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Eternal Health & Wellness

San Jose, CA, USA

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Eternal Health & Wellness

San Jose, CA, USA

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Welcome to Eternal Health Wellness Acupuncture Center, serving the San Jose, California community since 2000. We invite you to experience wellness, vitality and healing including immediate pain relief, stress reduction, weight loss and increased energy by using our exclusive natural wellness modalities: acupuncture, massage and facial rejuvenation and more.


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Sourabh Arora

7 June 2019

its really good I denetaly highly recommended.. fantastic services also considered insurance friendly staff love it


Jacob Gralnik

27 March 2019

Good service , knowlegeble practitionets, nice clean clinic, highly recommend them


Jessica Barrios

27 November 2018

Only has 2 sessions so far and feelings a difference already. More relaxed muscles and more energetic. Staff is very caring and helpful. Was a little nervious with the needles in my head but no pain or discomfort at all. Thank you so much highly recommend and will continue going. Also offers massages but the acupuncture is where the real pain relief is. More...


Riot Games

26 May 2018

I've had only 2 treatment of Acupunture so far with Dr. Zhou. I feel much better already, and more energized. Dr. Zhou is amazing ! I highly recommend her and her team. More...


David Jung

26 May 2018

This is really the BEST! I remembered that Dr. Noah Yoo has given me excellent acupuncture treatments. I came with the bad back pain, could not turn normally. Doctor is very professional and knows how to stop pain. After the session I stand up like a new born. Thanks a lot to Dr. Yoo and to team! More...


Mandy Wang

6 November 2016

I love it and enjoy it. It is amazing to see the great results with treatments here. Professional team with warm and friendly staff helped me so much with my skin conditions. I recommend this place for every one to try. I drove over one hour to see the doctors here. I feel it is well worthy, because I got huge improvement!! More...


Clark Tilley

3 October 2016

In my experience Quli is one of the best acupuncturists in the country. She is full of positive energy and happiness AND she knows her stuff! I highly recommend her and her team. More...


Reza J.

7 September 2016

I have been visiting Eternal Health Wellness Center for over five years and I have been very happy with the Acupuncture treatments that I have been receiving and have had a great improvements in all areas of my health.i was very skeptical and worried at first when i came for the first free consultation and AcuGraph test however after I realized that my body needed a lot of attention specially in the area of Digestions and back and neck pain I decided to give a serious look.I started with few visits at first and after the fifth visit I wanted to keep going since I saw a lot of improvements and my back pain was minimized to occasional aches and that started to disappear after a while.They also provide a lot of other services like massage therapy and facial rejuvenation and laser treatments like Lipo Light that is very unique and helpful.I highly recommend Dr. Quli and her staff and will continue to be a patron and recommend others to become a new patient with them.Reza Javanmard More...


Anthony Decio

4 June 2016

Dr zhou.When you see quli u will get the results you need with excellent care and compassion.


Yang Li

26 May 2016

Hi,I have been Eternal health for 5 times. The result has been amazing. I have some stomach issues. They did accurate diagnostic first and the main focus is balancing the organs and increasing energy. The result showed after 2 treatments. I'm less tired and have the eagerness to run and exercise more. One of the wonderful experience is that I can have the very deep rest during the acupuncture treatment and my body feel quite warm. The doctor said this is due to improving of the energy circulation in my body. I can tell my breathing ability gets better after each treatment. Thanks so much for all your wonderful work!! Look forward to a great health :-) More...


Nicole Askeland

27 May 2015

I have had a total of 2 treatments of acupuncture so far and I have never had so much relief and relaxation from any massage treatment until now. I feel like I'm floating and it feels great. It doesn't hurt and it feels very warming to the body. You will love the treatment you receive from Dr. Quli Zhou without a doubt. More...


Anthony Schrock

3 July 2014

Not as bad as I expected with needles. I slept through the entire process!


Laura Lang-Ree

27 May 2014

I came to Eternal Health and Wellness to supplement my existing natural health program with their Beam Ray machine. In Quil's capable hands, this is an amazing tool for your health. With the Beam Ray treatments came her very skilled acupuncture services - which was an unexpected bonus.My intention was to use these sessions to supplement a program I was already doing to reduce or eliminate thyroid nodules - today i got the news. After 7 months, ALL of my thyroid nodules are reduced in size and the largest one is gone. No need for a need biopsy! I am sure that my work with Quil was very helpful towards my goal.I greatly appreciate the care and detail from Quil. For those complaining about being 'sold a package', if that does not work for you don't do it! Create a program that works for you but understand that no form of natural medicine is a quick fix. More...


KM Guru

27 May 2014

Quli and her staff are amazing, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. I suffered from various aches and pains from a car accident, lifestyle changes, etc. I met with Quli and just by sitting with me for a few moments in her private office room she could tell what I was going through, how to help fix me, and my treatment. The joy I felt from her presence was magical and like none other I had ever experienced. She listened, unlike most traditional medical doctors that just want to see you in and out of the office. She will work with your payment needs, budget, and time of day. She is a talented woman, and I will be forever thankful for meeting her. More...


Mike Gurung

27 May 2012

I came to Eternal Health a month ago to treat my sinus allergies. Dr. Quli put be on a treatment plan which involves acupuncture and herbal medication. Within 2 weeks, I could feel my sinus congestion and allergic reaction like sneezing has gone down. In the past, I've tried over the counter medication, had two surgery, tried allergy shots but no lasting result. Decided to try out acupuncture and so far i am seeing good promising results. The clinic is close by my house, and is clean. Dr. Quli has over 20 years of field experience. Michelle on the front desk is super cool to work with. I look forward to my weekly visits to the clinic. I give her 5 stars More...


Lonnie S

28 December 2011

The improvement in my wife after her first treatment was amazing. She had experienced a migraine for a month and cramps for several days. After treatment, her face was relaxed and her posture was upright. She was bubbling with energy. She was talkative and happy. What a delightful improvement. More...


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Seeing my parents' sickness and being unhealthy form my younger age, I decide to learn the skills and knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine to not only help my parents, but also help many other people who need help!

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