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A CPA Firm that provides tax preparation services, bookkeeping services, and probate accounting services

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Alyx S.

10 June 2019

I had some issues with my taxes and needed an amendment so I went here and got the best service ever today! Thank you for being so accommodating and helpful. He even got me some extra money on my return so I'm super happy! Thank you Alex you rock! I highly recommend to anyone who needs help with their taxes More...


Nathan B.

10 April 2019

I hired Alex for my business and personal accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services this year. He has been a gift from heaven and has just made things so easy. He's knowledgeable, attentive, everything has been promptly done, and my finances are in order for the first time in forever. Couldn't be more grateful to have been referred to him! More...


Neda K.

16 February 2019

I did my taxes with Mr. Fard this year for the first time, he is very knowledgable at what he does, and he answered all my questions regarding my tax return. He is very passionate and seems to be enjoying his job. I will definetly recommend him to anyone looking for accountant. Thank you More...


Anna K.

12 February 2019

Alexander is amazing !! Very professional.  I highly recommend him to everyone. He is friendly and very nice and very patient. He was very patient explaining everything step by step. More...


Raul C.

11 February 2019

I appreciate Alexander's certified public accountant (CPA) services when doing my 2018 taxes. He is very knowledgeable and went to USC which is a great school. He was very professional and responded to all my tax questions for year 2018. This year was a bit complicated for me due to getting the solar energy credit, and Alex was great in getting it done. I highly recommend his tax return services More...


Catherine G.

8 September 2018

I was lucky enough to meet Alex Fard through a friend who suggested him to help with my taxes. I just got married last year and changed jobs so my husband and I were looking for an accountant to help us file this year and just go through all our options.  He made the entire tax process as easy and painless as possible and was great at explaining everything. Would definitely recommend him. More...


Leslie U.

4 April 2018

Alex helped us file our 2017 taxes.  It was particularly challenging for us this year because my husband had a 1099 form instead of a W2.  We weren't sure how to handle this.  But it was no problem for Alex.  He made this simple and painless for us.  He worked quickly and ensured that we received all of the appropriate deductions.  Thanks, Alex! More...


Marina C.

2 April 2018

This was my first time using Fard tax and accounting. I had multiple issues with fraud and back taxes. Alex was very personable and knowledgeable.  Before we even started filing 4 years of taxes he explained every little process of what we were going to do. I walked into Fard tax and accounting with a big IRS mess and walked out with peace of mind and a new accountant.  thank you! More...


Holly S.

29 March 2018

Alexander Fard has helped me and my husband with our business and personal accounting, bookkeeping, and even with an old tax audit.  In every instance, he has surpassed our expectations.  He knows his stuff!  We had no idea how much money we were losing out on - but he did - because it's his area of expertise!  We got a big and unexpected check from the IRS because we had overpaid.  Thanks to Alex - they had to pay the pipers (us)!  Also - his bookkeeping is a fantastic service that will free you up to do the other aspects of your job with confidence. More...


Brenda G.

28 February 2018

I found Fard on yelp, and let me just say that he made me feel very comfortable when I was asking questions, because he knows I had many. Unlike other tax prepares he was able to thoroughly explain what some of these numbers on my tax forms, and he also asked me all sorts of questions so I can take full advantage of any options I had available in order to receive the most out of my refund. I would and have recommended him to my family and friends. More...


Tali C.

12 July 2017

It was a pleasure working with Mr. Fard this year to file my taxes. He answered all my questions, and I was comfortable working with him throughout the process. He is very professional, and I highly recommend Fard Tax and Accounting for your tax needs. More...


Allegra S.

20 April 2017

Alex helped me work out my messy extension that I had for 2015 and got me back a great refund for 2016. He is kind and easy to talk to, was able to explain some accounting details so I could grasp what was going on. He seems knowledgable and professional, I definitely recommend him and already have been telling people! More...


Jasper G.

20 March 2017

For years I've been using turbo tax, but I was never quite happy with their services. I recently switched over to Fard Tax and Accounting, and I am very impressed. They were able to get me a larger return, and help me with income earned out of state. They are professional and answered all my questions with patience and care. Thank You!!! More...


Shantel D.

20 March 2017

I have worked with different accountants, and I have not come across one as professional as Mr. Fard. He explains everything in detail and is very easy to work with. His patience made preparing my tax return easy. He is very knowledgable and gave me great advice for the upcoming year. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone because he is the best CPA I have ever worked with. More...


Jonathan T.

7 March 2017

Mr. Fard isn't only a phenomenal accountant, he lives and breaths taxes! I didn't know it was possible for someone to be THAT interested and knowledgeable in business taxation and accounting. For as long as I have worked with and known him, I've always appreciated his love and deftness with numbers, and keen business insight. He's helped me understand how to appropriately set up my independent consulting and small business accounting to get the most out of my returns as well as identify key opportunities for savings. It's rare to find someone so excited to do taxes and accounting..and so good at it too. Couldn't recommend him more. More...


Daniel G.

7 February 2017

Alex helped me resolve an interstate income tax issue quickly and easily, saving me hours of stress and hundreds of dollars. I was very impressed with Alex's professionalism and personal touch. Would highly recommend - I've found my tax guy for life. More...


Cara D.

7 February 2017

This past year I started a new job that required me to pay my own estimated taxes. When I went to the IRS website to figure out how to accomplish that, it all looked like rocket science to me. Luckily for Alex it was a piece of cake, he is very knowledgable and was more than up to the challenge. I really appreciate the time he took to help me figure it all out. He even sat on hold with IRS so that he could verify that he was telling me the right information. Thank you Alex! I will definitely be bringing you all my tax related queries in the future. More...


Tax Preparation Services, Bookkeeping Services, Fiduciary Accounting Services

A great accountant provides the insight you need to grow your business.

The best part of my job is working on a client's set of books. I grew up with the affinity for math and I was trained to be a perfectionist. I love searching through the detail to ensure that everything has been categorized correctly.

My mother is an entrepreneur. My father was an entrepreneur. My brother is an entrepreneur. I came into an opportunity for me to follow in my family's footsteps. It was a very challenging decision to make, but nonetheless, it was the best decision I've made. With the help from my friends and family, I have been able to grow a successful accounting practice.