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Amanda G.

18 July 2019

Great studio! Located on 17th street in the same strip mall as Pancakes R Us. Able to host larger class sizes because they have so many reformers. Love that each reformer is stocked with its own cubby where you can place your belongings, along with a mini trash can, hand sanitizer, and a box of accessories for your workout, including pillows! Instructors vary and each have their own style - I've never felt like I've had the same workout twice! Definitely sweat more at this studio than others, particularly for an all-reformer workout. If you're newer to Pilates, this may not be the place for you - the workouts are definitely designed with experience and challenge in mind. I'm not sure if they offer privates, but if so, this may be a better way to go if you're just starting out. More...


Adam M.

25 March 2019

Came here for a 5-class Groupon (although I scheduled for one class and couldn't make it and thus lost it). Had the same instructor 3 times, I think. Both were good instructors. The one I had three times, Jen, was easier than the other (I believe Monique). Both were professional and delivered clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Only complaint is it felt on the easy end. Monique's class was challenging but Jen's didn't push me quite as I prefer. Noticed they added HIIT classes with a male instructor, however, which also appeals to me. Would consider coming again or signing up for a package. More...


Jamie M.

24 December 2018

As a relatively new Pilates participant, I've been completely impressed and encouraged by the instructors and the experience at Escape. They give patient and clear instruction with optional challenges, teaching to all levels of ability.Thank you all for on-boarding me to Pilates! More...


Lan Bee

1 October 2018

Morgan is amazing!! She works with everyone’s level. It was my first time on a reformer so I was a bit nervous but I had such a blast and got a really good work out too! Will be back for sure!


Morgan R.

27 August 2018

I give Escape Pilates 5 stars! The studio is really clean and the pricing is fair. All of the teachers are friendly and welcoming. All of the classes are 50 minutes which I think is the perfect amount of time. More...


K A.

28 May 2018

While I've been doing Pilates for almost 10 years now, this was only my second time doing Pilates on a reformer. I once did a reformer class with another studio for almost an hour, and it was not challenging, so I did not feel any of the results you want to feel the next day. On the other hand, my instructor at Escape Pilates, Cynthia, gave me exactly what I expected and more. It seemed easy enough to follow, but I am still feeling the burn today, on a Monday, when my class was on a Friday. You won't be disappointed and your body will thank you.I'd also like to give a shoutout to Cynthia. She went BEYOND my expectations, and not just in her class. She was the only employee/instructor in the studio that day, and had only a 10 minute break between the class I just finished taking with her, and her next class. I wanted to buy a bottle of water with Escape's logo on it, but purchases at the studio take a bit longer since the employee at the front desk has to log you in and bill it to your account. She logged me in, ran into the studio to start her class, had them doing some exercises, ran my card so I was finished purchasing, then stepped back into the studio to resume her class.  We all know it is not easy being the only employee at the front desk while also being required to perform your regular work duty. Cynthia was so patient, friendly, and kept a smile on her fac the entire time; she never made me feel like I was a hindrance to her class (although I knew I was... sorry!!), but was also able to get her class started on time!She was a great representative of the studio in general and because of that, I will definitely be coming back. Thank you, Cynthia! More...


Roopal Patel

12 May 2018

The studio is very clean. The instructors are awesome. Some instructors will correct your form, which I appreciate. I feel super great after my Pilates reformer sessions. Only con: wish they were cheaper.


Jessica Barnes

11 May 2018

I love this place! Monique, Allison and Jen will have you sore for days. My body have never been this strong. Thanks ladies!!!


Jannie P.

7 May 2018

I love escape pilates.  I've been coming here almost everyday for the last 3 weeks.  The work out is great.  50 minutes class that seems to go by so quickly since it's fun.  The trainers are super nice and friendly.   The class is small, which is good since the trainer can pay attention to you to make sure you get the right form/poster.  I started with the Groupon deal of $39 for 5 classes.  The monthly unlimited rate is pretty reasonable.  All trainers are great,  but I especially love Cynthia.  She's nice, energetic, and always make sure I get all the moves correctly.  Anyways, i highly recommended escape pilates! More...


Emmy L.

9 March 2018

This was the first place I tried Pilates,  and I was so nervous! It was so great, the very first class I took the instructor was amazing! Very helpful and attentive. Highly recommend,  but definitely check in a little early if it's your first time,  and make sure they know. More...


Nina Henderson

13 January 2018

Cleanest studio and best instructors hands down in Orange County!! I highly recommend this studio�


Jen L.

28 August 2017

I started pilates a couple months ago and I love it! I feel stronger, more well balanced and fully stretched every time I leave.


Donna S.

25 July 2017

I went to Escape for the first time today and I loved it!  I've used a reformer before but found many previous classes more like stretching.  I had a great full-body workout today.  The instructor was excellent with clear instructions and cues.  I will be back this week! More...


Kasana Maree Hatmaker

28 April 2017

Ashley is the absolute best. Her classes are always fun and challenging with a little extra oomph on the abs!


Veroluscious Dom

31 March 2017

Always great experience!!! Very nice and super fun


Marion H.

27 March 2017

I love Escape Pilates. I have Jennifer as my instructor. She is just AWESOME!!She is very knowledgeable, kind and understands my serious neck injury I have.I am so thrilled I found the place which is challenging me but at the same time gives my support and makes sure I am safe.LOVE it! More...


Davis Glenn

7 December 2016

Morgan is the best! She breaks away from traditional reformer and truly challenges you. Love taking her class!


Natasha Kiyoko

30 November 2016

Morgan is the BEST! She is an extremely talented instructor who knows how to run a challenging yet fun Pilates class that is sure to make you sore the next day. I love that although I've been going for a year, her class is never the same. She is also really kind and I love energy and passion for helping people become a better version of themselves :) More...


Kala Kusachi

2 October 2016

Love this place so much! Been coming here for over 3 years now and I can't get enough of it! The teachers are all SO amazing and are constantly throwing in fun new exercises for us! I am constantly recommending friends and family to come check it out! More...


Mimi O.

6 August 2016

This is the first Pilates studio that I ever tried. It's not exactly close to my house but I keep going back because of the superb instruction and amazingly, amazingly friendly instructors.  I can't even single out any of the instructors, they're all that good! Hats off to you, Bristin, for consistently selecting only the best to teach at your studio.  Escape Pilates is easily one of the highlights of my week! More...


Megan K.

4 July 2016

I found this studio through Classpass and  love the pilates class I've taken with Bristin! She's a great instructor because she customizes each move for everyone depending on their level. Her encouraging attitude makes it easier to get through all the plank poses in her class :) I've also taken her 50/50 class with the jumpboard and it's a great burst of cardio. It's a little difficult depending on the springs you use but you kind of feel like you're flying. I would definitely recommend Bristin's classes! The first class I took at this studio really turned me off because I took it with another instructor who seemed pretentious and a little frustrated that I didn't catch on to all the correct moves right away. However, I decided to give it another try and came to one of Bristin's class and ended up loving it! More...


Ms. V.

4 July 2016

I wish I could give them more stars!!I love this studio, it's the only exercise that I found works everything. I've been going 3 years and consistently attending classes. I love the owner Bristin, instructors Ornela, Rene, Monique and Ashley.A special shout out to Bristin and Rene who helped my special needs friend enjoy Pilates. She is able to have more coordination and confidence.Thank you Bristin and Rene. More...


R L.

17 May 2016

Bristin and her team at Escape do an incredible job! The studio is clean and the reformers are easy to use and up to date.  I have gone to probably a dozen different places over the years for pilates and this is my favorite.  The majority of classes I take are with Bristin and Ashley who are both amazing pilates instructors.  I have been able to continue to go through my pregnancy and they are super helpful in giving me modifications and working with my big belly so I can stay fit! They have a wedge that you can use while pregnant which makes pilates possible....some of the other studios that I have gone to while pregnant have either had you prop up the jump board or give you something uncomfortable to keep you from laying flat. Anyhow, can't say enough good things about Escape!! More...


Beverly M.

10 February 2016

Escape Pilates has been my refuge. I've lost 20lbs this year and toned up remarkably quickly, esp. as I'm 62, and sedentary for the last decade. I'm a Bodyworker/Esthetician/Spa Tech and have a good working knowledge of body mechanics and I'm impressed with the uniform quality of their excellent teachers. I bought a year of unlimited attendance for Escape's classes after buying five classes for $40 escapepilates.com/new-cl… . They are always running specials and are a bargain at twice the price fortheir professionalism and effective exercises which produce impressive results in the first two weeks of practice! The instructors and owner Bristin, are proactive in response to comments and personal needs and happy to help clients' needs be met on a highly individual basis. I've see them offer exercise modifications for older or injured clients like myself and challenging modifications for professional athletes. I take Spin/Pilates fusion classes with Jen on Monday and Wednesday mornings which is a very satisfying Spin calorie burn and Pilates sculpting combo. Jen's attention to body alignment and issues while watching my form has been extremely helpful as I continue in  my practice. Rene teaches a beautiful, gentler, slower paced beginners' class to make sure you are safe and confident on your reformer and other equipment. If you can't make the beginners class tell any instructor you are new and they'll walk you through the basics and keep an eye out for your correct execution of Pilates principles. Monique is creative and fun in her determination to carve out our waistlines and tighten up our torsoes. Bristin is thorough and attentive in her full body instruction as is every member of her staff. Ashley and Allison have high energy classes, that challenge my balance, co-ordination and agility. Jumpboard fusion Pilates classes will get your heart rate up and those calories burned.  All the classes move smoothly and seamlessly and always pleased I've gotten so much work done by the end of a class. Instructor, Jaime is thorough and creative and eagle-eyed in her assessment of form in her inventive choreography. I can't express the gratitude I have for the work and enormous knowledge these women have tirelessly offered me. Escape has been a truly beneficial experience and I will buy another year in April because it's clear with Escape's on going Instructor continuing education requirements, and their own professionalism and work ethic, these remarkable teachers will never run out of ideas for keeping me safe and engaged while sculpting me strong and flexible. Please come join me! I want everyone to feel as good as this has made me feel! More...


Melina N.

29 January 2016

I am a diagnosed Pilates addict, and came here for the first time about a month ago to take Jen's class, which was amazing! It was a great combination of cardio and strength on the Pilates reformer (which was in great condition and clean). No body part was left unworked!I just took a class next door at Circuit Cycle OC, which was a Cycle/Pilates class, the Pilates portion taking place here at Escape Pilates and I absolutely LOVED IT!! The instructor, Morgan, was so upbeat, enthusiastic, and friendly! Her energy made the class so fun that I almost forgot I was working out, despite how deliciously challenging it was!I am normally not a huge fan of spin, but this combo of 30 minutes dynamic cycling with 30 minutes Pilates reformer (my favorite) was PERFECT for me.I've visited many Pilates studios in the LA/OC area, and I can honestly say that this is one of my favorites. Whether you're a beginner in Pilates or an addict like myself, this is definitely a studio worth checking out. I can't wait to come back and bring my friends! More...


David Francis-Marrazzo

23 January 2016

Kept it in #thezone today with Ornela! All instructors are great and they're schedules are flexible.


Nadia N.

5 December 2015

Best Pilates instructor I ever had, "Ornela Tzaferi" she changed my body, I was going to different studios before but since 2012 that I found this place on groupan I am loving it.Great private studio.


David F.

27 November 2015

I started pilates about six months ago at this studio. The staff are awesome in making you feel welcome. Each instruction has their own style and I always leave feeling like I got a total body workout. I don't like working out and I am sometimes dragging myself to get there. But the fifty minutes goes quickly and I find it very enjoyable. More...


Diana K.

2 November 2015

Been lengthening my old body here for over 5 years.  Great studio love Bristin the owner--Allison Weber is one of my favorite teachers! They have newcomer specials--give it a try. More...


Loti M.

11 September 2015

Today at 6am I took Monique's class, all I can say is it was excellent! I've attended classes at Escape Pilates for 7 years, it just keeps on getting better & better thanks to Bristin the owner. To change and keep evolving is not a easy task, well done!! Can't wait to take Ashley's class tmrw morning!!Lori Morgan More...


Noreen O.

29 August 2015

Great studio! Small classes and personal attention.


Jennifer W.

6 August 2015

I've been going to Escape for several years now and can't say enough good things about the atmosphere, teachers and workout. You get out of it what you put into it. Love Ashley's class - she is continually changing it up and challenging you to increase your fitness level. More...


Diana T.

30 June 2015

I came here because I signed up for a class through FitMob.  I love being on reformers and think it is such a great workout!! I had two instructors since I attended this studio twice and both were great!  One instructor focused more on abs and the other focused more on legs.  They give you a great overall workout.  They have lots of equipment and I feel that they make everyone feel welcomed.  They modify things for you if you cannot do it or they modify it for those who would like to take on a challenge.  This class is for everyone whether you are a beginner or a pro! More...


Rantoria Mees

10 June 2015

I've been an Escape Pilates client since 2010 and this review is way overdue. This studio is very clean and provides you with all of the essentials for a great workout. All you need to do is bring yourself! The owner, Bristin, is just fantastic: she's very accommodating and customer-oriented. She's also an amazing instructor and her classes are never boring and challenge you every time. But she also works with each client's level so beginners should not be intimated at all. If you are a Pilates junkie, Bristin doesn't disappoint. :) I love the jump classes - you get a fill of cardio and toning, with always a focus on core strengthening. And oh--I'm obsessed with planking; Bristin does variations of plank for a complete body workout! I give the studio a thumbs up!!! More...


Taylor C.

29 May 2015

Just went to my first class here yesterday. I did the 50/50 spin and pilates. Keep in mind this was my first time doing reformer pilates or pilates in general. There were only four people taking it and then the instructor! I thought at first that the small size would be intimidating. However, I said hello to the first girl that showed up and it took off from there. Very nice and welcoming crowd (not exclusive or intimidating); everyday people looking for a good workout. The spin was a good workout. Only thing is that I couldn't always hear what the instructor was saying even though we were in a small space because of the music and the fact that she wasn't wearing a mic. The pilates was great. I was not afraid to ask for guidance since it was my first time and the teacher was very helpful. It was challenging but manageable. The fact that each portion is only 25 minutes is a huge highlight. More...


Nicole Ross

22 April 2015

I love the jump board Pilates . Briston & Ashley are awesome :)


Gila Robben

21 April 2015

I have been coming here for a couple years and I love it. All the instructors are awesome!


Michelle K.

5 February 2015

My first experience with reformer Pilates was at escape and I couldn't have picked a better place to start at.All of the instructors are great and will help you out with form or any of the moves.My personal favorites are Ornela and Ashley both have very different teaching styles so I never get the same workout twice.  LOVE! More...


Erica R.

1 February 2015

It doesn't get any more down-to-earth than this place.  The instructors are great, the place is clean and they've got all the extra springy resistance gadgets to go alongside the STOTT reformer, on the tower.Online class reservations are easy and there's no need to arrive extra early.  I always bring water although there isn't really anytime to drink it during class!Bristin is so nice and her instruction style is clear and direct, so there is no question what move is next or how to do it.I felt the most burn during class (and days after) with Ashley Disman.  Which was great!Note: maps show them at their old location, but they are in the Pancakes R Us plaza in the far right corner. More...


Sasha L.

24 September 2014

Love Escape Pilates! I was not a big pilates fan until I found this studio on a groupon. I quickly realized it wasn't that I didn't like pilates, I just didn't enjoy the studios I went to prior. At escape, the instructors are great, especially Bristin! She has really taken the time to teach me how to use the reformer the correct way. I was nervous at my first class, but she made me feel very comfortable. The studio has the reformer machines and the towers, which is awesome. If you are a pilates lover, I highly suggest trying this studio. I already signed up for more classes! More...


Candice C.

4 September 2014

Amazing instructors. Group classes are very affordable, the instructors have top educations. They know how to get quick results and can tailor your class to your bodies needs.


Ami Vearrier

15 August 2014

Reformer Pilates is the ONLY workout I've stuck with, and Escape Pilates is the best! I go twice a week and always feel amazing afterwards. The instructors are inspiring, patient, and knowledgable. More...


Laura Yepez

11 July 2014

Soy laura yepez m encanta esta pagina


Tara K.

14 June 2014

All instructors are great. But Ornela is my favorite! Her classes are smoothly paced and I always get a great workout without over doing it. The only downside is she doesn't have any evening classes during the week! I would definitely come more if she taught more classes at night. More...


Lisa S.

4 June 2014

LOVE THIS PLACE....started as a Groupon and now committed.  They have the best specials each month too!  And the instructors are really kind and helpful and kick your butt.


Ella Carrillo

28 February 2014

See Jessica Cordova. Trust me.


Meg T.

7 April 2013

I enjoyed my first experience at reformer pilates thanks to Escape Pilates Studio.I bought a groupon which was quickly expiring.  Thankfully, Escape Pilates didn't have the usual expiration rush and I was able to schedule an appointment (and cancel within the 12 hour prior cancellation period when I got sick) easily.Ornella, the instructor, was fantastic.  She explained the moves and demonstrated them and explained the equipment.  I felt really comfortable and got a great workout at the same time.There are only like, 10 reformers for the group reformer class (and the upstairs of the studio is for private sessions) and there's lots of one on one attention in the group classes.  I'm excited to go back! More...


Sandya N.

22 October 2012

well HELLO arm muscles... it's nice of you to finally make an appearance on this body.  for real, where the hell have you been hiding out all these years  who knew all you needed was a few months of once-a-week classes at escape pilates?i bought a groupon for group reformer classes at escape just to see what this pilates thing was about. that was over a year ago, and i've been hooked ever since...pilates on the reformer keeps it interesting and challenging, and the variety of exercises is endless.  it's even mind-calming and FUN!  the studio is very soothing -- very clean, and no overwhelming stinky perfume/air freshener smells (i HATE this in general but especially when working out).  most instructors will really set the mood for a focused yet relaxing workout by softening the lights, opening the doors to get a nice breeze, and turning on some tunes.  and what a workout it is... i often find myself hobbling around for a day or two afterwards, muscles burning (in a good way).  if you need any motivation, just look at how lean, fit, and in shape the instructors are and you'll be convinced that reformer pilates works.  my favorite instructors here are jamie (she's awesome and a former olympic medalist) and bristin (the owner).  they will really pay attention to your form and make sure you're getting the most out of each exercise -- not the easiest thing to do in a group class setting.  speaking of which, group classes are pretty small, with room for 8 people at the most.  the online booking system makes it super easy to book your sessions without any hassle, too.  while the classes may seem pricey, the studio offers monthly deals which significantly reduces the cost of each session.  for you crazy athlete types out there, they offer unlimited monthly memberships, too.  i prefer to hobble around looking wrecked only once a week, thank you. More...


D D.

21 June 2012

I just started doing pilates about 7 months ago and I have to admit I am addicted. I take classes at Escape and another studio down the street. Both are on the reformer but the other class is much more challenging which is great but the slow pace at Escape is also a great "escape". The instructors there are SUPER nice and extremely sincere and they have so many classes to choose from. Their prices seem to be going up (that is the only reason they got 4 instead of five stars) so I will probably have to start cutting back on my schedule which really disappoints me. More...


mimi h.

12 April 2012

Great Pilates studio. Very friendly and accomodating instructors. Always clean and convenient appointment times. I highly recommend giving this place a try. I leave there feeling refreshed and ready for my day! Bristin is a very concientious owner and really listens to the clentele. Great traditional Stott Pilates studio!!!!!! More...


Valerie J.

9 April 2012

This is a great place to learn and practice Pilates.  The instructors are really professional, personable, and warm.  They always ask how you are doing and if there has been an injury, they adjust the exercise for you.  They are vigilant about form and make corrections where needed in a positive way, which I appreciate a lot.  The interior is serene.  This is a place to work out and unwind while doing so.  I highly recommend taking classes here! More...


A C.

24 March 2012

I truly enjoy Pilates and this place is just so perfect like the old studio that I used to go to in corona del mar with Bela.....thank you escape for bringing back how much I love Pilates More...


Lou D.

16 March 2012

Escape Pilates is awesome!  The instructors are so friendly and knowledgable.  They cater to so many different needs.  Whether you need to drop a few pounds or tone up, they are the best.  I lost 110 lbs.  and they helped me get toned instead of having flabby skin.  If you are serious about your fitness needs, this is the place for you.  Young or Old, in shape or out of shape.  They know how to help you reach your goals.Lou  D. More...


Jennifer H.

31 August 2011

Great instructors, nice clean facility. Once they did the Groupon thing, their clientele list grew tremendously, so it can be tough to get the class you want unless you sign up well in advance.


Sandy V.

3 August 2011

All the instructors are suuuper nice they even remember my name!  came here for 4 classes due to a living social deal.  Im hooked on the reformer but classes can def get pricey for them.  The vibe is alot more mellow and calm than it is at Sweat House in Huntington Beach.  Im use to a more intense (meaning deeper burns and harder reps) but this was a nice change of pace.  Note: Better to be already dressed for the workout before you get here bathrooms are not in the studio and changing upstairs can be a little odd. More...


Rose B.

1 August 2011

I've been taking classes for years and I tried classes at other studios.  Other studios really can't compare.  I absolutely LOVE Escape Pilates!  Escape Pilates has a "sign up" system online that allows you to purchase classes and or sign up for a class session.  It's very user friendly.  It's great to be able to reserve a spot online!I've taken classes with all their instructors and  they are all fantastic! They are all extremely attentive and personable.  Continuously challenging my strength and flexibility.  They keep me coming back for more!! More...


Cat H.

22 June 2011

Update: The more I go, the more I really like this place! And I'm definitely buying more sessions. I found this place bc of their LivingSocial deal, so I figured I'd try it out and see if I liked it. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't think I'd like the place because to be honest, it's hard to get them on the phone, the only phone listed being the owner's cell. And the only way to reserve classes is to book it online. But despite my initial hesitation, booking online has really been very easy for me. I jumped right into a reformer class (skipping the intro and the beginner's classes,) and I had a pretty awesome workout. I may want to up the resistence in future visits, but it was a pretty fun workout. The instructor, Libby, was pretty mellow but she also paid a lot of attention to our form. And the class I attended wasn't very packed, so I felt like I got a lot of personal attention, which I really like. Overall, as long as it works with my schedule, n the instructors are cool, n the prices won't break my bank, then I'll be back. More...


Trucy N.

20 June 2011

I bought the groupon and have taken 3 classes there so far. I am very happy w/ Emily and Jamie so far. They are great and attentive. I lucked out and got a 1 on 1 bc someone cancelled. Emily was very attentive and answered all my questions. I highly recommend this place for a great total body workout. More...


Diane S.

16 March 2011

Bought a groupon for this place and I loved it. I absolutely hate to exercise but I did enjoy doing mat Pilates at the gym so I thought I'd give it a try. it's a very nice studio, 6 reformers so it's not overcrowded and each of the three instructors I had during the course of my 5 classes was awesome! They were nice as could be, very helpful and patient and the pace of class was challenging which is great! I felt like a million bucks everytime I left there.  As soon as I get thru another batch of "deal" coupons for various exercise places I'm signing up for unlmtd here. Also, I've looked at prices of all other Pilates studios in Costa Mesa and the prices here are best (still NOT cheap but you get what you pay for). More...


Rachel G.

31 January 2011

Great, peaceful, accommodating studio.  Very client orientated, clean and (for pilates) quite affordable.  Great for beginners and Pilates enthusiasts alike!  Love it!!


Alicia D.

15 October 2010

I've been going to Escape Pilates for over 2 years and I love it!  The instructors are very knowledgeable and help you to achieve the best results possible. By going even once or twice a week, in conjunction with cardio, I have toned up and leaned out. I'd recommend Escape Pilates to anyone :) More...


Pamela S.

3 October 2010

The staff is wonderful and motivating at Escape.  If you are looking for a great workout in a friendly environment, you have found the best place!  My muscles were the leanest they have ever been when I attended twice a week and incorporated in with my existing workout routine.  I highly recommend Escape Pilates. More...


Lauren H.

16 September 2010

I've tried a lot of different workouts but Escape Pilates reformer class is definitely the best!   I've never felt results like i did from Escape Pilates Studio.  Its a great studio too, very relaxing and all the instructors are really nice and work really well with everyone's different needs, (not intimidating at all like some studios and gyms).   Try it and you'll LOVE IT! More...


Jennifer Y.

24 February 2009

Small, clean and quaint studio.Pilates on the reformer.The instructors are young, fun and break up their routines to give you the best results. If you hate the gym or need a change, try this!You will never do a class with more than 4 girls!Love, love, love my pilates! More...

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