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Joon Kim

3 August 2018

I have worked with Crystal for a long time and i have enjoyed our training sessions working together to better our pups. Very dedicated to her dogs.


Keri K. Lewis

3 August 2018

I have been training with Crystal for about 5 years. I have always found her easy to understand and work with. She asks alot of questions, and has a good discussion before beginning so that she has a really good idea of what, I, as a handler/pet owner want to achieve in my training. I would recommend Excelon Kennels!


Lesli Taylor - Barrett

3 August 2018

I've personally known Crystal LeJeune of Excelon Kennels since 1999 when we met and started training together professionally. She has Boarded my own personal Sport and working Personal Protection dogs at her facility since before it was open to the public. I trust her implicitly!

Her knowledge of dogs and training and her ease of handling all breeds regardless of their level of training or lack thereof is what has kept me desirous of a continued professional relationship with Crystal.

Her outstanding character, unimpeachable morals and our mutual respect for continued education regarding dogs and training has maintained our friendship throughout the years.


Dan J.

3 November 2017

I purchased a trained female German Shepherd from Excelon Kennels and she is now my service dog. She has improved the quality of my life tremendously. She is the most well balanced, highly trained dog I have ever owned. She is with me at all times and behaves like a service dog should in public.We continue our training with Excelon to keep her skills sharp and training has always been professional and humane. They care deeply for the dogs they own and train and I would recommend their services to anyone. More...


Matt C.

12 February 2010

Excelon Kennels is a family owned and run kennel that is so good, I drive my dogs from Seattle to just outside Olympia to board them.  Located on a large plot of land, the dogs have a nice big boarding area which was just renovated in November 2009.  I'm taking my dogs there in March for a few days, and I know they are going to enjoy the daily walks and the attention!Crystal (the owner) does something which I found unique in the boarding industry. The very first time I arrived with my boys, we spent about an hour acclimatizing them to their new surroundings, introducing Crystal to the pack slowly and in a way that made the dogs more comfortable as they were eventually led away to their temporary home.  I've been to a lot of other boarding places where it's just drop 'em and go.  That is not the procedure here, and frankly I think that is awesome!  Yes, it takes more time, but I think it is worth it for the dogs and for me.Excelon does a lot more than just boarding.  They are an official training site for working dogs, and Crystal can train you and your dog to be better animals.  If you're in the market for a new dog, they can help you evaluate and find the right animal for you. Check out her website for everything they do!By the way, when you arrive it is important to note that you should not let your dogs go to the bathroom near the house.  Leave your dogs in the car and have Crystal show you where you can take your dogs to go potty.  It isn't far, and it's a nice walk.  Also, visitation is by appointment only, so call or email Crystal to set up an appointment. Two thumbs (and four paws!) up for Excelon! More...

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