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We offer a boutique portrait and wedding photography experience.


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Interpersonal connection with your subject is key. You don't have to know everything about them, but just enough to be able to connect with them, to make them comfortable being documented. This can be achieved in a variety of ways -- whether it's making them laugh, knowing a bit about their story, or keeping and eye out for moments or things that are really important to them and having some understanding why.

What is your vision? What would your dream portrait look like style wise? (i.e. glam, documentary, studio, etc)

That people entrust me with a piece of their legacy. Photos are intended to last forever and I love envisioning couples flipping through albums with their future grandchildren.

My former employer's dress code. Kidding!

Because nothing interested me more in celebrating the big moments that makes life worth living.

Here comes the mushy part where I tell you about why I do what I do and why you should trust me to do what I do for you.

If you’re looking for a someone to just snap a few photos for you. I’m not your girl.

f you’re looking for a photographer who deeply values interpersonal connection, who wants to celebrate your bonds, your story, your truths -- she's right here.