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Dogs gave us a very special gift: their love. Dogs love us unconditionally, tirelessly.

They enrich our life with their company, help and friendship. We cannot deceive them, we should ensure that their lives are as full and happy as ours become in their company.


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Erika Godinez-Rozo

1 October 2018

Five stars �


Janeth Godinez

1 October 2018


Veronica Tobar A

12 August 2018

Dar bienestar a tu perro partiendo de su capacidad de entendimiento sin descuidar su parte emocional comprendiendo su historia particular para trabajar desde ahi, de forma personalizada y la mejor calidez humana para com
prender que es un proceso tanto del perro como de su amo. Inmensa y efectiva ayuda. More...


David Eduardo Ancona

12 August 2018

Professionalism , amazing results & great attention to the connection between owner & pet !


Catalina Cortes

12 August 2018

I loved the service and the trainer that solved my problem in two days and had an excellent connection with my dog that I have never seen before with other trainers I had.


Jay Spacey

12 August 2018

Best trainer in town! Totally recommended. Made a huge difference in my dogs life! Thank you Eliana!

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How to help dogs and humans to organize their coexistence together and achieve there welfare and access to happiness

As a telecommunications engineer I had the opportunity to work in many Companies in Germany, Spain, Colombia and USA. With that knowledge I was ready to start my own business. Since my absolute passion is and has always been the dogs, I decided to start my own Daycare and Dog training Company in Colombia which currently still exists. Thanks to my knowledge and relationship with EDUCAN S.L. in Spain, we decided to open the first franchise here in Miami, FL. And now we are here willing to share our knowledge about dog and their cognitive, emotional and social skills to achieve a happy life together.

I’m a Trainer and Behavior Management Specialist living in Miami Dade, FL.

My studies as Electronic Engineer allowed me to work in different Companies of the Telecommunication business in Colombia, Germany, Spain and the US.

My love for the dogs since I was a kid, captured my interest for more knowledge about their behavior, which moved me to start studying about the subject since 2003 in many different european cities.

That is how I discovered the Cognitive and Emotional Training, which became a new awakening for me and encouraged me to study more about this subject in Argentina and Spain.

This road led her to a stronger relationship with EDUCAN and allowed me to manage the first office from EDUCAN in Miami Dade, US.

Please feel free to visit our company website www.cognitiveemotionaltraining.com



Teach your dog with the assistance of an EDUCAN trainer and in your own place, right where you dog needs to perform. The dog will learn to walk calmly at your side, to walk on a loose leash and to stay sitting or lying down when asked so. These new abilities will reframe the relationship with your dogs who will start teaming up with you and working in a coordinated way with their human friend. As a result your dogs will rely more on their cognitive abilities, learn to focus and acquire an ever higher amount of self-control. In turn, this superior degree of development will pave the way to a more harmonious coexistence with humans.

We will provide you with all the tools you need so that you can educate and train your dog by yourself! We offer this possibility for those of you who enjoy doing it themselves and who are ready to take responsibility about the education and training of their dogs. Of course an EDUCAN trainer will always provide the necessary supervision, the right materials and all the wealth of information needed to take up this challenge with success. Do you dare?

This option allows to streamline training so as to teach your dogs only what you need. You will only pay for the terminal behaviors you had in mind. It equates to our workshops, only that they are carried out in-home. A few sessions will suffice for your dog to learn the behaviors of your choice. The most popular requests include recall and learning to walk calmly with a loose leash.

Puppy education should start as soon as the dog arrives to our home. Puppies learn from the day of their arrival, so why wait until they start exhibiting problematic behaviors? Puppies are very receptive to training and can be managed more easily than adult dogs, what makes the training process simples, faster and cheaper. Spot on, your puppy will of course only learn those skills needed for proper management. Not only that, you will receive guidelines to achieve a solid house training, to establish a healthy relationship with the owners as well as a correct socialization.

This is the way to go when we are experiencing problems that compromise the way we live together with our dog. Sometimes dogs exhibit problems that compromise our relationship with them or their relationship with the rest of the world. For example some dogs show destructive behaviors, bark constantly, present aggressive behaviors towards other persons or dogs, suffer fear, stress or anxiety, or are not properly housebroken. All of these problems can be treated through behavior interventions so that you and your dog can live a joyful and fulfilling life.