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Michael Russeck

19 July 2019

I’ve been seeing Hillary for seasonal Ayurvedic treatment for three years. My mother is an acupuncturist, and I’ve been around many healers and practitioners for the better part of my life, and with that I can say that Hillary an amazing, and one of a kind, focused practitioner of this healing art. She always takes extra care in sending me follow up material after our session, and when I enter her office, I feel I’ve entered a space of implicit trust, care and professionalism. More...


Carrie J.

16 July 2019

Hillary's healing work and talent is so valuable in a time when staying balanced and healthy is more important than ever! Upon meeting Hillary, I found her to be incredibly present, so easy to talk to, compassionate, light, open, non-judgmental, and focused. When we did an initial consultation, I felt like I was sitting in Hillary's living room, as she offered me tea, her open heart, and a listening ear. I have worked with several healers in my life, and I've found Hillary to offer a nice balance of sensitive and intuitive guidance, with straight forward actions with what may be causing your imbalances and how to re-balance yourself. I feel like she's on my side and truly has my best interest at heart.  She explains Ayurveda in easy to understand terms, and takes into account modern living when making recommendations. She also has expertise in trauma and the emotional root of disease. She does her homework and often takes additional classes to keep learning and providing value to her clients. I've experienced her abyangha and shirodhara and left feeling balanced, blissed out, and as if my nervous system was recharged. She is a natural nurturer and you can feel that coming through her when she works on you with her intentional touch and gentle soul.I had the chance to recently attend Hillary's plant mylk cooking class. She made making mylks look easy and non-intimidating. She also offered an explanation of the benefits of the ingredients of each mylk and which doshas would benefit from each type of milk. Her expertise in nutrition adds to the value she can bring to your overall health plan. I left armed with recipes that will bring more nutrients into my life, at the same time allowing me to minimize my use of plastic. :)Hillary is a rare gem, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to find more peace and balance into their life! She makes Ayurvedic principles easy to adhere to, based on your specific dosha, condition, lifestyle, and the reality of modern life. More...


Vahina G.

5 June 2019

Hillary Branoff is an amazing practitioner .. she is an angel ! She literally saved my eyes ! I had severe opticals headaches due to too much time on my computer ( because of my work ) I got two sessions with her and my pain was gone ! I'm very careful now to protect my eyes when I'm online and reduce my time on screen but I know that dr Branoff can do miracles !! More...


DrSaurabh Deshmukh

18 January 2019



Colleen Carroll

1 November 2018

Hillary is a complete practitioner with skill and expertise in Ayurvedic practices, nutrition and body work. Her touch and sensitivity for massage and shirodhara are remarkable - I have been transported to other realms!


Julianna S.

30 October 2018

I can't say enough good things about Hillary! In the few sessions I've had with her, she has helped me with my chronic digestive issues, acne, weight fluctuations, unhealthy food cravings, PMS, and energy levels. She's nothing short of a miracle worker and she's helped me in ways I didn't even think were possible. In addition, she's super lovely and kind and makes you feel very comfortable right away. Treat yourself and not only feel amazing, but look amazing too! More...


Tracyann T.

31 May 2018

Hillary is an amazing practitioner.  She welcomes you in her care with a sweet smile and positive, warm energy.  As a practitioner myself, I look to Hillary for advice and guidance and she is always encouraging and willing to be a great resource.  With Hillary, you have a loving and genuine ally of health and wellness. More...


Christy Studant

1 May 2018

Hillary is an amazing woman with such a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Her warm loving and nurturing soul shines through always.


Jocelyn M.

22 April 2018

Hillary is incredibly knowledgable, warm, sweet and competent. I came to her with life-long acne and terrible, debilitating cramps during my period, and chronic yeast and bacterial infections and bladder infections. With her guidance she brought me back to health. I now have ZERO yes ZERO pms symptoms, clear skin and I'm able to have sex without having to get a dose of antibiotics afterwards. Ayurveda is powerful medicine and it takes time but it has been the only thing that has worked. I am so grateful to Hillary and her ancient wisdom. I've now become an Ayurveda nerd and she has become a friend. Highly recommend her and her clinic!! More...


Johann H.

20 February 2018

Hillaree is an incredible Ayurvedic practitioner and magical body worker. I have been looking for a competent and knowledgeable place for Shirodara and Abhyanga and Four Pillars is by far the best I have found in California. I travel to India every year and visit some of the best Ayurvedic doctors in the world and Hillaree is as good as anyone I have encountered. She is highly skilled and experienced. She understands not just the physical body but the consciousness as well which is a rare gift in this city. Do your body and mind a favor and book an appointment. I will be back for more treatments and care soon! Thank you Hillaree! More...


Joy B.

30 June 2016

Hillary is better than acupuncture, chiropractic and sex combined. Well.... at least what she does makes me relax, chill out and feel good more than just about anything I've ever paid for to happen to my body...  Hillary = HEALTH GODDESS.  science fact. More...


Samantha K.

21 May 2016

By far the most relaxing spa treatment I've ever had! I got the Abyanga massage and then the shirodara treatment. Hours of total bliss and I felt my nervous system reset from all the stress I had been experiencing at work. I left feeling like I was floating on clouds.Hillary has such an intuitive touch and lives up to the name- every treatment is very nourishing. More...


Sony T.

5 November 2015

I was introduced to Hillary through my mentor, Colleen Carroll, who is an amazing Yoga Therapist and teacher.  I have had the privilege of receiving services from Hillary as well as work with her a professional with several events I have coordinated in the health and wellness area.As a client, I needed to be nourished from the inside out and Hillary is that perfect gentle, caring healer/practitioner, who is so astute at listening to both my words and my body as she offered her soothing, healing touch.  I have received numerous Ayurvedic treatments from her over the last several years and my body, mind and spirit thank her deeply for her passion for her work and the love she devotes into each touch and stroke of her loving hands.As a colleague in the healing arts, Hillary is reliable, punctual and always a professional when I have called upon her to provide yoga instruction, massage and wellness consultation for several of my wellness events.I highly recommend Hillary for both personal care services and as a provider for wellness events.  Her knowledge based in the healing arts services, holistic nutrition and cooking are skills that can serve anyone, who wishes to lead a healthier lifestyle. More...


Rosalee Y.

4 November 2015

I had a 120 minute Ayurvedic bodywork session that peeled back months of stress, I was able to go deep during the very restorative session. I highly recommend Ayurvedic massage with Hillary! More...


Anna J.

14 February 2014

I was introduced to Hillary a couple of years ago by my first yoga teacher, Kim at Out Back Yoga in Chatsworth. It was also my first introduction to Ayurveda. I was on my first Ayurvedic cleanse and part of the cleanse is to get a body treatment to help release toxins and relax the body. An Ayurveda body treatment is very much different from a deep tissue massage. It's nothing like it. It's more gentle, calming, relaxing, and full of yumminess. You are lathered in organic oil that is meant for your body type or dosha. She only uses nothing but the best organic products out there. As, we live in a busy world,  I feel that self care is very important to give ourselves a break and allow ourselves to slow down to relax and rejuvenate so that we can be our best to take care of our families with love, clarity, ease, and grace. Hillary is passionate and dedicated about her work and she does it well. Not only is she a massage therapist, she is also a yoga teacher & nutritionist. She has shared organic yummy recipes with me that are so easy to make. I always look forward to seeing Hillary. Here are some of my favorite treatments. Abhyanga Massage: You are lathered in warm therapeutic organic oil massaged using long continuous strokes. Some of the benefits of this treatment are, Increases longevity, improves elimination of impurities from the body, strengthens the immune system, assists with weight loss and cellulite reduction. So YUMMY & delightful! Shirodhara - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! this involves a steady, continuous flow of heated oil on the third eye Chakra, just above and between the eyebrows. The oils are allowed to flow over the scalp and through the hair, creating a blissful state of semi-consciousness and heightened awareness. Benefits are it achieves and instant state of calm and rejuvenation. Is a powerful treatment for relieving mental stress and nervous tension. I've also had Swedhana or Steam Therapy, Basti, Pinda Sweda, Nasya (Nasal & Sinus Therapy), Urdvartana (Herbal Scrub)... that's pretty much everything! More...


Robin H.

16 January 2014

Hillary shared her gift of healing with me as part of a deep Ayurvedic treatment. I was nervous, this being my first time experiencing ayurveda...she put me at ease in minutes and helped me feel safe. Hillary has a warm energy, filled with love and brightness. Her sense of humor was refreshing and I felt a bond that I'm certain contributed to my shift to well being. My physical and emotional energy felt incredible and light after Hillary's body work. She clearly had a devotion to my well being and has a loving compassionate spirit.  Her knowledge is impressive and I had a sense of trust knowing I was in good hands - literally! She was able to get in tune with me in a uniquely holistic way. I'm forever grateful for the body work and healing I was fortunate enough to receive from Hillary. More...


Christina N.

16 January 2014

I had a nutrition consultation with Hillary, and it was truly a life-changing experience.  As a registered holistic nutritionist with an emphasis on ayurveda, Hillary based her evaluation on my Ayurvedic constitution.  I am a Vata, which means I need to avoid certain foods that exacerbate my anxiety and stress.  I have been to more than a few Western medicine-trained nutritionists, and I was never given this information.  No wonder the recommendations by the Western nutritionists did very little to improve my health!  In contrast, Hillary's recommendations did wonders to improve my overall sense of well-being.Since Hillary is also a yoga instructor, her recommendations will speak to your holistic health.  She gave me diet recommendations, but she also provided exercising advice, self-care suggestions, and tips on how to overcome the insomnia that I sometimes experience.As the other reviews state, Hillary provides all of this with love and care.  It is obvious that she is not only knowledgeable but truly passionate about what she does.  In my opinion, you will be hard-pressed to find another Ayurvedic healer who has Hillary's knowledge, talent, professionalism, passion, and loving concern. More...


Dan B.

15 January 2014

I am a student and practitioner of Ayurveda and I get treatments from Hillary regularly, to help keep myself in balance.  Hillary is very experienced in all the ayurvedic body treatments such as abhyanga massage, shirodhara, etc.  She is also very knowledgeable about the lifestyle choices we make and how it affects our well-being, and she is very understanding of the stresses of modern life and encourages us to do our best to stay balanced.  She is truly passionate about her work and helping others, and I have benefited immensely from it. More...


Maxine K.

29 July 2013

I highly recommend Hillary Branoff.  She not only shows great expertise but as great care and warmth.A wonderful experience is Gaurenteed.