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What we stand for:
Making your work our own
Understanding your style
Having fun together

Listening as a creative art
Respectful of others opinions
Easy to understand project documentation

Integrity & Generosity:



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Meeting new people and helping them solve problems, envision a new space or connect them with other great people!
I am always astounded by the beautiful and creative solutions my team comes up with during the design phase of a project! We have such a talented team in our office!

We worked for a single land developer and we knew we could offer the same services to others and be successful so we stepped out and started Firm Ground! The name was intentional for many reasons and resonated with the original founding members of the team. It still does, and now everyone understands our story and what it means to begin a well built project on Firm Ground!

Because we have an owner's mindset, we are good stewards of our client's money and help to demystify the design process.