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At Elements & Designs LLC, I work with you to create visual content that aligns with the goals of your project. I offer real estate photography, stylize product photography and portrait photography, along with general graphic design services to local businesses and families of the Boulder, Colorado.



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The secret to taking a great photograph is to be observant and to listen. Observe the lighting, the mood, your client's emotions and understand the whole goal of the shoot.

What is your timeline? What is your budget? What do you expect from me?

I love that everyday is different. Somedays I'm photographing a stylized vacation rental for their Airbnb listing; And other days, I'm capturing a family enjoying the outdoors with their pup to help them cherish those ever changing moments. Every client's needs are different and I love working with my clients to create unique and honest images.

I worked for a few photographers and designers throughout my years after college. They inspired me to strike out on my own.

I've been a professional photographer for the past eight years, with a background in Journalism, so I understand what it takes to create an honest image that will achieve the goals set by you and your project.