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Judy H

1 September 2019

When we remodeled our dining /living room the designer specified Europa design . I was really happy overall. Some of the items took longer to arrive than I would've liked but I was given notice of this so I cant blame Europa for that. A week after everything was delivered they even contacted me to ask how everything is going and check up on how we like the furniture I thought that was great. More...


Della Loretta

8 March 2019

Europa Design customer service is excellent. I came here knowing what I wanted and ended up getting more. This is a great place to come if you're in the market for affordable furniture. You get better variety, quality, and pricing when you compare it to the blue and yellow giant or the bobble head competitors. I believe his pricing includes set up and delivery so no fuss on your end! The store is small but he has every catalog from every vendor and knows their products! Give them a try! More...


Babon Genny

8 June 2017

Goodnight po