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Fairfield Psychological

Haven Heights, Virginia


Fairfield Psychological

Haven Heights, Virginia


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Leigh Phaneuf

28 August 2019

Great experience here with Justin Ray. Thankful they now send reminders via text. I would highly recommend this office.


Steph Eykamp

26 April 2019

I couldn't be more grateful for the staff at Fairview Psychological. Working towards goals with support and understanding makes all the difference. Highly recommended.


Brandi M 3of US

26 January 2019

I just came here for the reviews. Lol. I do actually recommend them to people who ask me where I go. As I read all the reviews I made sure to keep in the back of my mind this is a business to treat people with all types of mental disorders. That being said my daughter and myself go here and maybe once have I encountered a bump in the road. The time it took to fill out a form I needed so I could get cleared by a company doctor to perform my job duties. It took a week BUT I’m also FULLY AWARE these doctors have a set daily work schedule of seeing patients. Therefore I knew it could possibly take some time. I just made sure I continued to follow up with the VERY HELPFUL receptionist. Which by the way I’ve NEVER had an issue with her,Justin ray and Natalies receptionist. She is friendly,respectful,understanding and listens. She DOES her job. Maybe, it’s the way y’all come off? Do you come in with a smile and greet her? If there’s an issue do you talk with respect or are you flying off the handle like you’ve been on a vacation from the meds? Geesh, some people just can’t be helped. Ha All these negative reviews about the front desk and being charged for cancellation is comical. Do you NOT read what you sign?! $75 isn’t even their full price. They don’t work for free people. Phone call, email or text YOU should be accountable for showing up for your own appointments. After all YOU are the one who requested to reserve the doctors time block. Now, the review about The doctors note and being sick I understand. I’ve had the flu but I called the practice I was at and explained and asked if it could be waived. If it couldn’t then I’d come in and try not to spread the flu. That practice waived it. Sometimes things happen that are out of your control but one shouldn’t let their mishap trickle down to others. Suck it up and Pay the cancellation fee or move on because you could be taken up a space that I need :) More...


Sam Sheppard

26 January 2019

Never had a problem at this Office and have been coming for quite some time. Care has been generally above expectations. The comments below are perplexing but then again this is a psych office so..... Whenever I make a follow up appointment I put it in my calendar. I would assume that most people do that. What is the purpose of making a follow up appointment after all? Not sure why the staff have to be responsible to remind the person about their own appointment? I mean when I buy a concert ticket does the musician call me, text me, email me, or otherwise contact me by any means to remind me of the date and time of the performance? If I didn't go to the concert because nobody reminded me does the venue give me my money back? When I make a reservation at a restaurant does the restaurant call me to remind me of said reservation? When I have an appointment for a parent teacher conference does the teacher need to send an Uber to my house to bring me to that appointment? When my son has a football game does the school send me a text to remind me of the date and time? When I am late on a car payment but I called and left a message with the bank that I was going to be late is the penalty forgiven? "But I called." I honestly feel bad for the front office staff and the idea that people simply can't hold themselves responsible for their own stuff and it's everybody else's fault. I'll tell you one thing, it appears Fairfield has their hands full. I wish them luck. All I can say is that they have helped me along my path but I have more road to travel so I better keep it moving. Keep your heads up Fairfield, some of us need you. More...


Marcos Cortés

27 December 2018

I have had several good encounters here, from the constant professionalism of the staff to the dedication of my doctor, Justin Ray, I recommend this facility to all my friends and family, really appreciate Sydney at the front desk for always being so genuine and easy to communicate with, A list receptionist!!


Alex Hanson

28 October 2018

I have been bringing my son to Fairfield for almost 2 years. He is 17 years old and feels comfortably with Justin Ray and is finally taking his medication as prescribed and doing very well. He was seeing a counselor as well who has since moved to another state. Both providers have helped him tremendously! I do not go back with him so I spend a good amount of time in the waiting room while he is being seen. I can say that I've seen the front desk and others come out to handle many difficult situations and I have never see them act inappropriately. Front office staff, and Rita and Sydney are incredible and sweet, and go out of their way to help myself and many others. They do a great job of handling tough situations and I commend them for patience I sure don't have! I have witnessed them explain the same policy repeatedly to the patient in front of them. I myself have missed an appointment before and as much as it sucks, I paid the no show fee and kept it moving. I understand the reason behind it and I do not blame the office. I'm sure this is a difficult population of people to deal with and they do an excellent job. To someone new thinking of coming here don't let some of these reviews deter you from the office they have truly helped my family. More...


Paul M.

3 October 2018

Great practice for marital counseling. My wife and I aren't 100% yet, but we've made great strides thanks to Gary's guidance and counseling (well, at least I have).  Staff at reception is on-point as well, always taking care of us and making sure appts are set up.  No one place is perfect for everyone, but for us, it works.  And I'm a hard dude to live with.  Hard to go wrong putting you issues in the hands of Fairfield Associates as a first step to your possible emotional rescue. Oh, I was told not to bring anymore Red Bulls to counseling...;-) More...


emily king

28 September 2018

Appreciate this office and all of the staff SO much. Front office girls go out of their way to help you out with things they don't have to, they are so sweet and actually talk to you say hello, etc. It makes me feel way more comfortable than any other office I have ever been to. Love Fairfield and am so thankful I found this place. More...


Holly G.

28 August 2018

I have been coming to this office now for almost 2 months and I love it! The front desk staff has always helped me when needed and even lets me book out a few weeks to make sure i get an appointment as their schedule books up quickly. Natalia is amazing!I really feel I'm getting the help I need. I would recommend her to anyone. Ive had to bring my children with me to visits a few times as they are on summer break and that has not been an issue at all ... If you need Psychological help and are looking for a good place to go, you've found it! More...


Danielle Lloyd

21 May 2018

At 26, unfortunately, I have gone thru many life altering situations that caused me to have severe PTSD. To the point I could work myself into a grand mal seizure. After 12 years with my family practitioner, numerous neurologists, and just about every medication out there, I finally found someone who actually spent time with me and listened to what has worked and didn't. Marcelli Pascal-Rodriguez (Pascal) was truly a God sent! Before him, I had never had a doctor call me to see how I was adjusting to new meds, assure me he is always available even just a text away, show such incredible patience or do some extra research into your situation. I recommend him highly to anyone who thinks or knows they need some extra help! I have never felt at such ease going in to see a doctor or therapist. He truly, not exaggerating, saved my life because I was not doing good mentally, emotionally, or physically before our first visit. I am so incredibly thankful I found Pascal and for what he's helped me do and continue to. AND NOW HE HAS MOVED TO FAMILY INSIGHT WHICH IS WHERE I WILL FOLLOW HIM TO!!!!!!! You want the best med therapy go see Pascal! More...


David Buckley

28 February 2018

The receptionists are always really nice, and have worked with me with many different things I have needed. 100% would recommend.


Julianna Taylor-Mulder

23 January 2018

I switched to Fairfield Psychological after recieving constant terrible treatment at Dominion Psychiatric. The doctors I've had at Fairfield have worked with me for my disorders in such a way that I've made a lot of progress in regards to being on the right medications. They have been more than helpful with the disability paperwork my lawyers require for my case, and they always go out of their way to make every appointment a good one. I highly dislike Psychiatric doctors (mainly therapists, but I've chosen not to see one at this time) -- they make me very uncomfortable -- but all the doctors and staff have been so amazing that I find myself extremely comfortable every time I have an appointment (aside from the two times my doctor changed unexpectantly due to them leaving the practice). Even when my doctor changed, the new ones both went out of their way to help me feel more than comfortable with them and their treatment of my disorders. Laura at the front desk always goes above and beyond to help with any and every thing I need, and is honestly the best "receptionist" I've ever met. I would, without hesitation, recommend Fairfield Psych to anyone seeking mental health treatment! -Brandy Hudgins More...


Papa Lima

29 December 2017

Pascal is the best, very professional and such a great medical provider, his understanding and passion is what makes it easy to visit. Nice shoes too.


jessica langham

12 December 2017

Pascal is the best!!! Always friendly and understanding!!! Convenient after work hours. Able to get you in quick! Would highly recommend for children with ADHD and Autism. Thanks again!


Chrissy T.

1 September 2017

I love this practice. Never leave me waiting to long. Always accommodating to my young son who I bring with me.  Dr. Gary is great! I recommend him to all my friends.


James T

14 August 2017

Fairfield Psychological Associates has been great. I have had numerous experiences with mental health doctors (both in the military and outside of the military) and this facility has been hands down the best I have worked with.

Pascal is nothing short of AMAZING. This guy has made himself available to me 24 hours a day, and has always made me a priority, despite the fact that I am not his only patient. He actually listens to my needs and concerns, and thoroughly goes through every single concern or question that I have. He even went as far as making sure I knew I could get ahold of him whenever I needed to and made me feel comfortable to utilize that. That is something you do not see every day.

Since seeing Pascal, and mind you It took A LOT for me to take the first step to seek out someone to talk to, I couldn't be happier. With his understanding demeanor and ability to really get to the issues at hand, I can genuinely say that I enjoy going to therapy. My life is genuinely better because of this place, and Pascal is a large reason for that. #Pascal2k17


Danielle l. B.

18 April 2017

I previously worked here but left due to my husband's job change. I knew it was a great place before, but now even more so. Gary was easy to work for and the demeanor at the office was very relaxed. Gary always made time for me and answered my questions. He supervised me and helped me get my LCSW. Rita and Laura worked really hard to support office staff. They are friendly and efficient to staff and clients. The office could not run smoothly without them. This was a great job and gave me many opportunities to work with the client population that interested me the most. More...


Bekah J.

12 February 2016

Fantastic front desk staff. Our counselors (Erin and Kacie) have always been supportive and understanding. I highly recommend this practice for children.


Maureen L.

28 August 2015

everyone at Fairfield physh. Have treated myself and family members as people in a professional manner.Rita Laura are great always smiling Gary is awesome.DR.Sam and DR.G. really listen they all really get to know you as a person DR.Gary gone above and beyond for myself my daughter and my grandchiden witch were not his actcual paients I give them all 5 s . tars been with them close to 20 years wouldn't leave Fair Field even if I was paid to .At times it feels like man another appointment Im always happy walking out with a clear head and a smile Thank You Everyone from Fairfield I give you 5 stars Thank you all Maureen More...



25 May 2013

We had talked about needing Marital therapy for a long time. Having a blended family is not easy. We found Fairfield and Gary through a friend and then checked our insurance website. The office staff - Rita was friendly and helpful. Gary is not what we expected. He is engaging, does not just sit back. We find him to be warm, professional, with a good sense of humor when it is needed. He told us from the beginning that he is sometimes direct, which is something my husband and i need. My husband likes him, and I thought I would never get him in to talk to someone. He even agreed to see the Nurse Practitioner, Sam for medication, which made a big difference. She is incredibly nice. We also had some problems with one of our children, and he referred us to one of the female therapists. More...



3 February 2013

I was refferred to Fairfield by my insurance company and then it happenned to be one of the names given to me by my Doctor. Does not feel impersonal. Secretary was helpful in figuring out my insurance. Marital therapy was a tough step for us. We left the first meeting feeling some relief - Gary Rotfus, our therapist has a knack for summing up our problems, sometimes seems to know where we are going before we do. Still have problems, but we argue less and no longer use the Divorce word. Overall, friendly office. If you need marital therapy - get it. More...



30 January 2013

I see that Fairfield is getting a lot of mixed reviews and I can understand why. Both my daughter and myself are patients here. I have been seeing Gary for about a year now and I love him dearly. He has helped me to HELP MYSELF. My daughter started out seeing Annie Phillips but after no showing and cancelling SEVERAL appointments and being URINATED ON by her dog she did not wish to return. She then saw Renee who essentially told my daughter that she was an idiot. She was pushy and rude and smelled like cigarette smoke. She then began seeing Danielle Bell who she continues to see REGULARLY. Fairfield does go through a lot of receptionists but I know Rita has been there as long as I have been coming and she has always been very cheerful and accommodating and I look forward to chatting with her while waiting for Gary who is usually running about 15 minutes behind as most other doctors it can be expected. More...



6 November 2012

I brought my 6 year old daughter in to see Danielle Bell. At first I thought "boy is she young, does she really know what she is doing?" but after meeting with her a few times I felt very confident that she could help my child. The office staff is on the ball and when I needed FMLA paperwork filled out Rita at the front desk was very sweet and went out of her way for me, and always returned my phone calls promptly. I highly recommend Fairfield and Danielle! More...



20 October 2012

I love this office. Can't imagine what that other person's problem is. Sometimes therapists tell parents what they need to hear, but sometimes are not ready for. I like that my counselor does not tell me what to do, but will be direct and point out things,even when it hurts. My children and I are doing so much better. I have gotten support for school problems, and Rita, the receptionist always manages to stop whatever she is doing and fax information. Sitting in the waiting room I have seen some of the other counselors - they all seem warm and encouraging. More...



1 June 2012

I met with Gary. The first meeting there, I was flabbergasted that I left with a sense of self-confidence that I haven't felt in a long time. He was sensitive and encouraging, yet very adept with his feedback. I had never been to a therapist before, and I was dreading going. But I left there feeling like I had hope and other tools to deal with life. I've been back a few times now, and I cannot believe that I still, now, look at living with confidence and HOPE. More...



22 July 2009

I called requesting an appointment the same day and Gary Rotfus, (the therapist) went out of his way to work me in to his already full schedule. From the time my wife & I walked in to the office they were very professional & compasionate of our needs. More...



22 July 2009

Very Professional & Caring, would recommend to anyone!



22 July 2009

Would recommend this practice to anyone. The Therapist, Gary Rotfus is very compassionate and uplifting and as for the Physician, She is the most caring, & personable Physician I know!!