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Hannah Gerwin

25 August 2018

I have been working out with Sam for a little more than a week now and intend to be working out here for quite a long time! Sam has been phenomenal; she knows what she's doing and doesn't make you feel bad about not being in that great of shape, etc. I come in every time, work hard, and leave feeling great. I actually look forward to my next sessions!

They have a great, closed off layout so passerby s can't peep in on everything you're doing. They offer nutritional help as well as the personal training. Their prices are very reasonable and for what you get with a session it's completely worth it. Sam and the rest of the staff at Fitness Together make working out there as comfortable as doing it in your own home and they are incredibly pleasant and welcoming people.


Todd Francis

25 August 2018

I have been working out with Jesse at Fitness Together on East Paris since October. He does a great job of keeping my workouts interesting and making them progressively more difficult.

Fitness Together develops a program that helps you achieve your fitness goals from wherever your starting point is. You don't have to be at a certain level of fitness to get started.

I could not be any happier with my experience at Fitness Together. I recommend them to everyone.


Lucy N.

9 June 2016

I have been working with an excellent trainer since March. Alley is very dedicated and great to work with. I have had incredible gains since working with her. She really knows what she is doing. More...


Rabya A.

13 February 2016

I started working out at Fitness together a couple of months ago and I love it! It's a great environment to work out in.  All of the trainers and staff are wonderful and really make the experience enjoyable. I personally train with Molly and I highly recommend working with her. I actually look forward to my workout sessions, and am seeing great results! More...


Claire G.

20 July 2015

FT is the best option for anyone who is serious about developing a habit of fitness.  It's a great, safe environment for anyone, regardless of the level of fitness.  The whole staff is wonderful -- friendly, encouraging -- but also very knowledgeable.  I especially recommend Molly; she's awesome and has made me actually want to work out. More...


Joan E.

21 August 2014

I have been a client of Fitness Together for several years, I am so happy I made that first call to them. My life has changed because of them. I have health issues, but they work with me and help me. The trainers are great, they support you, while pushing you to do your very best. You not only know and work with the trainers, you also know the owner, when he sees you, he addresses you and any other client by their first name. They are very professional, but they also work as a family. Your sessions are in a separate room, with your own equipment, including weights, cardio equipment, boxing equipment, TRX, to name a few. Your trainer has a workout designed especially for you.  Your trainer will stay with you during your session, making sure you will not hurt yourself using the workout equipment. They are there to help you and support you. If you want to change your life, pick up that phone and make that call! More...

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