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Fitness Together specializes in providing Personal Training in Private Suites. With fully customized workout programs and 7 day meal plans (optional), our mission is to help our clients achieve lasting results. In a private studio setting, you can avoid the crowded gyms and focus on getting your most effective workouts with our certified staff of personal trainers!

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Ashley Deshmukh

26 July 2018

Jenny and the trainers are awesome!!! Wonderful and new workouts everyday!!


Laura Intfen

26 July 2018

Signed Tim and I up for the FT team for the Komen Race for the Cure. I am so thankful I found the Overland Park FT 3 years ago. Being a regular there has changed my life. More...


Kathy Perry

26 July 2018

Just had a total knee replaced in April and needed to get back in shape. Love Chris and Jenny. They give you customized 1:1 workout, challenging and rewarding. I have had 3 sessions so far and I am hooked. Kp More...


Tracy Sessom Coker

26 July 2018

Jenny is awesome to work with. She pushes me to my limits with every workout session.


Raelene Knolla

26 July 2018

I have been working out at Fitness Together, Overland Park for the past 4 years. The trainers are outstanding and each have their own style. The option of one on ones or the small pack classes have both served a purpose for me. Jenny helped me shed the. Any weight with one on ones. Zane, Chris, and have helped me maintain. Flexibility with schedule, top notch trainers, classes with new routines, individualize the workout to what you need, positive atmosphere and feels like a family. Highly recommend it! More...


Jill Cundiff

26 May 2018

Fitness Together has inspiring, motivating and wonderful personal trainers.
It is great to get such an awesome workout in 45 minutes. They also have fun challenges to keep you motivated. It just makes my day after a workout. More...


Kathy Perry

26 May 2018

Love this workout center. I had a time total knee replacement a year ago and just turned 60. I have gained strength, energy and balance. Lost tons of inches and weight. The one on one training is amazing for all ages and levels. My husband and 22 yo son go too. I wish I had done it decades ago. Highly recommend it. More...


Johnnie Baker

26 May 2018

The personalized one-on-one customized training has been beneficial and the people I have worked with have been friendly and helpful.


William Edington

26 May 2018

Although I've just joined and have had only 2 sessions I can tell I'm going to enjoy it. The energy that the trainer brings to the workout session is motivating and enjoyable. The exercises are geared towards my goals and physical abilities as well. I look forward to my 16 week journey. More...


nancy krause

26 May 2018

This is the best place because of the trainers who clearly know what they're doing, what you should be doing and how you will get the best results. You do not need to be in shape or dressed just right to see awesome results. For me, and others, they're all about functionality so I can continue to use my joints, muscles and tendons safely while living an active and productive life! More...


Sarah Schmidt

27 May 2013

Fitness Together has given me great results with my weight loss! Their personal trainers are super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Every week I am excited to see what we do next and how I am coming closer to meeting my goals! More...


Through fully understanding where our clients are at physically and mentally, we can create a training program that is 100% customized to their goals and needs. Taking the time to learn about our clients' physical condition initially, along with what they want to achieve allows us to map out the most effective plan possible while providing motivation and accountability throughout!

Committing to a healthy balance of good nutrition and exercise. It's not about extremes. Extreme diets typically aren't sustainable. It's more about making healthier choices on a daily basis.

Meeting lots of great people and Seeing the happiness and sense of accomplishment our clients have when they reach their goals.

At Fitness Together we want to give you the tools you need to reach all your health & fitness goals, while having a comfortable, fun and rewarding experience in the process!