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Through strategic planning, continuous research & education, and top-notch marketing know-how, we guide our clients through the ever-changing interactive marketing universe with confidence and forethought to facilitate growing their business.


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Katie Harton

30 May 2019

EnCompass is one of the best companies I've ever had the pleasure of working with. The team is exceptionally thoughtful and dedicated to helping our brand succeed. I've worked with a lot of agencies throughout my career, and none have taken the time to really explain initiatives and efforts in a way that I can understand. They truly speak to the customer with their best interest at heart. You've certainly set the bar EnCompass! Thanks for helping us share our story! More...


David Jessey

28 February 2019

Encompass has done an incredible job with our limited budget. Our first email campaign using their graphics, creative and editorial work was highly successful. They have also helped us create cost-effective templates to run multiple promotions. Overall great experience with our start up App. More than an agency, they have become a trusted partner. More...



30 January 2019

Encompass goes beyond with not only immersing themselves in your industry yo better serve your needs, but by getting to know how you as a business owner work and understand what they can do for you. They take the time to generate thorough reports and explain them to you to not only help guide you but to educate you as well. I really trust them and they have helped me over the years grow my business and become a better person. Their company has a high moral compass and level of ethics we should all strive for. I am a fierce business person and not the best listener all the time, but they tell me when and why. I appreciate the entire company more than they know. I would highly recommend encompass to anyone who cares about their business and wants to move to the next level with a company that cares! More...


Leslie Lutz Robinson

4 October 2018

The entire team is awesome. They keep my site �


Lynn Holloway-Mylton

4 October 2018

Hands down, the enCompass team are the EXPERTS in digital online advertising! Their state of the art tracking with ongoing and unsurpassed management for every custom-tailored digital campaign will blow you away. If you are SERIOUS about getting the very best ROI with your digital marketing, look no further. The proof will be in your bank account. More...


Flora Fuentes

30 July 2017

Jerry Schroder and the team at Encompass have gone above and beyond to help me and my business grow online. From building a beautiful website that is interactive and user friendly to providing honest, strategic advise on marketing. I have recommended Encompass to many of my colleagues and will continue to. Thank you for all that you do. More...


James Blakey

30 July 2017

The team at Encompass Advertising have meet our companies needs and contributed greatly to our growth and clarity of message. They are consistently great thought partners. Follow through and customer service are exceptional. More...


Spooky Marketing

30 July 2017

We have tried many digital platforms, and hands down, the enCompass team continues to overdeliver on every digital platform for my clients. If you are looking for a true digital agency that can outperform anyone in the industry, enCompass is the leader in the industry. More...


Nicole Bryant

30 July 2016

We had a great experience working with enCOMPASS! They ran a stellar social media campaign for our annual spring gala and we would be happy to work with them again in the future. Nicole Plavnick, Ada Jenkins Families and Careers Development Center More...


Karen Pickering

30 July 2015

Jerry and his team are the real deal. This is by far the most professional, reliable website marketing company I have ever worked with ..... bar none. Specifically they are super responsive, they take the time to teach and they just take care of things that need to be done without asking. I have never felt this cared for by any company I've worked with. I am completely confident in their work and expertise. If you're looking for the right fit for your business I'd certainly give them a call. More...


A great website means different things to different people, but for the most part a great website is one that delivers on your goals. This means that in order to have a great website, you must first decide what you want it to do. Are you looking to brand your new company? Are you looking to generate leads? Or do you want your website to sell your products direct to consumers? These are all very different goals and will require very different kinds of websites.

At enCOMPASS Agency, we approach every website with a marketing perspective first, so that your site is geared for success from day one.

We ask a lot! enCOMPASS Agency has won over 120 International Awards in the last few years. Much of that success is knowing what questions to ask at the beginning of the project, and then being a true partner to our clients throughout the process.

Our mission statement is "Great Work that Makes a Difference". What I love most about my job is making a difference in my client's lives.

After working for some of the largest advertising agencies in the world on TV, Radio, Print, Sports marketing and brand strategies, I wanted to focus on digital. This was back before it was the cool thing to do, but I was intrigued by the ability to target so directly and to track results so effectively. I wanted to be able to help people get a better ROI from their marketing investments and be the one to help them achieve their dreams by growing their businesses.

You should only chose to work with me and my team if you're looking for a true partner. We are looking for clients who are interested in having passionate conversations on how to achieve their goals, and who will let us come along side of them to implement strategies we know will work.