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Veronica Landetta

26 May 2018

Elvie is an AMAZING, FRIENDLY & LOVING person. She is very patient and professional. I have been using her for over 5 years. She always surprises me with her talent. She is very professional and provides exceptional service. Her and her family are amazing thank you More...


Alyssa Roscop

27 May 2013

I took my daughter for pictures with Elvie when she was 6 months old, i was amazed and how fast my daughter warmed up to her and Emerson. The pictures came out amazing and had me in shock!!!!! I didnt think pictures could come out as beauiful as this, but they did and since then i continue to use Elvie. when you go they make you feel like family, and very welcomed! when she did my daughters 1st birthday pictures i fell in love all over again, it was sooo moving to watch her capture very special moments for me! I recomend her to anyone with a baby!!! she is amazinggg!!!!!you cant find quality work like hers any where else!!!!!& recently she photographed my puppy and he actually stod for her and took some pretty amazing pictures! i cant thank her enough for all her hard work and amazing talent!!!!!! More...


heran girma

27 May 2013

Where can I begin about Elvie and her services? Elive has been photographing my kids for long time. I love her work she is the best photographer. She is very talented and unique. I first went to Elvie when my daughter was 4 month now she is almost 3. I also went for my 2nd child my son since he was a baby. Every single conversation, meeting, e-mail, Elvie and Emerson was so responsive, professional, and very kind. I honestly could go on and on about Elvie services, techniques, professionalism, and thoughtfulness. I recommend Elvie be the one to capture your special moments. we plan to use her again for extended family pictures and the years to come. Professional brilliance, thoughtful, patient, warm, inviting, I can go on and on. More...


Niccii Grimm

27 May 2013

I am so blessed to have found this wife and husband duo they are FABULOUS. My son (Otto) does not warm up to "strangers" well and for this team NO problem. They even took the time to come to my home and do an in house shoot, um, amazing! They do an amazing job lighting is always perfection, creativity has me coming back for more, editing is flawless, and their genuine passion for the craft can not be found any where else ( I dare you to try) I will admit I am one for perfection and I like things done well and I assure you this team is flawless. Thank you for a year of stunning photography and many more to come. More...


Angelica Palacios

27 May 2013

Elvie has a genuine talent for photography. I am continually amazed with the quality of work she delivers. I've been taking my daughter to Elvie since she was a newborn and I have not one single complaint. She has a way with kids and is extremely patient with them, making parents feel at ease while they are in her care. We get so many compliments on our children's pictures and I have to give her a lot of credit, she's simply the best. Elvie and her assistant Emerson have great work ethic and are amazing to work with. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking for great quality photography. More...