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Alex Reschka

13 July 2019

I believe Matt helped me out, the two guys working really knew there stuff. I came in as a total newb to the hobby, first drone build and they wer super helpful. The pricing is the same as online I’m pretty sure. The guys there are budget minded. They are not there to up-sell you and rip you off. They want you to fly! I will be going back for sure. Thanks guys! 5 stars! I didn’t have the option to hit that lol More...


Ignacio Camacho

1 June 2019

They have a good selection for RWD drift cars and track


Data Man

20 May 2019

Great stuff for quads and drones- obviously. They have a lot of inventory which is rare nowadays. They also compete with the prices of the online stores too. Very happy to have Excel here. Good job guys. More...


Kevin C

12 May 2019

Really extensive knowledge of 10th scale rc drift cars.


Stas Sto Lat

26 April 2019

Really pricey. They seemed disinterested in explaining the product. I wandered around a bit, then learned a bunch from YouTube


Adam Mused

26 April 2019

The other reviewers hit the nail on the head. This place opening blows the doors off any other hobby shop. Smart, friendly, helpful and welcoming. Affordable prices and very informative staff. Jeff has sold me a few items already and I will be back for more. Looking forward to doing business with them in the future! More...


Christy Kron

26 April 2019

Great place for rc parts. Very knowledgeable staff and super friendly!! Definitely recommend if you are looking for rc stuff. They even have indoor tracks to race on. More...


Tony Leppek

10 April 2019

amazing customer servicee



27 March 2019

Stopped by to get help with an issue I was having with my radio and got expert help! Not only did they f oh x my issue but showed me step by step how he did it! Great place and I will be returning to buy all my drone parts from these guys! More...


Tom Sz

22 March 2019

I go to excel for my RC drift needs! Solid selection of parts, bodies, and accessories. The staff is very helpful and do what ever they can to help out!


Nicholas Postema

13 March 2019

This place is awesome. The team has spent much time helping me through set up and getting my gear dialed. I couldn't expect better service.


The Boots

25 February 2019

Both times I've come in for help, the same guy has helped me, and both times he was incredibly patient and helpful. He was great at making suggestions and giving advice to me as I'm new to the hobby, but even went the extra mile when advice about a different RC project I was working on. The selection is surprisingly excellent, and the prices are pretty darn competitive. Best of all, you don't have to wait for shipping! It's a fantastic store and I'll definitely be back! More...


Mike Padilla

16 January 2019

They have a large selection of drone parts, their prices are competitive with online stores, and they are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have brought my drone into their store to repair at their work benches, and they would come over and help me repair it. Highly recommend! More...


Keith Elliott

29 December 2018

great staff , very good inventory, can't say anything bad at all , everything I have ever bought worked out great , including repairs !! thanks allot gentleman keep up the good work!! More...


J.j. Pasternack

17 November 2018

excellent customer service! Very willing to help you understand what you are doing, not just sell you everything. Prices are very good. But I can not emphasize how helpful the staff is, especially when you are completely lost. I am extremely happy there, and I will stay a customer there. More...


John Lane

28 October 2018

I stopped here looking for a replacement part for a drone which they did not have. But they did have an excellent selection of drones ranging and prices from $150 all the way up to 25,000 or more depending upon cameras and other attachments that we'll fit various drones. The staff was very helpful answer my questions talk a bit. If I was to get seriously into drones I would probably frequent this business a lot more often. They're very knowledgeable about their products and it's a pretty friendly atmosphere. More...


Michael Kayayan

15 September 2018

Great place to make a drone purchase. Very helpful and professional. Steve listened to all 25,000 questions I had and even though the store was busy he never rushed me out. Support your local small business and buy from Excel!!! More...


Tera Freeman

29 May 2018

Excellent service!


Danny Morris

25 March 2018

Made a rookie mistake and crashed my drone yesterday. Had no idea this shop existed and it's a God send. Had the few repair parts needed and the staffwas very helpful and friendly. They have officially earned my business from now on. More...


Renee Maille

27 February 2018

Phenomenal selection of all things DRONE...Cannot wait to see what the future holds for u guys. Drones & radio controlled hobbies are the future & are quickly changing our entire culture. Its definitely a interesting time to live in. More...


Anthony Johns

14 January 2018

Always give great customer service. Extremely knowledgeable. From beginners to pros. Great place


Ricky Diaz

20 December 2017

I enjoy walking into the store, great people great customer service and a whole bunch of cool items at great prices. Go talk to Jeff orta he will guide you in the right direction.


Brian Slickis

28 September 2017

Love this store! The staff is friendly and helpful, and they seem to genuinely like talking about drones and flying. There’s always someone around (staff and customers alike) that can answer questions or offer advice, and they have everything you need, whether you fly DJI or racing/freestyle quads, and they have a nice selection of ready to fly stuff as well. Super lucky to have this place just down the street! More...


Anthony D Massad

23 September 2017

Great professional drone service! Amazing drone staff! Very knowledgable and helpful. Huge selection of FPV racing gear and aerial photography drones. The best one and only dedicated drone store in Michigan. I highly recommend anyone who wants to get into drones to come here! More...


Chuck Moose

22 July 2017

Nice guys and tons of stuff for drones very knowledgeable about stuff to.


Brian Salinas

9 July 2017

Best place in the area for all your quadcopter needs... Excellent staff .. Jeff (VORT3X) AND Dennis are very knowledgeable ..the sales staff knows their stuff... Need proof.... Look up Vort3x on YouTube and watch that man throw quads around like its his job... Which it is lol More...


William Boney

10 June 2017

I bought a drone from online Wyandotte crashing and breaking one of the compacity and which I burned out some other thing. Breakin 2 arms in the park to replace the Iron Work super hard to find They were able to fix it give me a new frame and get me up and running in no time love this place.��� More...


Kerry Kalls

9 June 2017

Great customer service and Hands-On assistance. High quality products for a very reasonable brick-and-mortar price. They helped me to fix corrupted firmware on my ESC in a matter of minutes and I am flying tonight because of it!! Thank you. I will be very happy to see growth in sales and inventory over the coming years and I will often shop here in person to support unique local small business More...


Rubenn Lanphear

11 May 2017

I've purchased quite a few items from their online store, but a couple of weeks ago we were in the area and I wanted to stop into the store. First off, the store looks amazing! It was very clean and very well organized! I was greeted as we came in from I believe the owner. He was on his way out, but stopped to talk with me anyway. I told him it was our(me and my 10yr old son) first time here and we were pretty excited about it. I told him we wanted to look around and that he could continue to where he was headed. He handed us off to another employee who was also very courteous. We ended up purchasing a bunch of misc items that we needed. We spoke with two separate employees who were both very knowledgeable. One of my biggest takeaways was that when my 10yr old son asked a question they gave HIM their full attention and respect just like he was an adult. These guys definitely have our future business! More...


Alvin Walsh

29 April 2017

Friendly, knowledgable, service and a great selection of in-stock items.


Tom Auch

18 April 2017

If you're anywhere in Michigan...this is your stop. Great guys. Quick turn around. Lots of drones and accessories in SHOP, good advice and they have DENNIS ! Thanks guys...you rock.


James Wills

14 April 2017

I've been waiting to find a store like this! Great selection of all new quads and items needed for a build. Great customer service and extremely knowledgeable. I will recommend to all drone enthusiasts! More...


Mike Borer

20 March 2017

These guys bent over backwards for me. I will certainly refer anyone looking for drone equipment. A few guys and I are already planning a road trip back up there.


Brandon Marble

1 March 2017

Excel RC is simply great. They have a staff made up of true drone enthusiasts who are knowledgeable and friendly. On multiple occasions, these guys have proven their commitment to superior customer service.


Marc Clarke Jr

13 January 2017

I found the people at the store were very knowledgeable. They have a full line of drones. I have purchased two drones and accessories from the store. Thanks for your service and putting up with us. More...


Emeel S. Ajluni

3 December 2016

Visited the store today and was impressed with knowledge and patience of Salesman Alex. He took the time to explain how the drones work and even took me out to the parking lot to show me how they operate. Definitely will buy my drone from Excel RC. Emeel Ajluni More...


David Burkhart

29 November 2016

Great group of guys. Great prices on parts (competitive with even online retailing). The best shop for strictly multi-rotor UAV's.


John Niewoit Jr

16 November 2016

Great service, everyone in the store was very friendly and helpful!!


Blaine Benson

18 October 2016

Very friendly and knowledgeable. All the staff has experience flying. I would recommend going in on a slow day if you are really new. It can be somewhat overwhelming.


Nick Miller

9 October 2016

Great product selection! Great service! Knowledgeable staff! :)


Dan Vella

29 September 2016

Just picked up my 4th custom build done by Jeff couldn't be happier


Mikey Rush Bearden

29 September 2016

Great store Jeff was very friendly and helpful he built me 2 quads so far and did an excellent job I will continue to come back and learn more from Jeff! I would highly suggest visiting excel rc if you are considering getting into quads More...


Verlin Jeff Nangle

19 September 2016

Best store for drones hands down. Love all the great products and service.


Kristopher Richardson

17 August 2016

Absolutely love this place! Competitive prices with a very helpful and knowledgeable staff they will go out of their way to keep you happy and in the air!!! Big thanks to Tony, Jeff and Dennis for your time and help! More...


Chris Jeleniewski

30 July 2016

Largest selection of multi rotors in Michigan, best inventory of FPV gear and props! The only place that could get me back in the sky the same day, no one has more DJI than EXCEL RC! Customer service is the best in the industry. More...


Rick Wixson

12 July 2016

Awesome store, you really NEED to check it out!!!!!!


Aeryck Van Lente

12 June 2016

Great selection of parts and accessories for both racing and AP rigs alike, and manned by experienced knowledgeable staff.