love bacon. but I don't really want it on my pizza I think it puts off the flavor but that's me)  the garlic knots were so delicious I didn't have enough room for the Sicilian in all its glory. one piece knocked me out. that pizza was HUGE. I have serious leftovers. the meats were delicious but the crust is what I loved. its a thick one for sure but the crispy outside and the soft inside paired with that lovely sauce Delicious!  next time will be the new York crust for me to try.. YUM! More...


Marty H.

3 April 2015

What a great pizza joint.  Had lunch there today and loved the pizza!  Great tasting pizza and awesome service!


Dan C.

12 March 2015

Simply put, Frank's is the only place I go to when I want pizza. I really mean it. I don't go anywhere else when I want pizza. I'll drive there even if it's snowing or I'm sick as a dog. Now I am admittedly biased, because I am from the east coast (NJ), and Frank's serves the best (and so far only one that I know of) NY style pie in town.I've been living here in town for about 7 years, and thankfully I discovered Frank's not too long after I got into town. I've been a loyal customer since. I usually stop in at least once a month at a minimumThe pies are true NY style think crust, and as a few Yelpers have mentioned previously, when you order one with pepperoni (as I usually do) you're going to have a bit of greasy goodness on top. Each bite has just a hint of the right spice combinations, and each slice folds perfectly in your hand.Don't forget about their sandwiches! The Italian hoagie and chicken cutlet parm are my top favorites.Do yourself a favor. Take everything you know about the other supposed NY style pizza here in town, and throw it out the window. The get over to Frank's and get a pepperoni pie. Hands down the best in Omaha. More...


Shelby B.

6 February 2015

Really about a 3.5 but have been in the mood to round up lately.This is a true pizza joint.  It's a small place located in a strip mall, with about 10-12 tables.  Order at the counter, with the guy taking your order covered in flour (that's a good sign!).  Nothing fancy inside with fountain drinks, an okay beer selection, and some really basic wine options available by the bottle, which is a little odd (drink up!).  We had some calamari as an appetizer, and it was simply okay, nothing to get excited about.  The pizza is the star here.  Nice thin crust New York style pies.  Definitely foldable, greasy, and tasty.  I opted for the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  It had a good amount of diced chicken, ranch and blue cheese, with a hot sauce base.  I felt the dough was a bit undercooked on this pie, but I still thought it was tasty, and polished off the leftovers for lunch the next day.  I had a slice of the pepperoni from my groups other pizza, and it was cooked perfectly.  Definitely some good NY pie!Plus if Alexander Payne and Clayton Chapman like this place, they must be doing something right... More...


Todd G.

5 February 2015

In the early 90's I had some pizza in New York City. My first bite of Frank's pizza gave me a flashback to that slice I had in Manhattan. And no, there were no mushrooms on the pizza. I found Frank's light, crispy crust to be as authentic as it gets. Other diners at our table found their crust to be a little undercooked but otherwise delicious. Our kids complained that the pepperoni was too greasy. Too greasy? That's what real pepperonis do... they sweat a little bit. If you think the pizza is too greasy, take off your sock and mop it up. It's kinda like complaining that you got wet when you went swimming. I'm not downgrading my ratings based on other people's experience. I believe that is hearsay and not admissible in a Yelp review. The decor is kind of cool with a lot of NY shout outs mixed in with local stuff and a bunch of autographed photos of people I don't know.  What Frank's lacks in fanciness it makes up with beer posters taped to the walls. It's a little hard to find but well worth it if you need some authentic NY style pizza. More...


Mark N.

27 January 2015

I was here this afternoon just to try their lunch special: Two Pizzas and a soft drink for $5.25 ( I added the Meat Lovers extras for $.75 each slice). My order was announced for pick up within 10 minutes, the two slices making up about a third of a medium sized pizza. Thin crusted, and a little light, you need to fold it in half to really enjoy it properly. Without adding any seasoning they were a very satisfying New York Style. I've had their calzones before, but their pizzas are their specialty. At 1:00 they were still pretty full, my table was cleaned right after I sat down. More...


Robert L.

16 January 2015

I'm sure I'll get disagreement, but I think this is hands down the best and most authentic New York pizza in Omaha. Can only speak to the pizza but it's only one of two in Omaha where you can fold the pizza. And if you can't fold it, it 'ain't NY pizza. Small little place, friendly people and cold Peroni on tap. More...


Chuck P.

20 November 2014

It's been a while since I've been to Franks, but as I walk in the door I'm instantly reminded of the deliciousness I'm about to experience!!! Their NY style pizza is the best one can get in the Midwest, and it's great to support a local business owner!  From playing cards with friends, to watching playoff hockey with my dad, this place has great memories for me and my family spending time together with amazing pizza!!!  Hopefully I'll be out this way again soon. Keep up the good work Frank!!! More...


Shaynna G.

6 September 2014

I was visiting from out of state and tried Franks based on Yelp reviews WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! We had the garlic cheese bread and a sausage, pepperoni, and mushroom pizza. The crust on the pizza was thin, crispy, and so delicious.  Our food came out pretty quickly which was great. I would definitely come back here again and recommend it to others. More...


Sean P.

27 July 2014

All hail Frank's pizza. Every other pizza shop in Omaha shall bow down before its greatness.


Charles G.

29 April 2014

Every time I step through the door I feel like I've been teleported to New Jersey, from the decor all the way down to the baked ziti.  That being said, it's all about the pizza for me, and though I've been coming here off and on for a few years I've never had a bad pie.  Nice thin crust, with just the right amount of give:  pick it up, cradle it, and chow down.  My two personal favorites are the Pepperoni and the Meatball.  (No need to get fancy, folks.)  I kick in an extra star because I can't think of a better New York-style pie in Omaha. More...


Jennifer S.

12 March 2014

I went there by myself at dinner time, so unfortunately I couldn't try the pizza (well, I could've, but my pants and I would've had an issue with each other if I'd eaten a pizza...not saying that I know that from experience at other restaurants, lol). However! I came here for the eggplant parm sub I saw on their menu. I was very excited to see it, since I generally see that only when I visit my family back east.  The sub was delicious! Crispy, thin bread that allowed the parm to shine. Thick cheese, yum! Just enough sauce to bind and give flavor without getting sloppy. And the best part: beautifully cooked eggplant: crisp and flavorful!  We will absolutely be back to try their pizza!! More...


Charlie M.

16 February 2014

This is the only local pizza place that isn't just a loaf of bread with some cheese on top.


Alyson M.

12 February 2014

Love love the Pizza. A very good customer for more than 10 years. I crave it always. My only complaint is the owner. He has an attitude problem sometimes, which is unfortunate. Just follow all the rules and you can be fine. ( I guess I'll be like Elaine in the Seinfeld episode where she has to hide in a janitor closet to get her favorite Chinese) It is awesome. Don't complain or question. Best pizza. ( pretty sure I'll need witness protection or a friend, if I want it again) More...


Eric P.

1 November 2013

Best NY style pizza in Omaha. Great lunch specials. They remember your name even if you haven't been there in a long time.


Chuck F.

26 September 2013

Howdy Omaha!  I'm in town for a job and just dominated a delicious pie at Franks.  Despite my lack of review credentials I can assure you I have had some great pizza from San Diego to Rochester.  With that said, this guy makes a killer pizza.  I don't give a sh!t about what a place looks like, how long it takes, if the waiter sucks, or what the vegan pizza tastes like.  Its all about creating a consistent delicious representation of NY style pie...and this place does.  Get a large pepperoni pie and a Peroni you won't be disappointed. More...


Lindsay S.

17 September 2012

I am a huge fan of Frank's pizza.  I fact so huge that I could go there right now and get  some even though I just ate.  I love their pizza.  Its probably the best New York style pizza joint in this town.  The place doesn't look like much. Its in a strip mall with a furniture palce, a mexican joint, and some offices; next to a hy-vee.  The interior features some wood laminate tables and booths.  And its one of those order at the counter and sit down kinda places.  But none of this matters.  The pizza is so good.  Its the perfect ratios of crust, cheese, sauce, and toppings.  Its just greasy enough to ensure you know you have a great pizza but not so much that it drips all over the place and makes the crust all soggy.  A large will feed 3 or 2 if you are super hungry or just love pizza.  You can also get beer (peroni or blue moon) on tap or wine.  We usually order 1 garlic cheese bread, a large with assorted toppings (basil, garlic, sausage, etc) and a beer or two each.  Tab runs about 30-40 bucks. More...


Shawn G.

4 September 2012

I love pizza. I love it so much. And I love Frank's pizza. So, if you don't mind, I'm going to enjoy a slice while I write this review. First of all, if you think -- oh God, this pizza is good -- sorry, if you think Chicago style pizza is better than New York style pizza, then just stop reading right now. Chicago is amazing, but their pizza is laughably inferior to New York's. Sorry, Windy City, but that's just science.Before going in, I was very skeptical about Frank's. I'd heard such good things, but for some reason I imagined a sport's bar that just happens to serve large, thin pizzas, along side the lame, stereotypical offerings like jalapeno poppers, double -- ugh, Frank's pizza, you're so delicious. Oh, yeah, you like it when I bite into you like that? I know you do, because you're a naughty, cheesy little slu... -- oh, uh, along side things like jalapeno poppers, double dipped wings and "signature" cheeseburgers. But no, Frank's is just a pizzeria. They do have beer on tap, Blue Moon and Peroni, but make no mistake, this place exists to serve you pizza and that's about it. The restaurant is clean, simple, and looks like a pizzeria. Nothing fancy, nothing unnecessary, just tables and utensils to help you gorge yourself on the best pies in town. When we went, we started with some Peroni and some garlic cheese bread. It's basically a smaller pizza, minus the marinara, without the crust and was delicious. We downed that sucker in about five minutes. Next we had a large pizza with sausage on one half and cheese and garlic on the other. Both halves were effing amazing. The crust was crispy and just a bit chewy at the same time, the cheese was melty and greasy and perfectly cooked, the sauce was just right and the toppings were ample without being overwhelming. We -- unf, look at these big, round pepperonis. God you're so hot I almost can't enjoy you. Let's try a new position, I wanna bend you in half and go to town. Oh, oh I'm almost done, just a little left... fuuuuuu... -- er, we inhaled every slice of pizza in no time at all, leaving no survivors. My recommendation, cancel any dinner plans you have tonight and go to Frank's instead. Order the biggest pizza they have, because anything less won't be enough. Oh, and bring cigarettes, you might need 'em when you're done. More...


Alicia D.

23 February 2012

I'm an east coaster and I've had a hard time finding good thin crust pizza around here. Frank's is the best I've found so far. Crust was not quite as thin as I like it but it came very close. It was perfectly crispy though. I took off 1 star because of the sauce. It seemed a bit watery to me. I will definitely go back for more!They had pepsi products too, yuck. More...


Tandy L.

6 December 2011

Love the pizza. A NY pizza in Omaha is hard to come by and they hit it out of the park. Their calzones are amazing. The staff is "ok". Depends on when you go in and who is working behind the counter. Also like that I can have a beer with my pizza. Small place but I must in Omaha. More...


Ross P.

27 November 2011

The pizza is hands down the best I've had in Omaha.  I downgraded my rating to four stars because the owner can make you feel very uncomfortable.  If he is in a good mood, he'll talk your ear off.  If he is in a bad mood, he'll stare at you without talking, and pretend he doesn't know you.  Also, keep your girlfriends close.  He'll flirt with them all day. More...


Nelson I.

13 September 2011

Finally, NY Pizza in Omaha!Zio's doesn't even come close.  After living in Brooklyn, NY for around 50 years it was so wonderful to find a true NY pizza in Omaha.  Just the right amount of oil and oregano, mixed with special flavors and NY attitude give me my fix as needed. Thanks Joe! More...


Christine S.

31 August 2011

The Yahoo! Sales Team is all in when it comes to Franks Pizza.  Thank you for a wonderful team lunch!  What a great change up from the typical Jimmy John's lunch.  We still love Jimmy's but Franks will be our pizza and wing spot from now on.  If you're looking for a good slice of pie New York style look no further it can be found in Omaha.  Thank you Frank's Pizza! More...


Sarah G.

22 January 2011

I was very pleased with Frank's Pizza.  Though having read other reviews where people griped about using coupons I thought I'd better call first to see if I could use my soon-to-expire Groupon for take-out... the response was a very promising "no problem!"Ordered a sweet and spicy chicken pizza to go.  Picked it up, paid, without a hitch.  I had to have a piece immediately in the car.  Gloriousness.Also, when I was in the small strip-mall restaurant (I wouldn't bring a big group here) I noticed a gargantuan pizza being shared by two dudes, and made a mental note to keep Frank's on my list for places that offer giant pizzas.Ultimately next time, I think I'll order something more traditional, but the food here is definitely in line with the best NY style pizza places in the city. More...


Melissa W.

14 January 2011

Frank's is the closes to NYC pizza I've had anywhere (besides NYC, of course). My husband and I love this pizza so much we go there about once a week. The crust, sauce and toppings blend perfectly. I also, personally really like the antipasto salad there as well. This is a must see for all pizza lovers in the area. More...


Liz W.

19 August 2010

Finally,  a good slice of pizza.  Yes,  I'm a pizza snob,  yes, I grew up in NY (and I detest Chicago style pizza).  So I definately think that I'm biased,  but Frank's  is as close to authenic as I've ever tasted here in Omaha.  Well, worth the drive.


Benjamin H.

12 July 2010

Frank's Pizza is absolutely the best in Omaha. I spent four years in Boston and, living just a few blocks from one of the great little pizzerias in the city, grew to love the pizza made there. I suppose you could call it "New York" style pizza but I'll always call it "Boston" style.Nonetheless, Frank's is the only place that I've been to in a state without a border on the Atlantic Ocean that has pizza that could be compared favorably to that served there. The crust is thin and a bit floppy, but never soggy. The sauce is delicious, but never overwhelming. The toppings are all fresh. There is absolutely nothing to complain about with this pizza.Yep, I've been to Zio's, and they don't stand anywhere near Frank's. I may still prefer the pizza that you can get in Boston or New York, but going to Frank's is certainly quicker and cheaper for this Nebraskan. Give it a try. More...


Mark H.

15 March 2010

Very good place! I just tried it the other day and it was some of the best pizza I have had hear in Omaha. It's good to see that Zio's is finally getting some competition. Excellent crust and toppings. The place is very friendly. I actually felt like I wasn't in Omaha It was like I step into a New York pizzeria. Very good place. More...


Ali L.

10 February 2010

After hearing my friend's rave about this place for months, decided to go try it today. All I can say is "WOW". This pizza blew me away. Had the 16" Special, which is essentially a supreme, and added mushrooms in place of anchovies. I took my father for lunch, and even he was impressed, stating this "tasted like his memories of New York from 30 years ago. " We each had a hefty 3 pieces (it was that good!), and still had 2 slices leftover for dinner. Also had the garlic rolls. Mmmmm. I kept some of the sauce and dipped my pizza in it. Highly recommend this trick.As a first-timer, I was delighted. I'll definitely be returning. More...


Dan S.

14 December 2009

How does Frank's only have one review? Fer chrissakes, it's only the best pizza in Omaha... Don't get me wrong, Zio's is good, but nothing holds a candle to Frank's! The crust is great, the sauce is excellent, and the cheese is perfect. Throw on any topping you care to, and you have a gooey piece of art that you need to shove in your pie hole! Stop reading this and go to Frank's posthaste! More...


P J.

24 May 2009

Love Franks! The best I have had since moving to Omaha. It is the crust that makes the pizza great. It is a very good thin crust with a good tomato sauce.


Lori B.

25 March 2008

I can't believe no one has reviewed this place yet!!The guy I bought my car from told me about this place. He used to be a firefighter in NYC, and said it's the real deal when it comes to New York style pizza.  He was right....I love this place!  The owner is from Brooklyn, and they do NY pizza right:  thin crispy crust, delicious toppings, and that sauce....something about their sauce really adds to the overall deliciousness of their pizzas.    The garlic rolls are really good too...dripping in olive oil and garlic.  By-the-slice lunch specials daily until 2pm.   Located in the HyVee shopping center at 132nd & Dodge. More...

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