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Pal Pusztai

26 May 2017

The BEST!!! Very convenient and the personal trainer works with you at your pace to meet whatever needs and/or goals you have while taking into consideration age, level of fitness, whatever physical limitations, etc . I was diagnosed with diabetes 3 years ago. Hence, exercise as well as diet is very important for my health. Using Every Body's Personal Trainer has been the best investment for my own health and personal well-being. At the age of 58, thanks to my workouts with my personal trainer, I am in the best shape I can be in and feel great! I would highly recommend Every Body's Personal Trainer to anyone! The benefits gained are worth every penny! Moreover, I found my personal trainer to very knowledgeable about health, diet, exercise physiology so I feel that I am in good hands. More...


Dawn White

26 May 2017

Awesome trainers and very professional


David Nickum

26 May 2017

Every body's personal trainer is great. The service really saves me a lot of time and helps me get a great workout in my home.


Ian Levine

2 March 2014

Awesome workouts this week, we killed it!


Ben Toman

27 December 2013

Great company, the owner actually cares about their clients.


Mike Otteer

27 December 2013

They'll get you there, and make it fun while doing so.


Ron Loges

27 December 2013

I've worked with a lot of companies, but they actually get it.