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Mary Mann

27 August 2019

Very clean place everyone there was wonderful with all the animals .


Linda Nance

17 August 2019

Clean facility, kind, dedicated, loving staff.


Mandie Kaye

6 August 2019

very friendly staff, hard workers, clean place all animals well taken care of.


Johnwa Roser

23 July 2019

We adopted Gunner formally Caleb back in March of 2019. He is living the good life and just celebrated his 1st birthday 2 days ago :)


Dave Greenawalt

12 July 2019

friendly staff well taken care of animals , very helpfull


Ashley Spiaggi-Stiffler

9 July 2019

we just adopted our boy Memphis yesterday. the staff did a great job introducing us to him. he is so excited and enjoying his furever home. thank you fff


Patti Byers-Weston

4 June 2019

I adopted Moose 2 years ago, he is my best buddy and my protector. He is a little aggressive on his leash but controllable. He lives in Beaver, PA and is very spoiled. He sleeps in bed with me, even though he has a very comply bed of his own, and loves walks.... at least 3/day. Even though he lives in an apartment in a small city we find places that he can run without his leash. He LOVES squeaky toys and fresh beef shank bones. He goes to work with me at a fitness center at the Senior Center and is loved by everyone there. He is very gentle with seniors and even visits my sister at the nursing home. The only complaint is that he doesn't give me kisses but does to everyone else, and they love him too! Thank You Four Footed Friends More...


Kathy Krenn

20 May 2019

Manager, Employees and Volunteers very devoted and helpful. Clean and well organized shelter with delightful fundraisers.


Marian Abramski Fiscus

16 May 2019

We adopted 2 of our family fur babies from Four Footed Friends: Checkers, a terrier mix dog in 1983 and Baxter, a chocolate labradoodle in January 2019. See Baxter below! A great place to adopt a pet who needs a good, loving home! More...


Cecelia Mullen

18 April 2019

I Love Volenteer @ Four Footed Friends.


J Gentile

13 April 2019

FFF is run by people who are passionate about animal welfare. These dEdicated people make the daily lives of their shelter animals warm and loving until they are adopted.


Kathy J. Cobaugh

8 April 2019

we dropped off some doggy beds and toys from our beloved Tucker Bear. the staff is very caring and nice. we got to meet sweet little graybeard Dingo. He is a precious little puppy.


Stacie Lynne

7 April 2019

they are very nice and friendly and good with people and animals.


Nikki Jim

24 March 2019

FFF’s is clean, loving environment. The staff, volunteers are very helpful.


Sean Shafer

1 March 2019

We are so thankful for our Molly. Thanks for blessing our family with our little terrier. she has a mind of her own and has been such a perfect fit. we are truly blessed.


Eron Dix

25 February 2019

we had a stray on our property since the 18th did all we could do to find the owner,four footed friends stepped up to try and move him on to a home.such friendly and helpful people.


Amanda Farabaugh

22 January 2019

My husband and I adopted Rigby!! The staff/volunteers truly care about all the animals they have. They are very personable and want nothing more than to see all these babies get forever homes! They make you feel welcome from the moment you walk in the door! More...


Faye Bradwick

20 January 2019

My husband & I have adopted many cats from FFF. The shelter is clean & comfortable for the cats & dogs there. The staff & volunteers are fantastic. This is a great "in-between" place for cats (& dogs), but they all deserve their own families & permanent homes More...


Gail Fetterhoff

8 January 2019

we just adopted sunni on Saturday the people at four footed friends were amazing. we saw her before new years wanted to take our grandsons over before we took her they ended up sick my mom ended up with pnomaunia and they kept in touch with us until everybody was well enough to go meet sunni and she came home with us this past Saturday she is a wonderful dog


Jessica Weaver

31 December 2018

amazing place couldnt be more happy. our new dog js such an amzing dog and everybody there was so happy. I recommend people to go there


Michael Thompson

31 December 2018

this is a very clean facility staffed by people who truly care about animals. if you were looking to adopt a dog I would highly recommend them.


Chris Szalanczy

30 December 2018

if a wonderful place and great staff they take very good care of the animals


Cathy Jo Colantino Restelli

2 December 2018

We love our Luna gal. FFF made the process of adopting her very easy!


Katie Elaine

27 November 2018

We got Miss Treasure there and they were so kind and helpful and even let us use a crate to get her home! Definitely a very clean amazing place! Thank you again!


Tammy Cummins

4 November 2018

We adopted our puppy there and she was the best dog I ever had.


Jane Artman

31 October 2018

I have two pups from there! My sister has one. We did “meet and greets” when adopting. Staff was great! My sister and I have sister pups, now 7 1/2 yrs old! This is a great place to find your forever friend! Thanks, jane More...


Debbie Sutton

7 October 2018

God bless the volunteers that work there!


Lisa N Watson

22 September 2018

I like that they're No Kill. The staff people are nice and helpful.


Stacy Marquez

2 September 2018

We’ve been repeat adopters for years! FFF is very professional and organized. They care about every animal and take the time to make sure the placement is right. They’re top priority is what’s best for the animal! Keep up the good work! More...


Carol Rescenete

27 August 2018

the volunteers are truely devoted the animals are kept very clean and cared for they truely care for their well being plesant to talk to. highly recommend them


Krisie Bourne

24 August 2018

adopted these cuties, today. Sapphire, (fluffy) is so spunky. Onyx, (tiger) is laid back. he's been sleeping, and she's been playing with her sissy.


Daniel Joyner

8 July 2018

Awesome place. Just donated some big dog and might’ve found another big dog to give a fur ever home too�


Charlotte Camp

18 June 2018

Four Footed Friends is so kind, and amazing. The animals are so sweet!


Claudia Ashworth Price

14 June 2018

They provided a happy tail-ending for a certain canine, when the ending could have been much worse. Thank you!


Heather Menjivar

4 June 2018

The people here really care about the animals. We adopted a dog in the fall and just recently decided we wanted to get another one as a companion for him. FFF listened to what we were looking for and took the time to help match us with the right dog for us. I was worried that the dogs might change their attitudes toward each other once we got them home but FFF was very understanding and said if the dogs don’t get along we could bring the new one back without any problems. But I am happy to report that once home, the dogs loved each other even more! If you’re looking for a pet, I’d recommend Four Footed Friends! More...


Mole Mibroda

9 May 2018

It took us a while but we found our new addition. The works helped us to understand each dog when we asked questions. I am very happy with they help and with our new member of the family.


Lenore Smathers

6 May 2018

Thank you! ����� Great job placing Deogie � We never worry about dogs with you


Carol Popp

3 May 2018

This was my first visit. I was very impressed with how nice and clean everything is. Will be back again.


Kaitlyn Wallace

17 April 2018

This shelter is wonderful at what they do, and really take the time to make sure all situations are best for animals. Always willing to help out.


Brittany Nicole

2 April 2018

They were great with us! I went in looking for a kitty and found one pretty quickly! I sat down and a black kitty named Heffa came right up to me. She started licking my hand and sat in my lap. I immediately fell in love with her! Thank you Four Footed Friends for giving me my fur-ever friend. More...


Natalie Smyers

25 March 2018

My husband and I went to FFF after seeing two other dogs we were interested in online (Ace and Blade). Blade had an adoption pending and we were told Ace would do best as the only dog in a household which wouldn't work with us. Fortunately I saw Hershey (formally known as Sara) next to Ace sitting SO pretty and anxious to be played with and my husband and I fell in love with her! We were told she came with her sister Shadow (formally known as Abigail), so we took them both out to meet and greet. Shadow was very shy but sweet. We knew immediately we had to put in an application for both to keep them together (we wanted two anyway), and found out they were brought in to FFF (owner surrender) only 30 minutes before we came in!! Talk about meant to be! Both Hershey and Shadow are doing great at their new home! They love visiting our friends' & families' dogs and the dog park :) Thank you FFF! More...


Linda Russell

11 March 2018

It’s a wonderful, clean and cheery temporary home for animals to live until they are adopted


Reona Long

10 March 2018

My experience was great with four footed friends. We now have a very opinionated pup, Howa (Archy) who absolutely loves his older brother Baxter.


Trisha Kachmar

24 February 2018

These people are amazing. I just didn't think people like this existed anymore. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are forever in your debt.


Ron Wadding

2 January 2018

I recently adopted Allie, the cattle dog. The staff and volunteers were so caring to all the animals. The adoption process was very easy. I was glad they checked with my references and my veterinarian. Jean and a volunteer took their time with my meet and greet with my other 2 dogs. It was all around a very positive experience. More...


Logan Kayo

19 December 2017

This place is amazing. Management here are excellent and they do pay attention to you as soon as you walk in. The animals here are taken care of better than any place I have ever seen, heck I think these animals have a better place here than I do haha. In all seriousness though, if you want a healthy, clean and amazing place to adopt your new family member, go here. DO NOT GO TO ICHS. More...


Jodi H.

18 December 2017

Very nice shelter. Cats are in rooms, not cages. Everybody was up to date on shots.We adopted 2 female kittens. I wish I could take a few more.


Lauren Solomon

18 December 2017

I love this shelter! It is always organized, clean, and the animals are well taken care of. I love to come in as a visitor and play with the cats!


Charles Black

15 December 2017

I adopted Bruno from there and my adoption was finalized today. He is amazing dog I live him dearly and he has his forever home with me. I would recommend them to every body so if your looking for a dog or a cat they are the best people More...


Aubrey Bohn

18 November 2017

Four Footed Friends was amazing. I applied for a pup not too long ago, and they called me back very quickly, and got the application process rolling very quickly. They were very helpful and the staff there was super cool and super fun to talk to! Thanks for doing what you do! We love our new pup! More...


Devie Bunting

17 November 2017

We adopted our Ellie from your shelter 4 years ago in January. She’s a big sister now, and still sleeping in our bed.


Skylyn Kopas

7 November 2017

My boyfriend and I rescued a pup from four footed friends. The staff was super helpful and the process was quick and very thorough. The establishment is very clean and the animals are taken very good care of. We will definitely be adopting from there again and will continue to make donations to help give the animals what they need while they’re there. More...


Emily Furda

5 November 2017

Four Footed Friends is amazing! 3 weeks ago my family adopted a kitten from them. Walking in it’s so clean you wonder where the animals are. We were able to just sit in the lobby and hold Zoe while we chatted with the staff. I’m so amazed at how healthy our Zoe is. Our vet had told us it’s common for cats from a shelter to have a cold, and not to worry. That’s not the case here! She was completely healthy. She needed gain some more weight, but considering she was found on the side of the road, that was to be expected. She was completely flea free, but they offered us a flea treatment just in case we wanted it. Having her spayed and healed from from surgery before adoption made it easier for us to adopt her. All the animals are so well loved that it made it a little easier to only be able to adopt one. Karen, the cat kennel manager, had suggested a kitten to me who she suspected just needed to get away from all the noise of the shelter. She thought once she was away from the noise she’s blossom and fit in with my 3 rambunctious cats. She was 100% right!They really are about finding forever homes. They work hard to find a good match and aren’t just trying to get someone out the door. We never felt pressured, and were able to spend time just holding Zoe. We knew immediately she was ours, but we were still given plenty of time to make a decision without someone standing over us. I cannot recommend them enough if you’re looking to adopt. We drove an hour to get there, and it was completely worth it! At the moment, we know we’re at our capacity for pets, but if we adopt again, they will be the first place we look. They are amazing. More...


Freda Dibert

1 November 2017

We found Snoopy at your shelter back in July. He and Bo have become best buds! Thank you!


Carmel Lyn

31 October 2017

Four Footed Friends took in a senior dog from my area that no local rescue could or would take in. Everything was very professional and you could tell in in instant they care deeply about the animals, three people all came in to meet him after hours, and gave the previous owner a facility tour (they didn't know how much peace of mind that gave the previous owner, who was very ill and getting things in order, including finding safe placement for his pets). They loved this older dog, took very good care of him at their rescue and found him a new forever home. More...


Bob Hines

19 October 2017

5 yrs ago we had adopted this girl. Her name is. Willow Hines . She. was badly treated when she was found and brought to your staff. After alot of luv. From our family she has became the queen of her couch. And castle.she has a big brother now too. And a cat .. lol. Just wanted to thank all the staff for there hard work... R,W,Hines More...


Kim Anderson

18 September 2017

Brought home Mercy and Oyster (cats) and they quickly settled in and made themselves comfortable here.


Pat Goal

17 September 2017

rescued an amazing dog he was the under dog had no hair very thin if you saw the dog today you would''t believe he is the same dog brought him home on Aug 17 just amazing


Dave Frycklund

10 September 2017

We stopped by to see a couple of dogs that they had on the web. The staff was friendly and helpful in allowing us to meet the animals. Afterward, we visited another shelter to see other animals but ended up choosing Ronan from FFF. They were easy to work with for the adoption although they were a little sad to see him leave... Thanks FFF, he is working out well. More...


Renee Speaker

1 September 2017

Charresse known now as Gipsy Danger is a great addition to our family! We love the attention we received when we said we were interested in her. We lived an hour and half away and the staff went out of thier way to accommodate us! More...


Steffanie McCombs Mimis

26 July 2017

I found an injured kitten and FFF took the cat in after business hours. Great organization!


Justin Akins

22 July 2017

I adopted both of my dogs here. Very clean place with nice people. They are really good With reading a dogs body language and introducing them to each other. Gene, the dog manager is a wonderful person and seems to really know what she's doing. They leant me a kennel until i could see how the dogs got along when I adopted our second dog. It's an hour from me but worth the drive. More...


Patrick Quinn

16 July 2017

We adopted Miley today. Everyone on the staff was extremely responsive and helpful during the adoption process. It's easy to see that everyone there cares for the animals. I want to express our appreciation for introducing us to Miley. She is a very sweet girl. She enjoyed a cookout and some ice cream with us. Now she's sleeping next to me on the couch. Thank you Four Footed Friends. More...


Meredith Henigan

7 May 2017

Took our troop of scouts here...very accommodating, clean, organized!


Laurie Gagnon Bennett

29 April 2017

I have to say fb is a very smart way to find these animals great homes. I saw a picture of a gorgeous kitty named "Sybil" on a Wednesday, had my application in, first thing on Thursday morning and had her in my home by Friday. All the staff was warm, happy and easy to work with. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to adopt to check here first! I'll be coming back here in the future. More...


Justina Lynn Dies

27 April 2017

I just adopted my nick from here and he couldn't be the any more pleasant of a dog. I was very satisfied with adopting him and how they worked with me.


Debbie Ankney

22 March 2017

This is a great place, so careful who they let adopt the dogs, staff is friendly and very well cared for.


Kitty Hilliard

18 March 2017

We adopted a handsome young orange tabby just before Christmas. I was VERY impressed with both the staff and the facility at FFF! The staff and volunteers were friendly, courteous, and helpful. The adoption procedure was easy and I received a follow-up call within only a couple days. The animals are well-taken care of and well-loved by the staff and the volunteers. 5 stars to a shelter that is really making a difference! Thank you ever so much. Pumpkin, his new brothers and sisters, and the new people he owns! More...


Tom Lalor

13 March 2017

Kind and loving people who care about animals. We had a great experience adopting our BJ there.


Jackie Efrati

20 February 2017

Very caring and compassionate shelter. They go out of their way to help animals in need, give them the care they need and find great homes.


De'Von Rohaley

20 February 2017

its amazing i volunteered there and the animals were so nice and playful if you want to get a pet highly recommend this place


Cathy Lykens

31 December 2016

I have adopted 2 dogs from Four Footed Friends. Both are sweet and I would recommend this shelter to anyone.


Dan Hornbake

30 November 2016

Great staff wonderful caring people who are extremely passionate about what they do


Missy Lastoria

24 November 2016

thank you for all your help finding my dogs homes when i got sick!


Cynthia Shugart

9 November 2016

We had taken in a stray for almost a week before her owner came and got her. This left my daughter devastated. Saw Buster (Doodlebob) on the Four Footed Friends facebook page and knew he'd be a perfect fit for out family. My daughter was so excited to meet him and welcome him into our family. They are best buds, he hasn't left her side since she got home. :) Thank you so much Jean and Bonnie! More...


Tammy Bollman

15 October 2016

Thank you for taking care of my nieces dogs. They are so happy to be home and the girls are so happy that they got their babies back!! God Bless you and your staff.


Shelly Lynn

1 October 2016

I adopted Tiger who was a lobby cat from there over a year ago and the staff was amazing. I recommend this place to anyone I know who is looking for a cat. Tiger was very well taken care of there and I was told up front about his history. Tiger is a huge part of my family with my daughter and I. More...


Haylie Ortmann

29 September 2016

I got my cat Locust from them. He was up to date on everything and he is the best cat a person could EVER want. All of the information given on him was accurate and they were very nice to deal with while adopting our first cat from a shelter.


Susan Stayrook

27 September 2016

We adopted Emily aka Roxi everyone was so kind when my husband and I came to meet her and they were so kind to help me with my other two dogs at the meet in greet they got me some water while we waited for my other two dogs in 2 days they had Roxi ready for me to adopt she's doing great! I would recommend in the future!!!


Leslie Archibald

20 September 2016

Cannot say enough good things about FFF! I had a wonderful experience adopting my cat, Edwin, from there. It is apparent how much the staff and volunteers love the animals! They were gracious enough to take in a stray kitten that I didn't know what to do with today. They were kind and compassionate. I felt guilty I could not keep it myself, but I left knowing that kitty could not be in a better place. I know he will find the happy home he deserves. Thank you everyone at FFF for all you do! ❤� More...


Kelly Vrana Miller

13 August 2016

3 1/2 years ago my family had to put down our 14 year old lab - Dalmatian mix. We rescued her at 3 months old. Our girls were devastated but after years of being on medication for cushing's disease her kidneys shut down. My husband went on a frantic search to help our young girls adjust. He found cinnamon, toast and crunch. We brought home two of the three a week earlier than what we were told. It made Christmas just that much better that year. We still miss our other dog but thanks to fff we have two unique silly dogs that sometimes drive us crazy but always show unconditional love. Thank you for all you do and also for helping many families reunite with their lost babies. More...


Kathy Ouellette Mulgrew

25 July 2016

Thank you again for Jack and Jill. They are so friendly and have fit right in with my two dogs Stella and Sophie. Will send picture if I can ever get them all together and sleeping lol


Amy Marcoline

20 June 2016

Just adopted a cat, wonderful little guy named Marshall. He was very well taken care of, the staff here couldn't be nicer and I will definitely recommend them to anyone!


Kristin Kordish

22 April 2016

The staff and volunteers at Four Footed Friends are the best! We can't thank them enough for taking care of our Penny girl and helping us through the adoption process. The facility is clean, well regulated, and each animal is shown loads of love and respect. More...


Sheila Boyle

1 April 2016

I love Four Footed Friends. The staff and volunteers are very friendly and helpful. We adopted a cat, Ted, one month ago. We love him. When we were leaving with Ted, the staff was sad to see him go but happy he was going to his forever home. They geniunely care for all of the animals there. More...


Jonna Swansboro

20 February 2016

I love this place. All animals are well taken care of. We love our adopted Lab mix Chicklet that we adopted in September 2015....


Joani Aloisi Bowser

20 February 2016

We had a wonderful experience when we adopted Wishbone...Michael went way out of his way to help get him neutered ...The staff was wonderful and when the time comes for another lifelong friend...we will be knocking their door! Thank you for letting us have our beautiful spunky little fur-friend! More...


Amber Mertens

19 February 2016

I personally had a very pleasant experience when we adopted our Diesel (formerly known as Booker) 2 1/2 years ago. I was always leary about adopting, not knowing the animals' stories or their background. I am so happy that I chose to adopt because he stole my heart. He is my best friend and is the most loving dog ever! Also a few months ago I called about a cat that was hit on the road by my workplace, that was still alive (barely). The woman who I met with to take the kitty to the vet was so caring, and gentle with him. We both honestly didn't think he was going to make it. But the staff at FFF nursed him back to health and he is now up for adoption. His name is Tiger and he is a sweetheart! Please adopt...don't shop!!! More...


Nola Thompson

11 February 2016

Four Footed Friends is such a great facility.I enjoy the staff and seeing the animals whenever I stop by.The country location is beautiful and the facilities are well kept.The staff is very appreciative of any donations.We adopted a kitten a few years ago,Karen,the manager was so helpful.We love our"Dolly"!She is one of our 3 rescues.Thanks Four Footed Friends! More...


Jamie Barreiro

24 January 2016

FOUR FOOTED FRIENDS is a very well kept shelter. The animals are comfortable and safe and treated with respect an love. It's about the animals and finding the good homes. My kids will be starting on weekends to volunteer they can't wwait to spend time with the cats and dogs. More...


Katie Gibson

22 January 2016

I absolutely love this place! They have the friendliest staff and are so thoughtful! They are very selective with adoptions which is the best for the animals! FFF is also very very clean! I have volunteered for them for a while and have always felt right at home! I will certainly be continuing my time with them! Thank you FFF for giving me this opportunity! More...


Debbie Cochran

15 December 2015

I love this place, they are very thorough about adoption, which is great, and they are the cleanest place I've ever seen. The animals are well taken care of, and I will be there tomorrow to start my second adoption. I would recommend them to whoever is willing to take on a furbaby for the rest of their life. More...


Cathy N Walt Wechta

18 November 2015

I adopted gwedo 3 years ago and he is a senior dog when I got him he is doing real good and he is spoiled


Judi Kevin Gearhart

24 October 2015

Adopted Digger (aka Snowball) today. He is doing VERY well already. Staff was awesome. He is a wonderful dog. We are going to be great friends!


Trista Lubert

11 August 2015

Adopted my girl Serenity (calling her Phoebe tho) from here just yesterday and best dog I could ask for yet. This is one of the nicer shelters around a lot of areas...clean, friendly, animals r well taken care of and etc. Hope to adopt another from here done the road:) More...


Brenda Stewart

12 July 2015

Very clean, friendly staff. Answered all the questions we asked before we adopted our little Oliver.


Jim McKinney

9 July 2015

We just adopted Ronan today. The staff were polite but very thorough about us qualifying. I appreciated that because I read so much about abuse. The facility is immaculate. Ronan loves it here at his forever home already...loves the cats...one is his bud. Thank you FFF. (Ronan says thanks FFF woof). More...


Warren Dosch

18 June 2015

Providing a great service! Thank you from animal lovers in Indiana county!


Dan Broadbent

8 June 2015

We love our little dog Prince. They take such good care of their animals!


Pattie Divittorio

13 February 2015

So happy Indiana has a no kill shelter. We recently found a dog on our farm. We called Four Footed Friends and they worked tirelessly to pick up the dog and find the owner. Thank you so much for all your hard dedicated work. More...


Marci Broome Growden

8 February 2015

My family and I just adopted Boyd (aka Lumber Jack). Because of the distance we had to travel and weather the shelter was very willing and did work with us. This shelter is very clean and it is very apparent the staff loves and works with the animals very well. I would recommend this shelter to anyone. More...


Erin Mary-Jean Butler

15 December 2014

The shelter itself was extremely clean and well kept. When visiting, our helper was very knowledgeable about the animals and really helped us decide that we absolutely wanted a dog. The adoption process was easy, but I could tell they were really checking out our references to make sure we were legit. Walter was one of the best things that's happened to our family. I always let people know where he was from in hopes they'll check out four footed friends. We're definitely adopters for life! More...


Helen Grillo

29 November 2014

Picked our dog up here in 2010, his name is Hodge. Could not ask for a better dog. Treated very well when we went to get him. Four Footed Friends is a great place and very clean. More...


Traci Powell

17 November 2014

Me and my kid's volunteered there. We loved it. You're not over packed and it gives all of the animals a safe and clean place to be. The animals also get one on one attention and I think that's nice. More...


Connie Langham

10 November 2014

This is where I got my two best friends, Elmer and Tasha, 2 yrs. ago. They are very caring people. A great place to adopt your new best friend.


Amanda Grace

30 October 2014

I love four footed friends we adopted our American bulldog Jemma from them and everything from the staff to how clean the environment was was excellent! I would definitely recommend anyone to check out four footed friends before going to an expensive breeder! :) More...


Ashley Brink

28 October 2014

Like it if you are a animal lover :)


Courtney Knox Puet

27 September 2014

This is by far the best shelter I've seen! The atmosphere is very clean and they take care of their animals well!


Henry Caywood

7 September 2014

we r getting a puggle from this shelter and i would just like to say it is so amazing how they rescue these beautiful dogs and cats and dont kill them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tori Oswaldski

29 August 2014

I volunteered at his shelter for the longest time. I ended up doing my senior project with them as well! Our family adopted our husky Jack here a few years ago. Awesome place.


Ashley Patterson

12 June 2014

FFF is so clean and the workers are great!! My fiance and I just went go visit. We were able to play with the dogs and gave them treats. The staff member even let us go outside with one of the dogs!!! :) More...


Kathy Smith Shirey

5 May 2014

I adopted Lizzy (known as Lizzy) going on 4 years ago in September from Four Footed Friends. She is the best dog and my little sweetheart. She is an only dog and likes to take walks with one of my best friend's dog, Lilly. Thank you for letting me adopt this little angel. More...


Rose Ann Yahnert

20 February 2014

I have and will continue to recommend FFF after our pleasant experiences of visiting the shelter and one day finally finding our Harley "D" who was named Harlo at the shelter. We adopted Harley when he was 10-11 mos old but he fits right in with our family, and with our other English Mastiff Gracey Mae, that it feels like we have had him from the start instead of being his third but certainly his last family!! Thanks to all the staff at FFF for giving us the opportunity to show Harley what it is really liked to be loved and taken care of! (: More...


Cortland Espy Kalanavich

11 January 2014

We've adopted two dogs from Four Footed Friends and they are the loves of our lives! Nothing better than a "mutt" :) Very nice, clean facility with caring staff. At any point we are ready for another dog we will be adopting it from FFF! Don't shop adopt! More...


Kym Rhodes

6 January 2014

I love this place! I've been a volunteer, an intern, and now I'm an employee. I have never been surrounded by a more dedicated and caring group of people. FFF for life


Liesa Collier

31 December 2013

Excellent! Great rescue to work with!!


Billie Rae Kinnan

8 December 2013

We adopted two dogs curly and moe at this shelter a little over a year ago. They were very helpful and clean. We were actually going for just the one and ended up with two. They ate the best dogs ever. We will definitely go back to them again More...


Krista Janine

30 October 2013

My fiancé and I adopted our loving terrier puppy from this shelter. It was the best decision we made! The staff was helpful and friendly, and because if this place, we have made a great addition to our family :)


Heidi Johns

28 October 2013

Very clean, helpful and love that they are a no-kill shelter.


Renee Schantz

11 September 2013

Love, love. Love my new friend, Wyatt! He was kept for two years before I found him! 4 footed Friends made it all possible!


Stephanie Rout

21 August 2013

Nothing but great experiences here! It's clean, and the staff was very friendly throughout the adoption process. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and painless the process was. Keep up the good work!


Leslie McGough Butz

13 August 2013

Four Footed Friends is the best, we adopted one of our babies from them and the staff is awesome the place is clean and the animals are well taken care of plus you just gotta love what they do for the animals THANK YOU Four Footed Friends for all you do!!!


Julie Pavlick

14 June 2013

I adopted Callie Lou (Formerly Reggie) from Four Footed Friends, and it has been the best decision I've ever made. The staff are wonderful and it is a wonderful place to find your new best friend!


Heidi Lambert McClure

26 May 2013

Four footed friends is a wonderful place for animals to wait for forever families. My husband and I have adopted many of our fur children from here and have loved them all. The staff and volunteers are so caring and it shows in all they do. Never overlook a sad face. One of our rescues was on the kill list at the humane society because he was "too shy and too scared" they were going to kill him because they considered him unadoptable. Thankfully fff pulled him and we got to adopt this gentle giant named Luther. He new what love was, he was just afraid to show it because he had been in a bad situation before. Take a leep of faith, show someone how to love and be loved again today. I promise you will be blessed ♡ More...