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Endless Look

Parque Santiago Mobile Home Park, California


Endless Look

Parque Santiago Mobile Home Park, California


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Carleen R.

11 June 2019

I met Dorothe while living in CA.  She fixed my eyebrows that someone else had done.  Over time, the eyebrows faded and turned gray, not to mention that they didn't look good at all!  Dorothe re-shaped my brows and changed the color to better match my coloring and hair color.  I am very pleased with her work and she exceeded my expectations.I will be in CA on vacation and I have scheduled an appointment for my touch-up with her.  I am so looking forward to seeing Dorothe again and I will continue to see her for my touch ups.  A good excuse to visit CA. More...


Susan F.

26 March 2018

Re-touch today! I look forward to going just to see Doro! My forever go to!Brows, upper and lower lids (and lips on the next visit).You will not be disappointed ever!


Jon L.

12 February 2018

I have had a rotator cuff problem for almost a year. I have been to therapy 3 times. Nothing helped. I went for a medical massage with Dorothe and am absolutely amazed that after 2 massages I am 100% cured. I am shocked. I am angry with myself that I did not see Endless Look when I first hurt it. More...


Sarah F.

31 July 2017

Amazing service and staff. Had come in to do my eyebrows and the staff helped me with what I wanted! It's great to come to someone who knows what is best for you and you look amazing afterwards


Emily S.

6 March 2017

I got my eyebrows done by Doro and I am so in love with them!!!I was never the type to fill them in because I didn't know how to shape them and make them look super nice so I've always been insecure.  I went to Endless Look and not only do my eyebrows have the beautiful and perfect shape that I wanted, but they are also fuller looking and more prominent. They really do add that little extra pop to my face and I have so much more confidence now! I wake up and have these beautiful brows that get me compliments literally everywhere I go! Doro is SO professional, he tools and studio are always impeccably clean, and she walks you through the whole process step by step! I could not be happier! I would highly recommend her to everyone! More...


Lauretta C.

1 March 2017

Dorothe did an amazing job.....My old eyebrow tattoo had turned a shade of red.....FIXED and now a beautiful color.......


Jackie P.

12 October 2016

Dorothe came highly recommended and she did not disappoint! She did an amazing job on my eyebrows. I was a tough case because I had my eyebrows tattooed before and the color had now faded to red. So I was very concerned on how the color was going to turn out. Although Dorothe agreed with my concerned she made me feel confident that she would be able to work with what I have. She took the time to explain to me how she was going to make the right shape and color work for me. You can tell by the way she explains everything that she is a true artist who loves what she does. I am so glad I followed my friends advice and went to her. I absolutely love how my eyebrows turned out!! Good bye eyebrow pencil. More...


Kiddo X.

7 September 2016

First things first, I cannot say how late of a review this is. I've been going to Dorothe for over a year now... And let me say how much I regret not going to her any sooner. She is quite a blessing to have in my life. Extremely professional, knowledgable and approachable. I feel immensely comfortable with her and her craft. I first came to her with such an outrageous request that other permanent makeup artists seemed to laugh at, but not her. Dorothe heard me out and answered all my questions to her best ability. There wasn't a moment where I was doubtful in her ability to achieve what I wanted. It started off with freckles, then she did my eyebrows, then my eyeliner. And I love everything she has done. Also gives great massages!! She will always be my go to person. More...


Lynn C.

1 September 2016

So happy with my eyebrows!They had turned pink from bad tatoos years ago. Dorthie started by coloring adjusting the pink tone, and then going back in with dark hairs. They look so full , natural and frame my eyes perfectly . Dorthie is a true artist ! More...


Carleen R.

27 August 2016

What a great experience!  I could not have anticipated such beautiful end result with my new eyebrows!  She is talented, personable, and the bomb!  Go for it, you will be happy you did. More...


Melissa B.

12 May 2016

Vanity has prevented me from writing this review sooner, but alas, good service is good service.   Couldn't be more pleased with the results I got from Dorothe at Endless Look.  She gave me back the eyebrows that have been drifting away with aging.  The location in Old Town Tustin is lovely and clean.  Needles are discarded after each use.  Dorothe takes as much time as needed to select, mix and modify colors so that you are completely comfortable before proceeding with the application.   She has an endless supply of patience shaping the brows.  It's been 8 months since the initial application and I returned today for some fine tuning.  As my natural eyebrow color is continually changing, I was thrilled she was able to lighten the entire brow and keep up with my ever-evolving skin tone and hair color. Her fees a year ago were $300 for the first visit and $50 for follow-ups within a year.  Well worth the cost.   I'm so glad I did this.  No more "putting on eyebrows" or packing Jurassic magnifying mirrors when traveling.   My brows look better now then when I was 20.  I regularly get compliments on the shape and color, and everyone is shocked when I tell them they are tattooed.  Even my hairdresser had no idea. Dorothe is an absolutely lovely lady committed to providing a quality service. More...


Clive T.

15 April 2016

Amazing results focused on my over worked legs to aid a quicker recovery. The next day i felt so much better. I'll be back.


Shawnna R.

3 April 2016

Dorothe is extremely professional and talented.  I am so happy with the results. My eyebrows look very natural and have the perfect shape. I would definitely recommend her for both eyebrows and eye liner. More...


Britta B.

15 October 2015

This place is so cute and Dorothe is great! I've gotten multiple massages from her and given her physical therapy background - she's been able to find the cause of a lot of my back pain that I would never even have thought about! I love the personal touches of everything and that it's not another Massage Envy or Burke Williams where you're treated like cattle. She actually loves healing people and the results are obvious after a couple treatments. I haven't done the permanent makeup, but I did buy this amazing mascara that she was selling (that I've never seen before) which uses filaments to lengthen your lashes. Everyone asks me if I have lash extensions. I think the majority of her products are from Europe (I've never seen any of them at salons/spas in the US) & she prides herself on the quality of them. All in all - amazing massage & I'm always happy to support a professional small local business over a corporation. Get your local on people - it's the new green! :) More...


Mikae Y.

11 October 2015

Before you start reading my review, please know that she had tons of 5 star reviews before. When she moved her location to here, 801 Baker, all of her reviews were deleted by Yelp. So sad. Now, she is trying to get back her reputations on Yelp. I had permanent eyeliners by her. She is so professional and yep, she is one smart lady. She knows how to make her clients comfortable and very knowledgeable of what she does. Her new salon is so clean and smells so good. I just finished the 2nd session and it was much more easier than the first one since she learned my skin and how it responds to tattoo ink. My eyes are still puffy but no pains at all this time. She also uses the latest machine that pain level is lot lower than normal. I can't wait to see after my puffiness is gone. If you are thinking about Permanent Makeup, you need to go and see her. I come from Long Beach and she is well worth the drive. More...


Tracie R.

8 July 2015

New location at 801 Baker Street in Coast Mesa, easy to find and great parking. I went today with my mother and sister to get a touch-up on our permanent eye liner..... With the new numbing gel I didn't feel a thing!!!  I am so very happy with the results and won't have to wear any make up for the summer except for mascara. I love Doro, she is the best and makes you feel very comfortable!!! I will recommend this to all of my friends!!!! More...


Ashley N.

17 May 2015

Had eyebrows tattooed twice previously and it was very painful, I kept putting off my touch-up !! A friend told me about Endless Look ' Doro ' I called and  made an appointment she called me right back and made went a few days after. WOW! I was relaxed with no pain. She was very sweet in making sure I was comfortable. The shape and color was amazing. I would highly recommend her and the price was very reasonable. More...


Jason M.

29 March 2015

I highly recommend Dorothe for massage and physical therapy. She has incredible knowledge and wonderful hands. She listens to the customer to find out your issues/needs and gets right after it working to a solution. Can't say enough good things. Professional, knowledgeable, clean, effective. She's the real deal. A great value. More...


Dori L.

25 August 2014

For years I have been disappointed with the thinning of my eyebrows, however super scared to do permanent makeup.  I am an athlete, and never wear makeup for my races and/or training. My eyebrows are blonde, and I have been self conscience about how they barely show. Doro did such an amazing job. I now have eyebrows and have more shape to my face. I experienced zero pain. She was simply amazing. Made me feel very relaxed, so professional, and very patient to get it just right. So happy I found her, and will never stop going back for touch-ups. Looking forward to recommending her whenever I can. More...


Krista J.

18 August 2014

I was very interested in permanent makeup for my eyebrows and viewed various shops and websites and had specific expectations of whom I would want to do this for me. I have come across Groupons for permanent makeup but was not comfortable getting permanent makeup with a Groupon. Then a Groupon for Endless Look appeared one day and I read the reviews and I was happy to discover Dorothe at Endless Look had over 20 years experience and that she advertised her business as Health department approved. I was so pleased when I met Dorothe, she is very professional, kind, and patient.The process was fantastic and I am very pleased with my new eyebrows!I highly recommend Dorothe and I will return to her for future touchups, ect. More...


Josh C.

2 July 2014

I came here while I was waiting for my girlfriend to get her makeup tattooed. I ended up getting a massage after from Dorothy who was AMAZING! I have gotten many massages before but Dorothy definitely knows what she's doing!. Highly recommended! Will be back for more! More...


Tamara W.

30 June 2014

I had an appointment for permanent makeup - eyebrows last week with Dorothe. The location was lovely, clean and comfortable with plenty of parking.. Dorothe was very knowledgeable, experienced and did such a  fabulous job with my brows. In addition, there was no pain and I love her attention to detail and the wonderful results. I would definitely recommend Dorothea and Endless Look for any permanent makeup needs! More...


Kayla Q.

10 June 2014

Super clean place I stumbled upon to get my eyebrows tattooed! Doro was so friendly, professional, and sweet!! She did such a wonderful job...Already made an appt to go back for eyeliner! More...


Kay A.

16 May 2014

I went here to get my eyebrows filled in. Im very fair and my eyebrows are blonde so everyday I take a powder to darken them & fill them in. After my visit here at Endless look, I no longer have to hassle with my powder! I come out of the shower & wake up in the morning with them looking better than I imagined! I love them! I was nervous after the first visit but she assured me they would lighten up after I was able to exfoliate. She is very professional, knows her business & made me laugh. I cant wait to go back & get touched up to finish my endless look! My eyebrows turned out great & the procedure was virtually pain-free!! More...