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Santa Fe Springs, California



Established in 2005.

We, Film Kings Inc. are like no other window tint company; we're committed to excellence. Our success relies on our customer's satisfaction. That's a code we have lived by for 15 years of window tinting and it hasn't failed us.


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German G.

17 August 2019

Made an appointment for Saturday morning, overall great experience. Very informative and detailed when explaining the film. Clean environment and clean work. Definitely recommend Film Kings! More...


Steve M.

15 August 2019

Luis gave me a quote via Yelp and I made an appointment that day. Came to the shop a couple days later and the whole team was professional, clean, and had great prices. Nice lobby and glass wall so you can see them work. Really clean shop and lobby, this is my new tint shop. More...


Brittany P.

3 July 2019

Well I officially have my go to spot for future window tinting, glass protection, and smoking out my tail lights. I'm big when it comes to reviews and giving my own reviews and let me tell you, this spot did not disappoint. Genesis was so helpful and very informative when it came to explaining the difference tints and even gave an example. Luis did an amazing job on my windows and Genesis. You 2 are an amazing team and thank you much for putting shades on my baby. I look forward to doing business with you guys again in the near future!! More...


Steven H.

9 June 2019

I'm really bad with name but Luis and the lady working there worked on my Tesla model 3. I went for two reasons which was price and convenience of them being opened on Sundays and before I get into further details, go. you won't regret. and I know there are a lot of you out there like me getting the Tesla Model 3 before July 1st and rest assure they know how to tint the back window the proper way.The product they used on my vehicle wasn't the super name branded Llumar or 3M. However, they are using a up and coming brand Rayno film which is equally good or better than my old LLumar tint I had a while ago. If you are doubting the quality of this brand.. dont you worry as they will make sure the product they install on your vehicle is 100% legit by having you test it out for your self before the install. It is the most up to date top of the line technology in tint with nano carbon ceramic tint (According to my research) that comes with a lifetime warranty.. what more can you ask for? I made an appointment for 11am on sunday and was quoted that it will take 3-4 hours.. however with two of them working on my car, they were able to knock it out in 2.5hrs. very detailed in their installation with a great working area. If anyone asks for a referral on where to get tinted, I will be pointing them this direction. I will leave another update with some images once my film cures in about 4-5 days. More...


Daniel S.

3 June 2019

Honest, efficient, clean, organized, educational, great customer service with lifetime warranty. Can't complain highly recommend these guys.


Mitchell E.

14 May 2019

Very professional tint shop..we went with the rayno tint to cut down the heat of the coming summer months after Luis demonstrated the difference in the quality of nano ceramic technology me and my wife are extremely happy with the results...THANK YOU GUYS AND FIFI TOO MY SON ENJOYED PLAYING WITH HER!!! More...


Nick L.

4 May 2019

Great experience getting my Model 3 tinted here. Came here before with my Accord and Luis did a great job, so I know when I got my Model 3, I had to come back.


Elizabeth B.

4 May 2019

Love the way my tint came out. They took their time explaining the difference between tints and truly had my best interest in mind. Did not try to upsell me BS. Tint is clean and on point. More...


Joey C.

1 May 2019

I'm the type of person who definitely does thorough research when I need some type of service. After calling every shop in a 20 mile radius, Luis offered me the best deal. Let me save you the time and effort and just come straight here. Great quality work and definitely easy to work with and gives you no BS or try to upsale you on other products. Definitely a customer for life! More...


Shane F.

21 April 2019

Louis and Gen were very friendly and professional start to finish, answered all my questions and thoroughly explained the differences between the tints. They were competitively priced and they immediately got to work on my car. The tint looks amazing and the temperature inside my car is a lot cooler...thank you Film Kings! More...


Joshua K.

23 March 2019

Came here after having a very bad experience at a different tint shop. Spoke with Luis over the phone and he walked me through the process of tinting and all the extra steps they take to cover things up which was not done at the other tint shop. Came in today for the tint job and i am 100% happy with the results. i was informed that there would be some water bubbles in the tint and it is to be expected and should be gone in 3-5 days depending on weather conditions. Cant wait to see it after all the adhesive cures!Thank you Film Kings for a job well done! More...


David Curtis

16 March 2019

Very professional and great service. I would recommend this tint shop.


Robert U.

23 January 2019

I took my 2018 Accord to get tinted and it cost me $150. They were very friendly and Luis was very informative via yelp messages. They did a great job and I was seen at the exact time they told me I would've seen at. Took them about an hour and 10 min to finish my car and I am satisfied with the results. Thank you Film Kingz! More...


Augustina Perez rivera winning

28 November 2018

Luis is very professional and work is great. Genesis was also very helpful and to see a woman tinting is great.


Tony A.

26 November 2018

This is an amazing shop. Very professional and straight forward. I went to 5 shops and this one was the best. Not only in pricing but service. I have a Tesla model 3 so I wanted to make sure it was safe because of the cameras and sensors. I do not do many reviews but I was very impressed and hoped this helps others. Luis does not play games and won't steer you the wrong way. I've called many shops with the brand and percentage of tint. His pricing and service was the best. Very fair man which is hard to find in today's society. Make sure you get the Rayno S9. More...


Juan G.

23 October 2018

I found this shop on yelp by reading comments from different shops referring these guys so decided I'd give them a shot. Got ceramic tint on my 2018 dodge charger and I'm 100% satisfied. Overall the film seems to be solid and keeps a lot of heat outside of the vehicle.  I did notice a few little tiny bubbles on one of my rear windows but really not noticeable or concerning. Planning on coming back to get my front windshield done soon! Thanks guys! More...


Marcus M.

20 October 2018

I will tell you why Luis is the BEST! Went there in summer of this year 2018. I told him about the deals I was offered at other tint shops. He beat ALL their prices for the same caliber of window tints! I wanted the "Rayno S9" Carbon Ceramic tint which was the most expensive, but offered the best sun protection from the damaging sun rays. He has a heat box that shows how much heat each tint BLOCKS. The S9 was awesome, almost felt no heat at all! I couldn't afford the tint at the time, so unfortunately I had to walk away.        I spent the summer Baking like a can of Boston Baked Beans and sizzling like hamburger patties in the skillet! Wwwooo! I drive around with leather interior, so each time I stepped in the car I couldn't breath! I drove around doing deliveries for hours with a car that drinks gas like ice cold lemonade!! So I had to keep the windows down instead of using Air Conditioning!    I went back once I had the money to spare around September. I told Luis of the price he offered me months ago and he kept his word!!. He had a very positive, respectful, and polite attitude! Very professional guy! The shop was very clean! They had a big flat screen and said I could watch whatever I wanted ! Luis took his time with my car as if it was his own! I never saw a person put tints on as if he was making a MASTERPIECE PAINTING, but Luis did . I was impressed!    I found out a few days later that there were tiny air bubbles in my back tints and some reddish stuff. Luis did not do the back tints because i have a small two door car. He did the front tints which were near PERFECT!    I came back like a month later which is today10/20/2018. Luis looked at the tints and GLADLY replaced the back ones for me! These tints come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, and it didn't cost me a penny for the replacements. We talked after all was done as if we were friends! He is an awesome and humble guy!  They have cool hats too and do much more than window tints.. like car wraps, racing stripes, wheel wraps like if you wanted black rims for example and other things!    I recommend Luis and his shop Film Kings 100%! Been going to this other guy for my last 3 cars, but now that I have Luis, there is no need to go elsewhere. GO check it out and ask about that heat lamp demonstration! Those tints cut down 50% or more of the heat in my car! I can now walk outside on a hot sunny day and jump right in my car! More...


Rud M.

19 September 2018

It's been a week since install. No peeling, bubbling, or any other issues. Work was performed in a timely manner and he answered all my questions.


Jon K.

5 September 2018

Great experience...I contacted them on Labor Day to get some info and prices, and to my pleasant surprise they were open!! Anyways that helped me decide to go with Film Kings...From there it got even easier and two days later my car is professionally tinted..I've been to plenty of tint shops in my old life, and I must say Luis, Genesis and Fifi the dog were all friendly, helpful and easy to work with..They have top quality film, various price options, monthly specials, and a clean shop...i recommend them and might be going back for their protective windshield option too and who knows I might even spring for the protective car body film too ...thank you Film Kings!!! More...


Jr. R.

10 August 2018

Really nice job on my Audi and Tahoe Very professional with great attitude.Make an appointment since they are probably booked for walk-in.


Shaun P.

10 August 2018

Great shop. Great work. Great price for the top of the line product. Great customer service. Great communication. This shop kills it and is very welcoming. They worked really hard on my Audi S5. Definitely be bringing other vehicles here and referring this shop to others. Their shop dog is cute and kept me company also. More...


D T.

6 August 2018

This was my first time using Film Kings. Tint work was great and interior door panels and windows were wiped clean!! I requested a quote using Yelp and received a reply within 10 minutes. Made a next day appointment and car was completed within a couple of hours right as expected. I will take my next new car to Film Kings. More...


Bret S.

5 August 2018

Very professional, clean, and fast.They guarantee their work.  What more can you ask for?Thanks!


Edward C.

22 July 2018

Brought my vehicle in for window tinting and was a bit nervous only because the shop didn't have as many reviews as other places BUT have no fear, this shop is legit! Was lucky enough to get my vehicle serviced the same day which took a few hours but I didn't mind as I had to go to work anyways. The manager there was very easy to talk to and goes over different materials as well as pricing. The shop itself is pretty simple and straight forward with a big ol window for you to check out your vehicle while it's being worked on My only reason for 4 stars is because I ordered limo tint in the back but somehow don't seem as dark as other limo tints I've had in the past BUT will be updating my review in a months time to see how everything is holding upOverall I'm very happy and if all goes well I'll be returning with 2 other vehicles shortlyUPDATE: still loving the look and quality of the film. 5*!! More...


Kevin H.

17 July 2018

Came here to today to get my Subara SUV tinted. First of all Genesis has amazing customer service. Gave great recommendation on what tint to get since the vehicle already had factory tint so it wouldn't look so dark. You can chill with netflix while your waiting the vehicle to be finished up. The price was $160 which was way less compared to other places who quoted me. Thanks again, and I would definitely refer friends and family to your business. More...


Walter C.

10 June 2018

These guys are GREAT!!! Quick service with QUALITY work!!! Brought in my wife's 2017 Toyota Rav4 and my 2006 Toyota 4Runner and I must say that these guys and girld are spot on!!! It's made both our cars a whole lot cooler and makes them look a little better!!! Awesome work guys!!! I will be repeating my business with you!!! Glad to see that there is still businesses out there like this!!! More...


Lala A.

23 May 2018

I was able to get an appointment same day. They explained everything clearly and quickly. Check in discount! Waiting room was clean and has a big screen to keep you entertained while you wait. Best quote around.


Timothy T.

15 May 2018

A+ for service!Luis was very responsive via Yelp messages. He answered all my questions within minutes. I had a lot of questions so was worried he would be annoyed and stop responding. He probably was annoyed. Sorry Luis..Made an appointment for two cars at 2PM on a Friday. We went through the different tint options etc. They said it takes an hour and a half per car so I was hoping the work would be done by 530PM. It took a little longer so I didnt leave till after 6. Location: located in a small complex next to Waba Grill. The waiting room has a nice view of the warehouse area where you can see your car. It's pretty neat. They also have a TV and chairs for comfort. Tinting: Everything looks good for now. I did have to return 3 weeks later because there were some water bubbles on both cars that didnt clear up. Hoping I dont find anything else later on. Good thing is it's lifetime warranty with the Rayno brand and with Film Kings. The wait and return was a small inconvenience but besides that, all is good! More...


Ken C.

5 May 2018

Luis is definitely a professional with window tinting. He new my Tesla Model S inside out and went over any concerns I had with the windows, front windshield and panoramic glass roof. I need tint to make the car cooler, block the UV and IR from the all the windows and glass roof. I even went with putting a clear film on the front windshield to block the UV and IR.Called him Saturday morning and he was able fit me in his busy schedule, price was better than 5 other places I call recommended by friends. You won't find a better deal and quality tinter. Highly knowledgeable. I'm def a customer for life. More...


Palabra G.

22 April 2018

Quickest response for a quote. Nice shop, Great Customer Service! Thank you Luis for hooking it up.



16 April 2018

Great service, quality craftsmanship, great price. Highly recommend this place . You will not be disappointed.


Dillon A.

2 March 2018

Had my F150 tinted with the Rayno S7 ceramic carbon tint and couldn't be happier. Let me start by saying that from a customer service standpoint Luis at Film kings has it down. From the start he answered all my questions in a timely manner and was straight forward about what the prices included. His prices are the best of any of the local tint shops I contacted. He squeezed me in with an appointment the next day and took my truck right in when I got their. He said to give him a couple hours and he held to it. I'll be a repeat customer and bring all my friends here too. More...


Christian H.

26 February 2018

Drop off my car on Sunday morning. Picked it up early afternoon. Price much better than what I was quoted. Best yet, I was able to use a $25 dollar coupon since I picked the best ceramic tint. Excellent customer service! I am now taking my Carrera so Film Kings can give it the professional look! More...


Gustavo O.

13 February 2018

I came down to Film Kings just 5 minutes from my house   Met up with Luis and I tell you he gave me a run down of all my options and how each tint works very knowledgeable on every tint. I ended up taking the ceramic tint best quality all around best decision I made. love the look of my car I'll be back thanks Luis for your service and friendliness. More...


Perla Gonzalez

11 February 2018

Very professional staff. They explain the differences of tint film as soon as you get there. Price quoted was very reasonable. They also have a waiting room with a TV and it was very clean. I also liked that they do appointments and are open 7 days a week. More...


Steve B.

2 January 2018

These guys are great. Low prices, hands on owner and quality work. I have already referred 2 more people for window tinting. My new resource!


Angel M.

29 December 2017

Had the opportunity to go into Film Kings to have my vehicles windows tinted and I must say affordable convenient and quality of work is excellent!!!If your looking to have your windows tinted have to go in and give Film Kings an opportunity to tint your ride... More...


Kelly Polanco

9 December 2017

Love the place. Grate staff and excellent work. Recommended 100%


Jun P.

5 December 2017

The BEST auto tinting place by far.  Took care of my 2018 Taco with S9 Ceramic Tint, what a huge difference with the sun protection.  Friendly and customer oriented establishment.  The job is very clean and the attention to detail is second to none.  I will be back to take my Tacoma to get some customized decals done. More...


Henry K.

22 November 2017

If your looking for quality and amazing service, this is the place to go. It's close to the 5 and 605 freeways. It sure is worth the drive. I would definitely call and make an appointment. Luis did not hesitate to take my vehicle in on a last minute request. I'm not saying he will do that all the time. I'm sure it would be based on how busy he is. He has an amazing indoor bay with plenty of room and your vehicle is out of the elements during the application of his products. He explains and demonstrates his products, above all he guarantees his work. His work is amazing and I am truly impressed. My wife also got her vehicle done and she is also very Happy. First impression was definitely a good one. When I picked up my vehicle... I was truly beyond impressed! It looked amazing! I truly would recommend this shop to anyone who is serious about tint. You can't go wrong! Check out the pics. More...


Daniel P.

12 November 2017

Work that was done: Tint removal, Full Re-tint, Black vinyl over rear window dot matrix.Contacted Luis through yelp and he answered all my questions in a timely manner. Hes a very cool guy, easy to talk to, and professional. One of my biggest pet peeves is the way the dot matrix on rear windows look with tint. Luis suggested a black vinyl to cover that area which is exactly what I was looking for. Went ahead and set up to bring my car in. Unfortunately it was a gloomy day so they weren't able to remove the rear window tint due to the lack of heat from the sun, but they were able to do all the other windows. I appreciate that he suggested to being the car back on a sunny day instead of just trying to remove the tint and riak damaging the rear defroat. The tint looks high quality as well as the work that was performed. I will update later with pics once the rear window is complete. Also the shop looks legit. More...


Nikki L.

5 November 2017

Got a brand new black 2018 subie wrx about 4 months ago and the first thing i had to do was go get it tinted. I've been waiting to do this review about three months out to see how the tint held up. The tint job is legit and worth it from this dude. He does fantastic work. Ive had plenty of people ask me where i get it from and i tell them the price, they respond back tellin me i got hooked up. I brought in about 3 other friends and family here. I got front windows at 20% and 5% in the back. Most likely will be coming back here to do my front window. More...


Sergio Á.

11 September 2017

I recently got my new Subaru Impreza tinted at Luis's shop. I began by asking for a quote via Yelp. Luis responded in a timely manner and gave me a reasonable price. He had the best price around and very positive reviews, so I decided to book an appointment immediately. My experience at the shop was extremely positive. He was very informative about the different kinds of tint and the benefits they brought. I decided to go with the higher-end tint and the price was still very competitive. The result is gorgeous! My Subie looks really cool and, more importantly, stays cool! More...


Jonathan Anda

31 August 2017

Tinted multiple cars, even before the shop was open. Very helpful and professional business, this is definitely a go to tint shop. Amazing prices as well and great work ✌? More...


Aleksey Volchek

22 August 2017

I'm just impressed with the quality of the shop. Clean, open, and pleasing to the eye - it's a pleasure waiting for the job to be finished. Lots of thought went into getting Film Kings off the ground. 100% recommend to everyone! More...


Francisco J.

30 July 2017

After looking through many tint shops through out my area and around the Covina area I finally found this shop, Film Kings. Luis welcomed me to his shop and explained all my option for the film. I thought I had done my research on types of films and shades but he explained more to me which I had no clue about. After deciding on my options I went with the Rayno S7 at 35%. The film came out great. He removed my old tint and installed the new film with great results. I'm extremely happy with the outcome and I'm glad Film Kings was there to take me in on a Sunday morning. More...


Ben R.

11 July 2017

Best prices and quality service! I checked the local businesses for best pricing for ceramic tint for my car they by far beat the rest and walked me through the whole process made everything so easy ... Friendly and helpful they hooked it up! Happy I found them to tint my car! More...


Jo H.

8 July 2017

Luis is super friendly, he explained everything and left me some time to consider what type of film I prefer. All windows including windshield took about 2.5 hours. Everything was perfect, no bubbling or anything. It's been about 2 weeks and I'm so happy with the result. Will definitely recommend to anybody! They take both card and cash. No tax if you pay cash though ;) More...


Juan C

3 July 2017

Excellent work, great price and very professional business. Luis took the time to inform me about the different types of tints in order to help decide on which product to go with. Will definitely be returning.


Dr. P.

27 June 2017

Great service !  Jen and Luis are very professional , got my Audi done same day without an appointment . Tint job came out amazing , top notch workman ship. Luis explains pros and cons of each type of tint options and doesn't try to up sell. I'll be taking all my cars here from now on. Thanks guys ! Nikunj Patel, MD More...


Kris Hawk

26 June 2017

Best place around!! Did a awesome job on my car and trucks. Thanks film kings!!


Zamen BenAmor

25 June 2017

1st time customer, will definitely be returning and referring others to Film Kings! Great quality film and the worksmanship is the best!

Luis knows his work and is very detailed. You can definitely see he takes great pride in his work!

While you wait there's a nice comfy office lounge where he offers great entertainment. Before you know it, your car is ready and looking better than ever.

Much appreciated!


Luis L.

16 June 2017

Very knowledgeable and professional team! As soon as I got here, explained to me the different types of tint and we're interested in helping me get the best possible for my vehicle, took care of my vehicle and made it look sleeker pretty quick and I am very satisfied....If anyone needs a great tint job done on their cars, homes or businesses...I definitely recommend these guys, they will do the best work at a VERY reasonable and fair price! Absolutely GREAT customer service! Plus you can't beat the protection you get from this crazy California sun and heat! More...


Resanti Olivares

14 June 2017

Professional and friendly staff, the premises is very neat and clean . Had my Wife's car done with medium tint. Superior quality. I'm telling my friends and family about this place. Check this place out. Can't beat the price for the quality they give and there's a waba grill next door awsome!!! More...


Cristy C.

26 March 2017

I love my new tint!! Luis did an awesome job on both my car and my boyfriend's truck. he was very professional. I highly recommend him!!!


Edgar Sillas

11 December 2016

The work that Luis did was phenominal. I'll defenitely pay him another visit for other details.


Alberto R.

25 November 2016

Phenomenal service.  Luis is  knowledgable and extremely professional.Was extremely happy  with the way my tint & logo came out. Luis was patient and helped me make the right informed choice of each film. Couldn't be happier with the service and tint job. Thanks. More...


Beverly Barbers

25 November 2016

Phenomenal service. Luis is knowledgable and extremely professional.Was extremely happy with the way my tint & logo came out. Luis was patient and helped me make the right informed choice of each film. Couldn't be happier with the service and tint job. Thanks More...


Danny C.

18 November 2016

Luis is the man! Great service, amazing products for a very reasonable price. Highly recommended. Ill be taking all my cars there from now on.


Jony Nader

18 November 2016

Great service, very professional, and great pricing. Would highly recommend!


Juan B.

13 July 2016

Great service and amazing job! Luis helped us out from beginning to end with all our tint questions and concerns. I was previously ripped off by another guy that did a terrible job on the tint work and went MIA. It's tough to find, trust and willing to pay someone for work. Results were outstanding and my girl was happy with her new tints. I don't own to many cars to tint but any other car I get ill definitely go back! Highly recommend!! More...


Steven Salazar

22 February 2016

Just wanna say that film kings is the place to get tinted windows, great service, and like that they can come to the house to tint the car, I'm overall happy with my experience and glad that film kings hooked it up...


Janelle Battaglia

21 September 2015

Soo happy with the tint on my car!!! Thank you so much!!! Super good prices and great service, everyone should check it out!


Michael Rodriguez

29 August 2015

By far best tint work I've had done to my car and friendly guys