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Dunn Allen Design, Inc logo

Dunn Allen Design, Inc

Wichita, Kansas, Sedgewick

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Dunn Allen Design, Inc logo

Dunn Allen Design, Inc

Wichita, Kansas, Sedgewick

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We are the leader in professional website design, branding, and graphic design in Wichita, KS. As a creative agency with over 30 years of experience, our unique insight ensures your satisfaction. We will revolutionize the way you’re seen by the world.


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23 July 2019

Dunn Allen absolutely nails it when it comes to listening to your needs, producing & executing websites! You will get high quality at a valued price for your company's website. I highly recommend them for your branding! More...

4 August 2018

A great place to get your website made! I’ve worked with Dunn Allen for almost 12 years and absolutely love their attention to detail! Their creativity is second to none. Websites, logos, print pieces, digital advertising - you name it, they’ll create it! More...

3 July 2018

KCP has been a terrific partner - all their services/repairs are done thoroughly and with a cost-conscious approach! It started several years ago with basic parking lot cleanings, and now KCP handles all of our building maintenance - landscaping, snow removal, HVAC, repairs, and anything else to keep our building functional.

9 April 2018

These two men represent the most pertinent, the most productive, the most attuned combination of skills and experience in Wichita. In the region, in fact. With bedrock integrity and a rare sort of focus on the client standing behind their work, Dave and Chris will surprise you in the achievement of power and purpose for any graphic design, any construction of a website, any marketing task you entrust to them. I know. More...

20 March 2018

Dunn Allen Design is as creative as they are professional. Their designs, web work, and print materials are some of the best in Wichita, KS.

20 March 2018

I’ve been using Dunn Allen Design for years. Their work is such high quality that I constantly get compliments. I’ve had t-shirts, fund-raising menus, invitations, thank you notes, logos, stickers, FB banners, website design, etc. done by them with never a regret. I’m glad that they still will work for a little guy like me when they do work for so many big name international companies! More...

29 May 2017

Have used them for striping lots several times and they always do a great job.

26 May 2013

G'day, If you need anything done with property management, from parking lot sweeping and parking striping to lawn maintenance, I've worked with Adam ( one of the owners ) and find him to be very easy to get along with and he is all about making sure his clients are happy. I would highly recommend his company for any of you buildings needs. More...


Groundbreaking website design with precision coding makes for an unforgettable user experience. Your visitors will love interacting with professionally designed, strategically placed dynamic content.

Stunning images and clear headlines are at the heart of successful website design. Every element of your site will be thoughtfully considered and strategically placed. Your audience will appreciate the sophisticated simplicity, and ease-of-use your site offers.

What is the purpose of your website?
This is the first thing we ask everyone coming to us for website design. What action do you want visitors to take? Call your business? Fill out a form? Purchase a product? Sign up for a newsletter? A strong call to action must be present for your website to be successful. When visitors come to your site, it’s important to guide them. Tell them exactly what they need to do.

Who are you? What do you do?
Your introduction should be simple and to the point. Thanks to social media, we are conditioned to absorb short bursts of information quickly and then move on. Use plain, conversational language. If you’ve ever told someone what your company does, then had to explain the explanation you just gave them, you should rethink your verbiage.

Being creative. 100%. We work with a very wide range of clients from industrial to healthcare and spas. There's nothing more rewarding than giving our clients our very best work on every project!

Honesty. I worked for a large marketing agency who I saw take advantage of clients time and time again. I saw pricing based on "how big" a company was. I saw them work for competing clients. I saw them outright overbid almost every project because "no one would ever know".

I decided to start my own company that would treat every client honestly. We bid all of our work based on the time we believe the project will take, not how deep we think your pockets are.

We are friendly, down to earth, and will listen to what you have to say. At the end of every project, our goal is to present the very best version of you and your company to the world!



Websites with Beauty and Brains – in other words, your website will look great and perform the way you need it to. Every website we create is professionally built from the ground up with aesthetics, purpose, structure, and SEO in mind. <– Completely Custom Websites – No Shortcuts Or Exceptions –> There are no templates, recycled text, or images in our office. Every site is unique, built exclusively for you. However – Before a single design app is opened, we’ll talk with you. Get to know your company, and do our best understand your business and your audience. Only then will we begin building your site. Every Website Includes: • Custom Web Design • Responsive Development • Professional Copywriting • Stock Photos • WordPress CMS (Content Management System) for easy site updating • Custom Contact Forms • On-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) • Google Analytics for Traffic Reports • Full Security Suite • Web Hosting + Support

Extraordinary. Beautiful. Amazing. This is how your new logo will be described by your clients, consumers – even your competitors. Your company’s new identity will be the cornerstone for branding your product or service. It will be professional, but above all, it will be remembered. <– Every Logo Design Starts From Scratch –> Our endless pursuit of trending design ensures that your logo will be our best work yet. But before we open a single design app, we learn about your business and all it has to offer. Your logo will be a graphic signature, unique to you alone, that represents the essence of your company.

Faster, smoother, and more powerful than ever. The tools at our fingertips allow us to design quickly and accurately – providing you with our best work yet without breaking the bank. <– Posters, Brochures, Packaging, and More –> Enhance your brand by engaging you audience’s sense of touch. We offer full layout and print design services including business cards, posters, signage, menus, brochures, packaging and much more. <– Product Mockups For A Real-World Preview –> Give your project the edge it needs with professional graphic design labels applied to real-world products for a stunning presentation no one will overlook. <– Professional Photo Editing –> Whether your photo needs simple color correction, or a detailed retouch, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your photos look their best. Not to brag – but our photographic accomplishments have often been described as pure magic.