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We offer a variety of cleaning solutions from business, to commercial buildings, to train stations and residential. We have professionals doing an outstanding performance. We handle commercial cleaning services , escalator cleaning solutions from raiser to step.



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We have been in business from more than 2 years. We have 5+ years of experienced in this business.

Yes we do bring our own equipment, supplies and anything needed to complete our projects.

Giving our clients a solution to they needs. Finding strategies to bring cost down and fulfilling any problems of their daily business.

Previous experience and dedication to provide better services.

We bring a variety of knowledge in the cleaning industry, from commercial to residential. Our company is unique because we handle huge operations with escalators that take skills. And that brings lots of expertise that we add to any job from small to big.


We clean commercial Electronic Escalator machines, from 60 steps to as many as 400. Our machines will regrese and clean as the same time the step and raiser. We clean escalators of any calor, from grey, light grey , to brack and silver.

Powerwashing Services from commercial to residential sites.

We provide services from small businesses to multi million dollar contracts.

We provide amazing services to home owners from 1 bedroom to up to 15 bedrooms. From cleaning bedrooms, kitchens , bathrooms, floors dusting , vacuum, and cleaning windows.