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Lakshmi Avanasiappan

21 March 2019

Mike is training fitness class for my special need son , we have been to the class only last few weeks but my son really likes it and I saw some positive changes in him .Mr. Mike is a very good instructor and coach and I noticed that he is training the kids in such a way that they are not getting overwhelmed he’s being very patient. I would highly recommend this place. More...


Jennifer Hossain

22 April 2018

Incredible training and workouts, motivating and skilled trainers, variety of different workouts and classes, flexibility with schedule, opportunities to participate in healthy lifestyle events...just a wonderful program, with a great bunch of people that will get you to reach your health and fitness goals!! More...


Faye Reyes-Putich

2 January 2018

FIT is the bomb if you’re looking for a class environment. You get awesome instructors with a variety of classes from Boot Camp, TRX, weight training, and more. I take the Mon/Weds weight training class with both Mike and Charity and love being able to lift without anyone waiting to use the weights. Both instructors make sure you’re using good form and keep the class motivated. I could’ve gone anywhere hiring any trainer, but I’m glad I waited until I read the good reviews for Mike Coleman and FIT on the Neighborhood app! More...


Shashi Maloo

7 October 2017

Mike is an amazing coach. I really enjoy going to his class. He helps you with the correct techniques, improve your posture and ensures you do not hurt yourself while workouts... He is very enthusiastic and makes the class a fun place to be at.. I have been doing his classes for less than a year and I feel a difference in my stamina and strength when I am consistently attending his classes... More...


Shannon Higgins Opilla

18 May 2017

I have been an athlete and a runner all my life. FIT has challenged me in many different ways. I feel stronger and fitter than I ever have!


Monika Marudkar Mittal

18 May 2017

Amazing workout and a really helping coach. Had been looking for such a motivating and enthusiastic workout environment for months until I found it a couple of weeks ago. Now I can't wait everyday to go to the classes. Highly recommend FIT to everyone� More...


Usha Margabandu Srinivasan

30 March 2017

Great Workout with FIT team. Michael Coleman is a very dedicated coach. I would recommend FIT for anyone. FIT coaches fine tunes the workout according to your ability.


Angelica Nuno

25 January 2017

Great coach, great workouts and great results!! I joined in march of last year. No regrets what so ever, just regret not joining sooner. Its the best gift you can give yourself. Always look forward to my classes. More...


Mitzi Dang

30 August 2016

My name is Mitzi Dang. I'm 44 years old and a mother of two. I left my corporate job in 2013 to be a stay-at-home mom and gained 20 lbs in two years by cooking two to three meals a day for my family. That's a lot of weight for my 5' 0" frame. Like most people, I knew that I had to lose weight, but I kept finding excuses to put it off. I finally made the leap and joined the F.I.T team in August 2015. I was never active nor athletic growing up so I knew that I needed guidance; the gym was not going to work for me. Joining F.I.T was intimidating at first, because I was new to every exercise move, but Mike and the other members were very patient and supportive. The F.I.T team comprises of people from all age groups and fitness levels, but we all share the same goal to get healthy, so I never felt judged. The confidence I gained from F.I.T spilled into other areas of my life. My family adopted a healthier diet, we go hiking together on weekends, my husband and I run together whenever we can, and I became less reliant on caffeine to get me through the day. I lost 15 lbs within 8 months of joining F.I.T. This may not be fast enough for some people, but it's a healthy pace for me and avoids giving my young daughter body image issues. I will be running my first Half Marathon on September 4th to mark my one year anniversary with F.I.T. I remember huffing, puffing and wanting to cry just running one lap around the track during my first F.I.T session. I just ran 14.86 miles in preparation for the half marathon. I am the healthiest and fittest I've ever been and proud to admit that I'm approaching 45 years old! More...


Satyajit Dutt

11 January 2016

This is the 2nd December I've attended FIT all I can say is again just like last time that I had fantastic training sessions. Be it early morning at 6 or the evening at 7, I came out of each session feeling like I had a great workout. All the trainers are great and really I can't sing enough praise for them. They are dedicated, motivated and they care...what more do you need. Stay awesome FIT! More...


Yvonne Villalba

24 November 2015

I really enjoy being part of the FIT family! Everyone is friendly, fun, motivated and supportive!


Thao Nguyen

1 April 2015

I have seen some great results after training with Mike and Alissa. Thank you Mike and Alissa.


Kimberly Krider

21 February 2015

Great way to start my Sat.... TRX to burn calories so I can eat and not feel too guilty. Thank you Mike and Alissa for the motivation.


Annie Pham

7 January 2015

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Fantastic Coach!


Brenda Santoyo

22 July 2014

FIT bootcamps are the best! Thanks to the trainer Michael Coleman. I enjoy every class.


Rosario Morales

26 May 2014

I was struggling to complete one mile this morning .with the support of my team and all cheering I just did it. I had more than 12 teams mates that running with on my last lap . "My Team mate have my back" thank you Team!!!!!!!! More...