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12 January 2019

I would recommend Aelita to anyone who cares about the way their living space supports their life’s ambitions.
As a feng shui consultant, she is identifying the obstruction of smooth and easy flow in your life and correcting these impediments.
She enhances specific areas of your life such as spousal relationship, health, financial gain, travel, creativity, to name a few. Each of the specific areas ( also called palaces) can be correlated with specific regions of your house or property.
Paying attention to these regions, clearing clutter, and adding design details that will “anchor” , or “circulate” Qi flow can make a huge difference in the way your life works for me. I cannot reccommend Aelita highly enough!! I have worked with her in my home and business for the past 5 years and I invite her back every year in January or February to help me set myself for the best year possible. If you experience her magic, you’ll be back to thank me!!



12 January 2019

I worked with Aelita many projects in her furniture selection at Scandinavian Designs and she has great taste. She has great personality and very passionate. She is an expert Feng Shui practitioner and an excellent interior designer. Her extensive knowledge in Chinese astrology and creativity have impacted or transformed positive changes to every project. Best in the business. More...



4 January 2019

I rarely do reviews but I feel this is worth sharing and spreading the benefits of Aelita’s Feng Shui services.
Aelita has brought so much peace and harmony by the adjustments she recommended in my house. She was reasonable and finds inexpensive suggestions to make the edjustments.
Friends who I recommend her to are also thrilled with her services and I will not hesitate to continue recommending her to those who are open to the wonders of Feng Shui.



29 December 2018

Aelita worked with me on a project at my home. Her suggestions were practical, affordable and have greatly enhanced my enjoyment of my home. Some of the changes she recommends are subtle, but I have found them to profoundly impact the feel of my home. She listens to what you are trying to accomplish and usually comes up with several possible ways to address an issue. In addition, she is a genuinely nice person and a real pleasure to work with. I have also hired her to do a much larger project at a commercial building. More...



27 December 2018

Ongoing annual Chinese Astrology readings with Aelita P. Leto are insightful into my current circumstances, and guide me to where my self is innately ready to be. The readings provide valuable "headings" for different areas of life. Conveniently, Aelita offers to record and email me the readings, which allows me to thoroughly absorb the information even more. I highly recommend Chinese Astrology readings with her. -- Brian C. Phelps More...


Trang Le

5 October 2018

I wish I know Aelita sooner when remodeling our first house. I thought we only need Feng Shui once it gets to interior design. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Luckily, we had enough time to modify our architectural design and now it is AMAZING and very functional living in it. Aelita also helps to read my Astrology annually and I usually ask for her recommendation if I want a major change in our family.
Aelita, I can't thank you enough for your expertise!


Aelita Putnina Leto

30 July 2018

My work , my passion , love to serve our community ! OM


Jhane Ferreras

30 July 2018

Feng shui aelita is very nice i love it and she is perfect feng shui for me....


Michael Eugene Brown

30 July 2018

Aelita is truly masterful in her ability to combine multiple schools of thought and weave them into a practical, inspirational, and effective program of solutions, whether it is for your home or your business. She sees as though she is flying high above and is able to ground that vision into useful, helpful, and powerful solutions. I can't recommend her more highly for her Feng Shui services. You will not be disappointed. More...


Edith Morcillas Espinola

30 July 2018

Wow! Aelita knows her feng shui! I just had a walk through of my home with her and she gave me such great direction and advice on how to move things around to have the ideal flow of qi in my life and business. Her heart was open and her guidance felt healing. I'm so excited to get started. I am confident her changes will make a difference in my life. I think it already has. More...


Lisa Doshier

30 July 2018

I had a life changing experience working with Aelita. She suggested I paint an accent wall a dark color behind my bed to help me with sleep and add a large boulder to my front yard to help with grounding. I did both and am so astonished and please with the positive results. She really knows her stuff and is a great pleasure to work with. More...


lisa Doshier

24 January 2018

Aelita came to my home as a gift. I didn't have any expectations. She was there 3 hours and gave me a variety of information and suggestions to make my home more inline with my energy to have a more successful and fulfilling life. I quickly completed the list she left for me. I was amazed and surprised at how different I felt after changing a few simple things such as painting the wall behind my bed for better sleep and adding a large boulder to my front yard for better grounding. I was a delight to work with Aelita and I would highly recommend having her come to your home or business. I loved it so much that she's coming to my home again next month. More...


Mary Welty-Dapkus

26 January 2017

I highly recommend Aelita Leto and Om Tao Feng Shui services. I have worked with Aelita in a number of capacities both in my business and my home. Her wisdom, knowledge and experience in Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui is extensive and the impact of her work has changed not only the success and clarity in my business, she has transformed the homes and hearts of many of my clients.

Aelita is a highly sought after speaker and has been a facilitator for my women's circle the past two years. Each presentation is unique, fascinating and informative and she is one of our favorite guest speakers as well as a member of the group.

Hire this talented, wise and wonderful woman today and let her bring energy and clarity into your home, your business and your life!


Hagit Zeev

19 January 2017

Aelita is a very nice, loving and knowledgable person. With only two consultation sessions, Aelita gave me very practical and insightful recommendations. The changes I've made as a result, made a huge difference for me. One example is my study place. Aelita explained to me why I can't concentrate in the place that I have placed my desk. i have moved my desk to another room and now I concentrate for hours!. I really recommend working with Aelita! More...


Einat Land

11 January 2017

Aelita is an amazing person. We worked with her to make important decisions about our house. All of her suggestions were wonderful. She's creative and understood us. It was a great experience to work with her and we warmly recommended commend her. More...


Martha Levine

23 December 2016

Aelita did a fantastic job with our home! We were remodeling our front yard and she helped us strategically put things in place so the energy was strong and it actually helped us protect our home from some negative energy in the neighborhood! Then in our home, she gave us a very thorough evaluation of every part of our home. She told us the strengths and weaknesses. Each room was addressed with things to keep and things to change. The biggest change for our home was to cover up an old fireplace that wasn't working. She said it was sucking energy out of our house. It changed everything in our home. We feel so energized and comfortable in our home after we made a few of the changes she recommended. Aelita is a very vibrant person and really has a passion for what she does! She's a gem! More...


klaudeen shemirani

23 August 2016

From the moment I met this woman, I knew my life would change, grow and prosper in many ways. I'm so grateful to have this great Master Healer and Feng Shui expert in my life!

In a nutshell, Aelita's astrology combined with her feng shui consultations have really "upgraded" the quality of sacred living and being for me....as well as helped me address & leverage pre-existing challenges, blind spots, strengths and gifts--in my personal life, and in my home and office spaces.

Aelita has a gift in giving precise and effective recommendations to optimize your space and relationships, without overwhelming you with too many tasks and clutter. She goes for the gold of possibility for one's greatest potential!

One of the best things that immediately came after implementing some of Aelita's recommendations was finding the "super ideal, long-term housemate," after having instability and stress for such a long time. I have a complicated tri-level home where the lowest level is prone to depression and instability (true!) and this all shifted with a few optimal adjustments. My present housemate who is also naturally prone to depression is now always sharing how much her space makes her so feel so grounded, safe, happy, lucky and blessed. And the feelings are mutual and growing (it's been over 5-months of awesomeness).

Aelita also has a gifted way of connecting and aligning you with your optimal strengths, while bringing lightness to the shadows you are meant to face, learn and grow from. For this reason, I love going to her for guidance when I'm feeling stuck or confused, and need help interpreting life challenges and "divine timing" into my favor.


Mark Pine

1 July 2016

Had a very good experience with Aelita Leto Feng Shui consulting. So far we had one session and I'm looking forward to the next one.



25 November 2015

I recommend Aileta highly. We initially met to design a peace, zen garden but when I met her, I was totally impressed with her professionalism and knowledge. I had her walk through my house to check it out.
We made many small changes as per her suggestions. There is no doubt in my mind that there is so much more harmony and good energy now. I am very happy with her design ideas for the outside and will follow up after the rains.
She comes across as a very caring, compassionate person. Her knowledge and skill set make her the best designer I have known.

Totally recommend her.



1 May 2014

Aelita Leto, of Om Tao Feng Shui, is a consummate professional with extensive knowledge of Chinese philosophy and the concepts of the effect of the environment on an individual. I have seen her work with individual's homes, improving the aesthetics, functionality, color, and texture reflecting individual's goals and creating a place of well being. In understanding the period and focus of a person’s life, one's elemental connection to the earth, and the person’s home in relationship to the entire environment, she creates living spaces that support one’s growth and development. More...


Erin Hartnett

30 April 2014

i cannot say enough good things about Aelita! her expertise has literally changed my life for the better. Feng Shui is not just about how you arrange your furniture but the environment you are creating for yourself inside and outside the home. the best part is i did not have to purchase a bunch of new stuff. she worked with my budget and used a majority of the furniture and decorations i already have. when i come home i feel so grounded, safe and happy. Aelita is professional, courteous and EXTREMELY knowledgeable. if you ask me, her service is an absolute must. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! More...



30 April 2014

I worked with Aelita when I first opened my business. She came in, observed my current set-up, and made suggestions has how to maximize earning potential. She did a complete write up on me, based on the date and time of my birth. She instructed me on the best place to set-up my work station, cash register and product.

Aelita is highly professional and knowledgeable in the field of Feng Shui, and it was a pleasure working with her. I was very pleased with the outcome of her advice.



4 May 2013

Highly recommend!

Aelita's thoughtful and pleasant approach to truly making our space comfortable with each inhabitant's style in mind, along with her copious knowledge and explanation of Chinese perspectives, and their practical application for us personally, has made all aspects of consulting with her, thoroughly worthwhile.

I have enjoyed working with Aelita over the past several years on annual expectations for home/business, and practical Feng Shui flow of 2 of our homes (as well as one rental property). With her proactive and warm personality, our design, layout and aesthetics have continually come together in a pleasing and consistent manner, and make living at home so satisfying! Her substantially informative, and easily digested input, has proved insightful, and her genuine sincerity towards our well being - regardless of budget or size of the project, is evident in both the process, and end result. I’m definitely excited to get my sparkle on for 2019 with our remodel consult coming up this month!

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