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Tyler R.

16 August 2019

Excellent! Great food and a relaxing atmosphere. Their Reuben is one of the best I've ever had. Great selection of different meats and cheeses. Beer is available along with a regular selection of soda, tea, and coffee. More...


Anna H.

29 July 2019

Fabulous! I happen to live next to this hidden gem and have always wanted to try it. I ordered a takeout but the customer service made me feel like I was an old friend of the restaurant. I got a turkey club with mustard and it took maybe 2 minutes for them to make it for me! It was incredibly affordable and came with a pickle and chips. The sandwich was a triple decker with lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard and a real good amount of turkey. The bread was whole wheat and toasted to perfection. I will have to show this place to my friends soon! More...


Nathan H.

12 July 2019

Great sandwiches and salads. Their wide variety makes it easy to find something you're in the mood for. Staff is also always very friendly!


Bry M.

25 June 2019

Great deli with an old school vibe and terrific food/service to match! With so many great options for lunch right by UNCG I'm very glad to have found another homerun on my normal weekly commute.Decor is super nostalgic and they proudly serve boar's head products. I had the regular Italian sub and loved every bite.Dig the great tunes they play which really reminded me of riding with my grandfather in his car around town as a boy. More...


Brian T.

22 June 2019

I'm originally from Philly and have been in Greensboro for 11 years now and am annoyed that I haven't found this place before today.  I had the Taylor Ham and Cheese sandwich and it was as good as my favorite sandwich shop up north, including the Kaiser roll. I'll definitely be back. More...


Chris G.

2 May 2019

Good reviews on Yelp convinced my wife and me to give it a try. Reviews were spot on. Good service and great food. I had the Sailor sandwich and my wife had broccoli and cheddar quiche. My sandwich was very good and also plenty big. Taking half home for later. Wife loved her quiche. I'm not a big fan of quiche but I tasted a bite and it was really good. Will definitely be back and will try something different on the menu. More...


Marie R.

26 March 2019

I have always drove by here and they seem to always be busy, which is a good sign. So today I decided to finally try them out. I did take out and got the Italian sub... bread was fresh and sandwich was flavorful. I got the regular size which was a perfect lunch. It came with a bag of utz chips and rang up to less than $8. I definitely will come back. More...


Matthew B.

16 February 2019

I have never been disappointed here.  Great meat and cheeses, good bread, and a friendly staff. Also they do something with their ranch, either the brand or how its made in house but it's amazing. The italian is top-notch, but they have excellent roast beef as well. The cookies are good when I feel the need for a sugar rush. My only thing would be their beer selection is a bit uninsprinig, but I'm not normally looking to drink at lunch time, so that doesn't change my opinion at all. More...


Crystal W.

1 January 2019

Visited this deli while on vacation, nice small Boars Head deli. Our server was quick and very attentive. I would suggest the Italian sub, comes with chips and a pickle.


Al B.

1 December 2018

Unexpected find . . . A New Jersey style Deli in Greensboro, North Carolina, WOW. Not only Borshead meets and cheeses but most sandwiches are priced from $7 to $9 each with whipped potato chips. Our sandwiches were large, we only ate one half and saved the other for a late dinner. Highly recommended. More...


Christa F.

27 November 2018

The first time I came here I didn't know exactly what to order. This time, I ordered what someone else bought and brought to my house. It was the veggie sandwich on pumpernickel-the Verona I think and we added smoked salmon. Oh my goodness! So good! Everything is fresh from the protein to the bread to the vegetables which have nice crisp every time. It comes with either chips or carrot sticks and a pickle spear. They have other sides like potato salad baked beans etc and desserts galore. I'm not sure why I've driven by and not considered trying this place more but I'm glad I was reintroduced. More...


Xavier C.

14 November 2018

A decent place to get a sandwich! The atmosphere takes you back to the old school. Very vintage all the way down to the old coke cooler they use. The waitress was very nice and tried her best to make sure everything was good. They use boar head meat here which is good stuff. Overall my Italian sub was okay. I feel like they could use better bread and maybe more sauce, I'm not sure I just felt like it was missing something. Other than that definitely check them out it's worth a shot. More...


Sarah C.

6 October 2018

Well made food and friendly service! Only downside was lots of single-use plastic and styrofoam. Would be five-stars if they switched to reusable dish-ware or recyclable paper products!


C. H.

20 June 2018

Great food and service. Walked thru the door and instantly greeted by the staff and owner. You can customize your order, there are no rules. Clean facility. I ordered a Skydog and made a few substitutions with no upcharge. I received my food pretty quick. 3pm is a great time to come because it isn't really busy. Great place, food and people. More...


Ben C.

15 May 2018

I've lived in NC/Greensboro for 5 years and this is the first place I've found in Greensboro where you can get NY deli style cold cut sandwiches. I didn't see a breakfast menu, so still looking for a place that does legit breakfast sandwiches, but for other sandwiches, this place does a good job. Wish they'd put a location in downtown Greensboro. More...


Elizabeth J.

24 February 2018

So so good! I eat here at least once a week! The staff is amazing and so friendly! The owner is great as well! The food is always delicious, everything on the menu is fantastic but I highly suggest the chef salad!


John C.

6 November 2017

I have been to Delis in Downtown Manhattan and this Deli stands proudly as Greensboro's BEST of all. I have been disappointed by so many "so called" Delis around here and NONE of them even come close! My favorite is the Rueben Sandwich. More...


Jessie R.

10 October 2017

Had the Super Turk with side of carrot sticks and a Dr. Browns black cherry soda to drink. It sooo good and fulfilling. It's amazing something so simple can make you feel so good.


Shannon O.

8 September 2017

I love the Reuben sandwiches here! Great lunch for a great price! And it's within walking distance of UNCG!


Greg B.

19 August 2017

Nothing fancy, just good ingredients in great combinations to make super tasty sandwiches.  The Rutherford is an excellent roast beef sandwich I modify with rye instead of roll.  Yum.


Rebecca R.

4 August 2017

I've been to this place twice now and loved it both times. It is a must try if you are near the campus of UNCG. I order my sandwich with a side of carrots with a dressing because the dressing is made in house. Next time I go I am going to try one of their cookies. It's a smart choice for them to have them beside the cash register as you check out. More...


Whitney T.

14 June 2017

I am never disappointed when I go here. The Avon is my go to sandwich, I haven't been able to venture from it because it is so good! Always friendly and fast service!


Hunter C.

1 June 2017

Simple, delicious, and cheap. Try the Rachel sandwich.


Sarah S.

18 March 2017

I Loveee this place for an excellent sandwich!!! Their sandwiches are served either hot or cold  and my absolute favorite is the super turk, comes with a side of chips or carrots for $7.85, pretty good for boars head meat on a sandwich!! I stopped by with my friends that live in Greensboro and had lunch and our server Adam was excellent, great sense of humor even though we were being quite needy and attentive he was very patient with us!Definitely will come back! It gets bust during lunch hours so make sure you're there early to grab a table! More...


Emily O.

17 September 2016

Tonight, I got a takeout order. I ordered the roast beef on a sub roll, with Munster cheese and various other toppings. They left a few toppings off (onions and sprouts). I also got a side of their German potato salad which is served warm. I ordered extra meat on the sub as I don't like a lot of bread. It seemed to have a decent amount of meat on it from what I could tell. I've literally probably eaten roast beef 3 times in my life, and I was in the mood for something different, so that's why I got it tonight. It had a fresh, unadulterated flavor, which I appreciated because I'm not a big fan of meats that taste like preservatives. Combined with the other toppings and condiments, it was great. I will say they seemed to skimp out on the toppings such as lettuce, slaw, and sauerkraut. I had an okay amount of tomatoes. There were a perfect amount of hot cherry peppers because those things pack some heat!I ordered a side of Russian dressing and added that and boars head deli mustard to the sub when I got home, and it was very good. I melted the bottom half with cheese in the toaster oven (I guess they got confused and thought I just wanted the roll hot, but that's okay with me). After I added onions from my house, it was even better. I particularly enjoyed the cherry peppers, which had an excellent flavor and spiciness. The potato salad was okay. It was too sweet. I remember when I had German potato salad before somewhere, it had more vinegar to compensate for the sweetness, but this tasted like it had little to no vinegar. If you have a mayonnaise phobia like my mom, you may really enjoy it (she liked it a lot).I don't eat subs too often, but I would definitely come back here again. When you order a sub, there's a lot more to it than a sandwich and you'll probably have a half for leftovers later like I did! Oh and I love the pickles. More...


Shayna W.

29 August 2016

Cute little deli with plenty of beer and sandwiches. I had the egg salad sandwich and while it was a little bit bland, on the whole it was pretty good with the chips and beer. The boyfriend, very much a meat eater, was quite happy with his Italian style sandwich also More...


Jeff C.

6 August 2016

Such a good deli, great friendly servers. It's just such a wonderful place to grab a sandwich love it.


Wildflower N.

23 June 2016

Always good to pick up a ham and swiss on rye with house chips, been coming here for some time now. The closing is not 10pm, it is 9pm as stated on the shop's website/Menu, I sent a request to Yelp to update the hours. Cheers.


Stephanie K.

12 May 2016

The best deli around! They have lots of great sandwiches and side dishes to choose from! And my favorite part? The waitstaff! Stop in, have a Dr Brown's Cream Soda and an old fashioned pastrami on rye with German potato salad! You won't be disappointed. More...


Diana N.

19 April 2016

This place is a bit of a wait, but it is well worth it! I got a smoked turkey sandwich and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish I found out about this place sooner before I moved! I would absolutely come back for a sandwich. More...


Andrew P.

9 March 2016

I've been coming to First Carolina for many years. Alongside Jack's, it was one of my favorite haunts while in grad school. I remain impressed by the quality of their sandwiches, cheeses, bread, and service. I usually get the Italian sub fully loaded w/ extra hot peppers. Goes nicely with a cheerwine. It's also not a bad place to bring work, assuming it's not during the lunch rush. Highly recommended local deli. More...


Ed R.

29 February 2016

My son at UNCG said we needed to take him to this Deli. He has great taste.  He ordered a Rueben with double meat, my wife had a Rueben and I had a Rachel (Pastrami) with cole slaw instead of sauerkraut. All were awesome. Waitress was a sweetheart and constantly checked on us. We all left with to go cups of tea as well. Be back soon! More...


Tori C.

16 February 2016

I absolutely adore this place. My mom and I always go when she's in greensboro. They have such a friendly wait staff and their restaurant is adorable. The alcoholic beverages aren't over priced, and their menu is all original takes on sandwiches. Paired with killer potato chips, these sandwiches are something everyone needs to try while visiting greensboro! More...


Paul W.

15 December 2015

Hectic and busy environment at lunchtime, based on generous portions across their range of sandwiches and salads.  Only drawback is parking, which is limited - get in early is my advice.  The Reuben is one of the best in NC More...


Duane G.

18 November 2015

Does not matter which sandwich I order it is always outstanding. The staff is friendly and quick. They also have a good selection of beers to go with the food.


Owen B.

6 November 2015

In town for business at the university and came in here for a sandwich.  One of the best corned beef sandwiches I've ever had.  Old school deli feel and everything from service to sweet tea to sandwich was great! More...


Deia W.

11 September 2015

We seriously love this place! The service is always good and the food is fantastic!! They also offer a gluten free option that is very important to us because my partner is gluten intolerant. Not all places have this option so that's a definite plus. We highly recommend stopping here for lunch or dinner! More...


William B.

8 May 2015

Amazing sandwiches, very old school deli feel. You watch them slice your meat, oh, and excellent sides too. Hard to find sodas as well. Great lunch spot


Jimmy H.

14 April 2015

Not only the best Deli in Greensboro but one of the best in North and South Carolina. Boarshead cold cuts, Dr Browns sodas and Black & white cookies. A slice of NYC in Greensboro,  NC


James K.

31 March 2015

Unbelievable!! I found a real NY style deli in the heart of Greensboro.  Fresh bagels, bialys, corned beef, roast beef, horseradish, pastrami, kosher items, etc.  They even have Dr. Browns cream soda.  All of it fresh, delicious & affordable.  I'll be back!! More...


Shannon P.

30 March 2015

Love this place. The sandwiches are amazing and they have so many different options! They also have a variety of different meats you can pack up and take home. I also recommend trying their chocolate chunk cookie (it's called something else but you will see what I mean) More...


Rick V.

15 December 2014

Open Monday - Saturday10am to 10pm, this place was a good find. Great deli menu from sandwiches to plates priced to a gigh of $8.50. All sandwiches come with potato chips or carrot sticks and pickle spear.  I had the "Harrison" sandwich which is 6oz Corned Beef Brisket on Rye with coleslaw & Russian Dressing $7.95.. Very good. Also Hot German Potato Salad $1.75. Also good. Too bad for me, they are about 45 miles from where I stay when in NC but I will go back when I can. More...


Jason W.

17 September 2014

Great little deli. I always get the hot Sky Dog, but everything else there is great, too.


Holly K.

11 September 2014

I like First Carolina Deli, it is a reliable place to grab a tasty sandwich, I would say my favorite is probably their steak sandwich. The steak is pretty flavorful and doesn't need a whole lot of sauce or cheese to make it memorable. I have also gotten the small Italian Sub which is a good size for what you get. I always get takeout so I can't speak to the wait service but the person manning the counter is always friendly and efficient. I also like that they carry Dr. Brown's sodas; although the first time I went in, I didn't even see them in the back and settled for a fountain drink. I love a good cream soda! More...


Derek L.

12 July 2014

This place rocks!!  Awesome sandwiches. Loaded with meat and toppings. Super friendly staff.


Jim K.

23 May 2014

Another great dinner at First Carolina Deli.  Had the Greek Salad with chicken which was wonderful. Fresh lettuce, red onions, olives, Roma tomatoes, feta cheese, and a vinegarette dressing on the side.  We also had the Hoboken, another favorite and the mushroom Swiss burger.  All of the sandwiches here are great. And friendly service, too.  They never disappoint. More...


Mark L.

5 April 2014

Great Italian subs, great service, pleasant atmosphere.  We will definitely come back


Will R.

19 March 2014

I'm at First Carolina Delicatessen 6 or 8 times a year. The board for my alumni association meets at First Carolina. It's a neat little local joint in Greensboro. I usually order one of the sandwiches--often the chicken or tuna fish. I really love the tuna fish sandwich with chips.First Carolina Delicatessen is between the little Spartan Commons strip mall and this Southern Photo Print and Supply place on Spring Garden, very close to UNC-Greensboro's campus. The wait staff are all nice and seem very much like greensboro local-yocals--and I mean that in the most charming and flattering way possible. They're great! More...


W. L.

13 March 2014

This is a great place to find for anyone going to the ACC tournament. Between games we decided to walk over to check out the UNCG campus and along the way stumbled across this place. I've only eaten here once, and that was in 2005, but it was the first time I decided to order a Patty Melt of any kind. I haven't been back in Greensboro since, but when I do eventually go back, I will come to this place and get the Patty Melt. Every now and then I order a Patty Melt elsewhere, but it never stands up to this one. Hopefully they haven't changed it in the past 9 years. More...


Darren D.

7 March 2014

This is what a deli should be. From the moment you walk in and see the big 'ol board above the counter listed with cold cuts and sandwiches to the bustling wait staff to the meat flying in the air from the slicers, you know you are in the right place. Friendly and outgoing wait staff. Delicious sandwiches, potato salad and soup. We need one of these in Apex. It was just an overall great place to grab lunch. I'm from NJ and badly miss the corner deli's you find on every block. This one is particularly good. If you were to transplant it and put into NY/NJ, you'd never know it came from Greensboro. Food came out fast. Waitress was a trip and a half. Loved her! I got the Italian Sailor. Wife got the club. Both were more than enough food for us. Potato salad is very good. Daughters (7 & 5) got the mac&cheese. Next time I am driving through I will hit this spot up again. I may just have to move the family. More...


Cyn M.

26 February 2014

Very happy with the prosciutto sandwich I got. It's weird that all their meats and cheeses are boars head and little seems house made but it's all delicious so...


Jon K.

13 February 2014

This Yankee has a refuge. Finding a good deli in the South is like trying to find a fresh salad at the Barbeque Festival. It's tough. Thankfully, a guy from Jersey felt the same way and opened this deli! Boars Head meats, bread flown in from New York, pickles, mustard, the whole nine yards. Service is ok, the ambiance a bit shabby, but that's not why you go there.  The sides are just average (and they got rid if the German potato salad ), and the bakery items surprisingly good. I have made it a weekly stop and so should you. More...


Sterling V.

10 January 2014

Super deli. Took the whole family there for birthday dinner. Great product (Rachel and chicken pot pie soup and cheesecake). Very good happy service both at the table and the counter,.  Personable young people are hard to find in food service today. Great grilled pastrami sandwich and deli pickles. More...


Chris G.

3 January 2014

Stopped here on our way home from a family visit. I found it on yelp and we all agreed we were in the mood for sandwiches. Our waitress was friendly and patient with first timers. I had the italian sub. It was toasted and excellent. My daughter had the kids hot dog and she said it was perfect as it was not burnt at all. My son ordered a turkey and cheese sandwich. Had to mess that up and they did it perfectly. It was his first time having a kaiser roll. He loved it. My wife ordered quiche and was really pleased. It was a great find. My wife commented on how cute it was and they served boars head meats. Her only complaint was the plates the food was served on. They were paper plates. We have no problem eating off paper, however these were a bit chintzy.Definitely worth venturing off the interstate for. More...


Alison B.

13 November 2013

First of all, our service was fabulous!   I think we missed the lunch rush, but our waitress was hilarious and made great suggestions!Deborah (pronounced deh-BOR-ah) was prompt and attentive!   Ask for the soup of the day, and if it's the potato bacon soup, GET IT!!!My husband ordered the Italian sandwich with chips; Deborah suggested changing it from double ham to ham and pepperoni. He really liked it!  I ordered the Rachel, a pastrami and sauerkraut sandwich. Deborah asked me, "Are you adventurous?" Of course, yes. "Can I make it for you the way that I make it for myself?"Of course!She made it on an onion roll instead of rye, and added grilled onions. OH MY. It made my husband have major order envy!  I LOVED it and before I knew it, I had finished the entire thing. So fantastic!  Try it that way!Another sweet perk for a greensboro native is that they proudly serve Cheerwine Please do yourself a favor and go here sometime. Closed on Sunday, but open 10am-10pm!  You won't be disappointed! More...


Tara B.

15 June 2013

I'm not really a big sandwich person, but I went with friends twice now and can't get enough.  I get the build your own sandwich with the Boar's Head turkey.  It comes piled high with tons of toppings.  It was so good that I bought another one to go just so I could have another one for a snack later on! WHEN you go, you simply must try the chocolate chip cookies with the fudge in the middle!!!  The place itself is neat, quiet, and friendly. More...


Alex R.

11 June 2013

Ok so as foodie, I love trying new places and new foods.  I don't care as much where it is or how I get it...I want to try it.  This place has been around for a very long time; you can tell.  I wasn't expecting the type of food that I got here.  I ordered the Taylor Ham Cheese Burger.  Holy Cow!! This burger is by far one of  the best hamburgers I have had in the state of North Carolina.   I can't explain it really.  I can say that I went back less than a week later for the same burger.  Their sweets are outsourced and not the best.  In the two visits my guests and I tried two kinds of cheesecake and several cookies.  None were that impressive.  The thick cut Havarti Cheese is where its at too. So good.  I would suggest.  The last star can't be given due to the mediocre service, the cleanliness, and the overall feel of the place. But dang...that burger. More...


Timmy K.

17 May 2013

Old style deli with an eat in area that also does carry out as well. They use Boars Head meats. I have tried several of the sandwiches, my favorite being the Jarlsburger I would like to say that the Reuben was the best I've ever had but surprisingly  it wasn't as good or as big as I get at Jason's Deli. They have cold salad sides. Most sandwiches come with chips or carrot sticks. Overall good food and value! I know it's not health food but this place needs to step up and serve fries to make it a 5 star experience! More...


Piper G.

29 April 2013

Best Reuben you will ever have! Love the vintage music and decor. Feels like you've walked into a 1920s deli. Packed at lunch time so parking is a challenge - there is a "secret" side street that works well! I believe it's called Warren. Once you go you will be an instant regular! More...


Mark W.

13 February 2013

I used to visit this place back in the first half of the 1990s.  I enjoyed it then.  I recently moved back into the neighborhood and rediscovered this place.  On the way back from a business meeting, I decided to pop in for lunch.  The prices are fair and the food is still very good.  I had a cold turkey pastrami sandwich with potato chips.  The carrot sticks available also as a side are delicious as well - though they may be so filling that they could be a meal in itself.  The service is good too.  Overall, the FCD is worth visiting. More...


Yohini S.

5 May 2012

Delicious sandwiches! It is a very simple, low key place but food is worth it! I love their vegetarian sandwiches. They come with chips/carrot sticks or half-and-half.I got the "Montclair" (Vegetarian sandwich with Russian dressing) and it was yummy. It was definitely one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. :)My friend tried "Avon" (Smoked salmon, cream cheese combo) and he loved it as well. Prices are reasonable and it was definitely a great place to pick lunch. Service was quick, but i was there in around 3pm for lunch on a Saturday. Picked out a cookie at the counter and it was pretty nice.Check them out for sure. More...


Mieke F.

30 November 2011

Good sandwiches made with Boar's Head deli selections.  I think the same people operate Lox Stock and Bagel as well. Closed on Sunday's.


Natasha L.

8 October 2011

This place has by far one of the best veggie burgers I have ever eaten. It's called the Montclair and honestly I think one of the things that makes it so so good is the Russian dressing they have. I used to live in Charlotte, NC and one day I was craving the Montclair and so I decided to drive 90 minutes to have it! More...


Brandi N.

16 August 2011

A friend took me to this great little spot for lunch. The people were friendly, and the food was flavoful. I would definitely visit this spot again!


Fred B.

10 July 2011

This is not a NYC style deli - they don't cure their own meats, for example & and the service isn't nearly as cranky - but still they offer a nice array of meats, cheeses, home made salads, and sandwiches. Like their counterpart off  Battleground (Lox, Stock, and Bagel - the menus are virtually identical),they use Boars Head products, and they are all good. Their egg salad and tuna salad are excellent, their chicken salad is not my favorite. As I said, the sandwiches are very good. The kraut dog is especially good. Speciality sandwiches like The Italian Sailor, The Sailor, the Reuben, the Italian Sub, and the Harrison and the Knickerbocker are all excellent. They have nice bread choices. Good solid deli.The parking lot is small, and it can be a mess during peak hours, especially when UNCG is in full term. More...


A P B.

9 July 2011

Great little deli close to UNCG that I went to all the time when I was in school.  Service is decent, though they are typically very busy lunchtime.  Decor/cleanliness is fine, typical for a deli.Menuwise they are fairly vegetarian friendly, which is typical of most places around campus.  Two veggie patty sandwiches, the Montclair and the Ridgewood, which are both very good, and come with chips or carrot sticks (love those carrot sticks) and a pickle. I personally prefer the Montclair for the sprouts and Russian dressing. They have a few spreads that you can build your own sammie with, pimento cheese, cream cheese w/ olives, and egg salad.  They have quiche, though I've never had it.  Often I'll get the fruit plate, that comes with pasta salad and a bagel with cream cheese.  They also have several potato and pasta salads and a Greek salad.  The quality of everything I've had here was very good, and I can't think of a single time over the years when I had any problems with the food.  Prices are typical for this sort of place.They also have a decent selection of bottled beers and bottled soft drinks.As already noted, parking can be very frustrating during lunch hours (parking most places in and around UNCG during the day has probably taken a a year or two off my life).  Not much can be done about that.  You also might be in for a long wait if you try to make a left onto Spring Garden when leaving.Overall, great deli, especially if you are in the area. More...


Lindsey F.

30 March 2011

A local friend brought me (an out-of-towner) here recently. I loved the experience. Fantastic friendly service, nice bustle of locals, great prices, and holy shit tasty sandwiches. I had the Italian Sailor - hot pastrami, swiss cheese and so forth. He had the classic Italian. Both were sooo good. Perfect pickles to boot. I don't live anywhere near Greensboro but it would be reason enough for a significant detour should I find myself traveling in the south again. More...


Adrienne J.

18 December 2010

First Carolina Deli is the best sandwich shop in the Triad. It's across town from me, but always worth the drive!You can't go wrong with anything on the menu - it truly is all great! My favorites are the Sky Dog (corned beef, turkey, ham, swiss & american cheeses, lettuce, tomato, onion, etc.)  and the Arlington (smoked turkey and havarti w/mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion on onion roll), both served hot. Their 'sticks' side option - carrot sticks served with ranch - is also great. My tip to first time visitors is to go during off-peak times - just before or after lunch, etc. First Carolina is a favorite for many, and the parking lot is small. Service never suffers for their being busy (at least not during any of my many visits over the years), but parking will be the issue.I had lunch at First Carolina yesterday, and had Deborah as a server. She's waited on me several times before and the service was excellent. In spite of the fact that there was not a single table open in the entire restaurant, we were immediately greeted, drink orders taken and delivered promptly, and she was extremely attentive - to us and what apeared to be 10 other tables she was waiting on. If I didn't know she was taking care of them, I'd think we were her only table! We waited for nothing, drinks always kept full, and she checked on us several times throughout the meal. Outstanding food, outstanding service!I highly recommend First Carolina Deli. Top rate! More...


cyndi t.

18 September 2010

I'm in San Francisco as of this writing, but during my time in Greensboro, this was definitely a place I cherished.  Great sandwiches, lots of types of meat for meatlovers, although it is primarily for in-house sandwiches.  My favorite one was the Wildwood, which has ham, horseradish, lettuce, tomato, etc.  It was served with carrot sticks and (with an additional .50 cents) blue cheese.  Another great point is that First Carolina has German-style potato salad.  Yum.They have the best cookies in Greensboro, and probably in a greater area than that--Butter Toffee cookies (I think that's what they're called).  They are amazing.  They also have chocolate chunk, macademia, and several others. Beverage selection includes bottled beers and various sodas (kinds WITH cane sugar, not HFCS). More...


Thomas A.

2 February 2010

Best place in Greensboro.  Add hot peppers to everything.Things to get:Rutherford - rare roast beef, mustard, muenster, horseradish on a bialyItalian Sailor - pastrami, pepperoni, swiss on ryeArlington add bacon - Smoked turkey, havarti, onion rollMontclair - Veggie burger, sprouts, russian dressingEgg salad on any breadDream up a combination of meats, put it on a sandwich, and you're good to go.If you go at night, it is less crowded More...


Ilia P.

5 December 2009

If I were to make a list of the things I miss about living in Greensboro, FCD would be in my top 10. No lie. There are so many fresh sandwiches and salads to choose from. Check out the menu online at firstcarolinadeli.com. I'm a fan of the Montclair and Superturk, while Eric loves the Emerson minus the mayo. The staff is super friendly and the prices are reasonable. Don't want to dine in, well do takeout instead. P.S. The large drinks are HUGE. More...


Michelle L.

7 November 2009

I eat lunch out, every day of the week, and after today's amazing lunch, I will remember to eat at this place more often. They've got the best veggie burger sandwiches, anywhere around.  And, the freshest ingredients...I am impressed every time! Their Russian dressing is killer and don't forget the chips in ranch dressing...try the Montclair on Rye if you are a veggie fan. Best sandwiches in Greensboro, hands down! More...


Jonathan B.

11 May 2009

First Carolina Deli has good food, but the main drawback (at least for me) is the lack of parking spots. The times I've gone at lunch during the work week, it's been like searching for a needle in a haystack to park. Once we did park, the food was great. I would suggest walking, if you can that way you don't have to deal with parking. More...


Ben T.

10 May 2009

Been here only once, but I'll definitely be going back. The prices are good, and the sandwiches are loaded--tons of choices too. Within walking distance of UNCG, which is also a plus. More...


Jeff W.

28 March 2009

This is one of my favorites in town.  Great fresh deli sandwiches and the price is pretty good.  Well worth the short walk from UNCG.  I usually get the roast beef (the Rutherford) or ham (Homewood).  I've heard good things about the Emerson too.  Cookies are great if you still have room! More...


Caroline Z.

5 May 2008

When I'm in Greensboro for work, this is one of my top lunch spots. First Carolina Deli has an excellent selection of sandwiches and plenty of uncommon ingredients for you to make your own if you're feeling creative. There's so much to pick from - imported ham, brie, Jarlsburg, proscuitto, plus an array of breads. Not just "white or wheat" here. And you can wash it down with a Dr. Brown's soda. Never heard of those before I came here, but they sure are popular.Best of all, they have great cookies up at the counter. I dare you to pay your bill without adding on a chocolate chocolate chip or a macaroon. More...

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