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air duct and dryer vent cleaning

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Andrew Medina

26 April 2019

The techs were knowledgeable, prompt, efficient, and amazing. They were able to explain the process in full detail and swiftly got the work done. Was very happy with their service and would recommend to others. More...


Irina Zitser

30 July 2018

I recently had them service our home and I'm super happy I did. They were great and very helpful.


Irina Kalachikova

30 July 2018

I'm so glad finally got around to having our vents cleaned. The tech came within the two hour timeframe and answered a few questions I had before starting. Very professional team and I recommend giving them a try too! More...


Josh W.

9 September 2017

I got DCS on a deal through Angie's List from $59 dryer vent cleaning.  Since I'd never done this before I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I was given a two hour window, they showed up right in the middle of it, told me everything they were doing and why, and even put on booties to protect my floors.  They were done in about 10 minutes.  Now that I've seen it performed I wouldn't say its great value for the money, just takes a couple attachments for your vacuum and drill.  But since I didn't know what I was doing I'm happy to pay to see it once.  Angie's List also offers a $39 service, I'm not sure what the difference is.  But DCS was easy to schedule and did the job on time and without cost surprises. More...


Melisa M.

25 December 2016

Absolutely amazing service! I was extremely happy with tech that called when he was on the way, was on time for time scheduled, knowledgeable and provided a great cleaning. He cleaned up after himself, explained the entire process to me, which I greatly appreciated because it was my first air duct cleaning.  I've noticed an immediate difference and there's no longer a smell. Thanks team! More...


Kathleen H.

25 December 2016

Great service, efficient work, and very courteous. I'm pretty pleased with how smooth everything went and I would definitely recommend this company to others!


Regina Cohen

26 May 2016

I am Reno girl who relocated to san mateo for work and well love. One of the things you learn living in toasty Nevada is you don't play with air conditioning. We rented our new home and after moving in decided to run the ac to check things out. It cooled the stairs and living room but not much else.I did a google search, saw the reviews and called review to help. They came in a jiffy and removed all the nasty gunk and rubbish clogging the vents. They are just awesome and thorough. Our ac is working well and we are so grateful More...


A.N Percy

26 May 2016

Good Service. the technicians came on time. They went to work from the get go and didnt stop till they were done. I wanted the vents cleaned just in time for spring/summer. I love how serious and professorial they are. They went through my townhouse and completely cleaned out the ducts and vents.They are great especially on short notice and their fee is very affordable. More...


Patience Escoe

26 May 2016

Best cleaning services to clean the air duct. I didn't even know it was something that should be done. But part of making sure you don't get sued is making sure there are no health issues in the place your trying to rent. Life savers from a lawsuit. Thanks and you totally deserved my review. More...


Noah Perceville

26 May 2016

Simply the best in the business. I called around a few places to get quotes and they gave me the best price by far. I had the vents cleaned since we were having major dust and mold issues in our home. I just felt ill breathing in the gunk . Review is lightening fast and came last Friday the 29th of may.They cleaned my ducts perfectly. I am so much happier. They are the ultimate pros and did a complete job. More...


Terry Robinson

26 May 2016

They came out the next day. They provided an excellent cleaning for me. I can't remember our airnducts being cleaned since we have been in our home, and from the looks of them, they hadn't been cleaned in the years before that. Since the cleaning, our air conditioner is functioning much better, and our house is comfortable for the first time in weeks. The cleaning team were polite and professional and took the time to answer any questions we had. Will definitely call them again next year. More...


Kenny Perceville

1 June 2015

Simply the best in the business. I called around a few places to get quotes and they gave me the best price by far.
I had the vents cleaned since we were having major dust and mold issues in our home. I just felt ill breathing in the gunk . Review is lightening fast and came last Friday the 29th of may.
They cleaned my ducts perfectly. I am so much happier. They are the ultimate pros and did a complete job.


Idan Damti

27 May 2015

Jason did an excellent job and answered all my questions and was really friendly. I have already recommended your company to few of my friends ,I am very particular about work that is done at my house and these guys were terrific.I received a follow up call from a customer service rep to make sure everything was to my satisfaction, and it was. More...


S X.

29 March 2015

I had this Company cleaned and maitenned the air ducts and AC units in several of my Bay area properties starting 2013  and I wish I could find a company that is as professional in the Los Angeles area where I mainly reside. The last service that I got from this company was a complete duct cleaning and sanitation for my 2150sf home before it was rented out. I am very satisfied with the service starting with the reservation process and ending with a fresh duct system and an AC that is fully tested and prepared for new tenants to enjoy during the upcoming summer. No upsales the technicians arrived  7 min ahead of the scheduled appointment and we're done with their job within 2.5 hours and charged me the price that was agreed upon when I booked the job. Thank you guys and I'll be sure to use your services again! More...


Rayfe G.

22 February 2015

DCS Duct cleaning service is fantastic! I needed my ducts cleaned a few weeks ago, and saw their yelp deal and decided to take a shot. I was pleasantly surprised with the level of customer service I received. My allergies get pretty bad, and I live in a relatively old home. They came quickly, were on time, and did a fantastic job! Will definitely continue to use them in the future. More...


Lisa C.

15 February 2015

My ducts hadn't been cleaned in years (literally), and I was getting concerned about the health of my family.  I called DCS and scheduled an appointment.  They were able to fit me in quickly.  The Serviceman was right on time, and he was courteous and professional.  He finished quickly, and the cost was very reasonable.  I have recommended them to others and will continue to do so. More...


Kimberly Branch

1 January 2015

I like to get my ducts cleaned every year since our vents are on the floor we accumulate a lot of stuff inside. I was especially happy with my duct cleaning experience this month. They were a lot nicer and cleaner than other companies I've used, not to mention cheaper! Wish i had know sooner.... Coit (7 vents $300), who I used last year, did a great job to.. Thank you amazon deals suggesting these guys who were half the price and did such a great job! More...


Kaila Branch

27 May 2014

Such a great service! The workers know what they're doing and they told me how to maintain my dryer vent. They replaced my filthy filter with a new one. Thanks DCS! See you next year!


Amina S.

6 February 2014

Had allergies later when I turned on my heater and so I decided to call these guys for an air duct cleaning. They gave me a two hour timeframe and arrived on time. They did a great job and I'm really happy I tried them out. More...


Guy B.

2 February 2014

Very impressed with the crew that came out and did work at my house. I had my ducts cleaned, my dryer vent cleaned, and my furnace inspected. Very professional and I would highly recommend them. More...


Tasha L.

1 February 2014

So I noticed over the last year my heater wasn't blowing as much air through the vents but our house isn't that old so the furnace is fairly new. Then I got some coupons in the mail for air duct cleaning.  I called 3 companies and DCS had the best rating on the BBB (A-) so I went with them.  I was skeptical if it would make a big difference but I was so wrong.  I can hear the air blowing out of the vents with full force now!  They also changed my filter which was obstructing airflow since I neglected to have changed it for a long time...  I bought their filter which is electro static or something and eco friendly to the environment since it can be rinsed and reused.I am very happy with the service I received and am recommending them to my fellow yelpers! Really great service! More...


Teresa M.

23 August 2013

I am writing this review with full transparency. I initially gave a 1 star review to this company in 2013. (Review in parenthesis below)I was recently approached via message by management offering $100 to remove the review, that they are under new management now and are doing much better.  I believe in giving people a second chance and I have high integrity with my reviews - they can not be purchased. I instead offered to give them another chance to do a full cleaning of the ducts and that happened today.  Overall I was very pleased. The only minor con I encountered is I never got a call with arrival update. I was told I'd get an update call with an estimated time of arrival on the day of the service. I was given a 2 hour window, as most services of this type, and though I did not receive a call, they did arrive within the specified time range.  There was no up-sell, the technicians were helpful, efficient and respectful and gave me the specs to purchase new filters at home depot when I needed to.  I wouldn't hesitate to use this company again. It's with pleasure that I revise my review. (Warning-this is an Old 1 start Review when they were under old management-"I used this company b/c I purchased an online deal for $99 worth "$250"It took less than 10 minutes for the technician to try and up-sell us to a "real cleaning" for $350. That's what I thought, by the deal description, that I purchased. Unlimited air duct and dryer vent cleaning. Needless to say I was disappointed with the service and the pressure".) More...


Leo M.

25 July 2013

Thank you DCS.It all started when my lady friend (a new émigré from Southeast Asia) recently bought a home for she and her teenage son in San Leandro.   After two weeks she called me hysterically to ask for my assistance.   It seems that both she and her son had developed terrible allergies for the first time in their lives.  They were miserable and she was uncertain whom to call to get her ducts cleaned.  I told her I'd get someone over as soon as possible.  As soon as we were off the phone, I Google searched: San Leandro duct cleaning services.   Yicks - there are 145 duct-cleaning services in San Leandro alone.  So, I went to Yelp seeking any help I could find.   And there they were - DCS Duct Cleaning Service.  They've been around a long time; they have a huge reputation and their services are priced to right.  Needless to say, the value of 'my stock' went up in the eyes of my lady friend when you guys arrived and took charge.  Thank you DCS. More...


Darya M.

21 July 2013

My son and I were having terriible sneeze attacks every time we put on the heat, it was time for a thorough cleaning of our ducts, something we hadn't done since we bought our house nearly 10 years ago. Our place is small and it was well worth the cost and effort. These guys did a great job and I would definitely recommend their services to others with allergies or dust buildup in their heating ducts. It's not a sexy expense but well worth the time, cost and effort and these guys were efficient and pleasant. More...


Natalie S.

21 June 2013

My mom was having pretty ridiculous allergy issues at home and I felt that maybe she just needed a cleaning done. I just splurged on an $800 air filter for my loft and I swear, having cleaner air works wonders!We decided to try out DCS and I was extremely happy with the customer service I received (found them because of the coupon). The technician was very patient as we went through all the questions i had. He was also extremely informative. He clearly and concisely explained the different parts of our heating systems and their functions. I was able to get a Sunday appointment which was very convenient for my schedule (I live downtown and don't make it to this side too often). My appointment was only a 2 hours time frame but I really appreciated the call from the technician before they actually arrived. He simply let me know he was on his way over and would be here in 10-15 minutes. I saw some of the other reviews, but I was pretty satisfied and would use them again. P.S. I'm a person who does a lot of homework. This is why I decided to get my mom's ducts cleaned: epa.gov/iaq/pubs/airduct… More...


Alesia M.

4 February 2013

Recently I hired DCS to clean my ducts. My allergies have been acting up so badly so I needed help. After seeing their reasonable rates, I called DCS and made an appointment for the next day. Not only did they show up on time, but they were extremely pleasant and professional. DCS did a great job on my ducts. I can breathe easy now! More...


Luis C.

27 January 2013

A Friend referred me to DCS,  their customer service alone deserves 5 stars, they were able to book an appointment for me within 24 hours, They came out on time, and they were very prompt. They gave us an estimate, and they did exactly the work that they estimated. They also followed through with service calls, they also were great cleaning up after they were done and dirt was left in the house. I was very shocked to see some of the bad reviews on yelp, that was totally not my case and I 100% recommend them. More...


Pia S.

25 January 2013

These guys are so knowledgeable and patient explaining everything to me so I don't feel like such a Dummy! They did such a great job at a very fair price! I am sending them to my parents house next week! They were on time and did not keep me waiting all day like most company s do now a days. There is such a big difference in how my house heats up now, I can't even believe it. But most importantly my home and family is much safer now. Like I said I have already recommended them to family but I will also tell my friends. I will call them again! More...


Vince T.

25 January 2013

Wow what can i say besides excellent service and amazing quality. I have suck an issue over the past few months with dust, i could never seem to get rid of it. BUt not anymore. DCS showed up promptly when i called them and did A+ work. I would recommend them to anyone! More...


Sam K.

21 March 2011

Very Satisfied!! Since two weeks, my kid started coughing whenever the heater turned on.  Her coughing got so worse that one night she woke up coughing and it ended only after she threw up.  That's it!! I had this air-duct cleaning in the back of my mind, its time I did something about it.  We have a dual zone heating/cooling in our home.  I called Coit first as its the most popular.  Their quote was $577!!  Yikes!! I called Ventwerks (the one listing above DCS) and left a voice mail.  That was 3 days ago.  No reply yet.  Then I called DCS, a friendly voice said that the $89 is for each furnace. That's fine.  I was desperate.  I said, lets do it on Sunday.Saturday, the same lady called with a reminder.  Sunday morning around 11, the DCS cleaner called and said they can come in early since there was a cancellation.  Even better!  (actually he was telling me they refused to clean the air ducts for the previous customer because the furnace was so dirty that the ducts would become dirty after they left). They came at the right time, wore booties all the time, explained the process.  The guy put his hand over the fan and got some dirt out.  He said that eventually we would need to clean the furnace as the ducts would get dirty again.  he quoted some numbers.  I said I'll think about it.  There was no pressure or sales pitch but just recommendations.  They worked on all the vents and after they left, the vents looked brand new!  I never knew they looked so beautiful in the first place!! LOL  We moved in the house 3 yrs ago and I've looked in those vents and remember them being brown in color and thought that was their natural color.  I never knew they were light maroon colored!! LOLIt was like the cough-switch was turned off.  My kid sleeps better, she has not coughed since the cleaning.  Her mucus is subsiding and she's getting much better.  I highly recommend DCS to anyone who wants to get some cleaning done.  Thanks!!! More...


rocky b.

11 January 2011

Vents are clean, the air feels good, the job was done efficiently, the price felt reasonable and I would recommend their service to others.  I used the coupon, but I was expecting to purchase more services.  You get what you pay for and a $55 job was going to be below my needs. More...


Caroline C.

4 December 2010

Despite reading the reviews I decided to call DCS Duct Cleaning Services and used my coupon that I received.   I needed to get my air ducts, furnace and dryer vent cleaned out.   I have noticed a big difference in both the home and am pretty happy with the service.   My house warms up a lot quicker as everyone knows.  As a customer as well as a business owner I think that by expecting less you'll be more satisfied.  Any service provider you hire will always try to upsell it's the way the business goes (from mom and pops to the Nationwide companies).  I would use them again - they got the job done and were out of the house in 1 hour. More...