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Carlos De Oliveira

28 September 2018

Very responsible, good price and amazing design.


D'Idalina Beauty Center

26 May 2018

I love F/Design Solutions, Felipe is so patient and attentive with all job he did for me. Thanks Felipe, you rock!


Lindacy Souza

26 May 2018

Felipe and his team they are really good. They do all my job since I opened my company. Logo, business card, stickers, signs and the social media they takes care for me. Thank you guys!


Leonardo Jerez

26 May 2018

This is one of the best Graphic and web Design in Newark. I want to work with this office again. Very good products with the best quality. Thanks guys!


Gabriel Goncalves

26 May 2017

I used Felipe for all my graphic design services since he worked for another small business in Newark many years ago. Although I was not very fond of the place, he always provided me great customer service and exceeded my expectations. When he told me he was opening his own business a few years ago, I was so happy for him. I did all my business cards, shirts, logo, and my van with him. Highly recommend him, the best graphic designer in the area and great prices! More...

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