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Mariel Res

17 June 2019

My daughter is taking lessons here and she likes it a lot. She has learned alot and i will continue to take my daughter here. The senseis are very skilled and patient with my toddler. The dojo is very clean. More...


Mike B.

16 June 2019

Sensei Nick is great with kids and his programs are very helpful! His programs help with the real world applications such as hand eye coordination, confidence, and self discipline. My 4 year old daughter is currently taking lessons with him now. She enjoys it. I highly recommend joining his free lessons, so you can see for yourself how fun it is and enjoyable! More...


Crystal D.

13 April 2019

My husband and I went to one of their free intro classes, these guys are awesome! Its a great workout but its also alot of Fun!


Calin Stinghe

16 March 2019

Definetley highly recomended. I trained my self with sensei Neagu... True dedicated and profesional trainer, 5 stars skills developer and motivational guru. 5 stars is not enough. ☺


Joshua E.

17 February 2018

This is, by far, the best possible place you could consider taking your children to if you want them to develop into well-rounded people of consideration, self-control and discipline - let alone having the ability to defend one's self if a situation requires it.Sensei Nick, Sensei Lewis and the family-oriented culture at Excel Karate & Krav embody a positive approach to training, development and self-control. Although both Sensei's have different approaches, the strategy is a win-win combination. My 4-year-old son loves his lessons, with either Sensei. As opposed to Kiva H.'s review below: the parent's night out is a FREE opportunity for the children to have fun. She didn't have to pay, as she purports. My son is the most important person in the world, and I have no hesitation leaving him in the capable hands of the Sensei, even though I would rather sit back and watch all of the activities because they're so much fun. Black & white characters on a screen can't compare with a healthy sense of humor. My son attends classes nearly every day, and the Sensei's healthy sense of humor combined with his expectation of discipline keeps the kids doing what they're supposed to be doing, and at the same time: Everyone loves the Sensei. He does what he does not just to provide for his family, but to contribute to the development of a future generation of people who have culture, understanding and the ability to out-think and out-manuevre their opponents. I could go on, and on about all the great things about Excel Karate & Krav and how it's MUCH better than any other dojo in Las Vegas (and I know because I looked at a LOT of places before I decided on Excel).... but I digress: I HIGHLY recommend Excel Karate & Krav More...


J C.

9 November 2017

My sons started Shotokan Karate and Krav Maga year ago and I have nothing but good things to say. The instructors are amazing, the owner (also instructor) is extremely patient. My sons have learned so much in a short period of time. If you want to be truly trained in martial arts, bring yourself here. The instructors take the time to make sure you are building basics before moving on to more complicated movements. The instructors are knowledgeable and explain each movement accurately and emphasizes on each step helping you fine-tune your technique. The personalized attention given to each student means that everyone from young to older is able to find success. More...


Thomas Rogers

25 April 2017

Training with intensity at the appropriate skill, age and with flexibility in class schedules that allow you to meet real life demands. Great people!!


Ritzie Gratrix

25 December 2016

Sensei Nick works very hard at creating a sense of community at this dojo. The children support each other no matter the age and their abilities. It's a great dojo!


Tanya Armendariz

11 December 2016

Nick is an awesome instructor, patient with my girls. My girls will remain in this long term.


Norma Cortez

29 November 2016

This is a wonderful place for kids go learn to defend themselves and at the same time alert and discipline �


Ann Persson

11 September 2016

My 3yr old goes here and he loves it. They have patience with him on his off days...which every parents should know those are most days. He goes 3 times a week and looks forward to it every time! More...


Lorenzo Sandoval

17 December 2014

Sensei Nick is a great instructor and amazing martial artist. I grew up training with him. He's very knowledgable and has always invited us to his events. As one of his former assistants (joe) his kids program is very solid. It's fun and a variety if activities that involve games through training through karate. I have used some his methods into our school. Sensei Nick is stern in his training methods but understands to stay current in today society for karate. Thank Sensei for showing some tips! Osu! More...


Andy Simon

30 October 2014

Great dojo!


Cornel Badea

26 October 2014

C'est merveilleux!


Mario-Marian Schiopu

25 October 2014

One of the BEST martial arts and fitness studio in Las Vegas. And the instructor "Nick" (Catalin Neagu) was my former training partner in Romania: one of the most talented and professional karate and krav maga teacher.