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Training is about getting better, not getting tired. If all you had to do get the body of your dreams was to get tired, then we’re all out of a job. As you know, to create change in the body, you do have to present it with enough stress that the body senses the need to adapt to the stress and give it time to recover from and adapt to this stress.



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For example, let’s say you have a fat loss client and you decide to do some interval training with. You know the scientific rationale for this is that high-intensity exercise produces massive amount of EPOC (excess, post-exercise oxygen consumption).
However, all your client needs to know is that the harder he/she trains now, the more fat and calories he/she will burn after the session is over and he/she is off doing real life. Make a game out of this and continually look for ways to explain the science of training in simple, easy to understand ways.

Ever been around an “expert” from a different profession who made you feel stupid? Ever read a book about personal training or something fitness-related that was unnecessarily complicated? When you’re engrossed in your profession, it’s easy to talk over people’s heads and confuse those who don’t share your expertise. Rather than trying to impress your clients with impressive sounding academic terms such as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, look for ways to simplify and present your information in way that someone with no fitness background can understand.

Somewhere between the begging of this journey and now I realized that I don't have anything that makes me happier, its beyond lifting its everything I've been through, every through, every drop of sweat, every ounce emotion and the reality of an escape societies toxic ways.

I just simply wanna to help people to get in shape .