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Steve Kim

29 August 2018

One of the best things I've ever done for myself was to become a member of DUB. I didn't realize how challenging and rewarding workout could be. Sean is the nicest, most caring, and insightful instructor. I feel like I get a better work out here than I did at the gym. The most effective workout program for making lean muscles. My energy and awareness of my body has reached a new consciousness. It takes time and hard work, but it's totally worth it. More...


H Shin

26 May 2018

D.signUrBody offers fun, effective, and safe workouts. The space is clean, everyone is friendly, and Sean is wonderful!


Sherry K

26 May 2018

The Cardio Dance Fitness class here is my favorite. Think Zumba, but with high energy dance moves set to pop/hip-hop beats. The second part of the class is challenging Tabata for a full body workout! More...


S Kim

26 May 2018

Have had memberships in several gyms in the area, and Sean is definitely one of the best trainers I've interacted with. He is highly professional, and the classes are very fun and enjoyable. (Dance Fit is my favorite!) Sean continually develops new workout programs, so you can get in shape while having fun at the same time. More...


12 June 2017

최고의 선생님과 함께하는 최고의 수업! 나같이 운동에 관심도 없던 사람에게 강추!!! 어머나 세상에 내가 운동이란걸 하네 ㅋㅋㅋ



26 May 2017

He is an awesome PT I've ever worked with. His program is totally fun and keeps you going. You won't be disappointed.


Jessica Wolf Spiegel

26 May 2017

Nice clean gym. A good workout.


Dana Scimeca

17 May 2017

Sean at Dsign ur Body is great! For the last three months I've been seeing him for personal training, and each workout is completely new and challenging. Sean really takes the time upfront to learn about your goals, any injuries etc, and then custom tailors each session to your individual needs. He puts a lot of focus on form, like a good trainer should. I know he also leads dancing classes, which seem really fun - he shows me some of the dance moves when I ask him and they always look on point! I would recommend Sean and Dsign ur Body to anybody who's looking for a challenging, fun workout! More...


Tracy Malkin

2 May 2017

Fun cardio workout with core circuits worked in! Enjoyed the music also. You do not need to be a professional dancer to learn the routines and get a great workout.


Crawford K. McDonald

13 September 2016

The class is challenging and fair, the equipment is quality and used in new ways each time. The atmosphere is very encouraging and friendly.


Hsiu Huei Lu

26 May 2016

when people hear the word "kpoprobic", people might think it's kinda cheesy, feminine and think light about it. Wait till you experience the program...I mean seriously. It's like a boot camp but fun and exciting. Guys and girls in class sweat like crazy.I truly believe this is one of the best exercise programs that I've tried so far. I prefer Sean's kpoprobic program over soulcycle. period. This is well programmed 50mins exercise that you won't waste any minutes and you won't get sick of the routines or musics 'cause the instructors change/come up with new routines and musics all the time. I go to this exercise with my husband. This program is for everyone. I highly recommend this. More...


Yohan Kim

26 May 2016

I highly recomend its kpoprobic program for anyone who wants to combine and maximize his/her cardio/ strength exercise. For the shortest time you work out, you can burn the most calories possible. The most important thing is that after you finish the exercise you feel so good! The instructors are really knowledgeable and help set a goal for each person based on your need. More...


Jisun Hyun

26 May 2016

The coaches run a truly thoughtful program and the workouts are incredible. I would 100% recommend to anyone in the area looking for a good workout with great group of people in a fun and motivating environment!!!

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