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Barbara Scrivano

5 May 2019

Very knowledgeable and helpful with treating my husband's disabilities due to his MS. So thankful we were referred here. Highly recommend.


Jonnemarie Kahwaty

5 May 2019

Dr. Joe is the most amazing physical therapist I have ever been to. Other physical therapists I've been to would give generic exercises and not put much effort into accurately diagnosing my pain, resulting in little to no improvement after 6+ months of treatment. Dr. Joe's approach is personalized and specific and he genuinely cares about helping his patients. After 2 physical therapists, 2 chiropractors, consistent massage therapy, and multiple other attempts at diagnosing and treating my pain, I had no definitive diagnosis and no improvement after 5 years. After just THREE appointments with Dr. Joe, I finally know the root cause of my chronic neck pain and my pain is the best it has ever been since it started. On top of being extremely smart, thorough, and dedicated, he is super friendly and easy to talk to! I cannot recommend Elite Spine & Extremity (and specifically Dr. Joe) enough. I wish all doctors were like him. More...


Madalyne Green

26 April 2019

Great staff, very friendly and knowledgeable. My back feels a million times better thanks to them.


Laurie Rhodes

26 April 2019

Due to a bad fall, my doctor recommended me to see Dr.Joe Gravino. I dislocated my shoulder, fractured my arm, paralyzed my deltoid muscle, nerve damage to my hand and damaged two cervical discs. Having very little hope of regaining the use of my arm again, my doubts were quickly dashed upon my very first visit. Dr. Gravino properly diagnosed my situation and with his extensive knowledge, tools and techniques, he formulated an immediate plan of action. Along with Dr. Gravino, his staff and training students, I've never felt more comfortable. The progress we have made far exceeded my expectations!! Laurie Rhodes More...



25 February 2019

Great group of people that go above and beyond to help you feel better. Really glad I got this place recommended to me by my doctor.


Dylan Lodowski

26 January 2019

I had the pleasure of learning in a clinical exposure experience with both Joe and Clay. Both of these guys are great at what they do! I came into the clinic one day with complaints of shoulder pain. Dr. Clay Case examined me and came up with a treatment plan that worked quickly. 11/10 would recommend seeing Clay or Joe!! More...


TJ LaVigne

26 January 2019

I can't say enough positive things about the staff at Elite Spine and Extremity Physical Therapy. As someone who works in the human performance field, I recognize and appreciate the calculated, personalized approach to treatment of every patient, and would say it is the highest level of care I've seen from Physical Therapists in the area. I've had chronic back issues for years, and my time with Dr. Joe Gravino not only addressed my problems, but gave me the information I need to treat my own back if symptoms come back. They offer service and knowledge that is second-to-none, and I recommend anyone who needs PT to Elite Spine and Extremity. More...


Andréah Mott

26 January 2019

I came to Joe with an injury that I had ignored for months, and he laid out a clear plan and path to recovery. He followed that plan to a T, and I was back and better than ever in the exact amount of time he planned it would. He also put up with my attitude the entire time and never complained, even though I did a ton. And finally, sent me away with a preventative plan to stay out of Elite in the future. Everyone in the office is amazing, kind, and knowledgeable, and I’ll be sending everyone who ever needs PT to them! More...


Chris Bryant

27 December 2018

When you find people that are truly looking out for improving your well being instead of filling their pockets, that's when you know you're in the right spot. Elite Spine & Extremity put me on a plan and helped me in 2 months and addressed the problem that multiple doctors just missed over the course of 10 years. Stop in and talk with Clay before exploring any invasive/expensive treatments elsewhere or taking harmful drugs that just mask the problems , it just might be all that you need. More...


Shannon Kelkenberg

27 November 2018

Been working with clay for the past 3 years and Joe for the past few months.So glad that Joe gained him on his team to help his clientele. I would highly recommend anybody who is experiencing pain to go see either Joe or Clay. They will work to get you on the right track, so you can get back to enjoying your life. So thankful for the time, patience and dedication they both continuously give to help out their patients. I have never met a more awesome team of professionals. Schedule an appointment with one of them and see how amazing your experience will be. More...


Karen Manganello

19 May 2018

Joe was so wonderful working with my teenage daughter after a sports injury. His honest and encouraging approach with her as they worked through several issues was what kept her in a positive mindset during her recovery.


Diana Weeks

8 February 2018

After living with neck pain for years, I finally made my first Physical Therapy appointment with Dr. Joe Gravino at Elite Spine and Extremity.
In just three short weeks Dr. Joe taught me how care for my neck and I'm back at the gym doing all the things I love most!
Dr. Joe's professionalism and compassion to help others definitely demonstrates what quality healthcare is all about. I would 110% recommend Eltie Spine and Extremity for your physical therapy needs.
I do have one regret, that I didn't go sooner!


Miranda Salas

27 December 2017

Personally, I have had wonderful experiences here. Before coming to see Joe, I thought I needed surgery because I was in so much pain. After a couple of sessions with Joe, my knee pain has almost completely vanished. If I could give more that 5 stars, I would.! More...


Gina Martino

17 December 2017

I injured my lower back and was unable to powerlift. I was so upset that I wouldn't be able to return to the activity I really enjoy. Joe was able to quickly determine what was happening and how to fix it. Now I have a simple stretching routine that keeps me pain free! Because of his help, I was able to go on to win a gold medal at Northeast regionals and a silver medal at Nationals! I recommended him to my husband, who is a lifter also, and Joe has helped him stay healthy and pain free as well. Jim won gold in his division at Nationals! We will go far with Joe as part of our team! More...


Theresa Farm

7 November 2017

I am very grateful for Elite Spine and Extremity Physical Therapy! I have had a neck injury for quite some time and the pain from this was really interfering with my life. When I first arrived at P.T., Joe was very understanding and willing to get to the root of my injury. He has been a tremendous help and source of encouragement as well as an advocate for searching out ways and means to help get me well and functioning again!! He is willing to come along side you and teach you how to care for your injury and empower you to carry on with life with much less pain and flareups. Thank you Joe and Mike for always being willing to listen to my questions and concerns because that has made quite the difference for me! More...


Lauren Curry

30 October 2017

I have never experienced physical therapy before so was not sure exactly what to expect, but from my very first appointment Dr. Gravino really took the time to discuss with me how I was feeling and all the different techniques we would approach. I really appreciated that he listened to how I felt and understood where I was coming from. The work we have been doing has helped to improve my pain and he is always willing to be available in case of emergencies. I am anxious to continue my work with Dr. Gravino and continue to improve! More...

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