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Our classes are designed to not only learn how to kick and punch, but to instill the values of what Taekwondo teaches. If you are looking for you or your child to gain self-discipline, concentration, self-control and much more, please set an appointment up on our website to get started.

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Michelle Deng

15 October 2019

My son really likes the Taekwondo classes at Farrell’s waukee. The instructors are awesome! They teach the kids discipline, confidence, respect, and perseverance. Highly recommended!


Robert Baumgart

9 October 2019

My 9 yr old son has been a student of Taekwondo at Farrell's for 4 years now. He has really enjoyed the classes, classmates, Instructors, & Staff. All great.


Marc Molis

6 October 2019

Incredible people that group that I am proud to be a part of-my taekwondo family.


Ryan Glick

9 September 2019

My wife and I have been taking two of our kids to Farrell's in Waukee for over a year now, and it's been a great experience. The instructors are passionate about teaching Taekwondo, and they legitimately care about their students. If you're looking to instill in your kids values such as: hard work, discipline, confidence, and determination—I'd highly recommend Farrell's in Waukee! More...


Betsy Carroll Mitchell

29 July 2019

Farrell’s is fantastic! Our family has benefited immensely from the outstanding instruction and leadership as well as the wonderful and welcoming community offered by Farrell’s. The discipline, martial arts skills and life lessons taught are hugely important and Farrell’s does a wonderful job developing the ‘whole student’ both inside and outside of the dojo. The flexibility offered by two locations and numerous class times make it easy to find something that fits with any schedule. The lead instructors, Masters Miller and Bishop, are masters in their craft as well as masters of student interaction. We have been a Farrell’s family for nearly five years and in my opinion, Farrell’s is the best option for Taekwondo instruction in the greater Des Moines area. More...


April Pannell

27 July 2019

Great people and staff. Good team atmosphere and everyone works hard and has fun!


Josh Curry

3 March 2019

I did their TaeKwonDo program for over 16 years and just enrolled my nephew into their Little Dragons program! Master Brandon Miller did an incredible job leading my nephew through an introductory class! He absolutely loved it! I definitely recommend this for anyone looking to improve self confidence, body awareness, learn self defense, or even just as an activity to keep you or your little ones active! More...


Rocio Hernandez

5 February 2019

Por la disciplina del ejército, y me encanta lo que hago y la meta que tengo de mis ejercicios


Timm Pilcher

30 May 2018

This ...


Justin Hohn

26 May 2018

Outstanding staff, great atmosphere.


De Brickles

26 October 2017

Farrells is fantastic!! My grandson has been in taekwondo here for a yr and a half. He has learned self discipline and lessons in vital life skills like integrity, confidence, honesty, compassion, endurance and nutrition. They are taught self defense techniques and forms but it is so much more than just kicks and punches. The instructors are the best. He loves going to class!! More...


Olga Lazareva

18 September 2017

My daughter loves her taekwondo classes, and I love that they teach her discipline, attention, and work ethic. Great instructors who strike a good balance between challenging kids to do their best and being supportive and encouraging.


Kelly Fuller

26 May 2017

Want a great workout and meet terrific people at the same time? Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping is the only place I recommend. I have been attending classes since 2007 and I feel terrific, and I must add I just turned 67 last month. I cannot keep up with the youngsters but I can work at my LEVEL 10 and get a terrific workout. The boxing and kicking are fun and the resistance training (with elastic bands) will make you earn your sweat! 45 minutes of exercise and fun rolled into a great time. They have classes at all hours of the day, although I recommend 5:15 am because we are a fun group of people. Try a test class sometime they have them often, call for the next one. If you come to the 5:15 look me up, I'll show you the ropes!! More...


Christina & Michael Davis

26 May 2017

I have been working out at the Waukee location for about 18 months. The entire group (FIT members, staff, coaches, instructors ) is welcoming and hard working...I love it!


Brian Carpenter

9 April 2017

Great instructors teaching life lessons with a bit of martial arts sprinkled in for good measure.


Jenny King

2 March 2017

my 6 year old son loves it here. he is a Little Dragon. Highly recommend for learning and discipline.


Kim Chedester Powell

5 July 2016

We have two girls in taekwando. Whether you are young or old, Farrell's is for you! Their instructors are well trained, knowledgeable, kind hearted, caring, structured, AMAZING people! We'd recommend classes to anyone! We're thrilled with what our girls have grasped from taekwando. Self discipline, self control, respect, manners, time management, and self defense. More...


Danielle Hedges

27 May 2016

Great place to instill good values into your kids! One-on-one instruction and great team work! My daughter always looks forward to class!


Seamus Spain

14 December 2015

If you want the very best Martial Arts instruction, go to Farrell's U.S.M.A. Master Miller is THE BEST you'll find!


Krystal A Russell

20 February 2015

Love their staff! Friendliness and fairness. I tried out a free trail. It was great.


Teresa Inman Stodden

2 December 2014

I just want to say a huge thank you for all you and your staff have done for my boys!!! I have seen a huge change in both of them.


Bonnie Sirois

9 August 2014

Farrell's in Beaverdale and Waukee are both great places to be all the instructors want the best for all students and staff


Dean Kirkpatrick

2 March 2014

Everyone should go here! Be with some of the good guys and gals in the world.

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