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Jenison, Michigan


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F M.

15 November 2019

Best gym around for the money!  Dumbbells up to 125lbs, plenty of barbells, Hammer Strength Machines and anything you can think of to get a good workout.  Classes are great too, led by certified instructors.  Staff is very friendly! More...


Chris D.

1 November 2019

Great place. Just a tech guy here. I don't understand the bad reviews. It's a great place. They have 20 or so ellipticals and a bunch of treadmills. With a big set of weight machines. Then the free weights are off on the other side. Works great. I'm getting back in shape. Three times I went and the weekend it was not crowded. Month to month below $40 More...


DeAndre B.

23 October 2019

Best fitness center in North Hills! Staff is nice and the monthly rates is unbeatable.


Dan Cempel

21 September 2019

The employees are super friendly, and the free weight equipment works well. A lot of the cardio equipment is damaged and barely works. The yoga mats are overused and worn down. The gym has a slight BO smell to it as well.Update: An employee followed up with me and my concerns in my comment. They explained the cardio equipment repairs, AC unit repairs, and ordered new yoga mats. More...


Tim Coe

20 September 2019

It’s been a great place for me to workout since 2009 and all the staff is friendly and willing to help you anyway that they can.


Aaron Stearns

27 August 2019

Clean place great people


Kristen Diekevers Campbell

29 July 2019

Fitness 19 in Jenison is my second home! The facility is always clean and the staff are always welcoming. Tavari has been a great motivator as a trainer. Always pushing me to do my best and offering ideas and tips to perfect my performance! More...


Bob W.

28 July 2019

I have been a member at fitness 19 since it opened. It is very clean with a very friendly staff.  If you have questions, the staff is willing to take the time to help you.  I have been working with Issac, a personal trainer.   He has helped me extend my officiating career by helping me get more mobility, flexibility and strength. He has extensive knowledge of the human body and does excellent job of accessing your areas of weakness and how to improve them. He also takes the time to explain how and why each exercise will help you.Bob W. More...


Cameron Ensign

27 July 2019

I started working out with trainer named Isaac at fitness 19 not too long ago, and I’ve seen nothing but improvements. He’s a great trainer and knows what he’s talking about. Fitness 19 is a great establishment and the trainers focus on building weaknesses for a better outcome. More...


Stephanie Soave

27 July 2019

I have been working with trainer Isaac for the past 6 months. He has provided a wide variety of mobility and strength training exercises. He has incorporated the use of my own body, rings, TRX, weights, and support bands to keep my workouts interesting and to allow for improvement each and every time I work out. I look forward to each session with Isaac. He is knowledgeable, professional, and easy to talk to with questions and concerns. More...


Scott Dubois

27 July 2019

Even though I have decades of experience, isaac has been instrumental in helping me recover and bounce back from 2 major surgeries. 1 of which was a full hip replacement and pelvis reconstruction. His knowledge and expertise are helping me bust out of my stubborn ways and make big advances in all areas, especially mobility! The facility is always clean and friendly! Great staff! More...


Lydia Williams

26 July 2019

October of 2018, I had back pain that had persisted and seemed worse after working out. I was frustrated and thinking that maybe I should stop going to the gym. At about that time, I was hooked up with Isaac Trevino. After evaluating me, he tailored-made a program to fit my needs. I could not do a squat or plank after attending the gym for a couple of years. I am happy to have accomplished those goals now, thanks to Isaac. He is patient, caring, has a positive attitude, knowledgeable, willing to show me over and over something till I get it right. It is a real learning experience with him. He is a real “fitness” trainer. More...


Charles Norton

26 July 2019

Great Fitness club. Has everything I need to workout. Even when I decided to change my training style to a more Calisthenic based training style, I felt accommodated. Trainer Isaac has been a big influence in my decision to stay with the gym to pursue my new fitness goals and is always helpful. This particular trainer seems extremely motivated and even though I have never been trained by him, he continues to impact my fitness goals in a positive way. This can be said about most trainers there, but Isaac seems to be innovating how people see conventional training. More...


Nancy J.

26 July 2019

I have been a member of 19 for about 6 months now,I really like the entire gym,I have been working with personal trainer Issac for over 4 months and he is amazing,He has taught me so much about my body,that even I didn't realize,if you are thinking of joining ,ask for him,the prices are great also



25 July 2019

I joined Fitness 19 about 2 months ago. I have struggled with some discomfort in my hips for a few years and tried to ignore it. After meeting with Issac Trevino and having an evaluation, I began training with him for 6 weeks. He was so helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. He was flexible with my schedule. He was patient with me as I learned the stretches and exercises. He challenged me, without overwhelming me. He taught me so much, in that short time. Within a couple of weeks, the hip discomfort that I had been experiencing for a few years, greatly decreased. Now I am thrilled to say that it is virtually gone. I feel stronger and more confident. I am so excited to see what I can accomplish in the future with the knowledge that Issac has given me. The rest of the staff is very friendly and the gym has a wide range of equipment and tools to help everyone, no matter what their level of fitness is. I would highly recommend Fitness 19 to my family and friends! More...


Robyn Bunnell

30 June 2019

I went to Issac, one of the personal trainers there to help me learn how to modify excersises due to an extensive ankle surgery I had. Within a week of training with him, I no longer walk with a limp which I thought was in my head, but thats how good he really is. He will push you to your limit without going overboard. And I loved that it wasn't all about getting on machines and lifting weights. He incorporated much more into our workouts, and I plan on going back in the fall when my kiddos go back to school! More...


Ashley W.

27 June 2019

So as far as a good deal, yes, price is great. The facility I go to (Eagle Rock, CA) is kept clean and there is enough machines so far to go around. It is located in the Eagle Rock Mall. Be careful because if they grow much more, there will be waits to use the machines. The Trainer I had was friendly, but did not listen to my needs. I simply wanted someone to walk me through the machines and help me setup a routine, how to use machines, which machines to use for specific purposes, as I never used machines before. In other words, how many reps, what weights to start off with, etc. Instead, the trainer I had said she did not care for machines and proceeded to put me through her own routine. I did not know if it was just for warm up or what, so I decided to go along only to find she took the whole time with her routine. So, I ended up wasting my training session. In addition, all she seemed to have on her mind was promoting more training sessions, at an extra cost of course. Funny thing was that she started to talk about price then without even waiting for me to say yes or no to her price, she offered a lower price automatically. She never asked my needs or wants. So as far as sales pitches... she gets 2 stars. A note for the manager, as I mentioned this to one of the attendants with little luck, there is a fowl sewer smell coming either from the water going to the men's room sinks or more likely, it is coming up from the drain pipes. Very bad smell when your trying to wash your hands to be clean. Unlike some of the other gyms I have visited, the overall feel from the clientele is very cold. Other gyms I have visited, everyone, especially the regulars, are very friendly. This gym, everyone seems totally in their own world which is ok for a gym I suppose. Just different from other gyms I have checked out. I chose this gym for its location and good price and good variety of equipment. Can't beat it. More...


Sangeetha R.

5 June 2019

I have been using this fitness center for more than 4 years, have seen how it has changed from better to best. Thanks to the staff who make people like us to work the hell out and look fit and a special thanks to Mr Sam  for his great customer service and dedication to the gym..


Rachel Schulte

4 June 2019

Great location. Good variety of equipment. Some equipment could be updated or added, but overall a great gym. Great variety of people working out. Tavari is a top-notch trainer. I've enjoyed working with him and gaining more knowledge. More...


Andrew Eible

31 May 2019

I have been going for over 3 months and have not had a bad day yet. Great gym with a great atmosphere. The staff is extremely helpful and always willing to go out of there way to help. I have also been training with Tavari and have seen incredible results. Highly recommend! More...


Hannah S.

27 May 2019

I love this gym! The staff is so friendly and helpful and everything is kept clean. You rarely have to wait for equipment. Very judgement free.


Dave & Kathy Fath

25 May 2019

I returned to FItness 19 Jenison after being away for quite some time. I had made an appointment to meet with someone to help me choose which machines and at what weight I needed to start with. Isaac Trevino met with me and determined I needed to be assessed as to my capabilities. I have been doing a lot of compensating for my weak areas, and he saw where I needed to strengthen different areas including working on my balance. He set up a program for me, and I met with him three times a week for about six months. Isaac is very knowledgeable in kinesiology and knew exactly what to work on with me. He did an excellent job of explaining what muscles, etc., would be involved with different exercises and how they would help me. I have several physical limitations, and he took those into account and even adapted some of the moves so that I could do them but still be beneficial. Even with all of his clientele, he was good at remembering from session to session which moves I could not do and what some of my physical history was that caused my weaknesses. Isaac was always prompt and stayed on schedule, and yet he was flexible when we needed to tweak our meeting time whether for my schedule or his. He is a very personable man who takes a sincere interest in his clients. I would highly recommend Isaac Trevino as a personal trainer. More...


Deezy McStunner

19 May 2019

Great staff. Clean and friendly atmosphere.


Jennifer Martineau

5 May 2019

Great location. Wish some of the equipment wasn't broke. Some needs some repair.


Jay Mack

26 April 2019

Updated review: Gym is good, but I had to cancel due to a move.After canceling there was a little misunderstanding regarding my final billing and associated fees. They could have left it as is, kept a little extra money and called it good. But instead fitness 19 reached out to me to get it right and be fair to both me and them.You can tell a stand up places by how they treat you when you leave. I appreciate the extra effort you gave me, and I'm sure anyone looking for a gym will appreciate the same good treatment. More...


Tucker Vos

27 March 2019

Came in here after my gym closed down a few blocks away. The Manager Tavash was super nice and gave me an extremely warm welcome. He helped me get my membership while he was on his break with no hesitation and ran me through the different parts of the application, being fully up front as we went though the sign up. Furthermore, he quickly showed me around the gym and toured me around the different areas. I don't normally write reviews but the first impressions and Tavash's introduction was so phenomenal that I felt like I had to say something. Great start and great staff. More...


Julie C.

17 March 2019

Fitness 19 is a great place to get an excellent workout. The staff are Fantastic. The atmosphere is welcoming, fun and friendly. A variety of machines for any type of workout you want. Kate, the manager, is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. And the membership price is the best in town. More...


Samantha Thrall

25 February 2019

Great gym! Always clean & GREAT STAFF! I had the pleasure to train with Tavari and i would definitely give him 5 stars!! Super motivating & knowledgeable! They recently switched to 24 hours and it’s worth every penny! More...


Zac Hickok

25 February 2019

Fitness 19 is awesome. Lots of space and equipment. Lots of free weights. Very clean and organized. Good flow. Glad they offer 24/7 now.


kyah smith

25 February 2019

I’ve been going to Fitness 19 in Jenison, MI for about 8 years and it’s the best gym in the Grand Rapids area. The staff is super friendly and helpful. They go out of their way to make you feel welcomed. Being apart of this gym is like being apart of one big family. 10/10 recommend for all ages! More...


Cynthia B.

13 February 2019

I joined Fitness 19 in Sunnyvale a few months back. A small gym but meets the needs for just about everyone.  Sam is the employee that's at the gym first thing in the morning. He is the nicest, most sincere person. He gets to know the members, takes time to ask how you are and makes sure to answer questions, etc.  I came from 24 hour and nobody even came close to the friendliness you feel at Fitness 19. Like I said, it's a small basic gym (4 stars for the gym itself) but you can't beat the price and Sam (5 stars for Sam) in the morning! More...


Shawn Benedict

29 January 2019

If you want a gym that feels like a second home, then this is the place for you! The atmosphere is great, there are like minded people who may take different paths but have the same end goal!


Vince Pettelle

28 January 2019

Went in to cancel my membership because I lost my job and can’t afford it right now. Tavari was extremely kind and understanding. He waived my next two payments while still allowing me to come to the gym - which is exactly what I need during tough times. Random acts of kindness like this speak volumes to the amount of respect fitness 19-Jenison has for its customers. They deserve all the business they can get. Thank you Tavari! More...


Samantha Snoeyink

28 January 2019

Loveeee Fitness19! My favorite location. If you need a trainer, Tavari is your guy! Super knowledgeable, helpful & motivating. Also, the switch to 24 hours has been a game changer!!!!! More...


Emily Kaye Serrano

28 January 2019

I love fitness 19 in jenison! They’re awesome, and now that they’re 24 hours it’s very helpful with a night shifters schedule. Staff is always nice and the kids room is extremely helpful to make sure I can make it to the gym after my daughter is out of school. More...


Josh Kraft

26 January 2019

Great lifting environment, trainers are very knowledgeable and friendly. They get to know you and always have answers to any questions you could have. The gym is always clean, they play good music. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new gym or a gym to start at. More...


Allison M.

24 January 2019

Out of the many gym memberships I've had, this is by far my favorite. You can't find a better price. Gym is always clean and never overly crowded. Great atmosphere. The staff is amazing as well, to get a good deal on a membership ask for Danny or Ally! More...


Kevin R.

13 January 2019

Best value in sunnyvale.  Staff is helpful and interested in my fitness goals.  Many different kinds of training available including HIIT, boxing,  and group aerobics.Equipment and facilities are clean and modern.  There are two busy times, in the morning and right after work, but otherwise I've never had a problem getting on the machine I want.  Good mix of people.  It's not all gym rats, just regular people improving their fitness.  Best thing I've ever done for myself and my family. More...


Josh Kraft

3 January 2019

Trainers here take their time getting to know you! Very personable people here and welcoming! Make working out fun and exciting! Would highly recommend.


Christopher Ubbink

1 January 2019

Great price, Great staff it has everything you need in a gym to a get a good workout in.


Tirane C.

10 December 2018

I love this gym! Very friendly atmosphere, I can ask for help or instruction from other members or employees without feeling silly or embarrassed. Great prices, friendly employees, not focused on money grabbing like other gyms (*ahem Calfit*) making the experience pleasant for customers. More...


Erica W.

26 October 2018

Great customer service. Warm, friendly, focused on presenting a clean and safe environment where people of all ages and abilities can work out. Especially love "Sam de Man."


Marisha G.

25 October 2018

I've been coming to this Fitness 19 for a few months now and honestly I'm glad I joined. I tend to go between 1 p.m.-4 p.m. and it's never super packed, which is great! There are a lot of machines available and I feel like there's always something new, which adds more variety.The staff is super friendly! They always greet you on the way and tell you to have a good workout and I appreciate that a lot.  I really enjoy coming here because I don't ever feel judged or overwhelmed. It's a small location, but I think that's why I like it so much! More...


Nick Scrivener

14 October 2018

Great equipment, great atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I always get a good workout everytime I go


Francis B.

3 October 2018

Mike The Owner of the gym is a Good Man, he definitely cares about his gym.He takes care of family and friendsHis Staff members He sets good examples for his teamGood Family Man too!!The members appreciate having Mike here in Sunnyvale.  You Rock Man!! More...


Frank L.

5 September 2018

I've been a total gym rat for a lot of years! I've been part of dozens of Gyms! They come and they go... fitness 19 is a keeper! Clean and very well-maintained equipment.... friendly staff! Danny the a.m. opener he's very consistent we can definitely count on him.... to open up the gym for all of us members! For those of us that preferred to work out in the mornings! Having somebody there priceless.... More...


Jon L.

14 August 2018

This gym has everything I need in it, plus a few extra things I didn't know I wanted. The biggest plus for me is the deadlifting platform in the weight room, and the bumper plates that allow you drop the weight without damaging equipment or the flooring underneath. It also deadens the sound so it doesn't bother the other members. They also just got a trap bar in, which is nice. None of the other Fitness 19s seem to have these.Speaking of new equipment, they got new air bikes not too long ago, and coupled with the rowing machines they have, this gym pretty much fills all my requirements. There's a mix of old and new equipment, so occasionally there are machines out of order (nothing new there), but they're usually fixed quick enough. I like the staff. I feel like I'm able to ask questions about nutrition, exercises, or general gym topics. And even though I'm not paying for their trainers, they don't have any problems answering me, giving me advice, or generally chatting about fitness. I like this gym. I've been a member for a few years now, and I don't think that'll change any time soon. More...


Mario P.

27 July 2018

I like this gym so much specially in the morning, cuz of course it's not much people so that helps to do a better work out and always clean, it's small size place but pretty much complete and great monthly price


Parsa M.

9 July 2018

Been a member since December so I was one of the new years guy. Glad I came because this guy rocks. Always clean, great customer service,  and the manager Bosue is super cool. He always hooks it up with workout advice and lets us workout with him. Also, he bought us chipotle after our workout. What manager does that? Highly recommend this place. All the equipment works, clean and great service. Ask for Bosue!! More...


Eddie L.

29 June 2018

i enjoy coming to this gym because of how clean the equipment is compared to my previous gym and because of how nice the staff and people who work out here are. I always have a great workout when i come in! Its awesome More...


Han P.

28 June 2018

Good gym. Has everything in the free weight area that one could expect from a decent gym. Nice, cold water fountain. Just be sure to ask questions about membership pricing and cancelation policies. Thanks to Mike for the warm welcome a few days back. More...


Keith L.

27 June 2018

Bosue is a bad A$$....he helped me lose 35 pounds and now my hair, nails and skin look like I am 10 years younger. I have muscles in States like Alabama ....that could make my l@@k illegal for being too sexy. Thank God I live in California My belly fat is gone and so should yours if you are reading this. Don't be a FAT GUY. Have some pride in who you are!! Now, it's my wife's turn to get in shape. Bosue changed my Life  and now I am going to apply to be a Monster Promoter and BioFit rep so I can team up with Stephanie Davis and her team. It's interesting how life can be changed by one Gym and one Gym Master! The Bosue! More...


Allister D.

15 June 2018

I don't know how I missed this gym. I live right around the block and drove past this gym for many years and I finally had the opportunity to come this week for a 3-day trial. This gym is perfect for me. I've been a long time customer at Gold's gym in Santa Clara and City Sports in Sunnyvale and while both gyms have it's own type of vibe, Fitness 19 truly comes in the front. Honestly, this gym is just right. It's ventilated with many fans, flat screens on every wall for sports/news, a cardio section full of treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, etc. There's a weight room sections with every dumbbell you can find, and many more! You don't have to fight over a machine; you have this sense of privacy. Bottom line, Fitness 19 has everything you need all in one place and within walking distance. First off, I'd like to give a special thank you to Ibrahim, who helped me out today in signing up as a valued customer. He is professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable. He didn't pressure me into anything like these other employees from 24hr Fitness, Golds, or City Sports. He was understanding and willing. Right off the bat, I already know I'm going to not just be a customer but a friend to the employees here because of that sense of "family". For 10 years now, I honestly haven't ran into a more comfortable gym setting. Best of all, this gym is right around the corner of my house! More gym employees need to be like Ibrahim!Can't wait to start getting my gym on! More...


Dan L.

4 June 2018

My wife and i have been going here for about a year and a half after deciding to change our lifestyle and get fit. We couldnt be happier with our results. We both feel great and are well on our way to our fitness goals. The trainers here are top notch and very knowledgeable about not only exercise but nutrition and overall health and wellness. The equipment is great, and a very friendly and inviting atmosphere. More...


Ashley Meitz

29 May 2018

By far the best gym I have ever been to! Trainers that actually care about you and your goals. I never could have imagined how happy I would be with making the decision to switch from Planet Fitness to Fitness 19 and working out with a trainer. Tavari is a fantastic trainer there. I can tell every time I workout with him that he is looking out for me and my best interests. Even when I am there working out on my own, he is checking in with me and answering any questions I may have. He always keeps it fresh with new workouts and new challenges! I cannot emphasize enough how fantastic of a trainer he is and how amazing this location is. Everyone there knows you and you always feel welcome. I actually look forward to working out! I am stronger and making better progress than I ever have before. More...


Adryan Lee

15 May 2018

Like many people one of my favorite places is the gym. But Fitness 19. Is one of the ones I look forward to most. Always greeted with a smile and friendly staff.. It's always very clean and provide a wide variety of machines, and fitness equipment.. I highly recommend Fitness 19.!!! �� More...


Chris R.

22 April 2018

Great gym.  Been going here for years.  Always clean, great staff and trainers, relaxed cool atmosphere.  Can't imagine going to another gym.


Kathryn F.

20 April 2018

I have about three different gyms around town and fitness 19 is by far my favorite, I really like the set up, The guys at the front desk are always so helpful .. every month there's a really cool raffle for a chance to win something awesome... Also I'm always seeing new equipment laying around or something new to try out. Unlike some of the bigger gyms around town my phone actually works inside fitness 19....I really like that my music plays every time with no problem ... and seriously the filtered water is really clean and crisp :) More...


Tracy C.

13 April 2018

Friendly staff, nice atmosphere and it's a convenient location!!  I definitely recommend this gym for people of all ages and fitness levels.


Kalyn Boone

25 March 2018

I came here with a friend about a month ago to try out the gym! Let me tell you, the friendliness and big welcome you get is a game changer!I will hopefully be coming here soon once we move this way but even the people that attend this gym are friendly! They have a loud section of the gym playing music and has the weights and there is a section towards the back that’s less loud for people in their own zone! More...


Caleigh Lowing

13 March 2018

I would highly recommend fitness 19 to anyone. The staff is always friendly, willing to answer questions and help in any way they can whether it is fitness related or relating to a membership. Fitness 19 is always clean and the weights are always organized making it easy to find what you are looking for. I really enjoy that I can walk in to this gym and not feel intimidated by others in there. More...


Mario Adams

13 March 2018

This is one of the most professional fitness establishments I've been to in Michigan. Their staff is very knowledgeable and always willing to help members if they have any questions regarding fitness or the establishment itself. Every time I workout at fitness 19 it is very clean and a good environment to be in. Thank you fitness 19 for providing such a great service to the Jension community. More...


Jasmine Ferrer

13 March 2018

My family gym! Everyone is friendly and staff is incredibly helpful...Very clean atmosphere & they have great equipment to work with... would definitely recommend this gym to any & everyone! More...


Larry Williams

8 March 2018

Great place to commit to a healthier life style. Great Support staff, Tavari, Taylor and Logan are very supportive and committed you My Goals. Thanks Everyone for being so welcoming. More...


Kt Jongs

8 March 2018

Great atmosphere for some butt kicking workouts, or calm ones. The staff is always friendly and welcoming. They are constantly cleaning too, so it is a clean place to sweat all over. If you burn enough calories, you even get a sucker on your way out, or, maybe those are for the kids... Highly recommended! More...


Blake Maczinski

6 March 2018

Just joined a few days ago, reason being; they're very clean. Atmosphere is very friendly and staff is excellent! They clean to the T, membership is cheap and hours are amazing. They also have beyond adequate weight machines that I love! More...


kdsr 300

25 February 2018

Good clean gym. Basic services but inexpensive.


john d.

24 February 2018

No BS gym, with everything I need to lift. Good atmosphere.  No showers, but I don't really need that.  I pay $12 a month, and and been coming here 4 times a week for 4 years.  No complaints here.


Longboard Stoner

21 February 2018

In my opinion this is the only good gym in Grand Rapids. I used to work out here in high school until I moved to New York. I’ll be moving back in 6 months and I’m going to get a membership here. They have a daycare area for kids which is awesome for a mother of 1 that wants to get in shape. Only thing that this gym could do that they could get better is to become 24/7 More...


Elizabeth C.

17 February 2018

Great gym!!!! Love to work out there !!!! Good atmosphere!!!!!! Love the music you play!!!


craig OBrien

21 January 2018

Two squat racks and plenty of cardio equipment and free weights. Very well kept gym


Shelby O'dowd

4 January 2018

Fitness 19 is an extremely welcoming and awesome place to workout. Not only are the staff very kind but they are always helpful as well!


craig OBrien

3 January 2018

Hard to get the squat rack during peak hours; but plenty of cardio equipment and free weights. Very well kept gym


Cory Newman

28 December 2017

Great place busey but not crowded.


Marvin Heyboer

7 December 2017

I wanted to get my daughter a 3 month plan only. They worked with me and were not at all pushy. No hidden fees or impossible to get out of plans. We're able to quickly provide a reasonable plan custom. Thanks. More...


Selby V.

6 November 2017

I am so going to miss this gym. Nice staff. The manager is cool...no pressure. Perfect size... not too big and not too small. And they have a play room for the young ones. They make you feel at home. Yep...moving to Oregon. I hope that one of these days they open a gym there. Just wishing =) More...


George Kopanakis

29 October 2017

Great place to get a workout and the management treat you well.


Phoebe T.

26 October 2017

There are many reasons why I like this gym. First, it's really affordable. Can't get any better than that, right? Second, it's always clean. Third, it never gets super packed, which means you never have to wait that long to use a machine and/or do a workout. Fourth, the staff is always nice and friendly. So yeah, I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to go to this gym. More...


Jesus R.

25 October 2017

It's definitely a local gym with all the essentials. It doesn't have showers or a sauna, basketball court etc. If you're looking for those kind of extra perks, then you might think of a membership somewhere else. However, it does have the essentials for weight lifting. I enjoy the commaderie. I often leave my phone laying around and have no worries of someone pocketing it. Overall, great local gym. More...


Vatsal P.

18 October 2017

Gym is alwayas clean. Also membership fee very reasonable. All employee very nice and friendly. I go in Morning, Sam is greeting everyone. He is verygood employee. He be great asset to Finess 19. More...


Paula F.

11 September 2017

3.5 stars rounding up to 4...Visited the gym located in a small strip mall on a Saturday morning while out of town for a wedding.  Moderately busy but ample parking in the lot.  Friendly staff.Single-story and a tad outdated and dimly lit... There are basically 2 areas.  One with cardio and strength machines and the other w free weights and loose weight strength equipment.  There were plenty of cardio machines (15 treadmills, 2 stair climbers, 22 ellipticals, and about 15 stationary bikes and 2 rowers).  There were no locker rooms but available lockers just outside the restrooms.  The female restroom was clean but the workout area could use a quick cleaning. More...


Charles Tatro

9 September 2017

Only positive experiences and knowledgeable staff keep Fitness 19 as the go-to place for my fitness needs.


Nate Wiersum

11 July 2017

Management has improved and all the equipment is getting taken care of better! Great place to work out at and great price!


Mei K.

2 July 2017

The gym is always clean and the membership fee is reasonable. People who work there are also nice and helpful.


Jc S.

30 June 2017

I love that this place is right around the corner & reasonably priced. Also the price for a personal trainer for 2 people is awesome. I highly recommend it. Especially if you & a friend want to work out & need help trying to figure out which exercises to work on, meet with Suzanne for a personal training session. More...


Tavari Satchel

28 June 2017

Fitness 19 exceeded my expectations for the style of gym it is I definitely urge anyone who hasn't to come check it out. I love this place


Justin Clay

28 June 2017

Nice place to work out, friendly staff and is kept very clean. Affordable membership and has a daycare which was a selling point for me.


Marshall G.

11 June 2017

I've been a member since this location opened. It has undergone many changes / enhancements over time. I typically use this gym Monday - Friday mornings so I cannot comment on parking availability or staffing afternoons, evenings or weekends. Parking: availability typically quite good from 6:30am - 8am. Availability of free weights &/or machines: typically quite good Weekday morning hours. Short wait times. There are a ton of free weights and LifeFitness weight and aerobic machines, all in excellent working condition and typically well maintained despite their heavy use.There are ~12 flat screen LCD TVs throughout the gym with a variety of news or sports to help keep you informed or entertained. This is especially good when my favorite game is on.Personal: front office staff is very helpful, courteous. In particular, Sam opens up Fitness 19 every weekday morning and is always friendly, helpful and professional. Personal trainers are optionally available for a small additional fee.Last but not least, in the Summer months, Fitness 19 has air conditioning to help everyone stay comfortable. More...


Noriel A.

5 June 2017

I am a founding member of this gym and have seen members and employees come and go over the years. One guy who goes out of his way to make you feel welcome is Sam! He greets you at the door and offers to help with a big smile. Props to my friend Mike, the Manager, for keeping a tight ship. More...


Carolyn P.

31 May 2017

I'm one of those people who doesn't like to exercise, but this place makes it as painless as possible. Everyone is so nice and friendly. It has none of the echoes of grade school PE class judgement trauma that I felt at other gyms.I like that it's small and friendly and affordable. If I have to exercise, this is the place. More...


Stephanie C.

26 April 2017

I have been a member of this gym for 6 years now. They finally started adding classes about a year ago. I love that they have classes because your fellow classmates give you encouragement to keep going and the class leader Suzanne is an awesome motivator. She will safely teach you how to workout harder than you ever thought you could. I hope they continue the classes. They are awesome. More...


Charlotte N.

25 April 2017

I never liked gyms until I joined this one! Staff are incredible!! Equipment is great. It feels like you're part of a community. My personal trainer Suzanne is amazing!! More...


Sahil M.

24 April 2017

The trainers always help... especially the sam always motivate ... i found him cleaning always... hardworker guy


Steve B.

4 April 2017

Danny is the best! He always greets me every morning with a warm hello and wishes me a great day as I leave. If there is anything I need, Danny is the person I go to to get things done. I recently had a situation where a gym member was making me feel very uncomfortable and I started to dread my daily workout. I talked to Danny about what was going on and he immediately took care of the problem. Because of him, I enjoy working out again!His goal is to make the gym a pleasant and comfortable place to workout, not just for me, but for everyone! - Lisa B. More...


Jeremy S.

22 March 2017

I pay under 15 dollars per month for a unlimited access to all gyms. I have had a membership since 2013, but i previously went to the story RD gym until last year.  I think I get more than my money's worth. To be honest, I mostly lift weights so I can't speak for CrossFit and TRX stations. It has everything you need for an intermediate weight lifter including two benches, an incline bench, power rack, squat rack, leg press, deadlift station and multiple machines. For advanced lifters, the heaviest dumbells are 100lbs, so this probably isn't the place for advanced lifters. However, there is definitely less riff-raff and punk-a## BS at this gym as compared to other gyms like 24 Hour. For example, most people re-rack their weights. There aren't many people yelling, acting stupid, ego lifting, or doing dumb-ass exercises with shyt form. I rarely see guys occupying equipment needlessly while reading their phones. The cons: there are many people from a certain part of the world who have a peculiar smell. You're just going have to deal with it. The staff do their best to deal with it, and I see them spraying air freshener periodically throughout the day. What can you do? Be racist and discriminatory and ban certain ethnic groups? It's not practical and it's immoral. Next, there were some pretty badass (Lewis and others) trainers here, and they all exited to another franchise. After they left, I noticed that the gym hasn't been as busy. This is good because the gym is more empty, but it's also bad because those guys/gals were very helpful and would help with form-checks even if you weren't paying for a session. They also gave great training and diet advice and brought a great atmosphere to the gym. They were very inshape, which gave them some credibility. Most the trainers that remained look pretty sloppy. Is what it is. More...


Katie Farmer

27 January 2017

I started going to fitness 19 a year ago. Shortly after signing up I decided to get a personal trainer Logan has been amazing! He helps to hold me accountable and has helped me lose 60 lbs and 29.25 inches in a year. He's no longer just my trainer but a friend. This gym is great the staff is super friendly and helpful. I love this gym! More...


Shannon Brummel

24 January 2017

I joined in May and even though I hate to exercise I enjoy going there. The people are nice and the workers are awesome and love to help you when you don't know what your doing. The manager Joel is great and very helpful also. I have a trainer Andrea there that can kick you in shape and helps you in all areas besides working out. It's a great place to go More...


Karina R.

24 January 2017

Mike here is the most Courteous Gym Manager ever. I have joined a couple of gyms and no Manager has been this good at customer service more than him. He truly cares about his members and about his staff. Great gym, must go. More...


Mitch G.

3 December 2016

Felt like I had to stop in here to write a quick review for this gym. This is the only Fitness 19 I have ever been a member at and hopefully the only gym I will need in the future. The price ($19 / $29) is unbeatable for the area for the facility. The locker rooms are standard, no sauna or tanning bed if you are into either of those. But that comes with the territory. When I signed up they provided a free personal training session. I quickly scheduled and the workout was good. I felt the trainer knew what he was talking about and I did not feel pressured to continue utilizing the service. There's a conveniently located GNC in the same plaza too. More...


Kat F.

22 November 2016

I've been a member here for about 3 years. Typical gym atmosphere. Crowded after work and early on weekend days, but that's to be expected. It is small, but has everything I need. I do wish there was more space to stretch/lay out mats. Staff is pretty nice and has always helped anytime I needed it. The only complaint I really have is a couple weeks ago, a member had his son with him (I'm guessing ~10 y/o). The kid was playing on the pull down machine, the rows, the abductor, etc. and the man and staff just let him. I finally told him to stop before he broke something. Just pissed me off that both his dad and staff thought this was acceptable. I'm a paying member that doesn't want machines broken by reckless children. More...


Keen B.

16 November 2016

Great to be back here at this gym been going to this gym for a very long time. One of the gyms i started going to. I even used to work here. I liked going here when I used to live across the street in Henderson. When i just walked 5 minutes away... More...


Victoria J.

29 September 2016

This is a great gym close to home. I started coming here a few years ago with my family. Its never been an uncomfortable "gym" environment and the staff have always been so incredibly friendly. This year i started working one on one with a personal trainor. I feel like the trainors really know what they are doing and they can kick your ass into shape without them coming off overbearing. Its a safe enviorment to ask questions of you dont understand a machine they don't give off this muscle head intimidating feeling. I would recomend this gym to my friends and will continue my membership. Im extremly happy with the enviourment, the staff and the gym. More...


Johnny L.

26 September 2016

I've been coming here for years here's why! 5/5 Points Staff: The people who work here are great at their job. Here are couple of reasons why. Staff members  always  have a happy face, they love their job, great customer service, and staff member offered me snack since I didn't eat for my person training. Awesome people I recommend Gary or Mike. 5/5 Bathroom: is always clean and I'm a germaphobe. 4/5 Gym/Equipment: Small area but glad people repack their weights .5/5 Price: Cheap as heck great for people that can't afford expensive rates.Total :19/20 PTS More...


Frankie J.

21 September 2016

I've been training here for about 9 years and it's great. Does it get smelly? Occasionally...but you can usually tell who it is and stay clear, and find me a gym that doesn't! (Though I agree folks need to bathe and do laundry more often.) No showers? It's $12/month, for crying out loud! The equipment all works, and the staff are great...they always say hello when I come in, bye when I leave, and frequently will stop to chat. Added bonus: if you ask, they'll change the TV channel for you (as long as nobody else has specially requested the show that's already on).If you're looking for a nice neighborhood gym, this is your place. If you're a special snowflake who needs someone to hand you a cold towel when you're on the treadmill, go elsewhere. More...


Anmol M.

19 September 2016

Came in here after hearing great reviews - did not disappoint. Easy enrollment and perfect for my needs


Philip Huynh

18 September 2016

I absolutely love Fitness19. The staff and people are really friendly and love to help you on what you want to achieve. Everything is clean and they make sure of that as well. The personal trainers are really friendly and the weights are cardio are consistently clean. The most what I love is basically you can ask anyone to spot you and they definitely help you. They have all the weights I need and it's affordable. Especially the gravitational calve machine is what I love! More...


Karina M.

14 September 2016

Came in not expecting to much, just wanted a basic membership. Employees were very nice and helpful. Got a chance to sit down with Jr Ricarte who is one of the membership counselor who ended up getting me started with not only a great deal for a multi club membership on top of my 12 month personal training program. I have not been so eager and motivated to get stared with a lifestyle change. More...


Andrea M.

11 September 2016

The gym is fine for what I want to do when I come here. The only one who makes the effort to acknowledge me is my trainer Brian. Two others have talked to me and made me feel a little more welcomed but one other guy who actually got me signed up has never said hey or welcome, or anything and sees me walk by and is like okay whatever and looks the other way or walks away. I guess he must think my shyness means I don't like him so he just acts like I'm not even there most of the time. Other than that, I'm alright coming here. I go here every day to work out for an hour or just 30 minutes and I am prepared so I don't need to change when I get there and plus I go in the morning because it's good to start early so I can do other stuff for the rest of the day. I've never had an issue with finding parking or fleas and ticks as people have mentioned. That sounds a little weird. Air circulation is fine but it is admittedly better when you're working out closer to those cool air vents. I pay $15/month here but that's definitely better for me because other gyms charge $35 to access the same equipment. Yeah, the other places may have a swimming pool but I would never use it anyways because I hate competing with old people for that dirty chlorine water. Despite that, I still had the same lack of attention by the employees at those other gyms, minus the person at the check in station. At least here I may be ignored by one person, but I've been to those more expensive gyms and the customer service and cleanliness is worse from all that public overuse. So whatever bad that people say here about Fitness 19 has to be an exaggeration or that they are really picky people and have to try really hard to make themselves sound like victims in order to make this place sound awful and horrible. Puhleeeze... I get why people can think so low of this gym- yeah, because it is limited, but at least for me, I also see that there are people who are trying to make this gym a better place for people to come workout. I'm doing alright so far and hope things will continue to go well not just for me but for everyone. More...



5 September 2016

Such outstanding customer service!  I was missing my iPad today and drove back to my gym and asked, "Have you seen my iPad?" "Yes, someone turned it in."  It was back in my hands in 2 minutes.  So I can tell you this is where you will experience the kindness of people. Add to that its  cleanliness and availability of equipment and hours that make working out the best in the area at a cost that is crazy reasonable.  Seriously, check it out and join at whatever level works for you.  It's not high end but better at making me show up to get a workout in. More...


Mark G.

20 August 2016

I stopped by this place while visiting Grand Rapids and in need of a gym.A day pass was just $5 and took less than 2 minutes to sign in. They offer free lollipops(I'm not sure how I feel about this).You don't need a member with you or anything!The equipment is pretty standard, but nothing exceptional.The floor is decently spaced out(lots of gyms keep cramming more and more equipment) and the machines are up to date.The bathroom and changing rooms were nice and clean and the staff was super friendly.Check it! More...


Jordan Mondello

12 August 2016

Very happy with our experience here. My wife and I are visiting family from out of town and Joel was extremely accommodating to our needs and hooked us up with a place to train for the week. Thanks guys!


Ashley M.

28 June 2016

A good gym that has majority of everything I need!  Clean equipment, great staff, & an easy to get in & out location!  For the price, it's the best in town!


Randy H.

17 June 2016

Walked In about 15 minuets ago to have a few questions answered, the sales rep and/or manager was incredibly helpful. The gym has exactly what I need and I got more than I could have hoped for. I will be back to work out tomorrow. More...


Courtney C.

16 June 2016

Finally a gym with good equipment! Without a contract. Daycare! So perfectIt's great for lifting! They have a great cleaning policy. & everything is always were it is suppose to be. Lockers are nice you can bring your own lock. They always have super friendly people and not in a shady area. Much better than planet fitness they allow you to grunt and you can wear a tank top with cut off sleeves. Super professional. Amazing trainers who work with got goals More...


Rachel A.

15 June 2016

I just joined this week, and am very impressed. It's professional, clean, and affordable! I have had memberships at much bigger facilities before, that were always crowded and had limits on time for select machines during peak hours-not here! No waiting for equipment, and the staff and other members are friendly and classy. More...


Lori P.

7 June 2016

The staff at fitness 19 is very friendly. The gym is always very very clean. I would recommend this gym to all ages and abilities. From beginner to advance they have many machines as well as free weights! More...


Debbie K.

4 June 2016

This is a great gym for those who are serious about just getting a good gym workout. The machines are well maintained and clean. The staff is cheerful and helpful. They do fun raffles for great prizes like paddleboards. The place has never been crowded when I've been there. My goal is to lose weight and I have already lost 5 pounds! Yeah! More...


Shaniece S.

28 May 2016

Super excited about how clean this gym is, my son loves the child care,  they offer tanning, great price and great people!


Ashley M.

19 May 2016

I have been to many different gyms and nothing compares Best gym ever !!! Great staff and friendly environment so glad I joined


Scott Huizen

7 May 2016

Very good gym. Friendly, knowledgeable staff that is very helpful. There is a Big variety in equipment that has kept working out from getting boring. A special thanks to Kyle who is helping me correct my form on many exercises. Though I traveled the world on a strength team and am knowledgeable on lifting, Kyle caught some deficiency's in me that would have caused some big problems down the road. Thanks guys!! More...


Terri T.

6 May 2016

Thanks to personal trainer Stephanie for motivating me to go hard.  She really makes my workout different everytime I go.  The gym is small.  Easy to get on machines anytime I go.  All staff super nice and very helpful. More...


Florin E.

6 May 2016

Great fun gym good environment awesome staff and an amazing chield care/day care. If you want an amazing gym with no judgement and no rude people this is the gym for you.And for the price they offer its defenetly worth it. More...


Rachel C.

29 April 2016

I wanted to wait to get in a couple months before I reviewed the gym... partly to make sure I would actually go on a consistent basis! I was totally a January 1st sucker and joined right after the new year. But I'm proud to say I've been going consistently since then.The pros absolutely outweigh the cons. It's super cheap at $19-29 depending on if you take classes or not. It's clean, which I cannot say for the disgusting LA Fitness in South Side. I regularly see the staff cleaning up the machines, so I don't find old candy wrappers in the cup holders anymore (true story from LA Fitness). I never worry about getting a machine I want and it can get busy around dinnertime/after work but nothing crazy where you're waiting for machines. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cize class I've been taking, which is a hip hop type class. I'm excited to see a couple new classes springing up on the calendar too. While I wish there was a little bit more variety, I realize it's a dirt cheap gym, so you can only ask for so much. Small gripe, but I wish they had those water bottle water fountains. I don't understand why gyms don't install them. Again, I"m sure it's probably because they're expensive, but it would be nice. So the only issue I have is the personal training. I believe the trainers are contractors, so it doesn't seem like the staff really cares too much about setting you up with them, as much as they do signing you up for a package and getting your money. I signed up for a special deal to get four training sessions. When I asked about trainers, they pretty much handed me 5 different cards with trainers names and numbers and said here you go. I think it would have been nice to have bio's of what the instructors specialize in, what their schedules looked like, etc. I tried to book one guy I'd seen around the gym and he told me he was full and couldn't accept any more clients. He didn't seem to care to set me up with anyone else either. So I called someone else and finally got a call back a couple weeks later. He was a nice enough guy but completely KILLED me on the first session. I realize trainers are there to push you, but I seriously strained my arms so much under too much weight that I was icing them down for days after and had trouble sleeping because they were throbbing. I've had trainers before, so I know the drill and this has never happened before. I'm all for pushing yourself, but on the first try... this wasn't the right way to go about it. Maybe part of my mistake was saying I wanted Michelle Obama toned arms. Regardless, I didn't see him again and I still haven't used the last 3 of my sessions because they all seem so disingenuous. Aside from the personal training issue, I'm glad this is convenient to where I live, clean and accessible. More...


Trisha L.

27 April 2016

As a gym novice that's easily intimidated by pressures of larger gyms, I love the comfortability of Fitness 19. Great staff and very nice facility!


Nick G.

8 April 2016

This is the best gym in California hands down! The employees are awesome and the equipment is top of the line. Best of all, they keep the place clean. Proud to be a member.


Adrienne L.

7 April 2016

Love this gym; my wife and I joined last month. It's always clean and has all the equipment you need for a well-rounded cardio and lifting experience. No frills, but you don't wind up paying for a bunch of features you don't use. Great price at $10/mo each and $10/mo for our son to hang in the play room while we work out. On-going raffles for prizes, entries earned just by going to the gym. I love it! More...


Sholeh S.

7 April 2016

I was a member at the watt ave location but since it shut down I've been going to this gym. I can honestly say that this is a great gym to workout at because of the great atmosphere. The staff is friendly, they are always cleaning, and the club almost never crowded like other gyms. The manager Bosue is super welcoming and friendly. Highly recommend this gym to everyone! More...


Cassie Cobb

30 March 2016

Love fitness19 very clean gym the staff are very nice there there for you for anything no contract very affordable prices started my journey and still continueing i would recommend this gym to everyone lots of equipment and space to stretch and the child care is amazing my kids ask to go to gym just so they can go in the child care room


Anand R.

18 March 2016

The  only  Gym that I know of  that doesn't   Rip you off  and maybe Planet Fitness too.


Nancy M.

16 March 2016

I  recommend  this gym, ,very  nice  ,cool people's, trainer's, owner, spichl the owner  very  good  guy


Lo'rie V.

10 March 2016

Fitness 19 in Lilburn, GA 30047I will say the manager is very nice. I hope he stays around. When the manager sees my son and I come in, he always says hi, glad to see you again. As a mom, this makes me happy that my son feels welcome. Will is a trainer, although I don't work with a trainer, Will goes out of his way just to give pointers. On our visits, the gym has been clean. What I'm saying is, I've had no problems thus far, If I had or have in the future this will be a different review. Happy Fitness!!! More...


Kathryn M.

27 February 2016

Love this gym!  I have been going for about 3 months now. I used to belong to balleys and was transferred to la fitness which I hated. You can't beat the price of the gym. Plus I really love Liz and Christina in the kids club. I know my daughter is well looked after when we are there. The people working there and working out all seem nice and not intimidating. The only thing that bugs me is there are only 6 precor arc ellipticals.  These are always in use. they should do away with the basic ones and get more of these. Plus for some reason there are spin bike directly behind them. You cant even walk between them. I push them back but I think the guys on weights push them forward. But these are minor things. At least there isn't a ton of pretentious people and staff like some other gyms I know. Ahmm, la fitness. More...


Cheyenne D.

17 February 2016

One of the nicer locations in the area. Very clean. Plus they have wifi which is always a plus


Kevin C.

13 February 2016

Fitness 19 has everything to offer, friendly staff, great equipment and a solid atmosphere.I love coming to the gym and getting a great workout in, and fitness 19 makes that easy to do so.Thanks for everything guys!


Megan Bronkema

6 February 2016

This is a great gym. It's got a lot of space and variety, especially in the free weight area. There's a lot of cardio variety too, and nice little corners to do stretching and other activities requiring floor space. The staff are all super nice and very knowledgeable, and you can tell they take a lot of pride in keeping the gym clean. They are open and accepting of ALL fitness levels! Also, they are non-contracted and quite affordable. I highly recommend Fitness 19 to everyone looking for a gym membership. More...


Tamar B.

29 December 2015

The reason I give this place a 5 star review is mainly the staff.  I was looking for a gym and drove by this one for a long time and didn't go in until last September.  This is the most friendly and welcoming gym.  People who really want to get in shape come here.  It has no frills, just good clean and honest exercise equipment - great hours, and even an area for kids while the adults exercise.  The thing that won me over is the staff.  They keep the place very clean, they are helpful, and they are just honest to goodness very nice people.  I plan on exercising in this facility for many years to come. More...


Kelsey F.

25 October 2015

Ive been going to fitness 19 for almost 10 years. The whole time i have always been so pleased with how well kelpt and clean the facility is. The staff has always gone out of their way to help. I had an incident recently, my membership was accidently cancelled and the guy who helped me went above and beyond to get the problem fixed. There is also a girl named Tera who is always super friendly and if i ever need anything she is always right there to help with a smile on her face.I love this gym and everyone who works there More...


Samuel T.

27 August 2015

Great price, affordable on my college student budget. The staff is friendly and helpful and greats you with a smile


Jay C.

3 July 2015

Clean, well managed, well maintained.Everything you need for great workout.Was paying 3 times as much at LA Fitness and getting the same workout. This place is well worth it.


Jasmine U.

14 June 2015

Love this gym! I have been to a couple of other gyms throughout the years (Cal Fit, 24 Hour, The Gym, Planet Fitness, and Gold's) and I always come back to Fit 19. The facility looks excellent after the remodel, and the equipment provided is all that you need to get a good workout in. The atmosphere is what I enjoy the most. I like that it is a smaller and less busy gym with a very supportive community. The staff are all wonderful - I think their names are Bosue, Adam, Scott, and the girls there are always very friendly and accommodating. You can tell that the employees care and are knowledgeable about their gym! More...


Chris K.

11 June 2015

I've been coming here on and off again for the past couple of years. The facility is very clean, and the equipment kept in great shape. ( no pun intended)There are a number of classes offered during the week and plenty of televisions to stare at. And for $10 a month, I don't need showers. More...


David S.

6 June 2015

Excellent location. Staff is very friendly and professional. My trainer was knowledgeable and patient. Highly recommended.


Earle E.

29 May 2015

This place makes me feel like a steroid princess. I pump the weights and never hit the brakes. Can't stop won't stop....get it


Sharon S.

2 May 2015

Small, cozy gymI love that it's not packed with people (reason why I left my other gym) Only thing I wish they had was a sauna and stair master. Other than that, great gym and awesome customer service. Excellent childcare and loveeee that they lower your dues if you bring someone to sign in. The manager is HOT. More...


Hedda S.

28 April 2015

This is a great gym with all the right equipment to work on "abs" and "glutes". We have been members since 2004 and love the new look. Personal training with Bob and classes with Gayle have been very helpful. The staff is friendly - love seeing Danny each morning. More...


Ashley M.

28 April 2015

I started going to this gym about a month ago and absolutely love it! I go with my mom (who has been going for years) at 5 am when they open and It's perfect. Even though nobody has had caffeine yet, everyone is really nice and I never feel awkward or intimidated. I try to come in every morning with a joke and Danny at the desk is always quick to smile and laugh and make us feel welcome. I know that not everyone is willing to get up as early as me, but no matter the hour, I would definitely recommend this gym to my friends. It's a great price, and though it's small, it fits my needs perfectly. There isn't Yoga, or a swimming pool, but I don't like all of that kind of fluff anyways. I'll go swimming at a friends house or the lake (when we had lakes...), and then do yoga at home where my dogs can join me (haha). Not having all of those crazy classes makes it where they don't have to charge you insane prices for stuff you don't use. Instead, they can focus on lots of cardio, plenty of machines, and a plethora of weights. Not to mention it's always spotless clean and never smells. They are constantly holding raffles for really cool prizes like TV's, stand up paddle boards, and right now they are raffling a bunch of camping equipment. People say there's not any motivation, but I think if the raffles and your own dedication aren't enough, then you don't really want to be there. That's not the gym's fault. They also try and get you the best deal, and encourage you to bring a friend to try it out! If they do end up joining, then you get a discount off of your monthly membership ($$$) which is super awesome. I think the fact that this gym has been around for 13 years speaks for itself since all of these other "designer gyms" have been cropping up all over the place. Come, talk to Danny and he will get you going. He's funny, quick to smile, and can answer any question you have. So stop reading my novel and go!!! :) More...


Alicia S.

23 April 2015

I have nothing but good things to say about this Fitness19 location. I moved to this location in July 2014 and workout 3-5 days each week. The gym has absolutely everything I need and I never have to wait for equipment. The employees are great. Everyone from the front of the gym, to the childcare providers, to the trainers are friendly, helpful and kind. My two young boys (4 & 2) enjoy the kid's room and the vast majority of the other children are nice, sweet kids. I have no need for a locker room, sauna, pool or basketball court so I don't want to pay for it all. This gym has everything that I need at a price that can't be beat. More...


Lina B.

20 April 2015

I love this gym, I've been coming here for many years! I like it better than 24 Hour Fitness because it's smaller in a good way and there are never any weirdos hanging around. The atmosphere is very comfortable and it's the cleanest gym I've ever been in. They recently went under a remodel and it looks very modern and chic. The young man named Bosue who is usually there working the front desk and overseeing the faculty is very kind and helpful!! He was so nice to go out of his way to show me the machines and help me when I was new. It's been wonderful and I'm grateful to find such a nice little gym to work out at who hires great quality service like Bosue!! Thank you, Fitness 19! More...


Portia H.

6 April 2015

This gym serves our early time in and out needs.  Mom and I go use the treadmills and she has an excellent trainer.  This gym is a great addition to the Greentree neighbor. The salesman Allen introduced me to his lunch some NuGo Dark chocolate bars and I have been pleased ever since.  I joined for a month, $40. More...


Michelle Y.

2 April 2015

Small, quaint gym. Staff is actually really great now that I know them better since I come more regularly now. I really only come here for just the bare necessities. Running and some lifting. The equipment is very basic. They do not have the thigh master machines fyi. The parking is pretty limited. There are no showers at this location. I still come through the Special membership that covers all Fitness 19 and Right Stuff locations. It's awesome because I can bring a free guest with me any time, any where. :) The gym has very few machines, however the organization of weight lifting, free space and cardio sections is pretty well planned out because it's very spacious. Really cheap membership as it is, so I would recommend paying for the membership I have that gives you all access. I do frequently bring a friend with me to the various locations and have had no problems. My right stuff membership card signs me in to fitness 19 locations without any issues. :) More...


Patrick P.

14 March 2015

Brand new gym.  Excellent staff.  Great prices on trainers (much cheaper than LA Fitness and other gyms).   Changing rooms.    Check it out!


Trisha B.

11 March 2015

I honestly think for the price, it is a pretty decent gym. Regular membership is only 8.99 and there's no contract. I pay 15 for the premier membership and I take my boyfriend with me whenever I go. So it's like 2 memberships in 1 (: yeah it's not as fancy as other gyms but you're there to work out not to be fancy. I definitely recommend to people who is on a budget and wants to get fit! More...


paul s.

26 February 2015

Been going to this gym for a long time and now that I've moved it's time that I share my experience here. I'm an avid gym goer and seen my share of establishments. Many of them have a lot of hype but never resonated with me. I like a real (to the point) gym that centers around well being and true health. Fitness 19 is a clean and organized gym which is great for someone who has OCD like me. I used my membership to the fullest while I was there. This gym is legit and has all the tools you need to have a ripped, lean, or bodybuilding physique without stealing your bank account balance.  I went through a severe back injury in the past so I needed help to recover and strengthen my legs. Will helped bring my focus back, and guided me through proper form in all my leg exercises. His guidance saved my legs from suffering another injury. Will always set aside time for my fitness goals, and I'm grateful for all the time spent. My legs along with my upper body are stronger than ever. Fitness 19 has developed my body in a positive everlasting way. Thank you Will, and all the staff at Fitness 19 Sunnyvale! More...


Nitesh M.

22 February 2015

Wonderful gym, very affordable if you just want to work out and not much interested in doing activities like swimming, or may be other classes like biking, jhumba, etc.


Sung R.

14 January 2015

Very professional and genuinely nice people.  Although I don't have the premium membership to workout at different locations, the owner Mike, called the gym in LA and I was able to get my workout in.  THANKS MIKE!


Diana F.

20 December 2014

I don't understand why this has low ratings. A gym is a gym. What do you people expect? The people who come to workout, they don't complain because there is absolutely nothing to complain about. Good amount of equipment. Very versatile, everything you need to stay in shape is at the gym! There will always be people who complain about little things. How about less complaining, more doing. More...


Maria B.

8 December 2014

This gym is great! For $15 you get access to all the machines everyday! The parking can get difficult since so many stores are in the same plaza. There's parking behind the building but I wouldn't suggest if it's night time. Bring your own towel, and there's free wi-fi! More...


Justin V.

30 October 2014

Love this gym. All the essentials, friendly staff, and way cheap. Good location as well and on my way home from work. Refer friends to lower your dues.


Meg C.

30 October 2014

There are few places as friendly to work out at as this gym, between the amenities, while modest, and the staff, it really is a great place to go. They have deals and specials all the time so it's cheap. While other places are prettier, the gym is ultimately a workspace and no one bugs me or upsells or pushes me and that's absolutely lovely. Help is always available if you want training or classes, but if you train on your own you're left to work out in peace. More...


Eddie C.

16 October 2014

Great little gym for the price. Very affordable. I can't beat the price anywhere.  No pool or basketball court,  but i never used that anyhow. Bosue signed us up. I inquired originally online and setup a time to meet and process was quick and easy. Bosue was great and the staff have been welcoming. Cool place to work out and not packed even at peak hours. More...


Lawrence K.

18 August 2014

Good clean gym. Has pretty much everything you need and the price is unbeatable. Highly recommend.


Shaun T.

1 July 2014

I worked out here recently not bad. I was able to get my workout done pretty fast weights and cardio and I was out the door. People were pretty cool. I think not too many people know about this gym yet. More...


Frederick S.

29 June 2014

Signed up several years ago mainly because of its location. My son goes to Peterson Middle School and this is right around the corner. The prices are low so expectations for extras are as well so no surprises or disappointment. I enjoy working out with my son and decided to sign him up for a dozen sessions with a personal trainer. Willis did an excellent job with my son in getting him comfortable with various workout options while providing great motivation. For me a great investment. More...


Lora S.

28 June 2014

Great basic gym. Very clean and the staff is great! I really don't understand the bad reviews! This isn't a sports club and they don't have any classes. We checked out California Family Fitness first. We walked in and the smell was horrid. After waiting 10 minutes to talk to someone, it was a surely woman that obviously hated her job. When we were finally allowed to have a tour by a staff member he told us this was a high quality gym, with classes and a pool and child care. When we checked out the classes they only had 2 yoga classes and a few Zumba classes. He spent most of his time telling us how much better they were to Fitness 19. To top it off the cost per month was $60!  Oh and the decor! Hideous purple walls. We then went to check out Fitness 19, we walked in and were greeted by Dan. Signing up took about 10 minutes. It has all the cardio machines that you need and all weights free style and machines. I saw a stupid bad review because the lady would have to look at Taco Bell. Uh really lady, no gym will work if merely seeing  fast food restaurant makes not want to work out and gorge!   My daughter uses the child care and tans. Unlimited child care is only $10 bucks a month. If you want a basic CLEAN gym with friendly staff this is the place to go. As for the gym down the street, I wouldn't use a pool or jacuzzi in a place that smells like 10 years of built up sweat and stink. . Dan and his daughter( I can't recall her name) say hello to us every time they see us. More...


Jen T.

6 June 2014

This gym rocks! The atmosphere is always chill, the equipment is clean. The pricing is great! I don't feel like everyone is in competition or staring because ones body isn't perfect! The staff is very knowledgeable and very supportive! More...


Omar H.

28 April 2014

Staff is chill weights are iron not plastic Everyone's working out Plenty of weights and cardio stuff It's a gym lol what more do u want?!?


Shane N.

8 April 2014

Its a little small and gets crowded easily which is annoying when you have to wait for machines, but for the price of the membership its worth it. They don't have fancy things like basketball and pools, they have exactly what I need as far as weights and cardio go. The staff is really friendly, and the people that go there are nice as well. I would definitely recommend this place if you want a friendly atmosphere with just the right equipment for your gym needs. More...


John G.

27 March 2014

Has everything you need. Staff is friendly and always cleaning. Just starting classes that's pretty exciting!


Ambica S.

15 March 2014

This is a GOOD gym. If you are looking for a convenient place to simply work out without all the extra added services, this works well, and the price is incredible for everything you get. They also have great training services. When I first started out, I had specific goals, and I got to train with one of the trainers here, Will. He was excellent at what he does, and he knew what he was doing. The most important thing if you start training here is that you have to do your share of the training, so keeping up with workout routines outside of the session. Will was really supportive and encouraging. He would keep in touch with me and made sure he did everything on his end to bring results. Every training session I had made me feel amazing. It is probably the best work outs I ever had, and enjoyed each one of them. I learned a lot and would definitely recommend training here for your specific workout needs, because they do a really good job in pushing you in the right direction in terms of types of work outs, and diet. I really enjoyed working with Will, and would definitely come back here to train. More...


Tam T.

8 March 2014

This is 5 star for me as it's way better than the nearby Anytime Fitness (on Homestead) and 24 Hour Fitness (on E Arques). I tried the 24 Hour Fitness with a visitor's pass and they have old weight equipment that doesn't aid in working out at all. They have a schedule for fitness classes, but I don't care for it anyways. I didn't work out at Anytime Fitness but visited there for a tour and was hoping to be offered a visitor's pass. I was not offered a visitor's pass, but that's okay because $50 a month and the extra fees for the initial setup was not feasible for a small space with limited equipment.Fitness 19 have a lot of cardio machines and weight training machines. There are no fitness classes, but I see many people with personal trainers. There are always adequate staffing, so you can get help for even something as simple as changing a channel on TV near you. The most impressive thing for me is when there are rips/tears on equipment pads, they actually CHANGE it! I've experience gyms that NEVER change those thing for ages. There's a room for childcare but I don't know the details. There are no large locker rooms for women or men, but I don't mind their unique and modern set up of change rooms. Lockers are near the change rooms and the restrooms. Restrooms are always clean; even though small, but it's never been a problem for me. There are no steam room or gigantic pool, but I never used the steam room before even if there was one and I don't care for a pool. The place is well lit, and I don't know what the gripe is about regarding ventilation or no AC because it's hard to miss the fans that are always circulating the air and it's actually a little chilly in the summer time. To balance everything out, the pricing is consistent and fair for everyone without being a ridiculous amount for a gym. There are also incentives if you refer people. More...


John C.

18 February 2014

I've been coming here for a while now, and it feels like home. The trainers and most of the regulars are very friendly. Many people know me by name, and vice versa. And it's pretty affordable.I've seen reviews on here where people complain about the facilities but I think they're more than adequate, and what I've found since coming here is that I'd rather be at a place where people seem happy to see me, I don't feel like I'm imposing by asking for a spot, etc., than somewhere big and fancy where no one knows who you are.My one small gripe is with the couple of guys who don't deadlift somewhere other than the one squat rack. But generally people are mindful. Rarely you might have to wait for a bench, but usually you won't. Plenty of cardio equipment, even at peak.I trained with Will over the last month and a half and had a great experience. Will is very knowledgeable and helped me put together a program that's miles better than what I had, and from which I'm already seeing progress with strength and physique despite currently being on a diet. His form cues have helped me to progress on the lifts I was already doing. If you are on the fence about hiring a trainer, I can say that it was probably the single biggest leap I've made toward my goals. And Will in particular is a good trainer. More...


Mykel T.

4 February 2014

Dude I love this place. the atmosphere is great the and the employees are awsome. I know it's probably their job but it feels great to get recognition every time I'm there. thanks for the call out Mack! At this point i don't think i'd want to go anywhere else. :) More...


Ani H.

28 January 2014

Great gym! Never too busy, always have available machines. Non intimidating. Max is great and very informative.  Gyms always clean & employees are friendly and helpful. More...


Stephanie C.

29 December 2013

I love this gym. It is clean. The staff is friendly. The clientele is free of annoying meatheads and best of all it is so affordable. After scouting gyms in the area including Snap, Elite and THE HORROR SHOW- FAMILY FITNESS, this was by far the best. Check it out, they are a no pressure,Friendly, clean facility! More...


Michael S.

18 December 2013

The staff that helped me sign up for my membership were really friendly and welcoming. The monthly rates are very affordable. I also did some personal training sessions with Will who helped me learn some new exercises, gave me some workout routines to do, and answered my questions. Will is the man! This place does not have a shower or sauna but there are some lockers you can use to hold your items. I recommend coming as early as possible because it can get pretty crowded... More...


Matthew M.

29 October 2013

I love coming to this gym, they have a ton of machines, free weights, and cardio. It's never busy and the staff is super friendly. My membership allows me to go to any of their locations in the bay or sac which makes it even more convenient for me. I don't know why people pay more for a gym when this one has it all. More...


Sanmoi H.

21 October 2013

Every staff member working in this gym is really friendly and helpful. The gym is a little bit smaller than what I am used to, but if you go before 5 PM, you wouldn't have to wait in line for an equipment or find another alternative exercise altogether. They are also much cheaper than all other gyms I have attended.I highly recommend Jay as a personal trainer!! I had Jay assist me on my first day. He is funny, and easy to talk to. I signed up for his bootcamp to try it out because it is much cheaper than a personal trainer and you are still able to have guidance while working out. What I appreciate tremendously about Jay is that he doesn't yell in your face and push you until you want to cry. He lets you advance in your own pace, and your own style. I tend to be really lazy and not push too hard, but he says really encouraging words, and even if I wasn't giving my 100%, I still feel a BIG difference the next day with all my muscles aching. He calls in to check on me, and I am able to ask him questions about anything related to eating healthy, and workout plans. He is very willing to work with you. This gym, dollar for dollar, is definitely worth signing up for. More...


Jessica B.

12 September 2013

I love this gym!! I work at the Starbucks right across the street so it's really convenient for me and my fiance. Gabe is my personal trainer and is absolutely amazing! He has really fun/challenging sessions. I have already seen increases in my strength and appearance. What I am most proud of is my confidence. I didn't think I would become so confident in myself because of workouts but I did. Thanks to Gabe I was able to do things I never thought possible before. In all GREAT GYM, GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT ATMOSPHERE!!! :-D More...


Manoj P.

9 September 2013

Fitness 19 was something like 24 hrs, but I never tried. Once I got promotion and went for it and liked it. I took few PT from Gabe. It were great got great results. Gabe is very thorough trainer and always follows up with you, consults on diet, has deep understanding of what needs to be done to get results. I am very happy with it and I extended my session. Loving the environment friendly staff and motivating trainers. More...


Jonathan R.

8 September 2013

You got everything you need to build functional mass: kettlebells, dumbells, swiss balls, etc. All for the price of only $7 / mo. for every other day.


Stephanie M.

8 September 2013

Fitness 19 has an awesome atmosphere! The trainers are always around to help with anything that you need. The equipment is very clean every day and always available for use for the times that I came in. If you're looking for an affordable membership with great advice from employees go to Fitness 19! More...


David V.

1 September 2013

Not as bad as I thought it would be. Some of the reasons why I joined this gym was because it was so conveniently close to me and it was affordable. Also, I can cancel at anytime. The guy who helped me, forgot his name, was extremely friendly and personable. In fact, the staff is all like that! Just wished the parking situation was better. But who am I to nag?! More...


Geet B.

27 August 2013

I started going to this gym because it was close  to my place. At first I wasn't sure if I would like this place, so I signed up for the one week trial. Once I got there, I liked this place. It is small and not so busy. All the trainers and staff people are really nice and friendly.I signed up for the personal training routines with Gabe. He was super nice. He understood exactly what my goals were, and he helped me a lot in order to reach them. He suggested some diet changes, he would always bring in the new elements during the sessions. He designed the circuits based on what my goals were. He was always enthusiastic, even at 9pm (that's when my sessions were scheduled).I never felt that he does not want to train me, he was always smiling and keeping me motivated. I liked having him as my trainer, he was encouraging, and kept pushing me to do better.In short, I would recommend fitness19 and if you need a personal trainer, my recommendation would be Gabe. More...


Mike L.

20 August 2013

This is the perfect gym if you want weights and cardio. Yes, the price is low, even though there is a yearly "equipment maintenence fee" which brings the average dues up a bit. My complaints are few. There are a few machines I wish they had at my home location in Fair Oaks, and the dumbells stop at 100 lbs (my previous gym went much higher), but they have pretty much everything that most folks use. They have generally helpful staff, very knowledgable and motivational trainers, and enough locations to facilitate most out of town trips. More...


Piyush S.

19 August 2013

I am newbie when it comes to working out. I think I entered a gym 4 times in my life before joining fitness 19. It has been terrific. I take personal training sessions and I have found them to be very effective. The trainers are knowledgeable and a lot of fun. They have specialized trainers who will work with you to help you achieve your goals (Gabriel and Mike are two trainers you should talk to if you are looking to build muscles). Four of my friends have joined fitness 19 since I started going there 4 months back and we are all very happy with the quality of the training sessions. Also, as far as I know, it is the most reasonably priced gym in the area. I would recommend this place to everyone. More...


Rini P.

14 August 2013

I have been going to Fitness 19 since past few weeks, and I really like this place. They have plenty of equipment to choose from and also very good trainers too. My trainer Emily is one of the best I can say. She is very understanding, keeps one motivated and helps one to reach their target goal by good training program which she monitors, teaches exercises and plans work out program which one can do based on their fitness level. She also gives suggestion and helps out with your diet program if required. I would highly recommend her to my friends.The location of the gym is also great people can easily commute to here and it is much cheaper than other places too. More...


Lexy L.

12 August 2013

I love working out at this gym, been here for awhile now...so I don't know what people are complaining about. The equipment is clean, they renovated a lot of it in the past year its great!I decided to try a personal trainer and I got a girl trainer, EMILY and I can honestly see that shes so passionate in helping her clients. She is so nice and fun to be around. I didn't feel intimidated at all. She keeps you motivated and I saw results in just a month. The areas I told her was I want my butt and thighs more toned.....and seriously I can see a difference. She knows what shes doing, gives really good nutritional advice and gives you a fitness program that is custom to your body and your fitness level. She taught me so much and has got me motivated to keep going! I recommend her to anyone who is just starting out or if you want to switch to a different trainer. Emily is the one you want!THANK YOU EMILY FOR HELPING ME GET BACK IN MY ZONE! More...


Megan L.

8 August 2013

It's always been a pleasure coming here. It's a good, clean, friendly gym for sure. I've been receiving personal training for weight loss from Kristina, and I've definitely been noticing progress, and she is extremely friendly and gives great work out advice. I've never really had trouble with waiting for machines, and there's plenty of room. I would definitely recommend Fitness 19 (: More...


Phil L.

29 July 2013

Wow people are so picky with some of their reviews of this place.I go to the San Mateo gym so, this review is a comparison of the Sunnyvale location to the San Mateo one.Pro:+This place is about 1/3 larger than the San Mateo location+A lot of floor space+More and different types of workout machines+Pretty clean, standard gym cleanlinessCon:-I can see parking be a big issue during the weekdays, the lot is very small and shared with a few other businesses-One set of dumbbells-The treadmills were a little old and I was bouncing on the one I was running on.I can't say anything about the crowd because I came on a weekend.  But overall, I was happy with this location.  The positives outweighed the negatives.  Some of the Yelp reviewers are way too picky.  FYI, all gyms are packed after the work-day, it's not just this gym. More...


Trinath G.

27 July 2013

Fitness 19 is the best place I have worked out at yet!!! The place itself is clean and has plenty of equipment when it comes to Cardio workouts. The place gets crowded though during the evenings. Mornings are the best to train here. I signed up for personal training with William to get in shape within a space of 2months for my wedding and he made me do a fantastic job. He pushed me hard and knew my limits very well. I lost close to 10lbs and was in perfect shape. Thanks a ton to William in making me realize that I can push myself so hard!!! If I have to train again, it will certainly be with William and no one else, period!!! Ask for William to get best results...I will continue to train here as long as I am in the vicinity! Worth your money!!! More...


tricia c.

16 July 2013

I rate this a five because it works within my lifestyle.  If you are looking for a gym that has the cardio and free weights and good trainers, there is no other place for the value.  The people who work there are super nice and the clientele is pleasant too.  It fits the budget especially if you enjoy to take other workout classes. More...


Don M.

19 June 2013

Stopped in for the tour to kill some time around noon one day. D.J. showed me around. Good guy, D.J., knowledgeable and respectful about the purpose of this gym.The place is  not for the big iron guys. It is a fine gym for people who want a good workout without lifting 400 pounds and grunting like a rhinoceros.One annoyance was one or two people sitting on equipment wile playing with their smart phones. You know the type. They park in a handicap space "for just a minute", or line-jumpers who squeeze in at the freeway exit because "I'm in a hurry". In short, the self-entitled.If you're looking for a gym around Sunnyvale, do check out this place. More...


Joel D.

10 June 2013

Been a member of this gym since I was 14 years old and I love it.Everyone for the most part is very nice. Its very basic, just weights, cardio, and a small area for stretching. Its really all you need though. If you want to get into a gym and don't want to go broke then Fitness 19 is a pretty good option. More...


Kevin Z.

6 June 2013

Great gym, trainers are pretty cool, and the gym is ALWAYS clean. Usually pretty packed right after 5pm, but can be pretty empty during off hours. I've never really had to wait for many machines, but sometimes the stretching area can get pretty crowded. Pros: -Relatively cheap membership, $19 a month, which can be lowered with special enrollment discounts.-Very clean compared to most gym, equipment is pretty new. -People leave you alone for the most part, no meat heads. -Trainers are outgoing, helpful. Cons:-Some patrons smell sometimes. -Can be overly crowded after 5pm, depending on what you want to use. Most times, the cardio machines are packed full.-Influx of skinny kids back from college who don't know gym etiquette, but that's mostly just a personal pet peeve i guess.I wish they had a decline bench, but I guess you can't have everything in life. No sauna, pool, etc. Just weights, cardio machines, and some lockers. Everything that you need to get fit! They even have a giant tire here, not sure where they keep it though. Would recommend. More...


Daniel S.

29 May 2013

Fitness 19 at Sunnyvale has a wonderful person that helped me get stronger and feeling much better. He has a very honest personality and friendly too! Since I had Lung Cancer removed from my left lung, working with William Sandoval has made me much stronger and still be able to dance at age 82! I highly recommend William, if you are looking for a trainer! More...


Joanna B.

4 May 2013

Fitness 19 is the best gym in the are. Everybody is very friendly, great staff, very helpful . The personal trainers are all very knowledgable. I highly recommend Will if you are looking for a personal trainer.  He knows what he is doing and cares greatly about his customers reaching their fitness goals. More...


Dee C.

6 April 2013

I v been coming here for 2 years I like this place. I have the best trainer ever edgar! He is helping me reach my goal! Iv lost a good amount of weight because of his training I highly recommend him!!!


Kim P.

4 April 2013

Fitness 19 is the best!! Trainers are excellent!! Extremely knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Courtney if you're looking for a trainer!Having a trainer is well worth it. You will learn a lot and LOVE the results. More...


Praj A.

8 March 2013

+cheaper than anyone else, thus even if you wont go its okay. but if you go totally worth.+just during the intro[first time visit], fellow drafted all plan of how i should work out.. he put about half an hour for the person who hasn't even joined yet.. good service More...


Madhuri G.

25 February 2013

Fitness 19 is the best gym if you don't have the flexibility  or time to go for group classes. For $12/month, this place is great. The equipment is up to date.  I have been a member earlier of an overpriced gym , but now I am so glad I made this switch to Fitness 19. My personal trainer Edgar is awesome. He created a custom plan for me based on my medical history and I am happy to be able to cope with the program. He is damn motivating and you know you are about to pass out   but he will suck you out of it without you even noticing. He is one guy who can help you see results. More...


me t.

20 February 2013

I definitely recommend this gym to my friends and others.My trainer, Edgar diligently helped me acheive my weight loss goal of 12lbs in a month with intense training.DJ helped me with nutritional guidance.They helped me acheive my goal the right way.I also trained with Courtney at times,who also gave me awesome workouts.I trained with Edgar for most part.The other trainers are also enthusiastic,dedicated and focussed to help their clients acheive their goals.Paying just $12/month,I couldn't ask for more.I  encourage my friends to try their personal training sessions and feel the difference. More...


Rammohan A.

7 February 2013

Very nice place. Cool people. DJ is an encyclopedia of fitness. Very affordable rates.


Sharon Q.

4 January 2013

I LOVE how its only $12/month!!! Its so affordable I have NO excuse not to work out. This gym is definitely NO frills. Meaning no sauna, no steam room, no pool, no towels, no basketball court. But, for $12..can you really complain?! The important part is that you get a good selection of machines and its not packed like sardines.The staff is also very friendly and they have great trainers too.I'm sharing this gym with all my friends hoping they join or switch out from their overpriced memberships. :)FYI: They also offer $7/mo if you decide to work out only 3 days/week.There is an annual fee of $19 More...



18 November 2012

I love this gym and the trainers are great


Chase S.

17 September 2012

I checked out Fitness 19 on a week pass I got online from their website. I ended up not joining because I left the area but for what you pay it's a great no frills gym. All the cardio and selectorized equipment was updated Life Fitness. They also had several Hammer Strength pieces and plenty of free weights. It was never crowded however I had the availability to avoid peak workout times so that likely helped. Ryan, the Fitness Manager was awesome. Really great down-to-earth guy who, like me, has been working in the industry forever. This location has a nice neighborhood feel to it - all kinds of people working out and no creepy guys leering at you - a definite plus. No towels, no showers, no fancy schmancy amenities, but it's affordable. If you are wanting a cheap gym Fitness 19 is worth checking out. peace, love, and workout to drink more good booze ~ chase More...


Kimmy G.

18 August 2012

"I want to quit the gym" -Chandler from FriendsOkay I didn't quit, I just needed to drop my membership from this place, because I moved away, and it wasn't worth trying to get out here.  I never did update after my personal trainning sessions.  It's been awhile, but they were good.  I got that all over burn after each one, because I probably pushed myself a bit too hard, but none-the-less the trainer lady was nice.  She herself wasn't in the best shape which always makes me laugh a little, but I learned a lot from her.When I have to give up my membership it couldn't have been easier.  All in all a pretty good gym. More...


Clyde L.

29 July 2012

Gym is great. People primarily stick to themselves. Jennifer S. the trainer is awesome. Thought having no showers would be a big deal. It's not. I go there 2-3x/week and love my workouts. Parking can get a little gnarly at peak times, but in general I can find a  spot. Always get my favorite machines and free weights. No complaints - can't beat the price of $12/month.BTW, they replaced many machines recently. I only see about 1 machine out of order/time, which is a good thing as at 24 hour Fitness, they usually had almost all recumbent bikes "out of order," every time I went - and for $35/mo - this sucked. More...



2 July 2012

If you re looking for an ideal gym in a very convenient location this gym is the gym for you! Great amenities, beyond friendly staff and a clean environment. There are people of all different shapes and sizes so there is no feeling of being out of place. Definitely a gym to go to! More...


J D.

15 June 2012

I actually love this location! Parking is great, there are usually shady spots. It is never crowded- I can always use the machines that I want. It is very basic- no classes, no showers, no frills, but it is perfect for me!As for the cleanliness, the bathroom is always clean, and when I'm there during the day, the staff are always cleaning the machines. Yeah, it's basic, but clean and you get what you pay for! More...


Geraldine D.

19 May 2012

Haven't been at Fitness 19 for too long, but so far i like it! I read reviews about this place being smelly and i'm so glad that it smells clean now. there's a good amount of machines and it doesn't get too crowded. the trainers are very approachable and helpful. i train with DJ and he's really done a great job at listening to my goals and finding the right exercises for me. he was extremely PROFESSIONAL, RESPECTFUL and FUN at the same time. he really knows what he is doing and i can't wait to see how my body changes in the upcoming months. if you're looking for a trainer, i would definitely recommend setting up a training session with DJ. you won't regret it! Overall, Fitness 19 has a lot to offer :) More...


Bapu R.

20 March 2012

my last four years of work out center is Fitness 19 yes i m a fan! and love this place.



29 February 2012

Fitness 19 is a wonderful gym! It has everything you need at a great price. The staff is excellent!


Kimber G.

20 January 2012

Finally, Fitness 19 has turned the corner and is back to being a clean, well run gym with nice employees!  I am a long time member of this gym and have been there from day 1 since it opened.  Over the last year and half I had been ready to quit a few times since the place seemed to be going downhill fast but for what they offer, the price couldn't be beat so I was really struggling with this.  Do I go pay a fortune for some new gym in this area with a lot of amenities I don't need or stay and put up with it.Fortunately, I never had to make the choice because I started noticing some changes and it has continued to get better.  Over the last few months there is a new manager running the gym who is kind, courteous and responsive to customer needs.  He has really turned things around and is keeping the place clean, hiring great employees that are courteous (the employees that lacked customer service skills are gone) and I'm really happy to see this place is back to being run well.  It really helps me look forward to my daily morning workouts which at one point I was beginning to dread.  Oh and the music selection has gotten better too!  I don't know what it is like in the afternoon and evening but in the morning it is targeted for the clientele that are there at that time of day and I appreciate that quite a bit. I don't particularly want to listen to my teenagers playlist quite so early in the morning and while I'm working out.  :)Some other reviewers commented about broken machines however the equipment seems to be better maintained also and any issues with them are being addressed much more quickly so if that is your beef with the place,  I suggest giving it another try.  Also, if there are issues with temperature of the gym this summer, something tells me this new manager isn't going to let that feedback go in one ear and out the other like previous club managers.  The only reason I can't give 5 stars is because there are no fitness classes which I happen to enjoy for variety.  I know that is a bit out of their control due to the smallness of the place but I still want it to happen somehow.   My fantasy is the Supercuts shop right next door moves out from that space (or if any of the shops in that strip mall move out for that matter) that Fitness 19 rents the space and turns it into their fitness classroom.  Then they can offer Aerobics, Step classes, Yoga, etc.  and I will be in heaven.Keep up the great work Fitness 19 management and employees! More...


Fred B.

13 November 2011

Great place for a no nonsense work out. People here go to work out and it's not a social venue. The childcare is great and my daughter enjoys it.


Kevin U.

10 November 2011

i've been a member of Fitness 19 for 7 years and have had a great experience. It is close to home so i work out more frequently and at 40 am in the best shape of my life. Other positives:- My $19 a month is reimbursed by my insurance if i go 12x month...i just gave them a copy of my insurance card- I can use any of their 150 clubs nationwide when i travel- The have good personal trainers and offer affordable packages for when i need a new program- Great kids room- No long term contract like i got stuck with at a different gym when i movedI used to belong to a fancier, more expensive gym but found i didnt go as often and it is closr so i can shower at home. i can leave my house, workout and be home within 45-60 minutes so it fits into my hectic schedule...so the wife and kids are happy too.Hope that helps! More...


Irene G.

16 July 2011

Hey. I LOVE this gym!!! I came here in 2008 after a nightmare with Mike B. at 24 Hour Fitness in Sunnyvale!  They (24 Hr) only cared about WHO is seen at THEIR Gym! He is a joke!   At Fitness 19, people go there to work out...not just to "be seen".  No, it does not have the "bells and whistles", but again, you go there to get it done, and go. The staff is friendly, super helpful and most of all...APPROACHABLE!!! Although they SHOULD reprimand the IDIOTS who just sit on the equipment/benches and text or talk, while you're waiting to use that equipment and work out.  Luckily, I don't have a problem telling these people to move it or I'll shove their phone where it don't shine. But that's just me......:DOh, and the daycare is awesome. I am VERY protective of my little girl, and they took good care of her while I worked out.  Another fact: Since I joined, I lost 80 lbs!  Gained 20 of it back recently due to illness,  so I plan on going back more often to get back on track. More...


Mookie L.

9 June 2011

Not sure why everyone hates on this place but I dont think its as bad as what people claim it to be.  For the price that you're paying you're getting a pretty darn good deal.  Of course it doesnt have the amentities of other gyms like showers, sauna, basketball court, classes etc, but for less than $15 a month, it does the job.  If you're looking for somewhere to get your fitness on, run, lift weights and get out, this is the place.  They have almost every equipment you need - free weights, machines.  Personally, I could care less what the staff is doing or what the people next to me are doing.  If someone is using a machine or weights, I ask if I can get reps in or how many more sets they have left.  Yeah it sucks when someone is using 4 sets of dumbells to themselves but thats not the clubs fault - there are always people like that everywhere.  So, for what they offer its perfect for people who go there to get in and out. More...


Scott M.

5 February 2011

I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first, because fitness 19 seems a bit  too "ghetto" to me. However, once I started workin out there, I thought it was a Great Idea.. The founders are marketing geniuses! ....No thrills (or is it Frills?), very inexpensive (no sales pressure at all), and an "In and Out" kinda philosophy which I like (you just sign your name!!). Half the crap at most gyms will NEVER be used by the average patron, so I like the philosophy of the club (and, of course, the equipment is good--mostly state of the art stuff, etc..). Im NOT knocking people that like the classes, the pools, the sauna's, the massages, etc.. etc...that is great stuff too. But im the kinda guy that likes to "get in and get out"; keep my eyes on the grindstone, use only 2 or 3 pieces of equipment at the MOST, and only spend 45 min to an hour.... and leave.Just get it done! The only criticism is that their hours become more expanded/flexible. Heck, there are some professional gyms now, that are experimenting with giving patrons Keys, and they can work out anytime of the day or night they want--very kewl! Maybe F 19 could look into this "angle" All and all, im glad I joined. More...


Kristina M.

11 January 2011

If you're a student and on a budget, this is a good gym for you! Went with my friend last night to sign up. Mike was very friendly and straight to the point. If you have a student id card, it's $12/month and $36 for the initial payment to join. They also have yearly membership fees of only $19. [I went to Gold's gym a couple months ago to join but didn't end up joining because their annual fees were $79!]  Also, no contract! Yes, the gym may be small, but I don't need all those extra gimmicks and I don't like taking showers at the gym anyways. More...


Barbara W.

21 July 2010

I have been coming here for years!Pros: AffordableStaff is nice/polite, never came across a rude one. It was easy to join, pretty straight forward. I had one billing incident and it was rectified quickly and easily with one phone call.Nice assortment of magazines, like a huge stack. 30-45 minutes on a treadmill without distraction, not possible....at least for me.  They also have several televisions position over the treadmills, stairmasters etc.The place is clean. They provide plenty of disinfectant spray/paper towels to wipe down the equipment.Low Narcissism Factor, I occasionally catch people admiring themselves in the mirror. However, It's pretty low-key, all shapes/sizes, all ages. Not intimidating at all. Cons:Too crowded during peak hours. Not good for the claustrophobic.Ventilation is not that great. They go through phases where it can be unbearably hot inside. mostly during the summer.  However, lately I notice it has been a lot better and they are keeping it cooler.Parking can be limited during peak hours.They have two handicap spots out near the front door.  Apparently, you can be handicap and  break out in full run for 20 minutes on the treadmill. I've seen at least 3 members that I question their handicap worthiness base on their endurance/sweat built up on the machines. I think their only handicap is lack of INTEGRITY. More...


Scott E.

31 March 2010

So why do I like my gym?  I must admit, I was initially attracted by price.  My wife and I had tried other gyms in the past, but all I ever did was ride the bikes and use some machines.  See, I am not really a class kind of guy, nor do I care to go to a gym to swim.  But let me tell you why I LOVE my gym.  Tom and Hedda.  I have been at Fitness 19 for roughly 5 years. I used to work out with some close friends, but now am on my own.  The early morning crew (the people working out) at Fitness 19 is really friendly and I have formed a great bond with them.  The atmosphere is laid back.  There are a few hard bodies that work out there, but they are far outnumbered by the retirees and middle-aged softies like myself.  The gym is kept consistently clean and the staff is really friendly.  I can count on the gym being promptly open at 5am every weekday, which is the only time I can seem to get there.  My wife and I invested in a lifetime childcare pass when we joined.  I assume they are still available.  For us it was a great investment to not have to worry about child care.  Fitness 19 is a great fit for me.  If you can do without your yoga and spinning classes, your pool, and you like to save a lot of money, definitely give it a shot.  The second membership is even half off, so our family enjoys our workouts for less than 30 bucks a month - less than the cost of a single membership at CalFit. Come on by and I'll introduce you to the AM workout crew. More...


Don V.

2 July 2009

I used to work out here back in summer 08 (june - sept) and I had no complaints, mainly because I had a 3 month summer pass... I usually worked out around 8 AM where the place was pretty dead and I had the weights and machines to myself. People complained about no A/C, but when I was there, the A/C was fine. The packing lot is pretty small, but if you come early in the morning, it's no big deal. The only downfall is the staff, who constantly nag you to sign up for a package or trainer. The only cool staff are those who sit behind the desk. More...


David J.

22 April 2009

I joined this club last December because it's close to my mobile home park where I live.It's cheaper than other Fitness Clubs, I prepaid for one year in advance.This is a small no frills place to work out,no showers,no pool, no sauna,from what I've seen from being a member at other clubs that offer that stuff is that most people don't use them.I use the cardio equipment only and I have no complaints.If you join this club or any other fitnes club be ready for them to talk you into buying personel trainer sessions,you will have to tell them no again and again.I turned it down because from what I've seen at other clubs it does nothing for the people who sign up for them.The staff here is you typical immature kids right out of High School ,they goof around,talk smack to each other and yell at each other,they have no class (manners) at all. Some of the people who are members of the place are not the common yuppies I have seen at other fitness clubs,some of them look homeless,others like they got right out of jail,a whole bunch of foreigners,a few very eldery people.I recommend this place for anyone who live close by,wants to get in shape and doing it on a affordable way. More...


Connie B.

11 March 2009

I've been a member of Fitness 19 Sunnyvale since last June 2008.  The prices are reasonable, something most people can afford.  They don't make you sign a 1-2 year lease, it's month to month.  There is a one time up front membership payment and then depending on your upfront payment there is a monthly fee of ~$19.00/month. I started training with a trainor in July 2008 and I have lost 50 lbs to date.  I started out just 3 times a week, but now I go 6-7 days a week, twice a day and train 2-3 times a week.  Yes, that's a little overboard, but I want to lose the weight and feel better. I'm working on the next 10 lbs  with the help of my trainor.  The employees are friendly, they make you feel comfortable no matter how heavy you are and the biggest feat is walking through the door and feeling comfortable.  If you can do that, then you keep going no matter what.  I've been to a lot of other gyms and I felt like I was in a meat factory, but Fitness 19 actually makes it fun to exercise. It feels like a community of friends.  There are many regulars that come routinely 3-4 times a week. Everyone acknowledges each other, it sometimes feels like a social event. Everyone there encourages you to do better, to keep trying and not to give up. I'm very happy, I'm seeing results and that motivates me to work harder.  I'm very happy.  I give Fitness 19 a 5 STAR rating.  I highly recommend this environment if you want to get healthy and feel comfortable doing it. More...


Harry C.

13 October 2008

Just started to work out 2 week ago it's going great. I usually get there a little before the rush (4-5pm) and get a through work out. Whenever I go, the place is clean, the staff friendly and helpful and I very rarely have to wait for equipment. as one of the previous posters wrote, Fitness 19, has a very neighborhood gym feel. It's delivering on what they promised. Also, before I signed up with Fitness 19, I had quite  bad experience with 24hour fitness. The pressure and the tactics used by their sale people were way overboard. Well, I got a great deal here and signed with an executive/corp. membership. I told my sales guy that more of my employee's/associates will be joining, so if anyone is interested in a discount (both upfront fee and monthly fee), shoot me an email. More...


Siva K.

15 July 2008

Fitness 19 meets my needs. I don't need access to a shower since I live close enough that I go back to my place after a workout.The staff is quite friendly and I too did face a slight sales-pressure initially but that cooled off quickly. I do find the place a bit stuffy sometimes; they could improve the ventilation. Unlike 24-hour fitness, this place is open for shorter periods. When I joined the place, I thought that it was open for 19 hours (instead of 24) everyday but found out that, once I started working out here, I was feeling like a 19 year old teenager. Ha! Ha!A no-frills place but definitely has a neighbor-hood feel to it and I would guess less intimidating than some of the more professional gyms. More...


Maria d.

1 March 2008

I have been going to this gym for more than a year now.  For the price that I pay for this gym it is very reasonable, the people are friendly and there is plenty of machines to use.  I get what I pay for.  I do not need a fancy jacuzzi, shower or anything for that matter.  I workout and go home.  For the reasonableness of this gym, I give it an A. More...


Rez Z.

15 February 2008

I started off doing my workouts at De Anza's fitness center but the hours killed me. I wanted to join 24 hour fitness but it was too expensive but I got a flier for Fitness 19 in the mail in like September and decided to check it out...I pay like 13 bucks a month only and by the looks of it everyone pays a different fee[ ] haha... I think it also depends on how much the initiation is or whatever.. It's a good gym for the money. Some of the member though really suck and are inconsiderate [sleep on the machines and smell super bad]. Very few people actually wipe down their machines so I suggest bringing a towel to drape over things, that's what I do...It has all your basic equipment and a kiddy room. You can also go to any other of their locations which includes The Right Stuff in San Jose whom I hear have actual aerobic activities and stuff which this one doesn't have.. It doesn't have a lot, but I'm not paying a lot, so it works out fine. Good luck getting an elliptical Monday or Tuesday evenings after people get off work though =PI'm giving it four stars because there hasn't been anything that the actual gym/gym employees have done to make me give otherwise. More...


Chris F.

5 August 2007

I've been a member for almost two years now, and it's a pretty good place to go if you don't want to get caught up in the fees. Just like what the name implies, it's $19 a month (although I've heard it's cheaper now). The place IS small and doesn't have the perks of the bigger chains, but that's not really necessary in my books. I just want a place to run and lift weights, and this places has just that. They have a good selection of cardio equipment (probably a third of the place is devoted to cardio), and the weights are clean and not crummy. I don't know much about the staff since I don't interact with them much, but they sure aren't bad to look at. ;-) More...


Sunny W.

2 August 2007

Its exactly what they say: $19.99 a month. They don't offer any of the luxury items like bigger gyms, but do you really need all of that anyway? They mostly have Cardio machines and a place to lift weights.  Go early before the morning crowds after 7am. They open at 5am and are open on some holidays. I got a flyer in the mail and called up before i joined. I told the guy on the phone to not bother in trying to sell me on anything else but the membership and if he opened his mouth about anything else I WAS OUTTA THERE! He kept his word and I was signed up and out in 15 minutes. Been a member since. More...


Geomar R.

25 May 2007

I have been going to Fitness 19 for almost a year now, and so far, there are no complaints.  I used to be a member of 24 Hour Fitness in Sunnyvale (on Arques), but it was too crowded and parking was hard to find.  Parking is also limited here, but it is not as bad.  They have an ample amount of treadmills, bicycles, and other fitness equipment.  The free weight area is usually not that busy, so it is easy to get your sets done without being pressured from fellow gym members.  The gym is clean, the staff is friendly, and now they have a beverage machine where you can purchase water or powerade.  Also, you can't beat the price at $19/month (oddly, my friend pays $9/month).The only downside are their hours.  On weekdays they are open from 5am - 11pm, and on weekends, they are open from 8am - 8pm.  If the hours don't bother you, I highly recommend working at Fitness 19.  Try it out. More...


S N.

18 March 2007

This is a small "no frills" gym. The crowd is mostly older, but few younger guys are there on the regular. It has the basics of any gym - few cardio rows, abs, arms, legs and back machines. Most of the time, there is no wait for anything. (Though treadmills can be in short supply around 7-8pm) There is no shower, pool anything like that. Just 2 changing rooms and bathrooms. Place is usually quite clean and well maintained. Staff is great, esp. Jeff Berger. He is not the manager, but he should be. Always there to help, advice and just a cool guy. The rest of the crew is also super friendly. Rates are cheap comparing to 24 and other places in town. So for the amount of money it is great. The only problem - dress code is mostly not enforced, so you will see people working out in jeans or 'national dresses". And some folks just refuse to wear deodorant, which at times was so bad, that I had to change my workout, as to not be around those folks. Not really F19 fault, but a friendly reminders would be great. More...


Kendel J.

7 January 2006

Actually, I haven't been to this branch of Fitness 19 yet. I signed up at the branch in Fremont when I was living in in the east bay and now that I live in Mountain View I will be going to this branch.This is an incredibly affordable fitness center. My monthly fee is only $15.00. The initiation fee is still steeper than I think any of us would like (over $100) but most clubs charge more than that. And then they have a "processing fee"...I have a fitness center where I work but I wanted a place I could go to on weekends for a cardio workout. At 15 bucks a month it seemed like exactly what I was looking for. And I can go to any of the Fitness 19 gyms.Basically, this chain of fitness centers offers you the basic equipment you need to get in shape. They have all the cardio machines you could want, weight machines and free weights.What they don't offer are the things most of us don't use anyway. Like a steam room and hot tub. They also do not offer a locker room or showers... so need to be willing to take care of that at home. But for 15 bucks a month... More...

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