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Lodi, CA, San Joaquin



Lodi, CA, San Joaquin



We help people become more active and safe, eliminate dizziness, live free from medication and fear of falling and keep out of the doctor's office. Excel Physical Therapy is the leading Physical Therapy clinic in Lodi, California. We provide affordable and specialized therapy for patients seeking one-on-one pain treatment and customized rehabilitation program.

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Ash Camp

20 May 2019

The workers are extremely friendly. Doctor works with you and they are always right on top of things. Great job


Deannedra Cicolani

19 May 2019

Awesome customer service. Very reliable


Destini Bruton

19 May 2019

Fast reliable with great customer service. Doctor works one on one which is fantastic


Dauna Kammerer

26 April 2019

Just finished two months of PT following hand surgery. I found the entire staff to be caring and professional! Not only would I highly recommend them , if I have need for physical therapy in the future I will gladly make the 30+ minutes drive to Lodi from Sacramento to have them do PT.


Wesley Dulan

25 February 2019

I highly reccomend attending the staff is very helpful and the doctor. Omg. He does wonders. Recovered my left shoulder strain. He is very knowledgeable and hands on. Highly recommend!! More...


Vickie Gonzales

26 January 2019

I came in with sever foot pain and Monica made it better. Monica is a great asset to the company. She's always considerate and professional. I love the friendly staff. Iris is always sweet and professional when I see her. She's always accommodating and flexible with my schedule. More...


KaileyJane Wilkinson

28 October 2018

Did great things and good advice for you if you hurt it's a good thing to do great staff and are doing there best


christy Lopez

29 August 2018

I LOVE this physical therapy location.The staff and therapist are great .My condition has greatly improved.Everything is handled very efficiently.Insurance authorization and appointments and treatments are all 5 stars .I highly recommend Excel Physical Therapy! More...


Estella P Cortez

23 July 2018

Gracias a todos hay por el buen servicio les recomiendo excel terapia fisica ami me ayudo muchisimo con mi dolor de hombro y cuello son un equipo wow gabriel thanks for your help


Pau Hdez

23 July 2018

Excelente atencion en todos los sentidos, el personal que labora, las instalaciones, todo muy profesional y las terapias excelentes, mi experiencia fue muy buena, lo recomiendo 100 %


Endrjievschi Marina

23 July 2018

It's an excellent clinics....and mr. Enescu it's a very prepared fisiotherapist....my best wishes. Marina Endrjievschi M.D., Ph. D.


Fred Salisbury

23 July 2018

Very professional doctor very clean office work area explains everything to the fullest so you know exactly what's going on I highly recommend this doctor has been a godsend on putting me back to where I need to be


Michelle Rowell

23 July 2018

Gabriel at Excel Physical Therapy is the only physical therapist that has been able to help me over the years when others have not. I would highly recommend him.


Amanda Frazier

23 July 2018

Im sad ny physical thepapy is over i looked forward to my appointments to see the friendly staff and to walk out feeling like a million bucks. Thank you excel.


Hazel Langstaff

23 July 2018

If you want helpful staff and nice people and to succeed in your physical goals please come here for therapy . They have a great staff the dr will help you and super nice


Leah N Francisco Silvia

23 July 2018

Gabriel has been an absolute blessing to my husband. My husband was in a horrible car accident 3 years ago and has only recently been able to gain strength and agility because of his physical therapist Gabriel at Excel . I seriously can not put into words the help and support Gabriel has been. He is very professional , his office is clean , smells great and his staff are wonderful. He teaches us also safe exercises my husband can do at home . He is very intelligent and offers great advice. More...


Stacy Clasen Ley

23 July 2018

In all my years (unfortunatley) of dealing with Degenerative Disk Disease and being in pain, I have been sent to Physical Therapy several times. I was sent again recently because of new pain, spurs and arthritis, and went to Excel PT. I must say I probably got the most out of this treatment. As long as I do my stretches and remember what Gabriel taught me I can pray I stay ahead of the pain. Thank you. I look forward to your articles on here to keep us informed :) More...


Cheryl Linardon

23 July 2018

I wrote a very detailed message about Excel on my Facebook
Cheryl Linardon Lodi CA
Great Staff
Cheery Environment
The Staff All Genuinely Care About Each & Everyone that comes there.

Give Ex Cel a try, you will greatly appreciate on how much better you physically feel!



30 June 2018

This is a great place. Gabriel and the staff are awesome very caring. They accommodate you any time u need. Thank you Gabriel and staff.


George Taylor

18 May 2018

Best physical therapist iv ever had the experience of meeting, and the staff is the most efficient and helpful


Dregans Sangerd

6 April 2018

Contrary to ANTHONY MONTY'S review, a disgruntled ex-employee....I think we've all known one of these people. Gabriel Enescu has done wonders for my mother . She has suffered from vertigo and major back problems resulting in several surgeries. which resulted in her having to use a walker for the last 15 years. Using a walker, as most who have used them know, create even bigger problems. Like bad posture, always looking downwards just to name a few. Gabe has taken my mother to new heights of physical awareness and strength. She now uses a cane most of the time, which allows her freedom and independence from the walker. She's stronger now at 86 than she has been in 15 years. Her confidence and positive attitude are at all time high levels. His knowledge and expertise in this field are undeniable. We cannot thank him enough for all that he has done, and continues to do for her. God bless you Gabe. More...


Cheryl L.

15 March 2018

Cheryl Linardon — I have been going to Excel Physical Therapy here in Lodi, CA and feeling less pain and stiffness in several parts of my body. I greatly appreciate Gabriel Enescu, Director of Physical Therapy & all his staff. Gabriel & staff, work as a team showing thoughtfulness, caring and professionalism to all.

My Mother Gail A. has recently been going to Excel PT here in Lodi, CA too and she is really feeling much stronger and now she is walking without her walker.
Thank God!!!


Mike Fuentes

28 February 2018

I have Vertigo and I was very dizzy. I went to Excel Physical Therapy in Lodi, CA. For two weeks theye been working with me give excersises. They also give you home excerises and tools to us. I am not Dizzy any more I am able to drive a car again, go shoping and live a better life because of the outstanding staff there. Thak you Mike Fuentes More...


Noor Ahmad

30 January 2018

Gabriel at Excel Physical Therapy is a very supportive, generous and kindhearted man. The staff are reliable and do their best to help. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone! More...


La Rue Taufer

27 December 2017

The staff are very friendly and attentive. I’m always made to feel comfortable and at home. Also my shoulder feels a lot better from when I first started coming! Thanks a lot Excel Physical Therapy! More...


Gloria Amaya

14 December 2017

Staff is very nice and helpful. Helped me recover fast


Mariana Herrera

7 December 2017

Thanks for ur help my knee is doing so much better enjoy going they make me feel like home

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The possibility to make a difference in people's lives

The desire to provide the best quality of care without time or treatment approach constrains.

Our patients get results fast with our care. You will be treated one-on-one by a licensed physical therapist with extensive education and more than 20 years of experience. Your first appointment will be scheduled in two business days or less.
We will take time to educate you in all facets of your condition. A patient who thoroughly understands his or her condition will have a better outcome.
Yes, you can see us first! Seeing your physical therapist before you see your doctor can reduce cost, avoid delay in treatment, and improve outcomes.