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Gary Neil Holmquist

26 January 2019

An Iowa jewel. International puppet Theatre in small town engagement.


Nicholas Thompson

16 November 2018

Listening to the cd with the children after seeing the show a couple years ago. Looking to visit a show again this summer. Must see!


Monica Berry

16 November 2018

We attended the Handmade Puppet Dreams event tonight and it was just wonderful! A delightful space to enjoy these inventive short films. My husband and I cannot wait to attend more of these adult events. Keep them coming please! More...


Craig Ash

26 May 2018

Great Community Asset!


Jens Zalzala

26 May 2017

Fantastic shows.


Megan Jensen Zalzala

26 May 2017

What a treasure to have a puppet theatre in West Liberty! Not only does the local troupe perform, but they bring in several groups from across the world several times each year. Performances range from those for small children to adults. They also have community shows, allowing community members to participate. They also have an annual children's festival that is a must-attend. More...

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