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Something even more precious than being successful in this world is feeling fulfilled in life. Intentional Journey Coaching is unlike any other practice. It is a journey of supporting you finding personal fulfillment by aligning the call of your heart to thrive with the skill of your mind to survive.


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Lucy C. Garrity

19 July 2019

I want to recommend Kevin as a speaker. He presented a talk on Compassion to our small group and it was fascinating and compelling. He offered great scientific information, shared personal stories, and expanded everyone's views on what it means to live with compassion for our selves, each other, and our world. He addressed the audience with wisdom and a lightness that was beautiful to experience. His presence created a room full of light. I cannot recommend him highly enough. More...


Judith Rudloff

4 June 2019

Kevin is an amazing coach! Through his journey work process I was able to safely and lovingly move through what at that time appeared to be a major speed bump in my life. Instead it became a great opening for new opportunities to live a joyful, peaceful and fulfilling life. Kevin is a gentle soul who creates a safe space to explore our current emotions in the context of earlier life experiences. Working with Kevin left me feeling very grounded, centered at work, and feeling much better physically. I am so grateful for Kevin, for his willingness to share his gifts, and for being such an amazing, authentic person who really cares about his clients. More...


Julie Brookins

27 January 2019

I really enjoy working with Kevin. His process is very enlightening and powerful. I feel comfortable and empowered to learn, feel, be, and awaken about where some of my beliefs have come from. So many realizations. He is kind, gentle and peaceful in the way he cares and guides you. He truly cares for your well being and is there to help you connect to your soul purpose. More...


Rodney Kawaayi

10 October 2018

Its for a noble cause and am a proponent of peace and information desermination and empowerment.


Linda Jenney

23 July 2018

You have made this journey amazing and painful. Everyday I wake up more aware of who my soul is crying out to be and how I am meant to show up in this world. My deep soul wraps you up in warmth and thanks for walking with me and guiding me with your abundant love. More...


Donnaah Rosemaree Sparkle

23 July 2018

Kevin is a masterful coach and healer. This man enters your heart and brings his whole presence, all of his gifts and experiences, into each session. Expect much laughter and many tears as he gently and inevitably spurs you to create a fulfilling life plan and to find a creative purpose that you didn't even realize you were wanting. I have been a life coach for 5 years and have been coached by many amazing mentors and guides and the clarity, knowledge, compassion, and focus that Kevin brings to the table shines brightly. I am inspired to be of even greater service to my own client base through receiving his deeply loving, Spirit-attuned coaching. More...


Jocelyn Bellows

23 July 2018

I started working with Kevin at the most trying and emotionally challenging points of my life. During the time spent with him as my coach, in a few short months, my life transformed. He created a safe, warm and trusting environment, providing a construct that allowed me to open my deepest wounds and begin to heal. As a gentle and peaceful soul, he served as a confidant and coach, mentor - showing and sharing compassion throughout the process. He is a bright light, full of joy and peacefully steady - providing enumerate tools and resources that have created a fuller, more joyous life. I am eternally grateful for having worked with him. More...

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I love this practice because the best and most empowering solutions not only involve people facing challenges, but indeed come from deep within them.

I have worked within coaching and consulting structures that focus on just the heart or just the mind, and find it most effective to integrate both. The 5-steps of Intentional Journey Coaching are a unique combination of the mental-emotional opening and clearing of Visionary Leadership & Conscious Coaching, the structure and research of Intentional Change Theory, and the awareness of you as a powerfully creative being.

I am the founder of EnvoyPeace Coaching & Consulting, creator of Intentional Journey Coaching, and author of Be the Designer of Your Life. I have nearly thirty years of experience creating transformation from the inside out for individuals, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations in over fifty countries. I have created numerous specialized coaching packages to support people in their life endeavors, including career, relationships and spirituality.