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Sareen Patel

5 September 2018

This place is the best! Staff were very friendly and informative with regards to my health goals. The food is top notch as well and proved that you can actually enjoy healthy meals. I am definitely recommending this place to my friends and family. More...


Eric Hendricks

5 September 2018

These folks are great! Not only is the food good (Read AMAZING) but it is all free range and chemical free. Their food is listed in My Fitness Pal for easy logging, and their owners are very knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and nutrition. With Fitstyle and my trainer, I have lost about 8% body fat since December! Keep it up, guys. More...


Tara Green

5 September 2018

I have been using FitStyle Foods for over a month now. As a former meal-prepper, I was looking for a service that could provide what I used to have to do myself every week that was cost effective and I found them! Not only are their meals delicious, the cost is so affordable I can't imagine not using them. They have helped give me back some time in my busy life AND I am already seeing the benefit in being able to button pants that I've been staring at in my closet all winter. This a truly wonderful service and you will absolutely love them! More...


Blair Falconer

5 September 2018

I ate fast food everyday for years. I had tests done at the doctors and the results came back. I didn’t realize how bad it was. Doctor told me to change my diet and Fitstyle Foods has completely helped me live a healthy lifestyle and the food is amazing! I feel great! More...


Jody Baker

5 September 2018

After about 4 weeks of buying meals at FitStyle Foods, I thought it was time to give my enthusiastic review! I follow a flexible diet plan and need to hit my calories and macros. I was obsessing over food--what to eat, what not to eat, meal prep, and endless hours in the grocery store reading labels and trying to buy just the right combinations to hit my goals. I would often end up eating the same foods week after week and I was getting burned out. And then I heard about FitStyle Foods and it has changed my life!! I absolutely love all the meals I have had. The meal options vary from week to week so I am able to have some variety, the ingredients are always fresh, meat is so tender and flavorful. The best part is I am not spending hours shopping for food and then meal prepping. I am no longer stressing over what I am going to eat. I just plug in my meals for the day and then supplement with other healthy snacks and shakes to hit my macros. Oh, and I am saving money because I am no longer throwing out food that spoiled before I could eat it. The owners are so nice and helpful, too! Highly recommend this service to anyone wanting to reach or maintain their health and fitness goals! More...

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